WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #20

Picks Of The Week:

  • Seattle, WA post-punk/dream pop/jangle pop project of former Craft Spells drummer Peter Michel, HIBOU “Inside Illumination” off his upcoming album, ‘halve’ out July 26, 2019 on Barsuk Records.                                 

Former Craft Spells drummer Peter Michel, channelling the best bits of his previous two albums, masterly unfurls dream-pop pleasure as he has always done.

  • San Diego, CA noise rock/dream pop/shoegaze band Sugar Violets “Palo Alto”

The third single from the Californian outfit, here bolstered by an additional guitar, hits the spot once again with simmering guitar reverb-infused distortions seamlessly burst to a lava-like stream, backed by subduing pounding drums, over ethereal vocalized emotions to trigger a wonderfully alienating, yet captivating effect.

  • Los Angeles based post-punk/dream pop solo project of Ter Nura member Christian Morales, aka CLOSED TEAR “Ghost” from the new EP “TRISTE POR UN MUNDO QUE YA NO EXISTE”

The infectious and moody blend of wistful dream-pop and brooding post-punk shows effortlessly promising glimpses of his songwriting potential.

  • Japanese indie/garage/shoegaze 4-piece THE EARTH EARTH “Story Is Wrong” new single.                               
  • Bristol, UK psych garage rock band led by Andrew Arthur Jarrett (The Groove Farm, Beatnik Filmstars, Kyoko, Our Arthur, The Bluebear), THE TOTAL REJECTION “Split It To Me” from the forthcoming LP “Everybody Knows What You Don’t Know” on Raving Pop Blast!
  • Canadian noise/post punk/shoegaze band from Edmonton, CHARCOAL SKIES “Abigail” from the third EP “Hours”                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Los Angeles, CA shoegaze project DESERTA “Save Me” from forthcoming debut album “Black Aura My Sun” out August 16.
  • Paris, France shoegaze/ dream pop 5-piece NEBULA GLOW “Nothing but a Shadow” from upcoming s/t EP on Somewherecold Records
  • Irish cosmic pop quartet from Dublin, TOMORROWS “Spectres” from the new album “The Night Chorus 1”     
  • Auckland, New Zealand noise rock/punk 4-piece led by Annabel Liddell, MISS JUNE “Best Girl” new 2-track single “Best Girl / Twitch”
  • Leeds, UK stoner-witch-doom-grunge all-girl duo Faux Machismo “Claimed By Death” off debut EP on MUZAI Records
  • Argentina indie/noise rock/shoegaze duo THE NOCOVERS “Burn Down Your Soul” new single
  • Montreal, Québec alt/shoegaze trio Salsa Cinderella “Everybody Smiles” from the new EP “Glitch”
  • Stockport/Manchester, UK indie /dream pop project of Ryan Kennedy, Horsebeach “Dreaming” first single taken from the new album “The Unforgiving Current” out on August 23rd                                                             
  • Finnish indie pop five-piece band from Loviisankatu, Club De Lay “Mirror Of Simple Souls”new single.             
  • Canadian jangly dream-pop artist from Toronto, Rosemary Fairweather “Feel Better” new single                          
  • Sydney by way of Auckland, NZ dark dream-pop project of sisters Lucy Stewart (frontwoman of Las Tetas) and Roberta Stewart (half of About Town with Emily Edrosa), RESERVE GAME “Your Whip” off their upcoming debut cassette tape out soon on Paradise Daily Records                                                                                     
  • Houston, TX shoegaze/dream rock quartet DAZE “Aries // Pisces” new single                                                     
  • Graz, Austria indie / dreamy noisepop trio LAND OF OOO “Driving Alone” second single from forthcoming “Wry Cry” EP on Numavi Records                                                                                                                           
  • Auburn, Alabama indie/dream pop 4-piece Dogwood Lung “Waiting” from the new EP “Forgetting”
  • Boston psych-pop/jangle pop project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist (former MMOSS guitarist/singer), DOUG TUTTLE “Did You Need Someone” from the upcoming album “Dream Road” on Burger Records
  • Bergen, Norway chamber pop noir artist Birgitta Alida – “When I’m With You” new single on Blanca Records
  • Minneapolis dream pop /synth-pop quartet Graveyard Club “William” from Graveyard Club’s new album “Goodnight Paradise” out June 28th.                                                                                                                          
  • Atlanta based indie /dream pop project of singer-songwriter Jordan Reynolds, aka ROSE HOTEL “Better” from debut LP ‘I Will Only Come When Its A Yes’                                                                                                     
  • New Zealand ethereal dreampop sisters Clementine & Valentine Adams aka Purple Pilgrims “Two Worlds Apart” from upcoming sophomore LP “Perfumed Earth” on Flying Nun
  • Cardiff, Wales indie rock left of centre artist and former JT Mouse, John MOuse “There’s a hole in my heart (An area the size of Wales)”
  • Oakland, CA bedroom pop/dream pop/psych-pop solo project HOOK-UPS “What For” from the album “Home Recordings”
  • Valencia, Spain indie pop/pop punk all-girl trio LISASINSON “Barakaldo” new single from upcoming Mini-LP on Elefant                                                                                                                                                               
  • Late 80’s Brazilian indie guitar rock band PIN-UPS “Spinning” from the upcoming 7th album “Long Time No See” via Fleeting Media and midsummer madness
  • Linköping, Sweden jangle indie pop 4-piece The Slow Summits “Regrets” (feat. Amelia Fletcher on backing vocals) from the debut EP “Languid Belles”
  • Montreal, Québec no-fi/ synth pop / art-pop quartet LOOK VIBRANT “Cherish Everything” new single from upcoming album.
  • Perm, Russia post-rock/indie/dream pop project of Denis Gubin, CATS NEVER DIE ”Let’s Forget” from the new album “Cotton”
  • Los Angeles‘ bedroom 60s indie pop artist Tara Obregon, aka Peaches In Honey – “Love’s Hard To Find” new single on Burger Records
  • Canadian jangly/indie-rock band from Halifax, NS. THE DRUGS RUGS “Sandbar” new single
  • Cergy, French kraut/cosmic/shoegaze/psychedelic band The Sun’s Evil Twin “Confusion” from the new 3-track EP “International Brotherhood of Evil”
  • Los Angeles dream pop/psychedelic/shoegaze band Daydream Cathedral “Sleep in the Daydream” new single
  • Nottingham, UK experimental / post punk / psychedelic solo project from Ryan DelGaudio of ‘The Cult of Dom Keller‘, Cathode Ray Eyes “Hunting for Jesus”                                                                                                     
  • Antwerp, Belgium jangle/indie pop 4-piece I DROVE A TANK “Ichi Kayo” from new cassette album “Etiquette” on fellow label Gazer Tapes.
  • Ukrainian noise-pop/shoegaze/indie band from Kyiv, Layuchi Kvity ‘Девушка Которую Зовут Тишина | Girl Named Silence’ first single from upcoming LP.
  • Joplin, Missouri indie surf garage pop trio TENNIS CLUB “London” from the album “Pink” on Elefant Records
  • Wrexham, UK dreamy indie pop 4-piece KIDSMOKE “She Takes You Under” new single
  • Los Angeles, CA shoegaze / dream pop band Sonic Apparitions “Say Hello” new single
  • Australian ambient/post rock/shoegaze/dream pop/experimental pop solo project of Pete Sanderson from the Central Coast of NSW, Obvious Creature “Perfect” from the new album “Next year might be different” on his own Creature Collective label.
  • San Francisco‘s jangle pop band (now South Korea-based Stars On Fire), AMPERSAND “Tokyo girl” from s/t EP originally released on Fantastic Pop in 2000
  • Los Angeles‘ electronic ethereal psych/dream pop duo Magic Wands “Crystals 19” from the album “Aloha Moon 19” electronic edition of Magic Wand’s 2012 debut album “Aloha Moon”
  • Winnipeg, Canada indie/chillwave/dream pop solo project of Felicia Sekundiak, FLOOR CRY “Swimming Team”
  • Mexico City cosmic/krautrock/psychedelic band SEI STILL “Tácticas de Guerrilla Urbana” new single
  • Los Angeles‘ dream pop/shoegaze/synthpop project of composer, producer, John Girgus from Aberdeen (Sarah Records), Languis, Non Ultra Joy, The Legendary House Cats “The Order of Death” (Public Image Ltd. cover)