WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – MAY #19-22

A. Rodchenko ‘Radiolistener’ 1929, Moscow © Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

  • Savannah, Georgia dream pop /shoegaze solo project SLO MOON “Fading” new single

Savannah‘s one-man band carves a rapturous, dreamy sounding composition fluctuating in a fluid gauzy flow of reflective melancholic resonance weaved by poignant shivering and glowing guitar melodies to harbour rising emotional radiancy around intense heartfelt yet hidden vocal layerings of agonized sorrow, sinking into a haunted, fading tapestry of lovelorn pain.

  • Panama‘s Psych /Post-Punk /Shoegaze 4-piece Kitsch!! “No Estamos Solos” single from upcoming LP                     

A classic example of a band with a genre-bending sound that can be a good fit both in a post-punk as well as in a psych-shoegaze playlist, the Panamanian quartet deliver groovy, grungy and dangerous vibes aroused by swayed chunky bassline throbs along with abrasive reverberated guitar riffs and painful lacerating leads, swarming and inflaming over restless, agitated vocals, to resonate aching emotional urgency into a churning forcefield of simmering riotous energy.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Indie Rock /Power Pop band led by singer-songwriter Tyler Asay, aka The Tisburys – “Weird” from V/A “Another Distance To Fall” on Totally Real Records

Personally, from the memorable, not too distant, times of the mighty Brazilian blog/label The Blog That Celebrates Itself, the one in 2017 dedicated to Slowdive my dearest, it’s difficult for me to listen to a truly persuasive “tribute” album without running the risk of lack of consistency and non-homogeneity, with cover versions too similar to the originals, due to bands with little personality or too different backgrounds. On a quick listen, it seems to avoid those inconveniences the just dropped huge, in every respect, tribute to Sebadoh, Massachusetts‘ infamous music entity created by Barlow, Gaffney and Loewenstein that has shaped for many, possibly along Pavements, a certain strain of off-kilter indie guitar rock from the ’90 laced with lo-fi and garage aesthetic. Remarkably, whilst not knowing most of the participants, the overall quality is above average, with each combo adding something personal, fully achieving a double goal, going back and revisiting one of your old faves and getting to know 50 promising new bands, could you really ask for more?

  • North London‘s lo-fi /cinematic /tape loop /dream /drone pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist-producer Lewis Young (composer and collaborator in The Leaf Library), AKA Beneather “Land & Sea” from the debut s/t album on Wiaiwya
  • Brittany‘s weird pop /dark folk project of Hoel Moce (Techno Thriller), YEUN ELEZ “Les Amours Fanées” from the upcoming first s/t album on ltd. ‘Gravure Collection’ tape via Teenage Menopause Rds
  • London, UK noir-pop/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, aka SPC ECO “Trouble Bag” from “Just This” (May Single 2022 Series)
  • Leicester, UK indie dream pop duo Harper “You and Me” from the debut “Hope” EP
  • Portland, Or indie /experimental folk project of filmmaker Spencer Gentz aka BELL PLAINES “World Burning Down” single
  • New York based BrazilianAmerican Jazz /Samba /Bossanova /Folk singer Alexia Bomtempo “Banho de Cheiro” single
  • Brighton, UK spiritual jazz /krautrock /tropicália /psychedelic 4-piece lead by Brazilian-born, Italian/English-raised Lau Ro, AKA Wax Machine “Guardians Of Eden” from the upcoming LP “Hermit’s Grove” on Batov Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden experimental /library /psych pop solo project ASTREL K “Imperial phase” from the album “Flickering i” on Duophonic Super 45s
  • Sheffield, UK electronic /kosmische /psych-folk /synthpop project of producer Dean Honer (founder member of iconic bands The All Seeing I, I Monster, The Moonlandingz and The Eccentronic Research Council) and Essex’s songwriter Kevin Pearce, AKA The Sound Of Science “Photosynthesis (Love The Green Machines)” from concept s/t album on Castles In Space
  • Hull, UK based kraut /post-punk /shoegaze band, bdrmm “Three” Lathe-cut 7” single on Sonic Cathedral
  • Lincoln, UK indie-rock band The Rills ‘This Is Hell’ off of the new EP ‘Do It Differently’ via Nice Swan Records
  • Leeds, UK indie rock quartet L’objectif ‘Feeling Down’ off of the upcoming sophomore EP “ We Aren’t Getting Out But Tonight We Might” on Chess Club                                                                                                                           
  • Danish Indie /Rock ‘n’ Britpop band DEAD STAR TALK “Winning Team” single                                                     
  • Boston, Ma indie rock band The Sheila Divine “Ready The Brave (2022 Mix) from “Rivalry/Ready the Brave” (Single)
  • Exeter, UK indie-rock solo project of Muncie Girls‘ singer/songwriter, Lande Hekt “Romantic” off of 2-track 7″ single on Get Better
  • Scottish/Spanish indie rock/jangle pop duo Andrew Taylor (of the Dropkick) and Gonzalo Marcos (of El Palacio de Linares), AKA The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness “Look Back” from the upcoming third LP “The Third Wave Of…” on Bobo Integral & Tear Jerk Records
  • San Francisco, Ca DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Everything Holy (BBC live)” (outtake) from the EP “Everything Holy” (recorded live for BBC Ulster Radio)
  • Early ’90s founded C86 /punk /psych /indie rock band led by David Feck, COMET GAIN “Allende” (unreleased) from the second volume of demos and outtakes collection – THE MISFIT JUKEBOX vol 2 “paintbox aliens” –
  • Claire, Australia jangle indie pop guitarist, vocalist and composer Caleb Carr (Fka English Summer), Arts & Letters “It’s People Like You That Make Me Want to Go to Prison” single
  • Paisley, Scotland jangly /guitar pop band THE MULDOONS “Audacity” single on Last Night From Glasgow
  • Toronto, Ontario art-rock /indie rock trio lead by former Swan Lake, Carey Mercer, aka FROG EYES “He’s a Lonely Song” from the new LP “The Bees” via Paper Bag Records.
  • Bristol, UK soulful garage punk 5-piece Cosmit “Go Go Go” from the debut cassette EP “It’s Cosmit” on Specialist Subject Records
  • Stockholm‘s alt /indie pop /noise rock trio VERO “22:12” from the debut “Unsoothing Interior” [LP] on PNKSLM Recordings.
  • Maryland noise pop /shoegaze bedroom project THE PLEASURE HOLES ”The Pressure” from the 2-track single “Out the Door”
  • 2000s Texan indie rock band from Austin, Voxtrot “Missing Pieces” (originally from “Raised By Wolves” EP, 2005) from the self-relesed vinyl 12″ compilation album “Early Music”
  • Austin, TX indie pop /rock duo Zakoor “Objects are Colorless” from the debut LP “Life Cycle by Zakoor”
  • Brisbane, Australia psych / noise pop duo DARLING. “Illusions” from “Illusions / Isolating” single via 4000 Records
  • Italian shoegaze /post-rock /psychedelic act since 1988, VOTIVA LUX “I Need To Breathe (feat. Mark Gardener)” from the upcoming CD EP “Darkness In The Lighthouse” on Shore Dive Records
  • Collingswood, NJ based Britpop /post-rock /shoegaze /indie rock band led by Jamie Blanchard, AKA The Starlit Hues “Xur and The Kodan Armada” from the upcoming debut LP “Not Your Fathers Shoegaze”
  • Italian Indie rock /Shoegaze band from Cagliari, FENECH “Delay” from the debut EP “Anything”
  • Australian shoegaze /dreampop band from Perth, SONICA “Life” from the debut “Inception” EP
  • Fort Worth, TX grunge /shoegaze 4-piece TRAUMA RAY “Träumerei” from “Transmissions” EP
  • Sidney based, Australian indie rock /shoegaze 5-piece Holy Forrest “Difference” from the debut s/t EP
  • Perth, Australia dream pop /shoegaze solo project of multi-instrumentalist Steve Matzkov, AKA Seven Hour Days “Flying Solo” new single
  • Canadian shoegazey, noisy, post-rock-y music project of Toronto‘s Charlie Berger (Soft Wounds, With Hidden Noise, Dormer), SLOWLY “Death of Me” from the upcoming album “Distance” on Lossleader Records
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi dark dreamgaze band Nighdrator “The Mariner” from the upcoming debut s/t EP
  • Spanish shoegaze band from Barcelona, SALVANA “Ingrávida” from the first s/t EP on Magic In The Air Records
  • Orange, Ca bedroom pop /indie rock /shoegaze solo project SUAVE PUNK “Petals” single
  • Philadelphia, PN alt rock /grungegaze /shoegaze outfit SLIDE “Only” single
  • Netherlands doomgaze independent music producer, Ioana Iorgu “The Wife” single
  • Vancouver, BC post-punk /shoegaze /psychedelic rock solo moniker of Dubliner musician Stephen Nicholas White (The Orange Kyte/House of Dolls/The Subterranean Satellite Band/Magic Shoppe), aka REVOLUTION ABOVE DISORDER “Annihilator” upcoming new single
  • Spanish shoegaze /psych /noise-pop four-piece band UNIFORMS “Crumbs” single on Oso Polita
  • Italian Dream-Pop /Shoegaze project of Tommaso La Rocca based in Leghorn, Inframell0w “Daylight” new single from upcoming “Cl0uds” EP
  • Los Angeles psychedelic /shoegaze solo project HAYIEN “Loveless Affection” single
  • Lyme, New Hampshire indie rock /shoegaze /jangly post-punk multi-instrumentalist Tom Weir, aka OLD MOON “Eastern Skies” from upcoming LP “Cities of the Plain” on à La Carte Records/Love Chain Tapes
  • Swedish indie /shoegaze pop band from Malmö, HATER – ”Far From A Mind” from the new LP “Sincere” on Fire Records.
  • Russian post-punk /indie rock solo project from Moscow, Всеволод Хоменко – “Представь” from the “Прощание” EP                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Minneapolis synth-pop /dream pop quartet Graveyard Club “Halloween” from the upcoming LP “Moonflower”.
  • Toronto based dream pop /indie folk /indie rock singer-songwriter, Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien, AKA Blunt Chunks “BWFW” from s/t EP on telephone explosion records
  • Lisbon, Portugal DIY bedroom/dream pop/shoegaze project of Guilherme Correia (member of Ditch Days), Hause Plants “Stranger Anywhere” single on Spirit Goth
  • Croatian psych-soft -pop band from Zagreb, Strasti – “Tijela” from the debut s/t album
  • Nashville, Tennessee indie-pop rock’n’roll duo Ornament “In Her Light” single
  • Munich, Germany dream-pop /psych /synthpop trio Clear Coast “Departure” single
  • Australian-born, Oakland-based dream /surf /psych /indie pop artist Hazel English “Summer Nights” title track from the upcoming EP “Summer Nights”
  • New York based interstellar psychedelic noise-pop solo project, Death Hags “This ∞ Mind” from the upcoming album “BIG GREY SUN #4”
  • L.A. based synthpop /indie pop artist WALLICE “Little League” debut single via Dirty Hit
  • Oslo, Norway bedroom indie-dream-pop artist Ea Othilde ‘Elliott” from the EP “How I’d Like It to Fade”                      
  • Montreal, Quebec synthpop/shoegaze /dream-pop solo project of Jasamine White-Gluz, NO JOY “Pure Shores feat. Marsfade” (All Saints cover)
  • Austria‘s neo-psychedelic 4-piece fronted by Julia Hummer, JULEAH “Vanish” single
  • Brooklyn, NY based experimental psychedelic pop band Zen Mother “Vengeance” off of the third full-length album “Millennial Garbage Preach” on Weyrd Son Records
  • UK experimental /electronic /krautrock collaboration Jeremy Novak [Dymaxion] and Timothy Gane [Stereolab, Cavern of Anti-Matter and Turn On], aka GHOST POWER “Grimalkin” from s/t album on Duophonic Super 45s
  • Instrumental post-rock /psychedelic rock quartet from Sweden, PERSHAGEN “Solen är en trumma” from the new album “Hilma” vía Lövely Records
  • Athens, Greece experimental /post-punk /post-rock /shoegaze band Adolf Plays The Jazz “Broken Flowers” from the album “Low Life | We Can’t Lose. We Have Already Lost.”
  • Swedish Bedroom Psychedelic /Krautrock /Kosmische /Electronic studio improvisational project by Daniel Fridlund Brandt from Gothenburg, aka FREE / SLOPE “Electricity” from the 12″ vinyl album “Blissful Repetitions”
  • Montreal, Québec krautrock experimental trio YOO DOO RIGHT “Feet Together, Face Up, on the Front Lawn” from the upcoming vinyl LP “A Murmur, Boundless to the East by you doo right”
  • UK ambient /psych /guitar loops, piano and violin project of Rob Glover (epic45, Field Harmonics, July Skies) AKA The Toy Library “Dying Flowers” from the upcoming album “Vignettes For May” on Wayside & Woodland Recordings

Mikhail Prekhner. Model aircraft enthusiast. USSR. 1934. Collection of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow © Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow