WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – May #19-21

  • Swedish psych/guitar pop/dream pop songwriter and producer from Gothenburg, Mathias Engwall, aka llawgne “The Voidmaker” new single

Swedish musician sways on ethereal, dreamy folk realms with an intoxicating, heart-piercing blend of hypnotic sparkling fingerpicking guitar and swirling bright string swells composes rich, fluid tones of warm peaceful lulling moods with airy blushing melodies of male longings waiting desperately for forever.

  • Bilbao, Spain jangly /dream /indie pop 4-piece AIRU “Con las vantanas tan grandes me da vergüenza mirar” 7″vinyl single co-released by Snap!Clap!Club and Hidden Bay Records

Off-kilter, skeletal yet highly suggestive new single with reverb-strewn, emotional guitar strings that reverberates and shimmers in the background, amidst scattered off-tempo drum beats and vaguely tense deep bass pulsations, to create a suspended and hypnotic background to the sour and penetrating, at the same time gripping and heartfelt, intriguingly powerful commanding vocals, swaying nostalgically through a surreal journey of dreams.

  • German jangle pop band from Cologne, Die Zärtlichkeit “France Gall” from the new 7″ single “France Gall / Montagmorgen” on Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten label

After two brilliant self-released EPs the German duo keeps on, this time affiliated with fellow Augsburg based Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten label, to weave charming nostalgic 80s British indie-pop vibes in constant balance between freshness and refinement, inside sober instrumental minimalism, through a constantly crystalline and mesmeric sound that has its strength in its disarming simplicity, and bewilders with immediacy, melodic quality and enticing melancholy. Obsessive ebb and flow of glistening melodies and shimmering stringed jangly guitar riffs, wander through the sleepless nights of dreamy sad male vocals falling wistfully, by the way of Columbo, into the irresistible allure of the golden bangs of France Gall.

  • UK experimental /ambient /ethereal /acoustic /dream folk artist Nadine Carina, aka Puppy Seeds ‘Green” off new EP ‘Beautiful Town’ on Canigou Records
  • Jupiter, FL ambient /ethereal wave /trip-hop /dark pop solo artist Melissa Shawn Griffin, aka Darkwater and Stars “Words On White” from the new EP “Parallel”                                                                                                 
  • New York-based bedroom dream-pop duo BUBBLE TEA AND CIGARETTES “Santa Monica” (single) on Elefant Records
  • Beijing based indie /psych-pop duo of Chinese underground rock music stalwarts Yang Fan (Ourself Beside Me) and Liu Ge (The Molds), TOW “If I’m In Love With You” new 2-track single from the upcoming debut album on Maybe Mars
  • Costarican Bedroom Pop /Shoegaze /Dream Pop artist Lentamente “Secundaria” from “Fue una tarde especial” 2-track single part from upcoming LP “Sismos” on Z Tapes
  • Austin, TX  /dream /indie /psych pop singer-songwriter Blair Robbins, aka AMA “I See You See” from “Both/And” EP
  • Boston, MA bedroom pop duo KID COYOTE “Distracted Fantasy” off “Good Company” EP
  • Stockholm indie-pop /folk artist Jesper Zacco “Dream” debut single from the upcoming LP due on September 2021 via Labrador                                                                                                                                 
  • Norwegian indie-pop band Oslo Oscillator “What It Takes” (single) on Perfect Pop Records                                               
  • Munich, Germany experimental /psychedelic /krautpop trio Aloa Input “Atlas Daze” from the new album “Devil’s Diamond Memory Collection” on Morr Music
  • Austin, TX Mood-Punk /Cozmic Soul /Psychedelic Rock band The Bright Light Social Hour “Guillotine Billionaires” from the 2-track single “Enter Weed Martyr”
  • Oxford, UK experimental psych-pop quintet FIXERS “Rosetti Fields” from the sophomore LP “The Sun, The Moon, The Wind, The Sea”
  • The Hague, Netherlands shoegaze /dream-pop duo SONIC SUNSET “Lose” from the EP “After all this time”
  • L.A. post-punk /shoegaze /dream-pop duo GHOST TAIL “Hide Away” from the debut EP “A Haunting”
  • Seattle-based shoegaze /psych /dream pop project of Lena Farr-Morrissey and Sam Fason, aka CORAL GREAF “Out of the Way” from S/T EP
  • Mexico City Alternative /Shoegaze /Dream pop band RILEV “Gloss” new single
  • Canadian Dream Pop / Shoegaze band from Southern Ontario, TALKING VIOLET “Superego” new single
  • Japanese psych /shoegaze band THE EARTH EARTH “Peel slowly & see” new single
  • Louisville, Kentucky husband (David) and wife (Courtney) dream pop /shoegaze band COLOR CRUSH “Movie Night” from the debut EP “Infinite Connection” a collection of all the previous 5 singles plus a bonus
  • Mexican post-punk /psych /shoegaze duo Visión en el Camino “El Mañana” from “Demos” EP on Desdoble Records
  • Glasgow, Scotland dream pop project of Samuel Fawkes (feat. Helena Philips on backing vocals), aka LOS LUCHA “On The Ropes” from the cassette S/T EP on Lazy Death Records
  • Moscow, Russia shoegaze /dream-pop 4-piece TELETAPE “Стрела / Dart” new single
  • Wuppertal, German indie shoegaze band Casino Garden “Then I’m Done” (single)
  • Berlin-based, Greek indie-pop project of multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter Kat Papachristou, aka Tango With Lions “The Strike” (single) on Inner Ear Records
  • Seville, Spain 60s /flamenco /folk /surf /indie pop duo Adiós Amores “Luna Plateada” (single)
  • Stockholm, Sweden neo-soul /indie pop trio LIMEHOUSE “Nobody Like You” (single)
  • Long Beach, Ca bedroom /indie /dream pop duo PAGEANTS “All Bets Aside” from upcoming LP “Sun and Settled Days”
  • Charleston, SC bedroom dream pop project of one-half of Tape Waves, Kim Hart Weldin, aka Shiny Times “Scroll Away The Night” off the new EP “Let’s Get Shiny!” on Melotron
  • Brighton-based psych /dream pop project of musician/songwriter Mark Benton and Tom Chadd, aka SEADOG “Tidal Wave (Radio Edit)” from the 2-track 7″ single
  • Berlin-based bedroom /dream pop /indie rock solo project of Stockholm‘s Johannes Göthager, DARKLY “I Want to Be a Line” from the upcoming LP “Radiolaria”
  • Lisbon, Portugal DIY bedroom/dream pop/shoegaze project of Guilherme Correia (member of Ditch Days), Hause Plants “Only You” from upcoming “Film For Color Photos” EP on BIRTHDIY
  • UK Indie /Dream Pop artist from Glasgow, JESHUA “Esther” from the upcoming “Unreliable Narrator” debut 12” LP on Lilybank Records                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Queens, NY indie /noise pop trio, UV-TV ‘Always Something’ title track from upcoming “Always Something” LP on PaperCup Music
  • Alicante, Spain shoegaze /noise indie rock band La jetée “Dos veces breves” new single on Ruidera Records
  • Brooklyn, NY power pop /indie rock band THE GLOW “Love Only” from the single “Love Only b/w Heavy Glow” on Double Double Whammy
  • Baltimore, Maryland lo-fi jangly pop /post-punk /power pop /freak beat /indie trio The Smashing Times “Do You Remember When” from the sophomore cassette album “Summer Inside” via Painter Man Records
  • Pennsylvania garage /indie rock /rock’n’roll duo of two guitarist-vocalists, Nicholas Gillespie and Serg Cereja, aka Laurel Canyon “Two Times Emptiness” debut single
  • Dream Pop /Proto-Punk trio out of New York City, Women of the Night “Open All Night” (single) on Declared Goods
  • Tampa, FL post-punk /shoegaze /indie rock all-girl 4-piece THE NERVOUS GIRLS “Transmission” new single.
  • Vienna / Linz noise rock /punk quartet Goldkante – “Ohrfeigenlandschaft” 7″ single on Fettkakao
  • Brooklyn, NY indie rock /emo-pop auteur Alyse Vellturo, aka PRONOUN “I WANNA DIE BUT I CAN’T (CUZ I GOTTA KEEP LIVING)” from upcoming EP “OMG I MADE IT” on Wax Bodega
  • London, UK based folk /indie /jangle pop 4-piece (with two former members of Welsh outfit Joanna Gruesome), The Tubs – “Two Person Love” from the debut EP “Names” on Trouble In Mind and Prefect Records
  • San Francisco, CA indie rock/noise-pop band PARDONER “Donna Said” from the new LP “Came Down Different” on Bar/None Records
  • Gothenburg, Sweden indie-rock 4-piece DAMEN – “Malacca” off new EP “Unemployment, Broken Bones, Death, Baby” on VÅRØ
  • Bournemouth, UK DIY lo-fi/bedroom pop /jangly indie rock project of Grant Gillingham, aka Baltimore at an Angle “Moving to Afrika” new single on Crafting Room Recordings
  • Southeast Ohio jangle-pop duo of teenage brothers Evan and Quinn Seurkamp, aka The Laughing Chimes “Guess you’ll never be the same” from the upcoming album “In This Town” on Pretty Olivia Records
  • San Luis/Córdoba, Argentina indie-punk /dream pop 5-piece LAS CARRETERAS “ Patsy Collins (Sesión Campo Cercano)” from V/A “La Gran Mezcla Latinoamericana Vol. 2” on Z Tapes Latinoamérica
  • San Francisco, Ca lo-fi power-pop project of Mike Ramos, aka Tony Jay “September Skies (feat. Karina Gill)” from the cassette album “Hey There Flower” on Paisley Shirt Records
  • Boston, Ma new wave /dream pop band Gold Muse “Lucid Angular” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY lo-fi /indie /shoegaze /dream pop solo project of Brian Bielawa, aka BROOME “Winter Sun Demo” debut single
  • St. Louis, Missouri lo-fi /indie rock /shoegaze /dream pop musician /songwriter Cole Conner, aka WHAT FINDS ME “This Happens All The Time” from the first album “Half Nelson”
  • Ottawa, Canada Ethereal Indie-Electro Rock duo PARAGON CAUSE “Think I’m Going Crazy Over You (Jupiter Mix)” off “Think I’m Going Crazy Over You” (EP)
  • Spanish post-punk /dream pop /synth-pop solo project from Barcelona, BALACS “Manchester” new single
  • French dream pop /electro-pop /indie pop teen artist ZEL “You” debut single on Petrol Chips
  • Australian-born, Los Angeles-based dream /psych /indie pop artist Hazel English “California Dreamin” (The Mamas & Papas Cover) on Polyvinyl Records
  • Bellingham, Wa indie rock band CANDYSOUND “This Place” from the new album “Only at Night I See”
  • Four-piece indie pop band based in the Bay Area, TORREY “Screens” (single)
  • Toronto, Ontario experimental /shoegaze solo project ZOON “Round The Bend” (Beck Cover) on Paper Bag Records
  • Liverpool, UK Dreampop /Shoegaze band BECOME THE SKY “When You’re Near (Stripped Back Mix)”

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