WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – APRIL #18-22

Arnold Genthe, early 1900s

  • Québec City ambient /dream pop /dark folk singer, songwriter and interdisciplinary artist LILA “New millennium workout routine” from “Recollection” EP

I have stumbled over the weekend upon the new EP by singer-songwriter Marianne Poirier AKA LILA from Quebec, apparently returning after a long hiatus of almost three years, with a handful of atmospheric, nocturnal, and introspective, equally subtly restless and tormented songs, crafted through a minimal, intense and crepuscular blend of entrancing dark folk and immersive dream-pop, that organically harmonizes with the sheer intimacy of an ethereal, fragile and mesmeric voice, laced with poetic confessional lyrical poignancy, that ushers us in melancholic and nostalgic murky realms of a restless soul, rife with hypnotic rhythms, sparkling vibrant guitar reverberations, enveloping synth pads and sweeping wistful key chords from which we can only be utterly entranced by their intimate vibrancy and grace. Those familiar with St. Vincent, Lucy Rose, Bon Iver, Matthew And The Atlas and Daughter, we’ll find something precious. 

  • Brisbane shoegaze /dream pop band (FKA syrup, go on), SGO “Bookcase” new single on 4000 Records

Formerly known as Syrup, go on, the Brisbane collective keep on deftly delivering sullen, lovelorn dreampop sprinkled with shoegaze. Insistent jangly sparkling guitar melodies weave evocative, melancholic moods to carve obsessive introspective longings that intertwine with emotional fragile, aching female vocals, hypnotic whispers, and celestial cries, confessing loneliness, isolation, and loss through a tumultuous shimmering strummed sway of broken-hearted blues.

  • Minato City, Japan alternative /noise /shoegaze band BLOOD PICK ME “Sterallia” from the new EP “SSS”

Brand new EP from the edgy and noisy Japanese shoegaze outfit, which probably features also their most melodic song so far, “Sterallia” evolves over a rippling, tinkling atmospheric carpet surrounded by insistent celestial whispers, to drift, drive by a mechanical rhythmic pace, into shimmering waves of reverberated guitar melancholy, somberly pulsating with dramatic intensity, amid a penetrating soar of lancinating despair, around an energetic dual male/female vocal interplay of breathless high anxiety and urgent thrusting cries, to wax and wane in the agony and ecstasy of restless romantic moods.

  • Portland, Or ambient ethereal electronic artist (half of Mint Julep), Hollie Kenniff (Feat. Goldmund) “Remembered Words” single
  • Norwich born, Edinburgh based electro-folk singer and songwriter Michael Steele “” from 2-track EP “Les Voiles Silencieux” on Paradise Palms Records
  • Toronto, Ontario folk singer-songwriter Abigail Lapell “Pines” from the album “Stolen Time” on Outside Music
  • Melbourne‘s experimental /ambient /electronic /country /acoustic folk duo of Nigel Yang & Jonnine Standish aka HTRK “Valentina (Cali Highway Version)” from the cassette album “Death Is a Dream” a collection of demos, vignettes, and sketches from the 2021 “Rhinestones” LP
  • Leipzig-based dream pop /dark folk /psychedelic rock duo CAMEL MOON “Flowers On The Wall” from the sophomore “You Still There?” EP
  • Melbourne‘s dream pop /trip-hop /indie pop trio (The Cat’s Miaow offshoot), Hydroplane “New Monotonic FM” from upcoming vinyl and digital reissue of the band’s 1997 debut s/t album on Efficient Space
  • Geneva, Switzerland electronic /indie-pop solo project Mlkshk “Crystal Sands” from the album “Teal Sofa Frequencies”
  • Toronto, Canada yèyè /retro pop band led by musician, singer & composer Kelsey McNulty, AKA Good Fortune “I Know” from s/t album
  • US dream-pop duo Soft Velvet Lounge “Polaroid Girl” debut single on Mood Machine Records
  • Rockaway Beach, NYC oceanside dream-pop duo (aka CLAVVS), DAYAWAY “dayaway” second single on their own Turn to Wind label.                                                                                                                                   
  • San Diego, Ca sad indie /dream pop new project of Eliza Vera, AKA Hot Moms Club “DD” debut single
  • Edinburgh, UK shoegaze /dream pop /indie surf pop solo project of Michael Kay Terence, AKA Swiss Portrait “Safe House” from the EP “Safe House”
  • London, UK indie /psych /shoegaze trio HOLY SPRINGS – “I Can’t Wait” new single from the upcoming debut album ‘E.A.T’ on Up In Her Room Records.
  • Swedish indie-pop singer-songwriter Jens Lekman “Black Cab” from the 2xLP vinyl album “The Cherry Trees Are Still In Blossom” on Secretly Canadian Records
  • NYC-based lo-fi /dream pop duo of Matt Sklar (Exiles) and Federica Tassano (Sooner, Mônetre), aka Phantom Handshakes “Come Undone” single
  • Christchurch, New Zealand based fuzzy lo-fi pop singer /songwriter (former River Jones, Fran, Wurld Series, Salad Boys), BEN WOODS “Hovering At Home” from the upcoming second album “Dispeller” on Meritorio Records.
  • Scotland shoegaze /noise pop solo project On Hallowed Ground “Thorns” title track from the new EP “Thorns”
  • LA‘s shoegaze /psychedelic rock band Tombstones In Their Eyes “Hidden In My Eyes” off of the EP “A Higher Place” via Kitten Robot Records.
  • Guadalajara, Mexico dream pop /psychedelic band MOORING “Blue dream” title track from “Blue dream” LP
  • Italian psychedelic pop trio Tangerine Stoned “Chameleons” single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • Portland, Or indie rock /psychedelic pop band Shadowgraphs -”Jet Black” from the upcoming s/t album
  • California-based shoegaze /noise pop /indie rock group The Lassie Foundation “Crown of the Sea (Cave Sessions)” from the upcoming “Cave Sessions” EP [11.1.2021]
  • Mexico based post-punk /psychedelic /indie rock band Mercvrial “Hail of Arrows” from the vinyl album “Brief Algorithms” on Crafting Room Recordings
  • Polish kraut /acid /psychedelic folk Poet and Musician based in Poznań, A.J. Kaufmann “L.A. Layla” from the album “Alpha Persei” on The Swamp Records
  • Merida, Mexico shoegaze /krautrock /psychedelic trio Los Kowalski – “Alba” from the album “El Ocaso del Oni”
  • Polish folk /noise /grunge /kraut /psychedelic one-man band from Darłówko, Fairyport Convent “May Queen” title track from the EP “May Queen”
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia lo-fi indie rock /garage /psych pop whimsical troubadour MORVERN “Grave Diggers” from the upcoming album “King Toro” via ŠOP RECORDS
  • Cincinnati, OH shoegaze/psych trio SLOW GLOWS “Turquoise” from the new album “But What Do I Know”
  • Birmingham, UK indie /shoegaze singer-songwriter Finlay Hatton “Run Away” single.
  • Austin, TX dream pop /shoegaze trio Allwax “Deja vu” debut single
  • Swiss/American Indie /Dream /Jangle Pop duo of Andy Jossi & Gretchen DeVault, aka THE BLUE HERONS “From Here” new single
  • Spanish dream pop /shoegaze band from Barcelona, SALVANA “Keroseno” from the debut s/t EP on Magic In The Air Records
  • French shoegaze /indie rock trio Subzero Fun “You Only Live Twice” from CD album “EP Collection” on Shore Dive Records
  • French lo-fi post-rock /shoegaze /dream pop solo project Ruined Church “Depths” from “Spoiled” EP
  • Japanese dream pop /shoegaze duo Cosmicdust “Ramblingly” from the upcoming “SiS K” EP
  • Wattignies, France dream pop /shoegaze solo project, Jōetsu Shore “Burnt” from the new LP “Stranded”
  • Philadelphia shoegaze /noise rock trio Droopies “Camera Focus” from the third album “Echoes Lightly”
  • Brooklyn, NY Shoegaze duo RINGING “Habit” from the upcoming cassette album “Tripsitter” on Candlepin Records
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia indie /cinematic /post-rock instrumental band Levithan “Home” single
  • Germany based post-rock /shoegaze /indie rock band How We Leave This Place “Tyrants” from “Tyrants” EP
  • Thailand Indie Rock /Emo /Dream Pop /Shoegaze band Electra Complex “Telekinesis” new single on Brand New Me Records
  • Moscow based indie rock /post-rock 4-piece Etazh Porazhayet / Второй Этаж Поражает “Ода” single                   
  • New York‘s indie rock band Been Stellar “Kids 1995” single on So Young Records
  • Xiamen, Chinese noise rock /psych /indie rock band Hotkey Killer / 熱鍵被殺手 “Spring Wish” first single from the upcoming album on Maybe Mars
  • Düsseldorf, Germany indie rock /post-punk 4-piece Carpet Waves “Narrow Dream Factory” from the “Inner Weapons” EP on Waveland Records
  • Bay Area‘s lo-fi/ surf /shoegaze /dream pop/ indie pop solo project of Justin Cheromiah aka High Sunn “Memory Redux” from the new LP “Flawless Recollections” on Spirit Goth Records
  • Californian dreamy jangle guitar pop solo project of Alexei Pacholuk, AKA Business School “Island of the Pears” title track from the new EP “Island of the Pears”
  • Berlin-based jangle /power pop group MAN BEHIND TREE “Moonshiner” from the album “3” on Subjangle and Twaague Records
  • Cork, Ireland dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock band (members of Emperor of Ice Cream, Arctic Lights, Speckled Doves, Band of Clouds and Gammy Origami), Silver Owls “Serpentine” lead track from the upcoming debut “The Serpentine” EP
  • Rangiora, New Zealand garage /power-pop 4-piece BEST BETS “King Cnut” from the debut album “On An Unhistoric Night” via Meritorio Records
  • Strasbourg, France shoegaze /psychedelic rock band Sinaïve – “Ténèbres” from the upcoming ltd. vinyl 12″ EP “super 45t.” out May 27th on Hidden Bay, Arvo Disques & Hellzapoppin Records
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie rock /garage rock 5-piece PIT PONY “Supermarket” single from upcoming debut LP “World To Me” on Clue Records.
  • Kreuzlingen, Switzerland lo-fi post-punk /psych /indie rock solo project of Lukas Stadler, aka LUKE LOVER “I Move On” from the upcoming cassette s/t album on Hidden Bay Records and We Don’t Make It Records
  • Birmingham, UK shoegaze /indie rock solo project Graywave “Build” from upcoming EP “Rebirth” on Church Road Records
  • Western Massachusetts‘ Emo /Alt-rock band SINKING “Serpent” from the EP “Misshapen World”
  • Philadelphia‘s emo /post-rock /indie rock band Blueroom “Looseleaf” from “The Heartlands” EP
  • Luxembourg-based artist indie-rock indie-rock project of Jana Bahrich AKA Francis of Delirium “Mirrors” from “The Funhouse” EP
  • Long Island, NY emo indie rock artist Nikki Esposito, AKA Star Funeral “Alone” single on Count Your Lucky Stars
  • Toronto‘s alt /dream punk band led by Beliefs co-founder Jesse Crowe, PRAISES “March” from the upcoming LP “In This Year: Hierophant” on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Boston/Cambridge area folktronica /acid /dream folk singer, songwriter and guitarist (Violet Nox collaborator), Karen Zanes “Cold Spring” (Single) on Infinity Vine Records
  • Stockholm, Swedish ethereal /electronic /dream pop artist Matilda Mård aka, MANY VOICES SPEAK “Assured” from the new LP “Gestures” on Strangers Candy

Arnold Genthe, early 1900s