WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – May #18-21

  • Dallas, TX noise rock /shoegaze /nugaze band SEIZURE SISTER “Pinpoint” debut single

From Dallas one of the best debuts of the week steeped in a familiar, expansive, meditative shoegaze sound with a sprinkle of noise rock edge, that exude dark eerie introspection, amidst subdued narcotic distortion, to create something intriguing, blending reverb-strewn misty nostalgic fuzzy haze with atmospheric wistful male vocals and desperately heart-broken lyrics, to form an intoxicating escape of haunted dreams.

  • Quebec-based, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico bedroom pop duo Chemical Club “The Way It Ends” from the debut EP “Arm’s Length”

Finally, the debut EP from New Mexico bred Chemical Club to encompass all the inner turmoil and heartfelt songwriting creativity that went into crafting their distinctive striking bedroom guitar pop, replete with sheer energy, wistful emotive vibes, and hazy introspection. Besides all the brilliant three singles released over the year, it features another little atmospheric tune of pristine pop flair, that blends poignant and sparkling jangly guitar lines with catchy whirling synth melodies and broodingly romantic vocal harmonies, exuding dreamy angsty and nostalgic melancholy left sinking in tragic memories.

  • Finnish dreamy shoegazing post-rockers based in Tampere, Revival Hymns “We Saw It Light Up the Whole Sky” from the debut EP “Birth Pains”

‘Ambitious’ Finnish quintet depict shimmering and atmospheric cinematic melancholic vibes cloaked in a gauzy sombre haze, weaving beautifully painful glistening guitar melodies and washes of airy icy synth, with disconnected, pensive male vocals to arouse a dire, downcast dystopia of broken dreams.

  • Brooklyn based cosmic lo-fi psych-folk Eva Louise Goodman, aka NIGHTIME “Yellow Day” from “Turning Wheel” EP
  • Sheffield, UK lo-fi /alt-country /indie pop /indie folk project of Liam James Marsh (Fine, Bedbound By Summer, Tired Eyes, Short Story Picture Book), aka Kid Chameleon “Lookaftering” from “Sloane Keeps” LP                                                                                 
  • Leicester-based indie /dream pop band Dayflower “Mockingbird” (single)
  • San Francisco‘s garage /indie-pop /alt country band, Sonny & The Sunsets “Ring My Bell” from upcoming LP “New Day With New Possibilities” on Rocks In Your Head Records
  • Grenoble indie /slowcore outfit FLEUVE “Basalte” off the new Split Tape with Plattenbau on new Grenoble’s Après Jordie label
  • Swedish indie /psych-pop young artist and songwriter, LOVE TRULS “Trembling Hands (feat. Siri Gunrup Järvinen)” 3rd single from upcoming debut EP                                                   
  • Sacramento-based indie-pop trio BEST MOVE “Invisible Sigh” from the EP “Mirror Image Twins” via Park The Van                                                                                                                           
  • London, UK noir-pop/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “All For The Best” off the 2-track single “Take The World / All For The Best”
  • Tokyo, Japan post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze musician OTOM “Timshel” from the 2-track single “Novel”
  • Boston, Massachusetts shoegaze /dream pop 5-piece The Shallows “Forest Verse” new single
  • French dream pop /shoegaze /indie-pop trio from Lille, Tapeworms “Magic Pierrot” new single
  • Filipino shoegaze /new wave /dream pop /indie pop band Moscow Olympics “Ocean Sign” from “Cut the World” remastered 12″ vinyl edition of the cult 2007 mini-album on Lavender Recordings plus three extra single tracks via Brest’s Too Good To Be True
  •  UK indie-pop musical collaboration between Si Farrier, Rob Morgan and Johny Nocash, aka Milk Bottle Sympathy “Birdsong In A Time Of Silence” from the sophomore EP “standard second release”
  • Austin, TX bedroom /chill /jazz /dream /indie pop band Indoor Creature “So Down” (single) from the upcoming album “Living in Darkness” via The Record Machine.
  • Glasgow, UK indie pop /shoegaze /dream-pop duo Simon Liddell (Frightened Rabbit) and Carla J Easton, aka POSTER PAINTS “Number 1” debut single on Olive Grove 
  • Southern California alternative /psychedelic /gaze rock /dream pop trio PURE MIDS “Plenty Things” new single
  • Philly’s psych-pop /shoegaze /post-rock project of John Sciortino, aka Henderson Century “Peace Spell” off the new album “The Distraction Fit”
  • California tropicalia /kraut /psych-pop duo Sugar Candy Mountain “Impression” title track from the upcoming LP on Org Music and PIAPTK Records
  • Austin, TX groovy indie rock band Futon Blonde “Lacerate” new single
  • Newport, UK psych-pop DIY solo project Blokeacola – “Mango Insane” new single
  • London alt-indie rock band Victory Kicks “Mookie Betts” lead single from the band’s seventh album “Free the Night” on Unmanned Aerial Vinyl                                                               
  • Spanish noise-pop /dreampop /indie pop band from Granada, Apartamentos Acapulco “Y Tú en Barcelona” new single on Primavera Labels                                                                      
  • Toronto-based Kansas City‘s dream pop /shoegaze solo project SEVENTEEN YEARS “Tigerfish” from the cassette mini-album “Butterfly” on Z Tapes
  • Byron Bay, Australia indie /dream pop 4-piece SEASIDE “State Of Grace” new single
  • Dijon, French shoegaze /noise-pop trio dirishu6 “Dernier Round” from the third S/T EP on Hidden Bay Records
  • Lo-fi shoegaze /indie rock /dreampop solo project of Chicago-based musician & photographer, Eden Sierotnik, aka COOL HEAT “Levitate” new single on Spirit Goth
  • Madrid, Spain dream /noise /indie-pop duo, Marcos y Molduras “Los ratos contigo” from “El split de Marcos y Molduras con Malamute” Split 7″ EP with Malamute on discosdekirlian & Snap! Clap! Recs
  • Los Angeles based interstellar psychedelic noise pop solo project Death Hags “OFF/ON (Don’t Give in to Fear)” from “Lathe Cut Series 2: OFF/ON (Don’t Give in to Fear)” EP
  • Oslo, Norway garage /indie-rock teen 4-piece VEPS “Ecstasy” from upcoming EP “Open The Door” on Kanine Records
  • Oakland, Ca lo-fi indie rock /shoegaze /gaudy pop punks CVCC “Shux Deluxe” off upcoming S/T cassette EP on Dandy Boy Records.
  • Swiss surf /psych /garage-punk trio from Bern, The Flying Tiger Claw “Face Gaze” new single on Cold Storage Records.
  • Belgian kraut /noise rock duo LA JUNGLE “La Jour Du Cobra” from the upcoming LP “Fall Off The Apex” on Black Basset Records /Rockerill Records /À Tant Rêver Du Roi Records
  • Denver, Co lo-fi /jangle /psych /garage band lead by songwriter Ryan Wong (Cool Ghouls), Supreme Joy “Body Contact” from the upcoming first cassette album “Joy”
  • Orlando, Florida garage pop /garage rock band BODY SHOP “Desert” from cassette EP “FL3SH WORLD” on Tallahassee’s RIP RECORDS
  • Bordeaux, France grungegaze /heavy shoegaze 4-piece COLISION “Swim While it Rains” from “Lost Ghosts Vol.1” EP
  • Dallas, TX dream pop /shoegaze duo TRIPP SITTER “Your Biggest Regret” debut single
  • Seattle, WA power pop /dream pop /shoegaze band GUEST DIRECTORS “Dreaming Dreams” from the new  “Connected Heavens” EP
  • Nottingham, UK Psychedelic /Dream Pop /Shoegaze band Spotlight Kid “Facing The Other Way” from the new EP “VRHN”
  • Italian shoegaze/dream pop band from Verona, YOU, NOTHING “Sonder” from the EP “Lonely // Lovely”.
  • London, UK dream pop/noise pop /shoegaze trio LEMONDAZE “1990 nine” from the EP “Celestial Bodies”
  • Exeter, UK dream pop /shoegaze /guitar rock trio Presents for Sally “Smoke Signals” from the album “Look Skyward And Take It On”
  • Buenos Aires-based kraut /psych /dream pop shoegaze project of musician /artist Ferran Pont Vergés, aka Die Noia Futuriszka “Estaciones / Seasons” (single) off the upcoming Summer LP
  • London/Los Angeles noise pop /shoegaze duo of UK based guitar, vocalist and composer Rishi Neal Arora and LA-based drummer Chris Gregory, aka Sky is Alright “Indigo Moon” 2nd single from the upcoming debut S/T album on Somewherecold Records
  • Brooklyn, New York shoegaze /noise /dream /drone pop solo project No Kill – “Better” new single from upcoming LP “Gold Chorus” out 8/27 on Substitute Scene Records & fear of missing out records
  • Denver, Co lo-fi /dream pop /shoegaze outfit Stacking Pennies “Vertigo” from the sophomore LP “With good friends” on Look Up Records
  • Colorado‘s noise rock /shoegaze band WARPER “Lateness” title track from the new EP “Lateness”
  • Nottingham, UK post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze solo project After Daylight ‘This Savage Hell’ from the fifth album “The Paradigm Shift”
  • German Neo-Kraut/Psychedelic duo ZEMENT “Goa” off the upcoming third LP “Rohstoff” on CRAZYSANE RECORDS
  • Sydney, Australia indie /psych band Shrapnel “Orpheum Protocol” from the upcoming album “Alasitas” via Tenth Court.
  • New York lo-fi /psych /indie rock /freak pop project of former The Hairs member Kevin, aka KEVIN HAIRS “Knight School (ballad of)” from the EP “STAY MILD, MAN-CHILD”
  • Cardiff based noise pop /indie rock outfit (former Adelines, Wintercoat), Big Thing “Say When” from ltd. 7″ single “Say When / Eye to Eye” on The Popty Ping Recording Company
  • Chicago, Il dark electro-pop project of Melissa Harris, aka Born Days “Glitch (The Wide Eye Remix)” from the 2019 album ‘Where We Live’
  • Edmonton, Canada synthpop /dreampop duo PRINCE BUNNY “Spring” new single
  • New York dream pop /electronic solo project DOSS “Strawberry” from the EP “4 New Hit Songs” on LUCKYME®
  • London-based electro-pop singer-songwriter, producer ETAN “I’m Back (Turbot Stunbeam Edit)”                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • German experimental /electronic /ambient /electro-pop /modular downtempo artist based in Munich, PANIC GIRL “Into The Wild” from the third LP “BLUE” via i u we records
  • L.A. based ambient synth pop project Maraschino “Ruby”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze /dreampop /ambient project of Nicolás Castello, NAX “Equilibrio” from the EP “Drei mal drei”
  • Boston based electronic psychedelic experimentalists Violet Nox “Salacia” from V/A “Ice Planet Goth” fundraising compilation via Darkness Calling

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