WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – May #17-21

Photo by Philipp Weinmann

  • San Francisco, Ca lo-fi power-pop project of Mike Ramos, aka Tony Jay “Hey There Flower” from title track from the upcoming cassette album “Hey There Flower” on Paisley Shirt Records

Recorded in solitary isolation by the enigmatic artist only with guest backing vocals, consists of stripped-down, heartwrenching, and uncanny tunes, mottled with grainy dust, as a hushed and decelerate version of the Velvets, with an abundance of heartfelt feelings as pop music should be. Thudding snare beats elicit reverb-stained tattered noisy guitar scrapes, to weave abrasive shimmery emotive vibrations, imbued with shattered nostalgic dreams, lit by brittle yet dazzling forsaken keyboard flows, over submerged and distorted vocal’s whispery deluge of obsessive longing to exude a hazy gritty concoction of unsettling and brooding anguish.

  • Wiltshire, UK bedroom ambient /dream pop /shoegaze solo project of Jack Jazrawy-Brown, lead singer and songwriter for the band Cosmic Lightshow, SUNSPIRE “See You In My Sleep” third single from the upcoming debut album “Ruins By The Sea” on Crafting Room Recordings

Third and final single from the soon to be dropped Sunspire‘s debut LP is an enveloping embrace of a gentle, slightly reverberated, melancholic hazy flow, permeated by a soft and pensive warm intimacy amidst emotional swirls of arpeggiated guitar strings enrapture featherlight male vocals alternating dreamy hums, angsty broods, and intoxicating echoes into a seemingly weightless pastoral atmosphere of tranquil bliss.

  • Norwegian indie rock duo based in Oslo, Small Boy “Doing Alright” sophomore single

We need to recover from last week sophomore single from the Norwegian duo, Small Boy, back with another absolutely captivating and elegant stunner, laced with an irresistible nostalgic groove, somehow deliciously echoing bygone aural hints of Steeley Dan and Level 42, where a peppy rhythm section is flanked by sparkling baritone guitar melodies, amid swirling chromatic strummed riffs and wistful Rhodes-like smooth jazzy keys, to resonate around atmospheric male vocals, drawing soulful moods from brooding bliss and a caressing bittersweet chorus, to build a wind-blown intoxication of 80s infused magic.

  • German Post Ambient/Dreamwave/Chillwave project Dividing Spheres “None Gets Here Out Alive”                 
  • CanadianAmerican ambient/electroacoustic/ethereal/electronic musician (Helios, Mint Julep), Hollie Kenniff (feat. Goldmund) “Between Dreams” new single on Unseen
  • Paris based dream folk /bedroom pop solo project of Sarah (member of Fiasco and Heliums), aka TAHAR “For Lovers (Pete Doherty cover)” from cassette cover EP “July” on In Silico
  • FrenchAmerican indie /folk /dream pop duo Thomas Bonvalet & Annie Lewandowski, Powerdove “Machination” title track from the upcoming 5th album “Machination” on Murailles Music
  • Hobart, Australia ambient /post-rock /psych /dream pop project of Martin Kennedy (half of Kilbey Kennedy), All India Radio – “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (feat Yin)” from the album “Afterworld”
  • Russian dream-pop /shoegaze duo White Cold Desert & Diana Gara “Slowdive” (single) on Hjördis-Britt Åström
  • Tokyo, Japan shoegaze /dream pop band リューネ [Lune] “Float among your stars” from the EP “For you, for me”
  • Swedish psych indie pop duo from Gothenburg, NAYAD “Red Carpet Sand” new single                                                 
  • Parisian folk /dream pop /electronic producer LÜNE “Mounette” new single on Nowadays Records
  • Hong Kong British indie /dream pop artist based in London, Eva Liu (of Dama Scout), aka Mui Zyu – “pour a brain” single on Father Daughter Records
  • Helsinki, Finland jangle /dream /psych pop 5-piece band, VERANDAN ”Open Sea” new single on Soliti
  • Californian indie /dream pop new project of Dale (Some Gorgeous Accident, Apple Orchard) and Connie (Carnival Park), THE SUMMER TRIANGLE “Distant Skies” from the upcoming lathe cut 10″ EP “The Summer Triangle”
  • Italian emo /post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze band from Crotone, 7Mondays “Crowns” off new EP “Sent” on Dirty Beach / Truebypass                                                                                                                                                          
  • Charleston, SC indie dream pop duo Tape Waves – “Bright” upcoming on Emotional Response Records                      
  • Scranton, Pa psychedelic dream pop band GREAT WAVE “Future Shock” (single)
  • UK darkwave /electronic /psych /shoegaze four-piece from Leeds, LAST TOURIST “Cave in the Hills” new single
  • New York dream-pop /psych-pop quartet CRUMB “Ice Melt” title track from the new LP “Ice Melt”
  • UK new-age shoegaze /post-punk /dream-pop band, LIGHTS THAT CHANGE “Sad Reality” from upcoming album “Incandescent”
  • Tel Aviv, Israel new wave /indie-electronic /dream pop 4-piece SCREEN 4 EYES “At Dawn” from upcoming EP “Liquid”
  • NYC-based lo-fi /dream pop duo of Matt Sklar (Exiles) and Federica Tassano (Sooner, Mônetre), aka Phantom Handshakes “All That Could Burn” from the LP ‘No More Summer Songs’ out now via Z Tapes
  • Isabela, Puerto Rico Noisy-Shoegazing-Post Rocking-Psychedelic Pop band UN.REAL “Sun like Star” new single
  • Italian-based French avant-garde /psych /krautrock /dream pop project fronted by founder Amaury Cambuzat, Ulan Bator “Airlines” from the ltd. vinyl reissue of the 2003 album “Nouvel Air” (mixed by Robin Guthrie) on Improved Sequence
  • Los Angeles based dream-pop duo CRUISERS “Slipping” from the EP “Nothing, Is Better Than This” on Binks Records
  • Riverside, California goth /shoegaze /dream pop bedroom recording project of Daniel Romero, aka DREAM SUICIDES “Clementine” new single
  • Texas shoegaze /new wave /dream pop band The Dream Is Dead “I can only see you in the black dress” from the EP “The dream is dead again”
  • Marrickville, Australia ‘downer pop’ band MOPE CITY “Rocket Surgery” from Mope City’s new album “Within The Walls” on Tenth Court
  • Los Angeles‘ dream pop /psychedelic /shoegaze band Daydream Cathedral “Travel Through a City”
  • Columbus, Oh shoegaze 4-piece SHUTEYE “Big Drift” from debut cassette single “Big Drift b/w Palace of Nowhere”
  • Carlisle, UK shoegaze /electronic /psychedelic / experimental quartet The Lucid Dream “Coalescence” from the album “The Deep End”
  • Leeds, UK alternative /garage-wave quintet EADES “Coltrane” from “Abstract Education” EP” on Heist or Hit
  • London, UK post-punk /indie /guitar rock 4-piece (FKA Foundlings), Hadda Be – “Apathy” new single off debut album “Another Life”
  • Chicago, IL Electronic /Dreampop /Shoegaze /Dark Pop duo, New Canyons “Post Nothing” from the new album, “Heavy Water” on Feeltrip Records.
  • UK Britpop /shoegaze/ all-star-band made up of Miki Berenyi (Lush), KJ ‘Moose’ McKillop (Moose), Mick Conroy (Modern English), and Justin Welch (Elastica), aka Piroshka – “ Scratching At The Lid” taken from the second album “Love Drips & Gathers” due July 23, 2021 on Bella Union
  • Seoul, South Korea electronic /shoegaze /dream pop band MOTH PYLON “Mods” (single)
  • Melbourne, Australia ambient /shoegaze artist Thomas Lee, aka OCEANS “Break My Fall” new single from the upcoming debut EP “Come So far”
  • Australian trip-hop /dream pop /shoegaze studio project by Darren Barnes (Trillion) and Tony Hubbard, aka Pluto Is A Planet “If I Could” from the LP “Plutocracy” on Shore Dive Records
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania post-Britpop/shoegaze /indie rock duo The Starlit Hues “For Your Eyes Only” off the second EP “Exactly What You Expected”
  • Oakland, Ca dream pop /shoegaze 4-piece BAD VISUALS “Shaking” from the new album “Ravel”
  • Colorado‘s noise rock /shoegaze duo WARPER “Felt” from the new EP “Lateness”
  • Vancouver, BC post-rock /emo /noise-pop /shoegaze /pop punk solo project BLOOM 604 “NRL” from the debut album “BLOOM”
  • Wollongong, Australia Indie Rock /New Wave /Punk five-piece DROVES “Trash” new single from upcoming EP
  • West Midlands, UK Brit /indie rock quintet FEET “Peace & Quiet” off upcoming new EP “Walking Machine” on Nice Swan Records
  • Dunedin, New Zealand noise /shoegaze / indie-rock 4-piece BATHYSPHERE “Lay Out” from the LP “Heaven is Other People” on trace / untrace records
  • Chicago, Illinois noise-rock /shoegaze /indie rock duo STALLED “In Tandem” off the new EP “Blank Conduct” on Candlepin Records
  • Tokyo, Japan indie rock /shoegaze 4-piece BUTOHES “T.O.L.” new single
  • Los Angeles, Ca indie rock trio Happy Hollows “Craver” new single
  • Swindon/Bristol, UK electronic pop side project for The King in MirrorsRich May and Jonathan Troy of The Hi-Life Companion, PIER LIGHTS “The Dunes” new single
  • Atlanta-based indie rock band of vocalist/songwriter Mattiel Brown and guitarist/producer Jonah Swilley, MATTIEL “Those Words” new 7″ single on ATO Records and Heavenly Recordings
  • Cebu City, Philippines Britpop /indie /psych-rock band Kubra Commander “Garden Bistro” (single) on Lilystars Records
  • Dallas, TX surf /indie /psychedelic rock band Psychic Love Child “Golden Tongues” new single
  • Edinburgh, UK 60s /shoegaze /psychotronic /dream pop six-piece, AULD SPELLS – “I Want You Back” off new 2-track single “I Want You Back b/w Another Way”
  • Birmingham, UK based alternative/garage duo of Brazilian singer/guitarist Priscila B and English drummer Mimi B, CHERRY PICKLES “David (I Hope You Don’t Mind)” [single] on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Charleston, SC bedroom dream pop project of Kim Hart Weldin, aka Shiny Times “Empty Inside” off upcoming EP “Let’s Get Shiny!” on Melotron Recordings
  • San Francisco jangle /guitar rock /indie pop project of Thomas Rubenstein (The Lovebirds), The Telephone Numbers “Kaleidoscope” from the upcoming album “The Ballad Of Doug” a co-release by Meritorio Records and Paisley Shirt Records
  • Portsmouth, UK indie/jangle-pop 4-piece (formerly early 90’s band The Kites), LOST SHIPS “Weight of the World” from the new EP “Nostalgia” on Subjungle
  • Melbourne indie rock duo Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, aka Good Morning “Mollyduker” off double A-side single “Mollyduker / Keep It” on Polyvinyl Records
  • Greece based alt /indie rock project of Erika Bach, aka LOLA DEMO “Stranded” from the album “Stone”
  • London, UK indie rock duo Wings Of Desire “Better Late Than Never” new single
  • Atlanta, Georgia indie rock artist Faye Webster ‘Cheers’ off the upcoming LP ‘I Know I’m Funny haha’ on Secretly Canadian
  • Canberra, Australia Alternative/Post Rock music 5-piece LOST COAST “Magma Diver” (single)
  • UK-born, Berlin-based kraut /synth /post-punk /psych /electronic solo project, ANIKA “Finger Pies” new single on Invada Records & Sacred Bones
  • UK leftfield electronic pop artist Elsa Hewitt “Inhaler” from “LUPA” LP
  • Argentinean ambient /field recording/ acid /psychedelic underground entity Acid Twilight “Acid Twilight” from S/T cassette album on Not Not Fun
  • UK ambient /kraut /electronic /psychedelic solo project of multi-instrumentalist Allan Martin, Midwich Youth Club “Ten Charley’s in Search of a Gaffer” from the album “The Psychedelic Sounds of the Secret City” A Soundtrack to an Imaginary film, made in Birmingham in the late 1960s.

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