WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #17

photo by #NormanParkinson


  • Brest, France indie-folk duo of Valérie Marrec (Fellow, Unamerican) & Sébastien Roué (Kobe, Quitter Kobe, Osaka), aka THIS ONE TREE “How Slow The Wind” from “How Slow The Wind” EP (based on the poems of Emily Dickinson) on Music From The Masses label’s Single Club Confiné

Based on the poems, replete with existential angst, of Emily Dickinson, Breton duet This One Tree chisel three bewitching sketches of blissful dreamy and wistful artsy folk with the off-kilter magic of beautifully delicate emotional female vocals over a gleaming web of impressionistic hypnotic guitar chords, worthy of the most evocative Vini Reilly and the early Ben Watt, delicately stroking and soothing your senses under strain amidst these chaotic days.

  • Denton, Texas shoegaze punk 4-piece REI CLONE “Taste Test” new single

Drowning in abrasive yet caressing fuzzy guitar washes, through restrained distortion and subtle melody, vibrant grungey undertones, blistering guitar solo and hazy whispers, Denton‘s shoegaze-ridden punks steadily pass our ‘taste test’ with natural ease and invigorating freshness.

  • Brisbane-based ambient/shoegaze/dream pop solo project of Australian musician Jade Tyers, aka  RELAY TAPES “Planetarium” new single

New single from elusive Melbourne‘s shoegaze musician Jade Tyers seeps its way into seductively expansive blissful realms of mesmeric abrasively shimmering guitar strumming, syncopated rhythms and sweeping hazy atmospheric wave patterns to sublimate dreamy rarefied vocals long in a euphoric daze, falling in and out of sweet disconnected altered states.

  • Besançon, France ambient/cinematic instrumental solo project of a former member of post-rockers Feroces, DARK SUPREME “Nothing Is Next” (Voice from Carrie Coon / The Leftovers) debut single
  • Swedish ethereal/dream pop/dark pop artist from Stockholm, STAINWASHER “Chems” new single
  • Latvian dream pop/dreamgaze band from Riga, S.A.D. “Tavs stāsts ir tava deja” first single from second album LP
  • North Wales/Merseyside shoegaze/dream pop duo BECOME THE SKY “Written In The Stars” from the upcoming 2-track single “Written In The Stars / Raindown”
  • Brooklyn, New York dream-pop collaboration between songwriters Amelia Bushell and Thomas Servidone, Belle Mare “What Haven’t I Done” new single
  • Liverpool, UK dream pop project of Frank Johnson, HONEY MOON “Passenger” new single
  • Portland, Oregon dream pop/psychedelic all-girl trio (formerly Is/Is), Candace “Still Phase” new single from the upcoming LP “Ideal Corners” via Little Cloud Records
  • Melbourne dream pop/indie rock musician Dean Valentino aka Slowcoaching “It Was Nice Meeting You” new single from upcoming EP ”Motorama; a time-lapse”                                                                                                 
  • Provo, Utah husband-and-wife psych-pop/dream pop duo, Leopard Tuesday “Not True” from the debut album “Tape Memory”
  • Nantes, France shoegaze duo of guitarist of Extreme Shoegaze, Jimmy Arfosea and singer Elsa Muller, An Ocean Of Embers ” How Time Flies” third single
  • Philadelphia‘s lo-fi/slowcore/shoegaze outfit KNIFEPLAY “Sunbeams” from the album “B-Sides & Rarities” a collection of unreleased songs recorded from 20142020
  • San Francisco shoegaze/dream pop trio The Bilinda Butchers “Night and blur” new single
  • Sevilla, Spain indie/jangle/dream pop quartet Terry Vs. Tori – “Psychic Reader (feat. David Alonso of Baywaves)” new single from the upcoming debut LP álbum “Heathers” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Tijuana, Mexico krautrock/psychedelic/dream pop trio MINT FIELD “Natural” from the upcoming album on Felte
  • Russian shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece from Saint-Petersburg, Весна Весна [Vesna Vesna] “Венера / Venus” new single
  • Iceland’s shoegaze/post-rock/indie rock 4-piece VAR “By the ocean” from the new LP “The Never-Ending Year” on Spartan Records
  • Iceland/Norway ambient/post-rock band COLD ISLAND “Confusion”
  • Swedish ’emo-pop’ /indie pop/dream pop quartet from Lund, No Suits In Miami “What We Have” new single
  • Miami, FL dream pop/shoegaze 4-piece AIRHOCKEY “Just Not Fair” new single
  • Nashville, TN dream-pop solo project Occult X “Quarantine Dream” new single
  • Christchurch, New Zealand shoegaze/dream pop artist  T. G. Shand “Fields to Flower” from the second EP “Golden Hour”
  • San Diego, Ca indie/ slowcore/shoegaze band HEX “Still” from the cassette album “Solace”
  • Wrexham, UK indie rock 4-piece KIDSMOKE “The Bluest You” new single from Kidsmoke’s forthcoming album ‘A Vision In The Dark’ on Libertino Records
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma shoegaze duo cursetheknife “Filter” new single
  • Wichita, Kansas grungey fuzzy noise-pop MILKWAVE “Sunshine” from the new EP “Show Me A Smile”
  • Auckland, New Zealand post-punk/psych/post-rock/fuzz noise-rock 4-piece Swallow The Rat ”Cold Moon” from the sophomore album “Leaving Room” via Shifting Sounds
  • New York rock singer/songwriter Jesse Malin – “Backstabbers” new single out now on Wicked Cool.
  • Los Angeles indie-pop band fronted by Bart Davenport, Bart & The Bedazzled “People Person” from V/A “QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self-Isolation #1” on BURGER RECORDS
  • Boston, Ms post-rock/shoegaze quartet CONSTANTS “One” (Sunny Day Real Estate cover) from the upcoming album “Devotion” a collection of new songs, b-sides, remixes and rarities.
  • Vienna garage/indie rock band Siamese Elephants “Few Problems” new single from their forthcoming debut EP ‘About Astronauts’ via Seayou Records.
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia emo/indie/guitar rock band CASTLETROY ‘Диафильм’ from the new EP ‘Искусство Спит’
  • Indie rock band from East Australia, KEY OUT “Chorus” from upcoming LP “Anthropomorphia” through Half a Cow
  • Sarawak, Malaysia noise-pop/indie rock project of multi instrumentalist Reynold Avit, REY/REY “Swimmer” from the EP “My Heart Is Dry”
  • Athens, Greece lo-fi/bedroom pop solo project of Alex Papadopoulos, aka Blurry Recollection “Apart” from S/T single
  • Los Angeles dream pop/indie pop trio Small Forward “Bound” new single                                                                 
  • Japanese indie-pop quartet Morningwhim – “Wandering” from the debut 7″ single “Most Of the Sun Shines” due on 18th April via Fastcut Records                                                                                                        
  • London, UK dream/psych-pop band Beach For Tiger ‘One Lovely Morning’ new single                                                
  • Montréal, Québec lo-fi/dream pop/psych-pop artist Kevin Echlin, aka Deperuse “Jungle” new single
  • London, UK shoegaze/psychgaze/alt rock band The Microdance “Lovesick Kisses” from the upcoming album’ ‘Our Love Noire’ on Somewherecold Records
  • Japanese indie/shoegaze band from Tokyo, SUGARDROP “Ease my mind” (2020 Ver.) originally 2011
  • Glasgow, UK new wave/kraut/psych-rock band Medicine Men “Now…In The Desert” new single from the upcoming new album ‘A Different Port’ due May 15th via Last Night From Glasgow Records                                                       
  • Berlin-based alt music project of former God Machine frontman, Robin Proper-Sheppard and his Sophia 2.0 Collective, SOPHIA “We See You (Taking Aim)” from the upcoming album ‘Holding On / Letting Go’ on The Flower Shop Recordings/PIAS
  • Brooklyn, NY based garage/psychedelic/minimalistic rock’n’roll duo THE VACANT LOTS “Rescue” from the upcoming album “Interzone” on Fuzz Club
  • Gdańsk, Poland experimental psychedelic duo ALIEN LIZARD “Virtual Real Estate” first charity single (all proceeds to Eden Reforestation Projects) from the upcoming album “Veux-tu la Vie”
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk/guitar rock/retro-pop band (ex the Romy Vager Group), RVG “Help Somebody” from the new sophomore album “Feral” on Fire Records
  • Melbourne, Australia indie rock singer/songwriter, NAT VAZER “For A Moment” from upcoming LP “Is This Offensive And Loud?” on Hotel Motel
  • Hamburg-based dream pop/electro-pop musician and filmmaker from Istanbul, SEDA “My Space” new single on La Double Vie
  • Los Angeles, CA darktronic /noise-gaze /’tragic-pop’ duo of Billy Qween and Billie Qween, aka QWEEN M8 “NYC” new single
  • LA/NYC electronic /psych-pop recording project of singer/songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer/ composer Ariel Loh, aka DRINKER “Even If I Know” from the upcoming EP “They Don’t Want To Know” on B3Sci Records
  • Norwegian electronic dream-pop duo from Tromsø, The Familiar “Control” new single                                            
  • Brooklyn, NY based trip-hop/post-rock/art-pop duo of Western Massachusetts-born composer Monte Weber and Dallas, TX-born choreographer and vocalist Claire Cuny, aka Reliant Tom – “The Sky Is Falling” from the upcoming album “Play & Rewind” on Diversion Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden psychedelic/space-rock solo project of Anders Broström, Domboshawa “Merzedez Benz”
  • Lima, Peru psych/shoegaze/post-rock audiovisual duo Laikamorí “Masken” from the debut album “Persōna”
  • California ambient/electronic/post-rock/shoegaze solo project (half of Clipd Beak), BLUE MINUTE “End To Begin” title track from the new album “End To Begin”
  • Brooklyn, NY post-rock/dream pop/post-punk project by writer/producer Steve Hudock, aka Dawn Reason “The Passage (Ft Julia Easterlin)” from upcoming EP “Morning Smog” via Shore Dive Records
  • Berlin-based lo-fi psych-pop solo project of Danish/Turkish artist and Eerie Glue member, BÜNNI “Please Yourself” from the new album “Transit” 
  • Seoul, South Korea indie/dream pop/shoegaze project Octopus King “Demo 2” from “Demo tracks” EP
  • Canadian psychedelic/dream pop project of Crystal Dorval from Vancouver, White Poppy “Something Sacred” from the new album “Paradise Gardens” on Not Not Fun
  • Provo, Utah slowcore/shoegaze band COASTAL “CovidLOVE” from V/A “Love In The Time Of Covid” benefit compilation on Italian label VeniVersus 
  • Tokyo experimental/ambient/ethereal artist (half of vvhy), SMANY “Fall” new single on Virgin Babylon Records
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze/ambient project, El camino de los caminos “Damiana” from upcoming release “La vida ausente”

Photo by #NormanParkinson

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