WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #17

Picks Of The Week:

  • Madrid, Spain post-punk /shoegaze /dream pop one man band HOLYSUN “Everything Not Saved” off new EP “Virtual Love” on Le Briquet Label                                                                                                                    

The new EP from Madrid ‘pop noir’ artist completely stands by its promises with a sophisticated and deliciously moody sound of wistfully melodic flavours and seductive, hazy hues.

  • Swedish ’emo-pop’ /shoegaze /dream pop quartet from Lund, No Suits In Miami – ”Kollektivtrafik” from the debut album “I Hope That No One Sees Me”                                                                                                           

Featured on one of the first posts from this blog in late 2017, Swedish 4-piece debut LP is a thoroughly bewitching and emotionally wrenching listening experience, beautifully melding dream pop, jangle and slightly shoegaze elements with astonishing ease and charm.

  • Swedish post-punk /dream pop /jangle pop /’death pop’ quintet from Göteborg, Agent Blå “Colors of the Dark” from the new album “Morning Thoughts” on Luxury                                                                                     

Equally impressive and infectious as fellow Swedish above, the lingering ‘death pop’ nuance distills delicately mournful, tense, gloomy post-punk vibes providing an irresistible disturbing yet alluring dark emotional heft.

  • Australian post-punk / dream pop project of Tom Crandles, aka PRUDENCE “Smile & Nod” from upcoming debut EP “Major Tom” on Forged Artifacts                                                                                                            
  • Australian ambient /post-rock / shoegaze / dream pop solo project of Pete Sanderson from the Central Coast of NSW, Obvious Creature “Hollow” from upcoming album “Next year might be different” via his own Creature Collective                                                                                                                                               
  • London, UK based trippy kosmic pop-psychedelic band (formerly known as Orlando) founded by songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Cathy Lucas (Innerspace Orchestra and Fanfarlo) with drummer Valentina Magaletti, bassist Susumu Mukai, synth/guitar player Phil MFU and visual artist/film maker Elliott Arndt, Vanishing Twin “Magician’s Success” from new album ‘The Age Of Immunology’ out 7th June on Fire Records                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Southampton/Brighton, UK indie /grunge /dream pop/ shoegaze trio Burning House ‘If You Won’t’ from the upcoming debut full-length album ‘Anthropocene’ out July 12 on MIOHMI RECORDS
  • Vermont‘s shoegaze /psychedelic duo The Vacant Lots “Bells” from upcoming new EP produced by Anton Newcombe via his A Recordings Ltd.                                                                                                                         
  • South African electronic /’synth folk’ /psychedelic /dream pop duo Hunter As a Horse ‘New Light’ new single  
  • Lancaster, PA psych /shoegaze /dream-punk band Vicious Blossom “Sway” from the new album “Solace”
  • Fort Worth, TX grunge / shoegaze 4-piece TRAUMA RAY “wmd” new 2-track single “wmd/grind” on Dreamy Life Records
  • San Francisco C86 /shoegaze /dreamy indie pop 5-piece Starry Eyed Cadet “Slow” from 2-track single “Slow / Star Gazer​”
  • Portland‘s alt guitar rock 4-piece Summer Cannibals “False Anthem” from forthcoming album Can’t Tell Me No” on Tiny Engines
  • New Zealand lo-fi pop-punkers P.H.F. (formerly known as Perfect Hair Forever) “cuticle*”                               
  • Leeds, UK noise-pop 4-piece WORMBOYS “Halt That Rattle” from debut EP “Eartime”                                         
  • Argentinian indie /dream pop 5-piece from Buenos Aires, Península “Contradicciones” from the debut album “Perplejidad” on Hot Cake Discos
  • Vancouver‘s indie /jangle pop / dream pop 5-piece Leisure Club “Shoreline” new single
  • Swedish lo-fi bedroom pop project of Karlstad’s Sam Florian “Youth Pt. 2” taken from the debut album ‘Youth’ on Hybris.                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Austrian post-rock/dream pop/shoegaze duo from Innsbruck, MOLLY – ‘Weep, Gently Weep’ new single from MOLLY’s upcoming new album ‘All That Ever Could Have Been’, out June 28 on Sonic Cathedral.                       
  • Brooklyn‘s DIY C86 jangly indie pop band Jeanines “Winter In The Dark” from their self-titled debut album, out June 14, on Slumberland Records                                                                                                                    
  • Evanston, IL bedroom /indie /dream pop solo project WES PARK “Open Up”                                                       
  • Bergen, Norway indie pop band Sail By Summer “Fetch You Roses” new single                                                 
  • Queens, New York indie guitar rock band Drawing Boards – “UFOs” new single on Gentle Reminder Records
  • Cardiff, UK indie /jangle pop /new wave /post-punk band Silent Forum “I Used to Hate Angry Young Men but Now I’m One of Them” B-side of the new single “Safety In Numbers” on Libertino                                               
  • Gold Coast, Australia indie /shoegaze /psych-pop band SYRUP, GO ON “Don’t Go (Riding Down the Cosmic Drain)” new single from the upcoming debut album ‘Don’t Go’
  • Oklahoma City‘s shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece PIGMENTS “Conclusions” from 6-track s/t mini-album
  • Brighton, UK based indie-pop collaboration between The PopgunsWendy Pickles & Simon Pickles, The Perfect English Weather – “Call Me When The Rain Comes (Single Mix)” from the forthcoming 4-track ”Call Me When The Rain Comes” EP on Matinée Recordings
  • Los Angeles‘ punk /power pop 4-piece RAT FANCY “Stay Cool” title track from debut LP out June 7 on HHBTM Records and Solidarity Club Records
  • Long Beach, CA surf garage rock trio Tijuana Panthers “Path Of Totality” from upcoming album “Carpet Denim” on Innovative Leisure
  • Manila, Philippines shoegaze/dream pop outfit SCOTT “Summer” from second album “Only The Good Memories”
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia lo-fi /jangle /dream pop solo project, Радиотовары “Луч” new single on Raw Pop Syndicate
  • Boise, ID electronic shoegaze duo SEPALS “Sympathy” from s/t debut EP
  • Denver, CO indie / dream pop outfit KISSING PARTY “Wasted Worlds Apart” new single from upcoming debut LP “Mom & Dad”
  • Brooklyn based Edmonton-born alt psych pop singer/songwriter Mac DeMarco “Preoccupied” from the 4th LP “Here Comes the Cowboy”                                                                                                                                   
  • Fredericksburg, VA alt noise-rock punk 3-piece AK & the 47 “She Rocked Me”
  • Fort Collins, Colorado-based “dream pop” outfit formed by Karen Hover & Ryan Hover of Candy Claws joined by members of the Apples In Stereo and the Drums, SOUND OF CERES “Fire Lily” new single on Joyful Noise                                                                                                                                                            
  • Birmingham, Alabama electronic-folk singer-songwriter A.A. BONDY “I’ll Never Know” from the new album “Enderness” on Fat Possum

Ernst Haas photography