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Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #15

Nicola Jayne Maskrey -‘chasing shadows’


  • Vancouver Island’s dark dream pop/trap-gaze solo project SUFFER FOOLS ‘i’maclicheblues’ off ‘i’maclicheblues // when i was a monster’ third in a series of two-song releases debut full-length 2020

Canadian dark ‘future pop messiah’ teases for the third time the forthcoming album with a heady blending of abrasive guitars, dramatic tension and harsh realism to build a nostalgic dreamy soaring soundscape of hope and longing, that bleed under buzzing and penetrating layers of frozen sharp synths and reverb-drenched hazy distortion, as numb ethereally forlorn vocals drown in tragic sorrow.

  • York, PN experimental/lo-fi /indie/coldwave/shoegaze/dream pop solo project CINDY DOE “Virginia is mine (and it owes me a living)” from new album “Cold +”

Pennsylvania‘s elusive singer/songwriter Cindy Doe uncoils beautifully, throughout her debut LP, minimal yet vibrant, emotion-ridden guitar chords along with deep glowing gusts of desolate synths, exuding relentless moody melancholia that wanders through lost dreamscapes, encapsulating desperate dark celestial reverb-drenched sorrows in claustrophobic density.

  • Austin, TX ambient/dream pop/shoegaze project Crux of Faith “Geosphere” new single                               

Atmospheric daze shoegaze intoxications from the elusive Texan outfit, hazy soothe ambience swept by a gentle breeze of restrained abrasive guitar distortion, exuding carefree relaxation under the spell of daydream’s inebriating bliss.

  • Montreal, Québec-based instrumental/experimental/shoegaze project by musician Richard Bunze, aka REPO “Polar Ghosts” from the upcoming debut EP “The Lines in Between”
  • Brooklyn, New York-based experimental/ambient/ethereal/avant pop duo of harpist/vocalist Marilu Donovan and violinist/vocalist Adam Markiewicz, aka LEYA “Wave” from the album “Flood Dream” on NNA tapes              
  • London-based electronic dream pop/folktronica/dream-folk trio Mt. Wolf “Tayrona” new single                         
  • New York-based ambient/ethereal/shoegaze/dream pop project of Craig Douglas (Omega Vague) + Dani Mari (Primitive Heart), aka FOREVER VESSELS “Tide” first single from upcoming EP “Heirloom” on Shore Dive Records & GrindEthos Records.
  • North Little Rock, Arkansas shoegaze/psychedelic solo project of Marcus Lowe, aka MYSTIC MAZE “When I See You Smile” from the second EP “Love Is The Law”
  • Brest-based minimalistic indie-pop French duo (also Maman Küsters, TÅNK, Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones, Pan & Me, B-Strasse1) of Cyril Pansal & Christophe Mevel, aka HF90 “Sous Les Récifs” (Etienne Daho cover, 1982) from The Confined Single Club series “Sous Les Recifs / Si Par Hasard” on Music From The Masses
  • Brighton, UK-based dream-pop trio fronted by Dutch singer/musician Michelle Hindriks, CIEL “Same Old Times With U” from the debut EP “Movement”.
  • New York‘s ethereal indie garage-pop duo Me Not You “No Rain” new single
  • Jakarta, Indonesia sadcore/slowcore band MIRRORLAKES “Undone” (Seaside cover, 2014) from the 2-track single “Maydear is Undone”
  • Melbourne, Australia post-rock/shoegaze project of musician/producer (one half of doom/noise duo Halo) Skye Klein, aka A BEAUTIFUL MACHINE “Life Of Love” from the album “King Tide”
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana dream-pop gaze duo Dinosaur Girl “Learning to Hunt (Guided by Voices cover)”
  • Houston, TX noise/shoegaze/dream pop solo project of Daze member, Ellebasi Noxim “Regenerate” new single
  • UK new age dreampop project of Marc Joy from North Wales, LIGHTS THAT CHANGE “Finding You (feat. Joanne Madden)”                                                                                                                                                 
  • Chicago indie guitar pop 5-piece VARSITY “Runaway” from the upcoming album “Fine Forever” via Run For Cover Records
  • Paris-based ’60s baroque/dream pop/psych-pop quartet EXTRAA “Bad Dreams” from the album “Baked” on Requiem Pour Un Twister
  • Canadian shoegaze/noise rock/dream pop band from St.John’s, NL. CENTREFOLD “Late” from the new “Not Enough” EP
  • Asheville, North Carolina lo-fi/bedroom/indie rock singer/songwriter Mat Cothran, aka Elvis Depressedly “Chariot” from the LP “Depressedelica” on Run For Cover Records
  • Gdańsk, Poland experimental psychedelic duo ALIEN LIZARD “Rêve d’une Femme” first charity single (all proceeds to Eden Reforestation Projects) from the upcoming album “Veux-tu la Vie”
  • Mexico City shoegaze/dream pop outfit RILEV “Mar” new single from upcoming EP
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia post-rock/shoegaze band SPRING WINDS “Alpine Vic” new single
  • Szczecin, Poland noise-pop/slowcore/shoegaze project MOONBLINDED “Stained Letter” from the debut EP “Negated awareness”
  • AngloGerman C86/jangle/dream pop/indie pop 4-piece The BV’s “Mould” from “We are the Time. We are the Famous” (Fanzine 410) via Cloudberry Records
  • Philadelphia shoegaze/dream-pop/indie 4-piece Suburban Living “Glow” from the upcoming album “How To Be Human” on Egghunt Records
  • San Luis/Córdoba, Argentina post-punk/ dream pop/indie-punk 5-piece LAS CARRETERAS “El verano terminó” from “Panamericana” co-released by Marly Records, Entes Anomicos & Pistilo Records
  • Virginia post-punk/shoegaze trio KEEP “MSL” from the new S/T EP
  • Italian noise-pop/indie rock solo project of Ettore Pistolesi (The Flying Vaginas, Shout, Poptones), WELLWORN BANANA “Rui Costa” from the debut LP debut ‘Anytime’ via MiaCameretta Records and Lady Sometimes Records.
  • New York lo-fi/psych/indie rock/freak pop project of former The Hairs member Kevin, aka KEVIN HAIRS “Fire The Choir” from the “More Magic, More Magic” EP.
  • Los Angeles, CA dream pop/indie/shoegaze solo project SWANHOPPERS “[Take1] Forever”                                      
  • Seattle, WA jangle/indie-pop quartet The National Honor Society “First Among The Last” the first single from the upcoming album “To All The Glory We Never Had,” out on 29 May, 2020 via Chien Lunatique Records
  • Melbourne-based, Australian psych/dream pop /surf all-girl trio, DIANAS “Million Dollar Baby” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Baby Baby”
  • Bay Area pop punk/indie rock DIY all-girl band SOAR “Just Dirt” from the sophomore album “Soft dial tone” on Lost Sound Tapes
  • Dutch psych-garage-beat band (members of Moon) fronted by Fleur, THE COLOUR COLLECTION “Ne Décide Pas Pour Moi” title track from upcoming 7″ vinyl EP on Bickerton Records
  • Dutch industrial/noise/psychedelic experimental group from Eindhoven, Radar Men from the Moon “Eden In Reverse” from the upcoming 6th album “The Bestial Light” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Auckland, New Zealand indie-guitar-pop 4-piece The Beths “Dying to Believe” from forthcoming sophomore album “Jump Rope Gazers” on Carpark
  • Nottingham, UK indie-rock 4-piece DO NOTHING “Fits” from debut EP “Zero Dollar Bill”
  • Leeds, UK experimental pop six-piece Team Picture “Baby Rattlesnake” from the upcoming album “The Menace Of Mechanical Music” on Clue Records
  • Dream pop/shoegaze band from Belgium, SLOW CRUSH “Reel” new 7″ vinyl single on Holy Roar Records
  • NYC dream pop/psych-pop duo Shana Falana “Everyone Is Gonna Be Okay” new single also included in the 2019 album “Darkest Light” on Arrowhawk Records
  • Los Angeles-based dream pop/synthpop project of composer, producer (Aberdeen, Languis, Spider Problem, Non Ultra Joy, Trembling Blue Stars, The Legendary House Cats), John Girgus “A Fountainhead” new single
  • Camden Town, London psych-pop/dream pop/synth-pop band Idle Youth “Pompeii” new single
  • Le Mans, France post-punk/shoegaze/dream pop trio Blue Mountain Expansion “Arson” title track from the debut EP
  • Detroit, Michigan lo-fi/shoegaze/noise-pop trio lead by Chloë Drallos, ZILCHED “Sleeper” new single
  • Portland, Maine dream pop/noisegaze 4-piece Crystal Canyon “Seasick” new single
  • Moscow based via the Russian Far East indie/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Masha Shurygina and Egor Berdnikov, aka Mashmellow – “Share It” new single                                                                                               
  • Russian ethereal/trip-hop/art rock/dreampop trio from Saint Petersburg, REVERBCORE “Далеко/Far” new single
  • Dutch/German Dream-Pop/Shoegaze duo from Utrecht, THE DAY “Jij Wint” new single on Sinnbus
  • Geneva, Switzerland indie/psych/French pop solo project of Le Pop Club Records founder, KACIMI “Gyrophare” from the upcoming new album “Gyrophare” on Echo orange /Chante et Tais Toi/ Le Pop Club Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden indie/shoegaze/noise pop/electro-pop band Majja Star & The Invisible Man “Church of Your Heart” (Roxette cover, 1992)
  • Hobart, Australia ambient/electronic/dream pop project by Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio), Kilbey Kennedy “Mountain (2020 remix)” [New remix from White Magic originally released in 2010]
  • St. Louis folk singer/songwriter Angel Olsen – “All Mirrors (Johnny Jewel Remix)” via Jagjaguwar
  • Shaoxing, China chillwave/synthpop/dream pop trio CITY FLANKER “Moment” from the album “The Journey To City Flanker”
  • California indie rock/pop band fronted by Natalie Smith, aka Cape Weather – “Keep a Secret” new single on Anxiety Blanket
  • Moscow, Russia indie pop/dream pop/synthpop all-girl duo ШЫША [SHYSHA Band] ‘Грустная песня/Sad Song’ from the album ‘Магнит/magnet’                                                                                                                   
  • New York art pop/experimental pop artist Kalmia Traver, aka Kalbells “Cool and Bendable” from “Mothertime” EP on NNA tapes
  • Melbourne, Australia synth/dream pop/indie pop singer/songwriter MADI LEEDS “Spinelli” new single   
  • Taiwan dream pop/indie folk trio Huan Huan 緩緩 “I’d better be on time” new single                                         
  • New York indie/shoegaze/dream-pop duo of Sara Kossin and Alec Ciesla, aka 3D WOW “Field” from the forthcoming album “For Sport”
  • Philadelphia‘s bedroom/indie/dream pop solo project The Hidden Shelf “Thank You” from the new EP “RE:”
  • New York shoegaze/psych-pop/dream pop singer/songwriter A.harlana “before i met you (ii)” new single
  • Taiwan ambient/dream pop/post-rock solo project Green Horizon – 海浪 from split EP with Hiki
  • Oakland, Ca dream-gaze/folk-pop singer/songwriter Melpomene “I am the ocean of Spirit” from “Demo MMXX” EP
  • Houston, TX ambient/drone/shoegaze/noise project Drifthaze “Isolation”

Nicola Jayne Maskrey -‘chasing shadows’