WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – April #14-21

Marcel Hanoun from L’automne (Autumn) (Luso Films, 1973)

  • Tolyatti, Russia noise pop /shoegaze /dream pop band FAIENCE KNIFE “It feels like i start over again” new single

A member of never really took off shoegaze trio Las Atlantis, Grigory, returns with a new single from his enigmatic titled project, Faience Knife, along with the enticing voice of singer Vasilisa, that maintains the lush, atmospheric quality just previously sketched. A spatial dream-pop reverie magnetized by airy ethereal female vocals gliding in an esoteric stream of consciousness over shimmering guitar strings, low sinuously sonorous bass line, and skipping drum beats, exhaling beautiful memories of lost fear into the reverb-strewn haze of eternity.

  • Lima, Perù baroque pop /ethereal /dream pop outfit Token Of Devotion “Tout A Toi” new single from the upcoming new album “First Skies Of August”

An elusive lovely project from the Peruvian capital, Lima, clearly anchored, albeit, better to say, wigging out over-familiar ethereal and melancholic aural vibes created by a 6-string-induced scintillating whirlwind of luscious melodies, muffled echoes, searing dissonances, and glimmering reverb, that dance around piercing female vocals of agony and ecstasy ebbing and flowing in breathless emotional turmoil and quivering high note expansions falling into a droning interlude of shape-shifting abandon.

  • San Francisco-based dreamy noise-pop band, Lavender Blush “Sundays” from the upcoming 3-track 7″ single “Sundays” on Blue Aurora Audio

Bay Area melodic noise dreamers return with the endearing title track from the next 3-tracker that pops along with a soft splash of blurred kaleidoscopic colours infused of nostalgic 80s melancholy and shimmering 90s haze, blending introspective energy and soul-stirring emotions, through a sinuous deep bassline, sizzling, shimmering caressing distortion, uplifted by suggestive piercing emotional guitar melodies and sparse sparkling flourishes, whilst dreamlike vocal harmonies meandering somberly through an immersive reverb-scattered bittersweet bliss.

  • Salt Lake City, Utah ambient /post rock /shoegaze /piano project of multi-instrumentalist Matt Wigham, aka Death Stare “Junesy” new single
  • Boston ambient /ethereal /drone /psychedelic /cosmic music collective VIOLET NOX “Wolf Visitor” off upcoming four-track EP “Whispering Galaxy” on Infinity Vine Records
  • Stratford Upon Avon, UK shoegaze /indie /dream pop solo project bk bx ft rr [black box flight recorder] “Surfin’ The Landslide” Live performance recorded on 03.04.2021 direct from the bnkr.
  • Polish ambient /shoegaze solo project POZZESSED “My Home”                                                                           
  • Swedish dream folk/indie rock singer-songwriter from Stockholm, MIYNT ”Nothing personal” new single         
  • Brisbane Bedroom dream pop artist  Amber Ramsay a.k.a. Cloud Tangle “Repetition” from the upcoming album “Swells” on 4000 Records.
  • Olympia, Wa sad pop /drone /ethereal folk solo project of Lily Richeson, aka SQUILL “Little One” from upcoming cassette album “Moon Sessions” (released digitally in 2020) on Lost Sound Tapes
  • St. John’s, Newfoundland-based Canadian lo-fi folk-gaze project of Aaron Powell, Fog Lake “Catacombs” from upcoming LP “Tragedy Reel” on Orchid Tapes
  • Wiltshire, UK bedroom ambient /dream pop /shoegaze solo project of Jack Jazrawy-Brown, lead singer and songwriter for the band Cosmic Lightshow, SUNSPIRE “Delirious” second single from the upcoming debut album “Ruins By The Sea” on Crafting Room Recordings
  • Cambridge, MA area dream /drone /psychedelic /folk solo project singer, songwriter and guitarist (member of the electronic-experimental collective Violet Nox), Karen Zanes “Psycho Show” new single on Infinity Vine Records 
  • Australian lo-fi /indie /dreampop solo project from Melbourne, Static Animal “Holdin On” (single)
  • L.A.-based and Rock & Roll /Rhythm & Blues /Soul artist Nick Waterhouse “Medicine” off upcoming LP “Promenade Blue” on Innovative Leisure
  • Pamplona, Spain lo-fi DIY bedroom pop project of Julen Izkue, aka ANLAKI “Pippermint Train” from the cassette album “Radio Tower” on Beauty Fool Records
  • San Francisco DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Life At Parties” off the new LP “Uncommon Weather” out now via Slumberland (US) & Tough Love (UK).
  • Melbourne, Australia alt /grunge /indie rock 4-piece SOPHOMORE “Montenegro” new single
  • Australian-based indie-poppers Oliva’s World “Social Seagull” from the upcoming EP “Tuff 2B Tender”, out April 23rd on Lost Sound Tapes.
  • Brooklyn, New York shoegaze /noise /dream /drone pop solo project No Kill – “Swooning” new single from upcoming LP “Gold Chorus” on Substitute Scene Records.
  • Singapore indiegaze /dream pop /shoegaze quartet FERS “Mermaids” from the debut “SHALLOW” EP
  • Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania shoegaze /psych-pop /dreampop 4-piece Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms “Notions” new single
  • Toronto, Ontario indie alternative rock band Carbon Memory “Distance” new single
  • Montreal, Quebec punk /garage /guitar rock band Jesuslesfilles “Troisième semaine” from the upcoming LP “L’heure Idéale” on Duprince.
  •  Seattle, Wa indie /psych /shoegaze 4-piece (members of Regional Justice Center and New Gods), SHINE “Heaven’s Gate” from the debut EP “Stare Into The Sun” on 4Q-HQ
  • Chicago based post-punk /grunge /shoegaze 4-piece Sleepwalk “Underneath The Shade” title track from the upcoming LP “Underneath The Shade” on Bummer Records
  • Birmingham, UK doomgaze / shoegaze / slow rock 4-piece OUTLANDER “Sundowning” from the upcoming single “Sundowning / Unconditional” on Church Road Records
  • Chicago, Il alt-rock/shoegaze project Welcome Familiar “Don’t Leave Me Here Alone” from the second album “No Stars”
  • Sweden indie /psych pop 4-piece from Stockholm, MELBY “Magic” new single on Rama Lama Records
  • Liverpool, UK art-rock /indie rock 4-piece Seatbelts “Keep Your Mind On The Feeling” second single from “Welcome Simplicity” [EP]
  • Swiss dream pop/guitar rock/shoegaze project of multi-instrumentalist Andy Jossi along with American singer/lyricist Krissy Vanderwoude, aka The Churchhill Garden “Lonely” new single
  • Moscow, Russia dream pop /shoegaze band Peach Gardens “Sunset Drive” new single
  • UK dream pop/shoegaze/fuzz/psych/indie rock band from Southampton, aka SUPERDRONE “Blood Sun Sky” from the new album ▽
  • ItalianIrish shoegaze /pop /noise-rock /drone duo Submotile “Arcana” from the new album “Sonic Day Codas”
  • Charlottesville, VA dream /indie-rock trio Stray Fossa “Hypocritic” from the new LP “With You For Ever” on Nice Guys Records
  • Stockholm-based dream pop /shoegaze /psychedelic solo project of Jonatan Westh (formerly of early 2000’s shoegazers Blackstrap), HOLY SHIP “Sad Command” from the EP “Les Deux Regards” on Declared Goods
  • Melbourne, Australia DIY lo-fi bedroom pop /dream pop solo project of Calum Newton, aka CANDY “Challenger Deep” from the upcoming new album “A Pull To Heal”
  • Los Angeles, CA indie /jangle pop /guitar pop band MASSAGE “Half a Feeling” from the upcoming LP “Still Life” a co-release between Mt. St. Mtn., Tear Jerk and Bobo Integral Records.
  • Toronto-based indie /synthpop singer/songwriter and producer Joseph W. Salusbury, aka JOSEPH OF MERCURY “Pretty Blonde Boy” new single                                                                                                               
  • Mysterious lo-fi /indie /post-punk project St. Martin’s Graveyard “Headlights Of Love”                                      
  • Russian electronic/shoegaze band from Moscow, Secrets Of The Third Planet “Диафильм (Feat. WEO)” from the CD reissue of the EP “Lost In Reverie (10th Anniversary Edition)” on Shore Dive Records
  • Hamburg-based dream pop/synthpop band KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA “Everything Dies” (single)
  • Madrid based indie/new wave/post-punk new project of Javi, the frontman and composer of Cosmen Adelaida, aka Cosmen “Teatro (feat. Estrella Fugaz)” new single on El Genio Equivocado
  • Argentina indie pop 5-piece Remanentes “Cuando era mejor estar los dos” from “El Tiempo de Nuestro Lado” E.P.
  • Germany based UK alternative noise dream-pop duo Sloe Noon “Underwater (I am blue)” from the EP “Embassy Court”
  • Montreal, Canada ambient /indie /dream-folk /electronic producer-composer Michael Silver aka CFCF “Punksong” from the LP “Memoryland”
  • Toronto based Balearic /electropop duo Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton, aka Southern Shores “Fora” new single on Cascine
  • Canadian electronic pop duo from Nova Scotia, SMALLER HEARTS “Double Space” new single
  • New York space pop /puzzle rock band EARTH DAD “Good Dog” new single
  • Singapore dream /psych cosmic pop duo Kekko – “Past Lives” new single off debut EP coming soon on Spirit Goth Records
  • Nashville, Tennessee indie rock /folk singer-songwriter TRISTEN “Complex” from upcoming LP “Aquatic Flowers” on Mama Bird Recording Co.
  • Philadelphia based indie rock trio fronted by singer/guitarist Veronica Isley, SNOWHORE “Sad Song” (unreleased) from the cassette expanded reissue of the 2018 debut album “Everything Tastes Bad” on Devil Town Tapes
  • Melbourne, Australia folk /indie rock duo of Kllo‘s Simon Lam and Hamish Mitchell (both part of electronic trio I’lls), Armlock “Power of a Waterfall” from upcoming “Trust ” EP on Solitaire Recordings
  • Columbia, SC home-fi shoegaze /dream pop /psychedelic solo project Impossible Machines “Afternoons in Stereo” from the album “Present At The Future Past”
  • Merida, Mexico lo-fi /jangle /dream pop singer-songwriter Mauricio C. Puc “Cuando Un Árbol Muere” new single

Marcel Hanoun from L’automne (Autumn) (Luso Films, 1973)