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WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze // Dreampop // Psychedelic // Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – MARCH 2024 – #11-24

Yokosuka Story, 1978–1979 ©Ishiuchi Miyako


  • Adelaide, Australia dream pop /shoegaze /post-punk /new wave /post-punk project Air Belgrade “Holding Hands on The Axis of The World” single

Inspired by Factory & Sarah Records’ sound heritage, Air Belgrade, one of the multiple ever-changing projects led by the mercurial composer and musician Caleb Carr, returns, fresh from the Too Good To Be True label‘s CD collection, “Mutually Assured Destruction”, comprised of all the released material since the band’s inception in December 2013, with the new single, a spiralling merry-go-round of angsty bittersweet romance, induced by a heady array of slithering percussions, wistful guitar sparkling melodies, warped glowing keyboard glows, and humming basslines, to rise ceremonially around dreamy sad vocals, spinning in a misty cloud of tragedy and hope.

  • Boston, MA six-piece shoegaze /indie rock /jangle gaze band Honeywave “Talk Talk Talk” single

Boston‘s nuanced Indie Rock unit returns in the new year with a vibrant and lush new single, lyrically a bittersweet confession that stirs an effortless emotion-laden ebb and flow of calm, reflective jangly tones and harsh, rumbling bursts, unfolded by echoing twinkling guitar melodies, distorted noisy riffs and fluttering glowing synths, embracing warm deeply impassioned vocals, longing for understanding, with a conflicting array of confusing apologies.

  • Oslo, Norway 5-piece dreampop /shoegaze band Future Nostalgia “Ode To Andy Brennan” third and final single from the upcoming debut album on Kraakeslottet Platekompagni

Distinctively understated, somehow seductively warm and intensely emotional, the dreamy shoegazey pop sound of the Norwegian quintet, is deftly exemplified by the intoxicating and immersive “Ode to Andy Brennan”, the third and final single uplifted from the anticipated first LP, to steer bittersweet hazy layers of obsessive tight drum beats, broody sinuous bass lines, and subtle scintillating guitar chords, whilst wispy fluting keyboard melodies waft atop beautifully evocative ethereal vocals blending lonely longing with aching angst, to caress and enthral our tattered emotions with tender joy.

  • Swedish ambient rock /ethereal /dark wave /dreampop /shoegaze duo Pink Milk “Everything Reminds Me of You” from the third album “Night on Earth” [Black Hair Records]
  • Los Angeles-based shoegaze /trip-hop /dream pop project of Cold Shower‘s musician and producer Chris King, aka KAI TAK “Sleepwalking (feat. Chelsey Boy)” single
  • UK noir-pop /trip-hop /dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “Look Down (feat. Diamond Day)” from the vinyl album “How Did We Get Here?” [Diggers Factory]
  • Sidney-based indie /power pop /post-punk duo Sad Girls Sex Club “Black and White” from upcoming EP “DEPRESSED SEXUAL AND INTELLECTUAL”
  • Boston, MA ambient /dreamy /post-rock /shoegaze /slowcore artist Eloise Chamber “All I Have to Do is Dream” (The Everly Brothers cover, originally written by Boudleaux Bryant in 1958)
  • Restored muted ambient /folk /dream indie pop lost album recorded in ’96 by Atlanta, GA-based DIY reclusive, disappeared, lo-fi artist Blue Noon “My forever (ft. Jordana)” from “I only remember the good parts” vinyl LP [Daydream Records / Orchid Mantis label]
  • Australian-born, Oakland-based folk /dream pop /indie rock pop artist Hazel English “Jesse feat. Day Wave” new single
  • Bay Area dream pop /shoegaze 5-piece Pure Hex “Fray” single
  • London, UK dream pop trio Night Tapes “Every day is a game” single on Nettwerk
  • Vancouver, BC shoegaze /dream pop singer-songwriter Terry Ondang, aka Coco Koop “Try” title track of the debut EP “Try”
  • Washington, D.C. shoegaze /dream pop quartet Blood Family Reunion “Distant Mirror” from the album “Lucky Mutation”
  • Parisian bedroom /shoegaze /indie dreampop band Dog Park “Sunny Decadence” from the vinyl debut album “Festina Lente” [GÉOGRAPHIE]
  • Minneapolis-based dream pop /synth-pop duo Plastik Boxes “Ever Warm” single
  • Manchester, UK indie rock /scuzz-pop band SUMOS “Winter Bird” single
  • Bradford, UK electro-psych-prog-pop band Gurgles “How D’ye Like Me” first single from forthcoming album, “Sogs and Songs’”
  • San Francisco’s dreampop /shoegaze /indie rock band of guitarist/vocalist Marc Leyda (Wild Moth), bassist/vocalist Ryann Gonsalves (Torrey), guitarist Austin Montanari (Wild Moth), and new drummer Chris Natividad (Marbled Eye), aka Aluminum “Behind My Mouth” from upcoming second album “Fully Beat” on Felte Records
  • Sidney-based eclectic indie rock /power pop project of The Nature Strip‘s Pete Marley, aka Marveline “Butternose” first single from the upcoming second album
  • Philadelphia-based new wave /rock’n’roll /indie rock band Tucker Bingo “All She Wrote” from the album “Cattle & Canes”
  • Chattanooga, TN garage /indie rock /jangle /power pop band led by Matt Addison, aka Mythical Motors “Take A Trip” second single from the upcoming cassette album “Upside Down World” via Repeating Cloud
  •  Athens, GA dream pop /jangle pop recording project featuring Reed Winckler (Team Deathmatch) on vocals and Marcel Sletten (The Rishis) on production, Chairs “Dilaudid” debut single [Primordial Void]
  • New Jersey garage-pop /folk /jangle-pop band Lightheaded “Dawn Hush Lullaby” from the upcoming album “Combustible Gems” on Slumberland Records
  • Hattiesburg, MS indie noise pop band AIRSOFT “Lunchbox” from cassette EP “NEW EYES” [Earth Girl Tapes]
  • Leeds, UK alternative /garage-wave quintet EADES “Fade Away” single
  • Glasgow-based indie rock /post-punk /indie pop band (members of Current Affairs, Nightshift, Order of the Toad and Robert Sotelo), DANCER “Change” from debut album “10 Songs I Hate About You” [Meritorio Records]
  • Hertford, UK C86 post-punk /indie pop DIY band formed in 1985, McTells “Cut it out” from the tape/CD LP “Mix Up”
  • Chicago twee indie pop /pop punk trio Sex Dream “Sprinkles” single
  • Perth, Australia shoegaze /indie rock solo project Glasscastle “Everhappy” from the EP “Dragon of the Year”
  • Brisbane, Australia alternative /soul /dream pop /shoegaze collaboration, Beige Walls and No Roof and Beesounds “Wisdom” single
  • Austin, Texas-based DIY Alternative /Dreampop /Indie Rock musician, singer and composer EVNTYD “In Motion” single
  • Sorocaba, Brazilian psych-pop /shoegaze quartet Justine Never Knew the Rules “Blush” from upcoming LP “Justine” [midsummer madness]
  • Cookeville, Tennessee indie /noise rock /post-rock /shoegaze /drone slowcore solo project, Boys Her Age “Dead Fish Go Left” single
  • Tunis, Tunisia dreampop /grunge /shoegaze solo project Glasswing Butterfly “Faded dreamscape” single
  • Göteborg, Sweden indie /shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece BOY WITH APPLE “My Girl” from the debut LP “Attachment” on VÅRØ
  • US slowcore /shoegaze band Chloe. “Happy” from “Contrast” EP
  • Córdoba, Argentina alternative /dreampop /indie rock /shoegaze artist María Durante “Promesa” title track of the debut EP
  • Adelaide, South Australia Dream Pop/Art Pop band DEAN FOREVER ”Greatest Once” first single from DEAN FOREVER’s forthcoming second album ”Greatest Once”
  • New York ambient /shoegaze /indie rock band led by multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi, aka From Indian Lakes “The Flow” from the LP “Heavy Void”
  • Brooklyn-based shoegaze band Phantom Wave “Spiraling” second single off of Phantom Wave’s upcoming album, “Bonfire Secrets”
  • German noise-pop /indie rock /shoegaze 4-piece from Regensburg, SWIRLPOOL “Aquamarine” single
  • Sidney, Australia 4-piece shoegaze band ADORER “Silk” single
  • Sweden fuzzy shoegaze instrumental doom-pop solo project Kitten Paws “Feather” 2-track single
  • Wattignies, France dream pop /shoegaze solo project Jōetsu Shore “Come Down (to Valenciennes)” from the new album “Another Shore”
  • Birmingham, UK post-hardcore /shoegaze band EVER “Blood’s Thicker Than Water” from the album “Something You Said” 
  • Denmark two piece dreampop /noise pop /shoegaze band Donna Martin Graduates “Evelyn” single
  • Birmingham, UK dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock band Graywave “Undone” from upcoming EP “Dancing in the Dust” [Church Road Records]
  • Grand Rapids, M noise rock /grunge /shoegaze /alt-rock band Glassfield “Black Flowers” from the album “Leave a Light On”
  • Russian alternative /indie rock /jangle pop /shoegaze /noise-pop rock band LURVE “Run, Get Drunk & Fall in Love Again” title track of the debut album “Run, Get Drunk & Fall in Love Again” via Spirit Goth Records & Anchor Lights
  • London-based art rock /indie rock band Moving Mirrors “Borderline” single
  • Oakland, CA indie guitar rock quartet Ultra Q “Meet In The Middle” from the first studio LP “Empty Eddy”
  • Providence, Rhode Island garage-pop/synth-punk /art-rock project trio babybaby_explores “Nice Sometimes” from “Hair” 7″ vinyl EP [No-Gold]
  • NSW, Australia folk /surf garage /indie rock solo project of Byron Region female artist, GIMMY “Tell Me I’m Your Girl” from the upcoming album “Things Look Different Now” album [Third Eye Stimuli Records]
  • Los Angeles dream rock duo Wizard Puffs “Mirrors” single
  • Seattle, WA-based shoegaze /psych-rock band New Age Healers “The Spin Out” single
  • Stockholm, Sweden psychedelic rock band Les Big Byrd “Diamonds, Rhinestones and Hard Rain” title track of the fourth studio album “Diamonds, Rhinestones and Hard Rain” via Chimp Limbs
  • London-based library music/cinematic funk /psych soundtrack /folk rock solo project of musician, producer and writer Paul Osborne, aka Project Gemini “After The Dawn” from the second S/T album “Colours & Light” [MR BONGO]
  • Melbourne-based punk /country /folk /psych rock trio Bad Bangs “Sympathy” from the debut LP “Out Of Character” [Blossom Rot Records]
  • Leeds, UK alternative /garage-wave quintet EADES “Fade Away” single
  • Hermosillo, Mexico psych-garage punk band María en Drogas “Cereza” single
  • Nashville, TN garage punk outfit Snooper “On Line” from upcoming split 7″ w/ Prison Affair out Summer 2024
  • Philadelphia 5-piece emo indie rock band Sweet Pill “Eternal” from the EP “Starchild” [Hopeless Records]
  • Philadelphia‘s power pop /indie rock quartet A Country Western “Ridgeline” second single from the second LP “Life on the Lawn” [Crafted Sounds]
  • Sidney-based 3-piece power pop /punk band Antenna “Antenna State” from self-titled cassette “Antenna” EP [Urge Records]
  • Nashville, TN Americana /psych /folk rock guitarist and songwriter (The Inscape), John Condit “Not Afraid” single
  • Montreal-based acoustic /psych /indie folk singer-songwriter Myriam Gendron “Long Way Home” from upcoming third LP “Mayday” via Thrill Jockey and Feeding Tube Records
  • Toronto, ON folk songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Abigail Lapell “Rattlesnake” from upcoming LP “Anniversary” [Outside Music]
  • Montreal, Quebec post-rock /shoegaze /krautrock experimental trio Yoo Doo Right “FULL HEALTH (BBB)” from the cassette “The Sacred Fuck” EP [Mothland]
  • Los Angeles based drone /instrumental /surf rock /soft rock project by painter and musician, Dan Bruinooge, aka Hot Wheels “Big Wave” debut album “Sun Blonde” [Earth Libraries]

©Ishiuchi Miyako © Yokohama Museum of Art