WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #11  

Man Ray ~ Dora Maar, 1936


  • Milan, Italy lo-fi/power-pop solo project of Canadians bassist DIETNAM “Un Disco Molto Breve” Coronavirus benefit single (details inside)
  • Minimalist lo-fi guitar dream pop project of Jimmy Hewitt (formerly Orca Orca) based in Northampton, MA, LOST FILM “Baseball” from new cassette EP “Between melting and freezing” via new Sheffield cassette tape label Utility Tapes.

One of our favourite DIY pop artisan returns with a delicious new track that walks out on a delicately hazy ecstatic sonic soundscape infused with melodic ambience, dotted with syncopated rhythms and flowing icy melancholy keyboards wheeze, while slightly abrasive guitar riffs, pulsing bass and wistful glistening crisp leads coalesce with the dreamy vocals to cast a hypnotic and disarmingly sublime pop spell. The EP will be relesed on a brand new eclectic DIY tape label from Sheffield called Utility Tapes. Check it out!

  • Los Angeles, CA ambient rock/dream pop/shoegaze band, DROWSY “Thurifer” new single

L.A. based shoegazers continue their string of sublimely neon-lit atmospheric singles with haunted moody vocals alternating with intense instrumental turbulence building bipolar distorted haze over angsty obsessive longings.

  • Swedish lo-fi garage punk band Kool & The Gang Bangers “Killer Kops” new single on No Fidelity Records

Swedish garage punk rockers perfectly connect punk urgency with pop immediacy amidst a chaotic lo-fi clash of dirty abrasive guitar riffs and rattling drums over resonant bassline, charged with agitated anti-social caustic rant. Killer single!

  • Seoul, South Korea based New Age/Psychedelic/Drone Pan-Asian couple, itta and Marqido, aka TENGGER “Achime” from upcoming album “Nomad” on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records                                           
  • Guadalajara, Mexico psych avant pop duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete “Fosas Limitadas” from the new EP “Re-Facto” out now on Sonic Cathedral and El Derrumbe
  • Oxford, UK shoegaze legends RIDE “Clouds of Saint Marie (reimagined by Pêtr Aleksänder)” from the upcoming album “Clouds In The Mirror (This Is Not A Safe Place reimagined by Pêtr Aleksänder)” on Wichita
  • Chicago, IL indie folk singer/songwriter TENCI “Earthquake” from the new single “Earthquake / Serpent” on Keeled Scales
  • Rennes, France indie rock/new wave/dream pop combo LE GROUPE OBSCUR “Voliansor” from the upcoming 2nd EP “Pondecen” on Midnight Special Records
  • Toulouse-based French indie-pop solo project of Tame Impala & Aquaserge drummer Julien Barbagallo, aka BARBAGALLO “La Paix” from the upcoming EP “Tarabust” on La Souterraine
  • Collaboration between ’80s cult musicians Welsh guitarist/songwriter Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giant & The Gist) and Normandy-born Él label affiliated Louis Philippe (The Border Boys & The Arcadians), Stuart Moxham & Louis Philippe “Tidy Away” from the upcoming album “The Devil Laughs” on Tiny Global Productions
  • Berlin-based music project of former God Machine frontman, Robin Proper-Sheppard and his Sophia 2.0 Collective, SOPHIA “Alive” from the upcoming album ‘Holding On / Letting Go’ on The Flower Shop Recordings/PIAS
  • Iceland shoegaze /post-rock quartet VAR “Moments” from the upcoming new album “The Never-Ending Year” out April 24th on Spartan Records.
  • US Atmospheric/Dream Pop/Shoegaze outfit from the suburbs of Los Angeles, Daydream Cathedral – “Blooming Moonlight” new single
  • Los Angeles, CA indie pop/dream pop 3-piece SMALL FORWARD “Imagine So” new single                             
  • Moorpark, CA alt fuzzy shoegaze 4-piece SUSTAINS “Game” from upcoming cassette EP “Sick Ones” on Hidden Bay Records
  • Hull, UK dream pop/shoegaze band BDRMM “Happy” new single via Sonic Cathedral
  • Chicago, Illinois post-hardcore/emo/indie rock trio Sci-Fi Sleep Cycles “Does It Show on Their Face” new single
  • Zagreb, Croatia dreamo/emo/shoegaze trio NEVERS “5&1” from the new album “Dream I Forgot About”
  • Greek heavy fuzz garage psychedelic drums-guitar duo of George Nikas and Stamos Bamparis from Athens, The Noise Figures “I Cheat Death” from the forthcoming 4th album “The Perfect Spell”
  • Ringön, Sweden garage punk band Shaking Heads “Donna” off of “Application Demo 2020” EP
  • Exeter, UK noise punk-pop trio MUNCIE GIRL “Take Steps” from the EP “B-Sides The Point” on Buzz Records
  • UK indie rock band from Brighton, BEACHTAPE “Somewhere Better” new single off upcoming EP “Bigger Picture” on CRC Records                                                                                                                                               
  • Graz, Austria indie/dream pop/noise pop band Crush – “Twist and Shout” 2nd single from upcoming mini-album “Sundown” on Numavi Records
  • Belgian indie/noise rock/shoegaze band ENDZ “Go” off of the new album “Harmed” on Luik Records (Belgium) and Finalistes (France).
  • Atlanta, Georgia noise gaze 4-piece AMMONIA WASH “What You Don’t” from the new EP “Erasure Poems”
  • Melbourne, Australia based shoegazey/dreampop/indie band KODIAK GALAXY “Ghosts” second single from Kodiak Galaxy’s new album “A Bad Time For Dreamers” due out in early 2020
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia indie/fuzz pop/noise pop/shoegaze trio Winona Dryver “Estetika Stroberi” from the debut cassette EP “First Echo Solution” on Winona Tapes
  • Portland, OR Alt-Shoegaze trio WORSE “Lacuna” debut single
  • San Francisco shoegaze/dream pop trio The Bilinda Butchers “Rie” new single from the upcoming new album “Night and Blur” on ZOOM LENS
  • Portland, OR shoegaze/dream-pop duo, Phosphene “Spiral” new single
  • Spanish noise-pop/shoegaze/dream pop Andalusian four-piece band UNIFORMS “Casi Famosas” first single from forthcoming sophomore LP
  • Hobart, Australia indie/jangle/guitar pop 4-piece QUIVERS “Videostores” new single on Hotel Motel
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk/dream-pop quartet VIM “Upside Down” from their last ever EP “Waiting”
  • Champaign, IL indie/pop-punk/power pop 4-piece NECTAR “Fishy” new single
  • Manchester, UK-based Psychedelic/Shoegaze/Dream Pop band Juliper Sky “Reflections of the Winter Sun” from the debut “Visions of a New Age” EP
  • Leeds, UK based indie/dream pop trio lead by Northern Ireland bred Joel Johnston, FAR CASPIAN “Today” new single on Dance to the Radio                                                                                                                                
  • Paris-based ’60s baroque/dream pop/psych-pop quartet EXTRAA “A Flower And A Man” from the upcoming debut album “Baked” on Requiem Pour Un Twister
  • Montréal, Québec lo-fi/dream pop/psych-pop artist Kevin Echlin, aka Deperuse “The Fifteenth Curse” debut single from the upcoming debut album “Magic Eater / The Undoing of a Curse”
  • Austin, TX dream pop/art-pop trio Indigo Bunting “I Fell Through” new single                                                           
  • Perth, Australia dream pop/psych-pop/shoegaze band HYLA “Take Eyes” new single from upcoming second LP on LXVI Records                                                                                                                                                 
  • Los Angeles, CA dream-pop/synth-pop/indie rock duo of Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad, Girlpool – “Like I’m Winning It” new single on ANTI- Records                                                                                               
  • Richmond, Virginia lo-fi/ambient/bedroom-pop solo project Heart Eyes “Unassuming” new 7″ single
  • Helsinki, Finland indie/jangle guitar pop outfit Tvärtom “Järkytys” new single
  • NYC indie/power pop band lead by Ezra Tenenbaum (ex-EZTV), EZRAT “Loud Sounds” from the upcoming debut cassette album “Carousel”
  • Baltimore, Maryland indie/power pop quartet CONCRETE CITY “Break Up the Band” new 2-track single
  • London, UK based art-rock/dream pop/psych-jazz band FOR BREAKFAST “Mother” new single on UK independent label Glasshouse Records
  • Connecticut grunge/dream pop/folk/indie rock solo project of Conor Ryan, aka WOOZLES “Made 2 Stream” from the cassette album “Emoji of a Bee“ via Feels So Reel and Galaxy Train Tape
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma darkwave/shoegaze/dream pop duo DREAM BOY “Other Worlds” debut single
  • Portland, OR indie/dream-pop 4-piece SUPEROCEAN “Best Thing” new single
  • Liverpool, UK dream pop/folk duo, SIREN SONG “Under Forever Sky” new single
  • Louisville, Kentucky dream folk/dream pop trio Twin Limb “Trees” from the album “In The Warm Light, As A Ghost”
  • Wilmington, NC psych/jangle pop outfit Seeking Madras “Beach Division” new single
  • Dunedin, New Zealand, indie/folk/dream pop outfit MILD ORANGE “Freak In Me” from the upcoming S/T album on Rosham Beau Recordings                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Aberystwyth, UK lo-fi/shoegaze/dream pop solo project, Amphibian Sibling “Seafoam” from the EP “2020 Demos”
  • Leeds, UK jangle psychedelic pop band VAN HOUTEN “Oh Mark (Demo)” off “Moon (Demo)” cassette EP
  • Chicago’s bedroom pop/dream-pop project of Kenneth Foss, aka TEEN BLUSH “Ramona” new single on BIRTHDIY
  • Brighton, UK-based dream-pop trio CIEL “Days” 2nd single taken from the upcoming EP “Movement                            
  • Los Angeles, Ca bedroom/dream-pop solo project YOUTH “Glider” new single
  • Utah based dream pop/bedroom pop band Indigo Waves “Can’t Let Go” new single                                                      
  • Uppsala, Sweden indie/synthpop/new wave band (formerly known as The Silverslut), THE SEARCH “Forever In My Dreams” from the new album “Some Place Far Away”on Aenaos Records
  • Philadelphia dream-pop/shoegaze/indie 4-piece Suburban Living “Main Street” from the upcoming album “How To Be Human” on Egghunt records
  • Los Angeles based singer-songwriter SASAMI “Mess” new single on Domino
  • Montreal, Québec bedroom pop/folk/electro-pop/dream-pop solo project of Michael Charles Hansford, aka MOLLY DRAG “Exist” from the new EP “Feels Like Home”
  • Seoul, South Korea electro-pop/dream pop/bedroom pop artist Aseul(아슬) ‘Bye Bye Summer’ from the album ‘Slow Dance’
  • Melbourne, Australia synthpop/dream pop project of one half of IV League, Bella Venutti, aka prettything – “One More July” new single                                                                                                                                       
  • Los Angeles, Ca minimalistic/indie/shoegaze trio Tiny Peloton “Burnout Tactics” title track from the debut album
  • New York indie surf rock trio The Beachy Boys “Teenage Lifestyle” from “Beach Sounds” on Poop Stick Records
  • Norway neo-kraut/synthwave/electronic musician DONNER “The Road Ahead”
  • Nottingham, UK ambient/synth/kosmische/krautrock project TWELVE “Walk Away” from “March 2020” single
  • Brooklyn-based ambient/experimental project of guitarist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate, aka NOVELLER “Effektology” from the upcoming album “Arrow” on Ba Da Bing