WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – March #10-21

  • Swedish dream pop /shoegaze /psychedelic solo project of Jonatan Westh (formerly of early 2000’s shoegazers Blackstrap), HOLY SHIP “Rabbit Hole” from the upcoming EP “Les Deux Regards” on Declared Goods Records.

A kaleidoscopic and dizzying blend of trance-inducing distortion and soothing melodies, “Rabbit Hole” is a surreal journey into personal awareness, that floats and levitates majestically, propelled by rambunctious, rolling drum beats along percolating droning low ends, on a vibrant, raga-infused, carpet of swirling airy synth flows, pierced by groovy acid guitar strings, sweeping atop alluring, devil may care vocals that soaring and falling into angsty, atmospheric blue skies of spatial hallucinations.

  • Santiago, Chile bedroom pop /shoegaze /indie pop /dreampop solo project of Francisco Undurraga, aka No Invierno “Sufrir, Seguir”

Deeply emotional and dreamy lilting new single from young Chilean musician Francisco Undurraga spins an enveloping haze of rubbery meandering bassline that wanders melancholically through shimmering soaring webs of ringing guitar strings and waving strums, while nostalgic male vocals left longing for comfort in the waxing and waning aural glow of synth swathes’ warm embrace.

  • London, UK emo /indie rock /indie punk 4-piece FRESH “Girl Clout” new single via Specialist Subject

New single for British indie punks after a long hiatus since their sophomore LP “Withdraw” in 2019; I’ve always had a soft spot for the saucy voice of vocalist Kathryn Woods, and also this time she does not fail to inject a loud angsty release of breathless anthemic rants over wiry, neurotic guitar riffs, steady knocking beats, and wandering bass lines to form a brief yet compelling punky shout out for “Girl Clout”.

  • Austin, TX based ambient pop singer/songwriter (previously known as Pat Moon), Katherine de Rosset “91818" off the album "The Tower" on Furious Hooves
  • Liverpool, UK Dreampop /Shoegaze band BECOME THE SKY “Fluorescence" from "Carousel" EP
  • Swedish post-rock /shoegaze duo Calle Thoor (Öland) and Oskar Karlström (Gothenburg), Bolywool “Inertia” from the upcoming EP “Canada” via VÅRØ
  • Arizona bedroom pop /indie rock musician/songwriter Hayden Casey “Sun In My Eyes” from the upcoming debut album “Calamities”
  • Bedroom rock band from the Bay Area, SOUR WIDOWS "Crossing Over" title track from the upcoming EP on Exploding In Sound Records
  • NYC/Connecticut dreampop /shoegaze duo PUNCHLOVE "Disappointment of the Tropics" off the new EP "Terminal"
  • UK 3-piece pop band based in West Yorkshire, led by songwriter and guitarist Ben Siddall, THE LODGER “I Think I'll Start Again” from the album "Cul-De-Sac of Love" on Philophobia (UK), Pretty Olivia (Spain), We Were Never Being Boring (Italy / USA) and Lazyperfection (Japan).
  • London, UK indie/dream pop 4-piece Bleach Lab “Flood” new single from upcoming EP
  • Paris-based French-American jangle /indie /psych-pop duo of Guillaume Siracusa on guitar and Erica Ashleson on drums, SPECIAL FRIEND "Ennemi commun" title track from the upcoming new LP "Ennemi commun" on Hidden Bay Records and Howlin' Banana
  • Paisley, Scotland jangly /guitar pop band THE MULDOONS “Cath" (The Bluebells cover, 1984) feat. Niamh Mullen
  • New York dreampop /indie rock band (former members of Gingerlys), Lunarette "Austin St." from upcoming debut EP "Clair de Lunarette"
  • Veteran England, UK indie pop duo The Kensingtons "Silence and shame" from the Mini-LP "All It Was, Was Everything"
  • Toronto, Canada jangle pop /indie rock band KIWI JR. "Nashville Wedding" from the LP "Cooler Returns" on Sub Pop
  • Boston, Ma-based indie/jazz outfit Really From "I Live Here Now" from "Really From" on Topshelf Records
  • Brighton, UK jazz /soul /dance pop duo Strange Neighbours "Black Cat Walking (feat. Maisy Banks)" second single from upcoming EP on Hideous Mink Records
  • Japanese indie-pop /synth-pop /dream pop duo STILL DREAMS "Ultra Doomed" from the upcoming "Make Believe" Mini-LP 12" on Elefant Records
  • Seattle, WA ethereal psych /dream pop/ dark pop project of Jancy Rae, aka MØAA “X Marks” from MØAA's upcoming debut album “Euphoric Recall" due out April 2nd 2021 via WWNBB
  • London, UK noir-pop /shoegaze /dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “The Hollows" off the single "The Hollows - Not A Thing"
  • Athens-based, Greek /Australian electronic/dream-pop duo of RΠЯ and Jessica Bell, aka Keep Shelly in Athens “Diverse (feat. Reykjavik i London)" on Athenian Aura Recordings                                                              
  • Alaska-based goth dark shoegaze project Asenath Anyox “Asenath Anyox” second single from the upcoming full-length album "Death of a Naturalist."
  • Scottish indie rock band from Edinburgh, Retro Video Club "Checkmate" new single on Stanley Park Records                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Denver, Co alt/indie rock/noise pop duo Blindrunner “Heart Under Your Bones"                                                 
  • Billings, Mt bedroom power pop project HEY, ILY "DigitalLung.EXE" off upcoming sophomore EP "Internet Breath"
  • Sitges, Spain noise /psychedelic /shoegaze outfit Rajada "Pla 8" from the debut single "Màxim comú divisor"
  • Washington, D.C. shoegaze /indie rock band No One Sphere “Lately” new single
  • L.A. based indie-rock songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Rattigan, aka Current Joys "Amateur” from the new album 'Voyager', out May 14th on Secretly Canadian
  • Liverpool, UK art rock /indie rock 4-piece Seatbelts "Citylines" from "Welcome Simplicity" [EP]
  • Princeton, NJ new project of former singer /songwriter of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Kip Berman, aka The Natvral "Sun Blisters"
    from upcoming debut LP "Tethers" on Kanine Records and Dirty Bingo Records
  • Hobart, Australia electronic /new wave /dreampop project by Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio), Kilbey Kennedy "Rendezvous" from the new album "Jupiter 13"
  • Nashville, TN dream pop /post-punk /new wave /indie rock band led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, Palm Ghosts "Carry The World" new single from the upcoming LP, "Lifeboat Candidate", out March 19th.
  • Italian shoegaze /dream pop trio Lovecraft in Tokyo "Elvis ha lasciato il palazzo" from the sophomore EP "Come saremmo stati?"
  • Edmonton, Canada based Ambient /Shoegaze /Psych /Dream Pop musician and guitarist in shoegaze band Charcoal Skies, Arthur Bennell, aka BLUME "In Heven" off the new album "Synthetic Sounds For The Modern Soul"
  • Maryland dream pop /shoegaze bedroom project THE PLEASURE HOLES ”shoe gooz" from the EP "goo's revenge"
  • Paris, France blackgaze/dream pop 5-piece Pam Risourié "So Be It, Eternity" new single from the upcoming EP ''So Be It, Eternity'' 
  • Seattle, Wa heavy shoegaze 4-piece DUST MOTH "How to Sleep" from the LP "Rising // Sailing" on Thousand Arms Music
  • Connecticut Instrumental Post Rock/Shoegaze project INERTIAL "Obelisk" from "Celestial" off upcoming sophomore LP
  • Brooklyn, NY dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze duo PHANTOM WAVE “Depth Charge” the third single off of upcoming Phantom Wave's LP “Wilds”
  • Sidney, Australia shoegaze /psych garage rock band Grinding Eyes "When The Night Falls" from the upcoming album "Taste The Monochrome" via Little Cloud Records/Cardinal Fuzz
  • California-based shoegaze /noise pop /indie rock duo The Lassie Foundation "I Can Be Her Man (Remastered)" from the remastered reissue (plus bonus track) of the 1996 EP "California (Remastered)"
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania noise rock /shoegaze trio DOUSED "Eased" from upcoming vinyl debut LP "Murmur" on Flesh & Bone Records
  • Tucson, AZ Guitar-Heavy Psych Dream Pop band MUTE SWAN "Sedative Sun" from upcoming album "Only Ever" on Shifting Sounds (UK) and Cargo Records Germany (EU)
  • US psychedelic/shoegaze band from Pennsylvania, The Stargazer Lilies “Purple Sunshine" new single
  • Seattle, Wa Shoegaze/Indie/Post-Rock duo The Devil and Her Chauffeur "It Slows" new single
  • Los Angeles' shoegaze/slowcore trio MILLY “Birds Fly Free” from the forthcoming 'Wish Goes On' EP on Dangerbird Records
  • San Francisco jangle/guitar rock/indie pop project of Thomas Rubenstein (The Lovebirds), The Telephone Numbers “You're Nowhere" off upcoming "The Ballad Of Doug" album on Meritorio Records (vinyl 12") and Paisley Shirt Records (tape)
  • Tucson, AZ soft psych /indie rock DIY trio FULL HEAL "Circle The K" off debut cassette EP "What Part of Me is You"
  • Austin, TX-based dream /garage /psych pop band Semihelix “New Destination" new single
  • Greenfield, Massachusetts folk /psych /indie rock singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Cooney Thatcher "Take Your Turn" new single
  • Belgrade, Serbia indie /dream pop singer-songwriter Milutin Krašević, aka BONES IN BUTTER "Littlewing" new single
  • Montreal, Quebec country/freak folk 4-piece MAYBEL "In The Middle" from the album "Gathering" on idée fixe records
  • Dunedin, New Zealand-based lo-fi acoustic folk singer/songwriter (formerly part of trio $100 with Alastair Galbraith and Mike Dooley), Maxine Funke "Lucky Penny" from upcoming LP "Seance" on A Colourful Storm
  • London, UK based neo-classical /baroque /piano project of singer-songwriter and producer Ralegh Long, aka Kyūka "Komorebi" new single