WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – February #09-22

Photo by Robert De Mitri

  • Greek Alternative /Shoegaze /Indie Rock band from Athens, Royal Arch “Road To The Light” off of the debut “La Nuit / Road To The Light” 7″ EP via Make Me Happy records (EU), Jigsaw Records (US) and Fastcut (JAP)

Full first single release for Athenian 5-piece. The new tune unveiled is an indie-rock number with sparse shoegazing washes driven by steady pounding drums, sinuously rubbery poignant basslines along with wistful glistening guitar melodies, swept by hazy layers of fuzzy distortion, scrubbing and invigorating at the same time, to instil urgent, restless moods of racing anxieties around dreamy nostalgic vocals wandering alienated down an introspective “Road To The Light.”

  • Sarasota, FL shoegaze /dream pop band CAPTIVE FRAME “Ferita” from the upcoming EP “Io Non Sono”

Adopting Italian language but apparently just in the titles, the band dives their reverb-drenched mesmeric shoegazing sound into the ‘wounds’ of haunted memories of broken trust to invoke urgent anxieties from distorted, heartbroken vocal disintegrations left shattering and aching, while floating over wistful tinkling guitar melodies and slow tumultuous foamy swells of hazy distortion amid fear and regret.

  • Hamburg based, German Indie Rock /Dreampop trio Roller Derby “Starry-Eyed” new single

Somehow slightly departing from the Hanseatic band’s distinctive gentle and blissful indie-pop moods, the new single adds obsessive and brooding tones led by an urgent pace and sparsely more piercing guitars that unfold leaned on a warm and swaying bed by a sinuously pulsing bassline, swelled by wistful bright keyboards, to layer the desperate longings, of numb, anxious vocal confessions into simmering textures of anger, confusion, and dread to satiate the terrifying heartache of hopeless relationship blues.

  • Ambient /dream pop /post-rock one-person band from Taiwan, GREEN HORIZON “Moon” from “The Endless Yearning” EP
  • Raleigh, NC ambient /cinematic /post-rock instrumental trio OLD SOLAR “When I Rise & When I Lay Down” from the album “Quiet Prayers (Redux)”
  • Singapore indiegaze /shoegaze /dream pop quartet FERS “Waves” from the CD album “Shallow” on Too Good To Be True.
  • Seoul, South Korea indie rock /noise pop /post-rock /shoegaze solo project Parannoul ‘흰천장 (White Ceiling) (demo)’ from the B-side EP ‘White Ceiling / Black Dots Wandering Around’
  • Australian based DIY psychedelic folk collective JULIAN WA “Energies” from the new LP “Low Wave” on galaxy train and & Z Tapes
  • Czech Republic, Prague/Veselí nad Moravou‘s lo-fi indie /dream-pop band BILLOW “Box” from the cassette EP “IV” on Z tapes
  • Woodstock, New York-via-London, UK indie /ethereal /dream-pop duo Tessa Murray & Greg Hughes, aka STILL CORNERS “Far Rider” single
  • St.Petersburg, Florida lo-fi /shoegaze /dream pop outfit Chlorinefields “Sweet sunshine” from the cassette album “Reclaim your brain” on Radical Documents
  • Tepic, Mexico dream pop /synthpop band Yellow Dudes “X 1 Minuto” single
  • Portland, Or dreampop /shoegaze /psychedelic rock 4-piece DEATH PARADE “Swimming” from the upcoming second album “IT WAS WORTH IT TO LOVE, though it hurt so bad”
  • Hamburg, Germany post-punk /psychedelic /shoegaze /cosmic rock 5-piece MELTING PALMS “Rose” (Bonus Track) from the one-anniversary reissue (with remixes and 2 unreleased tracks) of last year’s debut LP “Abyss (Deluxe Edition)” on La Pochette Surprise Records
  • The Hague, Netherlands dreampop duo Maida Rose “Fallen” single
  • Edmonton, Canada lo-fi /folk /indie rock project No Museums “The Killer Whale” from the album “Pale Blue Eyes”
  • Melbourne‘s indie rock /dream pop 4-piece Keaper “Day By Day” single
  • Scottish indie-power pop duo from Glasgow, U.S.Highball “Double Dare” from the upcoming LP “A Parkhead Cross of the Mind” on Bingo Records and Lame-O Records
  • London indie /psych-folk five-piece The Hanging Stars “Black Light Night” second single from the forthcoming 4th album “Hollow Heart” on Loose Records
  • Mexico City psych rock /shoegaze band The Lsdays “Split Into” single
  • Brooklyn‘s DIY C86 jangly indie pop duo Jeanines “Any Day Now” from the upcoming sophomore album “Don’t Wait For A Sign” on Slumberland Records
  • Göteborg, Sweden indie /dream pop 4-piece BOY WITH APPLE “Linger On” new single on VÅRØ.
  • Los Angeles shoegaze /dream pop solo project DESERTA “Far From Over” from the album “Every Moment, Everything You Need” on Felte.
  • Guatemala‘s post-punk /dream pop /post-rock /shoegaze 4-piece ASIMOV “Enero” new single.
  • Detroit, Mi ethereal /shoegaze /dream-pop duo Christian Molik & Giovanna Lenski, aka CLINIC STARS “April’s Past” title track from the second cassette EP “April’s Past”
  • Atlanta, Georgia dream rock /noise /shoegaze band AMMONIA WASH “Infinite” from the new EP “Burning”
  • Italian post-punk /new wave /shoegaze trio from Naples, STELLA DIANA “A New Hope” from the new album “Nothing to Expect”
  • Madison, Wisconsin indie /shoegaze /dream pop trio Reaching Venus “Breathe In” from the debut EP “Come Alive”
  • Late ’90s Japanese Shoegaze /Dream-Pop band Texas Panda “Devil’s World” from the cassette album “Untitled+Demo [20002004]” on Gerpfast Record
  • Lahti, Finland post-metal /indie rock /post-rock /shoegaze instrumental guitar-project of Eridani Pyxidis, AKA The Deepest Gaze “Hibernaculum” title track from the “Hibernaculum” EP
  • Nugaze /noise-rock /alternative-rock solo project of Malaysian multi-instrumentalist and producer Eugene San, AKA Go With Strangers “Ritchie Sacramento (Mogwai Cover)”
  • Los Angeles-based shoegaze /dream pop band Collective Fear “Victimless Crime” from the upcoming cassette EP “Foster” on Candlepin Records
  • Portland, OR bedroom /fuzzy shoegaze solo project Animal Ghosts “Turmeric” from V/A “Pedal Worship: A Bummer Recordings Compilation” cassette on Bummer Recordings
  • Greek Indie /Shoegaze /Dream Pop band from Athens, Sugar For The Pill “Quicksand” from the upcoming debut album “Wanderlust” via Make Me Happy records (EU) and Jigsaw Records (US)
  • Dundalk, Ireland shoegaze /trip-hop /post-punk 5-piece Just Mustard “Still” single from the upcoming LP “Heart Under” on Partisan Records
  • Houston, TX indie-pop /post-punk /shoegaze /dream pop trio Astragal “Mirrored Writing” off the upcoming LP “Pure Cashmire”
  • Washington, DC-based indie rock /new wave /post-punk DIY project of writer and producer Mike Toohey, aka Irish Basement “A Sob Story” from “Surfin’ Serotonin” EP
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania noise rock /shoegaze band GAADGE “Too” from the Split C-30 cassette with Ex Pilots
  • Clare, Australia jangle /dream /indie-pop solo project of Caleb Carr, AKA ENGLISH SUMMER “Holding Against Our Own” title track from the EP “Holding Against Our Own”
  • Polish noise rock /shoegaze duo from Głogów, Heathermint “Chroma” single
  • Miami, Florida Punk-Punk /Dreampop /Post-Metal /Shoegaze /Indie Rock solo project PRISMS / CHILD PLEASE “2.22.2022” single
  • Leipzig, Germany psychedelic /dream pop /krautrock duo AUA – “Trash Has Changed” new single (Crazysane Records)                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Edmonton, Canada based Electronic /Krautrock /Psychedelic singer-songwriter Arthur Bennell, AKA BLUME “Is You” from the EP “Repetition”
  • Bollnäs, Sweden kraut /indie /psych /noise rock 6-piece MFMB “Six-figure Income” single from the upcoming album “Sugar” on Adrian Recordings
  • Portland, Or psychedelic-rock trio, Clawfoot Slumber “Crushing Reality” title track from the upcoming third studio album “Crushing Reality”
  • Swedish post-punk /indie rock /power pop band CUT CITY “Slamma II” from ‘Rage At The Badlands’ E.P. 7″ on Box Bedroom Rebels
  • Montréal, Canada indie pop /electro /tropical /synthpop trio Le Couleur “Excellence Europe-Express” (unreleased) from the deluxe edition of the 2020 album “Concorde Deluxe” on Lisbon Lux Records
  • Copenhagen, Denmark electro-pop /’depressive Eurodance duo Evil House Party “Keep Going On” from “Grand Theft Audio” EP on Third Coming Records
  • Portland, Oregon electronic synth-pop / dream pop duo of Hollie and Keith Kenniff (aka Helios, Goldmund), Mint Julep “Shout” (Tears For Fears cover) fundrising single
  • Salerno, Italy dream-pop /synth-pop DIY project of musician-composer Gianmario Galano, aka I’M THE VILLAIN “Little Voices” second single
  • Chichester, UK kraut /psych /shoegaze /post-rock trio TRAAMS – “Sleeper” new single on FatCat Records
  • Long Beach, Ca DIY sunshine noise-pop punk band led by Allie Hanlon, AKA Peach Kelli Pop “The Sign” from “Hardcovers” Flexi disc EP on Lauren Records.                                                                                                                 
  • L.A. indie rock band MOMMA “Rockstar” single on Polyvinyl Records and Lucky Number.
  • London/Glasgow alt-indie-rock /art-rock trio Dama Scout “emails from Suzanne” from the upcoming LP “gen wo lai (come with me)” on Hand In Hive
  • Los Angeles alternative indie rock band NIGHT TALKS “Watching Waiting” from the LP “Same Time Tomorrow”
  • Chicago-based indie dreamy art-rock singer/songwriter Molly Madden, AKA Uma Bloo “Strange Actress” new single from the upcoming album “Don’t Drive Into the Smoke” on Earth Libraries
  • Seattle, Wa capo-core /indie rock band Coach Phillips “Parker Dam” from “Parker Dam / M. Hurley” dual-single from upcoming EP “Three-chord songs Vol. 1”
  • Californian orchestral pop /psych folk project of Shaun Fleming, AKA Diane Coffee “Diane Coffee, Deep Sea Diver – Forecast” from the upcoming 4th LP “With People” on Polyvinyl
  • Berlin-based, Sacramento-native neo-psych-pop legend ANTON BARBEAU “Rain, Rain” from the upcoming LP “Power Pop!!!” on Big Stir Records
  • Vancouver, BC indie /psych-rock band MELTT “Only in Your Eyes” first single from Meltt’s upcoming sophomore LP
  • Russian post-punk /indie-rock duo based in Yekaterinburg, СОВА “Блеск Фонарей” single                                   
  • Hamilton, Ontario ambient /psychedelic noise /industrial /shoegaze /electronic solo project SISTRA “Ichor” from the cassette album “The Watcher” on Tonsure Recordings.
  • French post-rock /progressive /ghost wave /drone trio from Paris, BANK MANYA “The Open Door” from the sophomore album “VOLAVERUNT” on Araki Records, A la dérive Records, Stellar Frequencies, Duality Records and Cold Dark Matter Records