WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – March #9-21

  • Swiss/American indie pop /jangle /dream pop project of The Churchhill Garden’s multi-instrumentalist Andy Jossi along vocalist/lyricist Gretchen DeVault (The Francine Odysseys, Voluptuous Panic, The Icicles), THE BLUE HERONS “Endless Rain” new single                                                                                                                 

The well-established Swiss/American duo churn out a sublime, shimmering guitar-pop sheen swaying on a slippery ground soaked in fragments of distant memories, washed by a thin mercurial rain of sparkling jangly guitar melodies, sewing eternal crystalline yet gloomy nostalgia around sad emotional female vocals longing and pondering “What happens when the rain?”                   

  • Australian shoegaze /alt-pop band from Sydney, Grids and Dots “City Skies” new single off upcoming EP “What Happens to Friendships”

Sidney‘s poppers deliver effortlessly endearing fizzing tuneful euphoria spinning ringing wistful guitar melodies, fueled by a jaunty and pulsating rhythms section, over enticing airy dual male/female vocals interlacing an intimate nuanced hue of sweeping melancholy and romance.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica alternative rock /dream pop /shoegaze 4-piece Adiós Cometa “Luces” from the debut EP “La Isla Que Somos” on Velvet Blue Music

Not new on these shores, are back, fresh from the affiliation with Californian label Velvet Blue Music, Costa Rican outfit with their debut EP, between old and new songs, and their yearning and melancholic, emotive sound laced with an enticing Latin flair, organically pitched between hazy atmospheric dream-pop vibes and intense sparkling emotive reverb-infused guitar textures, whilst romantic, morose vocals croon into a wandering and introspective interplay between calm and energetic, dark and light, loss and love.                                                                             

  • Ambient/dream pop project of Oakland-based artist Aubrey Fisch and producer Geoff Saba, Night Ballet “Fear Of Touch” title track from the upcoming cassette EP “Fear Of Touch” on Glowing Dagger
  • Seattle, Wa experimental /drone /dream pop /shoegaze outfit SLEEP PATROL “Lurch” single off of Sleep Patrol’s upcoming album on No Input Tapes
  • Portland, Or electronic synth-pop /dream pop duo of Hollie and Keith Kenniff (aka Helios, Goldmund), Mint Julep “Pulse” off upcoming LP “In A Deep And Dreamless Sleep” on Western Vinyl
  • New Hampshire native acoustic /alt-country /indie rock project of former Notches member, Ezra Cohen “Mercy” bonus track from the upcoming “Granite State Grass” EP tape re-issue on Relief Map Records
  • Melbourne indie /bubblegum /power pop project of former Lucksmiths bassists and Lost and Lonesome label head Mark Monnone, MONNONE ALONE “Feel It Disappearing” off upcoming ltd. 7″ single ‘Feel it Disappearing’ b/w ‘Half a Pair of Shoes’ out March 26 via Emotional Response (US), Lost And Lonesome (Australia), Meritorio (Spain) and Royal Mint (Finland).                                                                                           
  • Philadelphia indie-rock duo GLADIE “Fixer” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY dream pop /indie rock musician/producer Charlie Nieland “The Land Of Accidents” from the LP “Divisions”
  • L.A. indie rock singer /songwriter Lauren Hoffman “Suffer Through?” new single
  • US indie shoegaze band based in Las Vegas, Luxury Furniture Store “Crimson Lovers (Remix)” from “Bizarre Recollections” EP 
  • Marrickville, Australia ‘downer pop’ band MOPE CITY “Don’t Understand the Shorthand” from Mope City’s upcoming album “Within The Walls” on Tenth Court
  • Italian indie rock /new wave project from Rome, The Enemy Within “Phantom”                                                  
  • Sheffield, UK indie rock band Dead Slow Hoot “Taller Tree”                                                                                                
  • Austin, Texas based indie pop/dream pop group, founded in 2006 by Los Angeles native Mike Lee, Letting Up Despite Great Faults “Halos” (unreleased bonus track) off cassette “Movement EP 15th Anniversary Edition” (Remastered w/B-Sides)
  • Berlin-based psych /indie pop solo project of Jonathan Jarzyna from the band Fenster, aka JOHN MOODS “So Sweet So Nice” title track from upcoming LP “So Sweet So Nice” on Mansions and Millions
  • Berlin-based dream pop /synthpop Argentinian brother-sister duo Minimal Schlager “New Mirrors” off upcoming EP “Voodoo Eyes” on Duchess Box Records
  • Paris-based AngloBosnianFrench indietronica /post-punk /indie rock trio MONITORS “Previously…” from the upcoming debut EP “The War Office” on Analogue Trash
  • San Francisco‘s post punk /dreampop /synthpop outfit fronted by of Grass Widow bassist Hannah Lew aka COLD BEAT “Double Sided Mirror (Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Noch Einmal Remix)” off “Double Sided Mirror Remixes” EP
  • San Francisco electronic /dream pop duo (formerly Anomie), Halou “Big Mann” off upcoming EP “Welcome Stranger”
  • Indiana electronic /indie /dreampop solo project Whirling “Playing Dead” from “Moments” EP
  • Portland, Or electronic synth-pop /dream pop duo of Hollie and Keith Kenniff (aka Helios, Goldmund), Mint Julep “Distance Swimmer”
  • Spanish dream pop collaboration between Sevilla band and guitarist and vocalist of Madrid’s Baywaves, Terry vs.Tori & David Alonso “Diamond brand” new single on El Genio Equivocado
  • Brighton, UK indie pop /dream pop 4-piece Nature TV “You & Me” new single on Nice Guy
  • Berlin-based lo-fi /indie /shoegaze /dream pop solo project of Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser, aka TUVABAND “Post Isolation” new single
  • Spain-based Russian born indie pop artist Victoria Zolotukhina, aka April June “Wish I could hate you” new single
  • Liverpool, UK indie pop band The Night Café “Isn’t” new single                                                                           
  • Philadelphia‘s indie / dreampop project of musician/singer/songwriter Michelle Zauner aka Japanese Breakfast – “Be Sweet” new single off upcoming LP “Jubilee” on Dead Oceans
  • Phoenix, Arizona-based dreampop /synthwave /new wave project of Derek Wise, THE SECRET ATTRACTION “Dancing Alone” (“True Love” EP B-Side)
  • Porto Alegre, Brazil bedroom /indie pop /dreampop project of Gabriel Islaz, aka GABO “Corre Rua” from upcoming second EP “Bicicleta Sem Rodinha”
  • Los Angeles based indie pop /dreampop duo HONEYWHIP “Flowers” new single
  • Canadian psych /shoegaze /dream pop trio from Toronto, Tearjerker “Be You” first single from upcoming EP “Deep End” on Almost Communist
  • San Francisco DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “The Record Player and the Damage Done” off upcoming album “Uncommon Weather” on Tough Love
  • Leeds, UK early 90s Sarah Records affiliated indie / noise pop group BOYRACER “Right or Wrong” title track from upcoming ltd. cassette box set ″Right or Wrong” EP on Emotional Response
  • Japanese bedroom indie pop band Memory Girls “Our freedem Our darkness” off V/A “A young person’s guide to blue-very” ltd. CD+CDR via blue-very label
  • Boston, Ma indie rock /dream pop band Divine Sweater “I Knew You Better” new single
  • Buenos Aires-based shoegaze /psych / indie rock French DIY solo project URAL MOUNTAINS “Daydream” from the album “Blurry Pictures”
  • Portland, Or-based shoegaze /dream pop /psych pop project of former Modern Rivals member and multi-instrumentalist, Alex Schiff, aka Blue Canopy “Banji” from upcoming EP “Sleep While You Can” on Grind Select
  • Cambridge, UK folk /jangle /indie pop collective Model Village “Popular Band” from their 4th record “World Of Carp” on Kingfisher Bluez.
  • Dallas TX based, via Puerto Rico Latin indie rock/dream pop project A Estas Alturas “Agua Que Cae del Cielo” new single
  • Indonesian indie pop project of Ramadhina Dewi (Elenin), aka Zorrrya “Hillbilly The Untold Story” debut single on Dont Fade Away Records
  • Brisbane, Australian post-punk/shoegaze/new wave project of Hatchie’s collaborator Joe Agius, aka RINSE – “Tamaryn (Wherever I Am)” from the debut EP “Wherever I Am”
  • Brooklyn, NY indie guitar pop 4-piece FIELD MOUSE “Found Out About You” (written Doug Hopkins of Gin Blossoms) from the cover album “Memory Card”
  • Aalborg/Copenhagen, Danish post-rock /shoegaze band Rýk “Whenever (Seen Yr Colour)” off “Jonquille” EP on Tandpine Records
  • Bali, Indonesia shoegaze trio Dive Collate “Winter” from split cassette single “Dive The Lions” with The Lions Constellation (Spain) on Anoa Records
  • Massachusetts shoegaze/indie rock moody one-man-band, Mourning Collective “Love” from “Year” cassette collection of all 4 seasonal EPs
  • Denton, TX shoegaze /dream pop collaboration by Sabrina Tionloc (Manifest Destiny’s Child, sabz, China Club) and Charles W. Knowles (Piriform Clone, Oil Spill), Sparkshimmer “Perpetuate” from debut EP “Songs To Confine”
  • Thailand shoegaze band TELEVER “Ghost” new single on Brand New Me Records
  • Birmingham, UK shoegaze /dream pop solo project Graywave “Swallow” new single off upcoming EP “Planetary Shift” via Brisbane’s False Peak Records
  • Bangkok, Thailand indie pop/shoegaze band trio (formerly The Passion of Anna )Traveling With Monika “Brutal” new single                                                                                                                                                      
  • Walla Walla, Wa grunge /heavydream /shoegaze trio Reveries “Easy To Breath” from the sophomore EP “To Find Me Again” on Cardigan Records
  • Phoenix, AZ psych /shoegaze /dreampop 3-piece band Citrus Clouds “Let Love Find You” from the debut album “Collider”
  • San Francisco‘s electronic /dream pop /shoegaze band, ECHODRONE “Midnight Frost” from new LP “Resurgence”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze /dreampop one-man-band NAX “ASTRO” new single
  • UK ambient /dreampop /shoegaze project White Cold Desert “Slowdive”
  • Nottingham, UK psych /dream pop /shoegaze band Spotlight Kid “With Every Heartbeat” (Robyn cover) from “Darkwaters” EP
  • Portland, Or ambient /chillwave /shoegaze /folk musical works of filmmaker Spencer Gentz, aka BELL PLAINES “World Burning Down” from the EP “Dunes”
  • Arizona bedroom pop /indie rock musician/songwriter Hayden Casey “Everything is changing” from the upcomong debut album “Calamities”
  • Ontario surf /psych /dream pop duo Jaguar Sun x Jesse Maranger ‘Sunset’ new single from the collaborative ‘Blooms’ EP on Born Losers
  • Auckland, NZ experimental /ambient /shoegaze /post-rock instrumental project of composer and musician Stìobhan Lothian, aka Sonophyla “Because of the Ceòl Mòr” from “Seòmar” album

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