WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – February #08-22

(c) Charlotte Perriand

  • Stockholm, Sweden indie-pop duo of Gustav Tranback (Paper Hearts, Dismal Plight) and Mikael Carlsson (The Honeydrips, Dorotea), Salt Lake Alley “I’m Always Near” 2nd single from Salt Lake Alley’s new album “It Takes Two” on Shelflife Records

Stockholm‘s deftly duo crafts fresh and crystalline guitar pop with an urgent and distinctive melodic quality, sparkling and soulful as the best early Aztec Camera, infused with a brisk pulse-rocking rhythmic energy that fuels anxious breathless vocal longings, through meandering, shimmering jangly guitar melodies brimming with entrancing sentimentality and racing obsessions, to emerge unfettered into a romantic emotional release of trust and love.

  • French post-rock /shoegaze /slowcore /indie rock band from Nantes, CHEEVER – “The Walk” from the upcoming album “Ensimismado” on Day Off Records

Breton newcomer 4-piece with an evocative and intense combination of bleak and reflective slowcore melancholy, emotively soaring reverberated noisy shoegazing distortions and subtle slow bursts of glistening post-rock hues. “The Walk” instantly coaxes dark and dusky vibes to evoke sadness, turbulence, and doom from the heavy stomping and scattered beats, wandering wistful and poignant glistening guitar melodies along with fuzzy abrasive tortuous riffage expanses, and hopeless vocal broodings, caressed by soft ethereal cries, drifting dreamlike through poetic shades of melancholic grey.

  • Sidney, Australia dream pop /shoegaze solo project of Trillion guitarist Peter Bridle, AKA Lakes Region “Echo” single

Second single from the guitarist of Sidney‘s shoegazers Trillion, Peter Bridle, which organically develops through a less thick yet equally entrancing and melancholic wall of sound, through a smoothly heart-beating pulsing rhythm section to cradle dreamy, sun-speckled sparkling fuzzy guitar induced twilights, and meandering nostalgic longings into glistening waves of emotional breezes, whilst lost, alienated vocals plunge helplessly through the fear and pain of lovelorn spectral humming echoes.

  • Lima, Perù shoegaze /electronic project of Mario Silvania and Cocó Ciëlo, aka SILVANIA “Monica is a Star” dedicato a Monica Vitti
  • Swedish experimental /shoegaze /kosmische /krautrock /electronic /psychedelic solo project of Toby Bernsand from Malmö, Orange Crate Art – “Young Spine” from the album “Contemporary Guitar Music” on Somewherecold Records
  • North London‘s drone pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist-producer Lewis Young (composer and collaborator in The Leaf Library), AKA Beneather “Dreamgaze” from the upcoming s/t album on Wiaiwya
  • Manila, Philippines ambient /lo-fi /bedroom pop /experimental solo project SAVEDHISTORY “as you lay your weary head to rest” from the upcoming EP “would you run away from all those empty faces?”
  • Kaurna Country, South Australia electronic /post-rock /shoegaze /ambient pop singer-songwriter (Other People’s Children, Pretty Boy Crossover) aka Panoptique Electrical, aka SWEENEY “Home Song” from the 4th new album “Stay For The Sorrow” on Sound In Silence
  • Texan blues /soul /surf /psych-pop collaborative project between Houston‘s trio and Fort Worth‘s soul singer, Khruangbin & Leon Bridges “Doris” from the LP “Texas Moon” on Dead Oceans
  • Copenhagen, Denmark indie /psych /dream pop project Atomic Blue “Sahara” single on Nice Guys
  • León, Spain dream pop duo Ofrenda Floral “El iglú” from the second album “Las Espinas”
  • Tallinn, Estonia dream-pop duo Rein Fuks and Eve Komp (of Pia Fraus), IMANDRA LAKE “Viludus” single on Seksound Record Label.
  • Brisbane, Australia dream pop /shoegaze 3-piece Sacred Blue “Aligned” from 2-track single “Summer”
  • Atlanta, GA experimental /psychedelic /dream pop project of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Thomas Howard AKA Orchid Mantis “Never Right” B-side from the ‘Visitations’ sessions
  • New York based indie rock /pop singer-songwriter Veronica Everheart “time and time again” single
  • Seattle, WA indie pop 4-piece Flying Fish Cove – “Tinsel Tavern” single
  • Montreal, Québec indie pop /indie rock duo Kathryn Calder (vocalist and keyboardist for The New Pornographers) and Mark Andrew Hamilton (AKA Woodpigeon), AKA Frontperson “Parade” from the upcoming sophomore album “Parade” on Wiaiwya and Oscar St. Records
  • Sheffield, UK indie /synthwave /dream pop /guitar pop band, Rehearsed Living “Don’t Know How It Ends” from “Sustain” EP
  • Québec shoegaze /new wave /synthpop /dream pop duo from Saguenay, Minuit Phosphène “Die Alone” debut single
  • Boston based indie rock /electronic /avant pop musician /songwriter /producer TW Walsh “Postmodern Science” from “Daylight” EP
  • Baltimore, Maryland synthpop /indie rock band Future Islands “King of Sweden” single on 4AD
  • L.A. nu-disco /synthpop /dream pop duo Clare Gillies & Danny Scott Lane, AKA Gillies “Take You There” from “What About Luv” EP on Star Creature Universal Vibrations
  • London-based, Czech-born dream pop /indie rock singer-songwriter Misha Chylkova “Doing It All Wrong” new 7″ single on Gare Du Nord Records.
  • London based indie-pop moniker of Bobby Wratten (THE FIELD MICE, TREMBLING BLUE STARS), aka LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR “The Circling Of The Seasons” new 7″ single on Elefant Records
  • Swedish disco /Bossanova /indie pop band TOP SOUND “An Hour Of Detention” from the new sophomore album “Isn´t Happiness”
  • San Francisco, Ca DIY kitchen pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Slow Torture of an Hourly Wage” from “Slow Torture of an Hourly Wage” EP
  • Swedish C86 /dream-pop /shoegaze /indie-pop quartet from Lund, No Suits In Miami – ”Over and Over” from the upcoming album “Nothing Ever Happens”
  • New York surf /indie rock 4-piece Petite League “Flating Blue” single
  • US post-punk /indie pop /dreampop solo project Lure Division – “Away” single                                                         
  • California lo-fi /indie rock solo project 60juno “Muni (w/Lure Division)” single                                                  
  • Austin, TX Lo-Fi /Post-Punk /Dream-Pop solo project EVNTYD “Boredom” single                                                
  • Ontario folk /dream pop solo project Jaguar Sun “Midnight Man” single from the upcoming LP “All We’ve Ever Known” on Born Losers Records
  • Madison, Wisconsin’s shoegaze /noise /indie rock DIY project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Jason Lambeth (Painted Blonde Tapes head) along with longtime collaborator Elsa Nekola on drums and vocals, Red Pants “Glue” from the new sophomore cassette album “When We Were Dancing” on Paisley Shirt Records
  • Saint Lazare, Québec fuzzy /garage /psychedelic project of Broken Social Scene guitarist Sam Goldberg Jr., aka SAM JR. “Sweet Face (feat. Tess Parks)” from the upcoming s/t album on Arts & Crafts
  • Orléans, France psych /post-punk /shoegaze solo project RocKo Is DeAd – “High sensation seeker” single
  • Philadelphia‘s post-rock /shoegaze solo project Dramamine “In the Woods” single
  • UK shoegaze /post-rock duo from Exeter, Southwest Hotel “Pondsmeat” from the album “Shiver”
  • Edinburgh, UK shoegaze /dreampop /indie surf pop solo project of Michael Kay Terence, AKA Swiss Portrait “Paralyzed” single
  • Lugano, Switzerland shoegaze /indie rock band SOFSKY “Sleepy Cat” single
  • Japanese ambient /dreampop /shoegaze trio Rural District “Ocean” single
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania alt-noise rock /shoegaze band Gloomer “Scatter” from the upcoming debut EP “Feel Nothing”.
  • South Texas dream pop /shoegaze DIY project of Gilbert Godoy, aka FUN WITH ETHER “Crown Shyness” new single
  • Austin, TX shoegaze /dream pop quartet BLUSHING “Gel” from the new LP “Possessions” on Kanine Records
  • Valdosta, Georgia Nugaze /Dream-pop band Heaven Slept “Better Off Alone” single
  • Italian psych /shoegaze/ dream pop three-piece band from Rome, La Casa al Mare “Otherwise” from the new single “Otherwise / Autumn”
  • Dyer, Indiana shoegaze /dream pop duo WHIMSICAL “Rewind” from the upcoming 4th album “Melt” on Through Love Records and Shelflife Records
  • Italian shoegaze band from Rome, THE OCEAN BOY “Regret” from “Vampires” EP
  • Danish post-punk /dreamgaze band CLOUDWALK “Stranger” single from forthcoming debut album “Rise Again; My Sun, My Mind”
  • Seoul, South Korea shoegaze solo project ONEROOM “Who Said?” from the first LP “For Years A Ghost”
  • UK electronic duo HYBRID “Heart Shaped Box” (Nirvana Cover) Original Mix
  • Melbourne, Australia’s punk /power-pop band ROMERO “Turn It On!” title track from the upcoming album “Turn It On!” on Feel It Records
  • Swedish punk /garage rock 4-piece from Uppsala, ROTTEN MIND “Drifter” from the upcoming fifth studio album “Unflavored” via Lövely Records.
  • London, UK indie garage-indie-pop trio Cheerbleederz “Cute As Hell” from the upcoming album “Even in Jest”
  • UK indie rock band (fka British Sea Power), Sea Power “Transmitter” from the 8th LP, “Everything Was Forever” via Golden Chariot Records                                                                                                                                      
  • Vancouver, BC husband-and-wife dream-pop duo LOVE CAVE “Older” single from the debut EP “With Feeling”
  • NYC-based neo-surf jangle indie band COLATURA “Scars” (Single).
  • French jangle /indie pop band based in Paris (initially the solo project by Martin Martin Meilhan-Bordes as Marti Martinsky), Cœur-joie “Holunder” from the album “Allumettes au bout des îles b” co-released by Hidden Bay Records (cassette) and Melotron Recordings (CD)
  • Brooklyn-based indie rock project of multi-instrumentalist Elise Okusami, AKA Oceanator “Bad Brain Daze” from the sophomore LP “Nothing’s Ever Fine” on Big Scary Monsters and Polyvinyl
  • New York lo-fi /synth pop/indie rock solo project SIPPER “ily<3” single.
  • Ventura, Ca new wave /shoegaze /indie rock band How To Live With Robots “Her Touch” single
  • Stockholm, Sweden noise /indie rock trio VERO “Cupid” from the upcoming debut LP “Unsoothing Interior” on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Dallas, TX new wave /indie rock band (former members of St. Vincent, The Apples in Stereo, The War on Drugs, The Deathray Davies, Baboon and Daniel Johnston), MOTORCADE “Standard Passage” single from the upcoming album “See You In The Nothing” on Idol Records
  • Chicago indie rock /trash pop trio of Emily Kempf (formerly Lala Lala) & Jason Balla (Ne-Hi, Earring) along with Eric McGrady on drums, Dehd “Bad Love” from upcoming LP “Blue Skies” on Fat Possum Records
  • Glasgow, Scotland indie rock solo project of former Kid Canaveral, David MacGregor, AKA Broken Chanter “Allow Yourself (Single Version)” single
  • Montreal, Québec veteran synthpop /indie-pop 6-piece STARS “Pretenders” 2-track single “Pretenders/Snowy Owl” from Stars’ upcoming album “From Capelton Hill” on Last Gang Records
  • Cincinnati, Ohio indie rock /post-rock project of Guy Kelly, aka DIANTHYS “Cabin Film” on Deus Marginalia
  • Chile bedroom /shoegaze /post-punk solo project Get Party Alone “Keep Walking” from the EP “Drunk Boy”
  • Norwegian indie /folk singer-songwriter from Oslo, Simen Mitlid ‘Leon T’ from upcoming EP ‘Social’.
  • Italian lo-fi /indie /dream pop band split between Helsinki and Bergamo, DEINE MUTTI “MAGLIA DI MOZ” from the ltd. CD second album “UN’ALTRA ESTATE”
  • Norway/Netherlands retro pop project of Oslo‘s singer-songwriter Jørn Åleskjær (The Loch Ness Mouse, I Was a King and Gary Olson) and vocalist Estella Rosa (one half of Nah), Sapphire & Steel “Snø (Vil Falle Over Snø Som Har Falt)” from the single “Snø”
  • Montclair, New Jersey indie rock /folk singer-songwriter Annie Blackman “Souvenir” from the debut LP “All of It by” on Father/Daughter Records

(c) Charlotte Perriand, Fernand Léger