WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – Feb. #6-21

Dziga Vertov – still from ‘Kino Eye’

  • Phoenix, AZ chill-wave/synthwave/dream-pop solo project Secret Attraction “True Love” title track from new CD EP “True Love” on Stratford Ct.

Phoenix‘s dream waver casts haunting and intoxicating ethereal spells on Valentine’s Day, through swaying bittersweet synth melodies and wistful chiming bright chords, amidst nostalgic throbs of crisp, lashing vintage rhythms, swelling over alluring airy layered vocals that glide and fade euphorically into the silky, chill waves of “True Love.”

  • Los Angeles, CA-based emo /indie rock /dreamgaze trio XO “By My Side” from the upcoming cassette EP “Courage”

Classic 90’s abrasively soothing reverb-drenched shoegaze with subtle lilting emo overtones and California rich vocal harmonies characterized the new single by L.A. band. Invigorating shimmering guitar melodies radiate ringing distortion over steady, punchy rhythms, to ebb and flow hypnotically around upbeat, atmospheric vocals rising and falling in breathless adoration and pleas begging to be “By My Side.”

  • Brooklyn, NY dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze duo PHANTOM WAVE “Glower” the second single off of Phantom Wave’s LP “Wilds”, to be released on March 19, 2021

Vibrating, sparkling and groovy indie rock new single from Brooklyn’s duo with hauntingly captivating, both soothing and powerful croons, recalling Paddy McAloon,  Rambling guitar strings ring abrasive distorted shimmers along with propulsive throbbing rhythms, squealing and soaring with dazzling emotional energy over angsty, breathless male vocals urgent release of upbeat sentimentality into the chaotic buzz of a brighter daze.

  • Scotland based cinematic/experimental electronic pop musician Mark Tranmer (The Montgolfier Brothers, Wingdisk, Vetchinsky Settings, Bad Dancers Collide), GNAC “Rhythm Switch” (unreleased 1992)
  • Hereford, UK experimental/ambient /folk duo of Mark Waters & Kate Gathercole, aka Alula Down “Winter Song” from the album “Postcards from Godley Moor, Winter 2020/1”
  • Netherlands dark ethereal project of musician, composer and singer (member of Lethian Dreams & Remembrance) Carline Van Roos, aka Aythis “Ashes” from upcoming LP “Secrets From Below”
  • Norwegian 9-piece indie/folk-group from Oslo, Benedikt “Head on a Spike” from the upcoming new LP ‘Balcony Dream’ on Koke Plate                                                                                                                                        
  • UK electro-acoustic /indie folk collaborative project between Andy Cartwright (Seabuckthorn) and Dave Anderson (Von Braun), Mt Wen “The Owls Are Talking” from the album “Lit Way Down” on Lost Tribe Sound
  • New York psych /indie folk singer /songwriter Ryley Walker “Rang Dizzy” from the upcoming LP “Course In Fable” on husky pants records
  • New Hampshire native acoustic /alt-country /indie rock project of former Notches member, Ezra Cohen “Seashell” from the reissue of “Granite State Grass” EP plus 2 new tracks on Relief Map Records
  • Nottingham, UK 60s /beat /psychedelic pop band THE MARINERS “There Before Time” new single from the upcoming second album
  • Austria psych /apocalyptic weird folk trio ZINN “Wiederholung” new single from upcoming debut album “ARL” on Numavi Records
  • Berlin-based, Malmö-bred Americana /indie rock Swedish singer-songwriter Emma Elisabeth – “Jellyfish” from the “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” EP                                                                                                        
  • England shoegaze /dreampop project of Staffordshire-based producer/musician Jamie Duddy, DREAMBACK “Afternoon” new single                                                                                                                                     
  • Christchurch, NZ shoegazey-dream-pop project of Annemarie Duff (ex Miniatures), aka T. G. Shand “The Ease” new single
  • Bay Area bedroom/jangle/dream pop indie songwriter Dominic Crosby “Never Far Away” from the debut EP “Sophomore Year Singles”
  • Bangkok, Thailand alt /shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece Death Of Heather “In Me” (Valentine Version)                           
  • London, UK based DIY bedroom pop music project by Natasha Simões, Maripool ‘Blindness’ new single via Strong Island Recordings.
  • South Korean folk pop/indie rock artist Jen Dajung Kimm aka Dajung “Drama” from the album “Jay Knife” on Electric Muse
  • Manchester, NY indie rock artist Abbie Ozard “Pink Sky (endless summer)” from the EP “Let’s play pretend” on LAB Records
  • Charleston, South Carolina twee /bedroom pop /dream pop project of Kim Weldin (of Tape Waves), Shiny Times “Dark Day” from the single “Dark Day // Everything is Gray”
  • Philadelphia based indie pop project by DC’s Julia Leiby and friends, JULIAN “She Follows” from the forthcoming EP “Longing”
  • Portland, Oregon psychedelic/dream pop all-female trio (formerly Is/Is), Candace “Prom (SZA)” from “Covers 2021” EP
  • Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania shoegaze /psych-pop /dreampop 4-piece Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms “Pretend” new single
  • UK/Netherland indie/dream-pop trio CIEL “Pretty Face” new single
  • San Francisco‘s electronic /dream pop /shoegaze band, ECHODRONE “Jaded” from upcoming LP “Resurgence”
  • Norwegian dream pop /psych-pop duo of Megaphonic Thrift members Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust from Bergen, MISTY COAST “Transparent” from the upcoming LP “When I Fall From The Sky” on FysiskFormat
  • Detroit power pop trio The Legal Matters “Light Up the Sky” from upcoming LP “Chapter Three” on Futureman Records
  • London, UK based indie pop /dream pop DIY band Ski Saigon “It’s Already Tomorrow” from upcoming album “Ski Saigon Sees the Albatross” via new Brest’s independent label Too Good To Be True (formerly Beko Disques)
  • Portland, Or indie rock 4-piece Rare Monk ‘Cuneiform’ from the new sophomore LP ‘Never Really Over’ on B3SCI Records
  • UK 3-piece pop band based in West Yorkshire, led by songwriter and guitarist Ben Siddall, THE LODGER “Dual Lives” new single off the upcoming LP “Cul-de-sac of love” co-released on Philophobia Music (UK), Pretty Olivia Records (Spain), We Were Never Being Boring (Italy / USA) and Lazyperfection (Japan)
  • Sevillian indie /shoegaze / dream pop duo Cristian Bohórquez (ex-Sundae and currently Blacanova member) & Davis Rodríguez (ex-Sundae), a.k.a. ESCUELAS PIAS “La proporción celestial” from the new EP “Plantas carnívoras” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Los Angeles based dreampop /shoegaze solo project of Samira Winter, WINTER – “Violet Blue” new single
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan indie rock /dream pop 4-piece Major Murphy “In the Meantime” from upcoming LP “Access” on Winspear
  • Tokyo, Japan experimental pop/indie rock solo artist Nana Yamato “Voyage et Merci” from the album “Before Sunrise” on Dull Tools.
  • New York‘s experimental /ethereal /psychedelic rock artist Steady Sun “Truth Is a Needle” title track from the upcoming 2-track single “Truth Is a Needle” on Daptone Records
  • Haifa, Israel space rock/kraut/ethnic/shoegaze/psychedelic 4-piece Mazeppa – “Arms” from the S/T debut album
  • UK new-age shoegaze /post-punk /dream-pop band, LIGHTS THAT CHANGE “Fall Apart” from upcoming album “Incandescent”
  • Nottingham, UK 90s cosmic electro krautrock psych-punk outfit SIX BY SEVEN “Homeland” from the album “Sign On You Crazy Diamond” Remastered Deluxe Double CD Edition (originally released in 2008) on Cargo
  • UK shoegaze /post-punk 4-piece from Exeter, Southwest Hotel “Dogwood” from the single “Dogwood / Ozymandias”
  • UK electronic avant-pop trio from Camberwell, London, Virginia Wing “St. Francis Fountain” from the new album “private LIFE” on Fire Records
  • London-based, AngloFrench electro-pop project from ex-Piano Magic mainstays Glen Johnson and Cédric Pin, aka Future Conditional “We Don’t Just Disappear (feat. Bobby Wratten of Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars)” from “We Don’t Just Disappear” album [originally released by LTM Recordings in 2007] on Second Language Music
  • Angers-based ambient /electronica /noisy French pop band La Houle – “Toi (Ce Moi)” new single from the upcoming third album on Music From The Masses and October Tone Records
  • Seattle, WA ethereal psych /dream pop/ dark pop project of Jancy Rae, aka MØAA “Exist” from MØAA’s upcoming debut album “Euphoric Recall” via WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring)
  • Québec City, Canadian electronic dream pop band, Men I Trust ”Tides” new single
  • Los Angeles‘ shoegaze/slowcore trio MILLY “Denial” second single from the forthcoming ‘Wish Goes On’ EP on Dangerbird Records
  • Alaska-based goth dark shoegaze band Asenath Anyox “Mosquito Republic” second single from the upcoming full-length album “Tropicapitulation.”
  • Walla Walla, Wa grunge /heavydream /shoegaze trio Reveries “Find Me (EP Version)” from the sophomore EP “To Find Me Again” on Cardigan Records
  • Auckland, New Zealand indie / shoegaze /surf pop Flying Nun‘s duo SURF FRIENDS “Good Thing” from V/A “Field of Dreams II” CD compilation on Field of Dreams
  • Barcelona, Spain indie /new wave /shoegaze duo Low Connection “Lost” from debut EP “Cinema Renoir”
  • Newcastle, Australia shoegaze /indie pop /grungey /fuzzy noise-pop project of Tilly Murphy, aka FRITZ “Jan 1” from the debut album “Pastel”
  • Seville, Spain indie /dream pop /shoegaze band FLU FLU “Mi Apotema Personal” from the new EP “Mi Mundo Interior” on Shore Dive Records
  • Brooklyn, NY indie pop trio INNING “Prim Rose” off the album “Desperate Cash Grab Vol 2: Demos”
  • Australian beat-garage trio from Melbourne, EMPAT LIMA “Climbing Clouds” first track from the upcoming EP
  • Cincinnati, Oh indie pop /garage /punk DIY trio THE MIMES “Cereal” new single off the upcoming debut album “Plastic Pompeii”
  • Stockholm, Sweden psych /indie rock band Runtom Knuten – “Högre” new single on Lazy Octopus Records
  • Bangkok, Thailand indie pop/shoegaze band trio (formerly The Passion of Anna ), Traveling With Monika “Yearning” new single
  • Chicago, IL instrumental/shoegaze/dream pop duo Pale Coast “Albedo” from the album “Ecliptic”
  • Louisville, Kentucky ambient /shoegaze /post rock /instrumental solo project, Bradley Coomes “Bounce” off the album “The Work” on Deus Marginalia Records
  • London, UK indie folk /dark pop duo Charlotte Spiral “New Light” from upcoming “New Light” EP