WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #6

Marjorie Gestring diving at the 1936 Berlin Olympics


  • Belgian bedroom indie jangle dream pop project of Jens Rubens (guitarist in Ero Guro, Capibara and Coma Commander), STOOP KID “Thought This Was The Uniform” from cassette EP “Nothing At All” on Gazer Tapes

Captivating sophomore EP, to coincide with the 3 years anniversary of the mighty DIY label Gazer Tapes, from the Belgian bedroom jangle popper Jens Rubens, brimming with soaring and dreamy jangly guitar melodies and hooks in his unmistakable vocal/guitar style, contemporary, yet classic, all at once, but is right at his best in “Thought This Was The Uniform”, when the guitar gently yet energetically weeps with achingly emotional intensity over his alluringly slightly coarse voice, standing out as one of the most brilliant rock songs of this first start of the year.

  • Canadian psychedelic/dream pop project of Crystal Dorval from Vancouver, White Poppy “Broken” from the upcoming album “Paradise Gardens” on Not Not Fun

Vancouver‘s perturbed daydreamer Crystal Dorval, through her ethereal blurred female vocals, haloed in ecstatic coos, and shimmering instrumentation, weaves a breathless distillation of hazy helplessness and wistful emotions, suffused by a deliciously lush pop sheen.

  • Texas based goth/bedroom pop/shoegaze/dream pop solo project The Bradley “Within Grasp” from the new mini-album “Identity Crisis”

DIY Texan one-man-band moulds meticulously crafted evocative alienated sunburst melodies that ebb and flow through vividly coloured lysergic soundscapes drenched in reverb, oscillating seamlessly between dream pop icy shimmers, post-punk dark synthetic pulsations, and shoegaze hypnotic introspections, drifting into the bleakest barren desert of the soul.

  • Somerville, Massachusetts experimental/ambient/shoegaze/electronic project of Robert Gerard Pietrusk (former member of Brooklyn-based shoegaze trio, Mahogany), SCOPIC “Vide Supra” from the digital single «Vide Infra, Vide Supra» (originally recorded in the Spring of 1999 for an incidentally aborted ltd. 7″ release) on shelflife records
  • Ufa, Russian indie/shoegaze/dream pop all-girl band, акульи слёзы ‘малость’ new single
  • Richmond, VA indie pop/dream folk band ADDY “Planted” from upcoming cassette album “Easier” on Topshelf Records
  • San Francisco‘s DIY indie/power pop/jangle-pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “I Hope I Never Fall In Love” new single
  • Canadian post-punk/shoegaze solo project of the guitarist of Charcoal Skies, Arthur Bennell, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, BLUME “I Miss You” from new EP ‘’Still Believe’’
  • Italian lo-fi/jangle pop/dream pop solo project WAKE IN JUNE “Light Phaser” new single
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland collaboration between UK dream-pop pioneers Joe Cassidy from Butterfly Child and Gary McKendry from Papa Sprain, MY BUS “Ballerina” from the debut album “Our Life In The Desert” on ONOMATOPOEIA RECORDS                                                                                                                                         
  • Norwich, UK alt/indie-pop 5-piece Marigolds – “Spinning” new single off upcoming EP “Hot Springs” on Beth Shalom Records
  • Bandung, Indonesia indie/dream pop duo MOUNTAIN MOVES “Distance” from debut “Ocean Bliss” EP
  • Australian garage pop trio from Melbourne, LOOSE TOOTH “Lonely” from the slit single “The Process / Lonely” with Chastity Belt on Hardly Art
  • Sydney, Australia indie/shoegaze/dream pop duo EGOISM “You You” new single                                                 
  • Norwegian indie/dream pop collective from Oslo, Ludvig Moon “Heaving For Oxygen” new single
  • Montreal, Québec ‘basement dream pop’ trio PENNY DIVING “Stella” off of the debut album “Big Inhale”
  • London, UK indie garage-pop all-girl trio Cheerbleederz “say 2 u” from the second EP “Lobotany” out now on Alcopop! Records
  • Warwick, UK r&b/indie/garage 4-piece THE JACK CADES “Candid” from the upcoming album “Perfect View” out on March 21st 2020 on Beluga Records and Bickerton Records
  • Baltimore‘s teen dance Garage Rat trio Candy Smokes “Haunted House” first single on Hidden Volume Records
  • Pamplona, Spain indie/garage pop 4-piece MELENAS “3 Segundos” from the forthcoming sophomore album “Dias Raros” on Trouble In Mind Records                                                                                                                 
  • Swedish indie-pop outfit from Malmo, Emerald Park “The Haze” from the new EP “Basement Session” on Aenaos Records                                                                                                                                                       
  • Valenzuela, Philippines dream pop/noise rock/shoegaze band SONNET LVIII “Treasure Heaven” from the album “Crossing Oceans” condensed and repackaged vinyl version of 2011 debut LP “Owe No Homage Unto The Sun”
  • Birmingham, Alabama noise-rock/shoegaze duo JUST LIKE HEAVEN “Drugstore Guile” from debut EP “Synthetic Skin”
  • Hangzhou, China lo-fi/psych/dream/jangle pop band Gatsby in a daze – 苍南夜语 – from the album ‘432’
  • Santiago, Chile experimental pop/dream pop project of Ricardo Valdés, HERBARIO “Resonancias” from the debut album “Después de las palabras”
  • Voronezh, Russian indie/noise/post-punk/shoegaze band HoneyHead “Wake Up” from “Stranger” EP
  • Coventry, UK indie/shoegaze band SUNS OF REST “Goes Around”                                                                              
  • Los Angeles, CA psychedelic/shoegaze band FILM SCHOOL “Is This A Hotel?” from 2-track single “Swim”
  • Malmö, Sweden synth indie-pop duo, THE RADIO DEPT. “The Absence of Birds” new single
  • Bay Area‘s Dream Pop / Shoegaze / Post-Punk 4-piece of Gray Tolhurst (Gray Tolhurst, Coo Coo Birds), Jeremie Ruest (Cerf Volant, Your Friend, Lavender Blush), Justin Oronos (Solip), and Lauren Grubb (Minipop, To The Wedding), TOPOGRAPHIES “In Crept Doubt” from the upcoming cassette EP “Difference & Repetition” on Dream Recordings                                                                                                                                            
  • US dreamrock/shoegaze band out of Oxnard, California, STELLAR RUINS “Opulence” debut single
  • Los Angeles based fuzz/shoegaze/noise-pop/psych/indie band SPLIT MOON “Shades” from the forthcoming album “Slow Satellite” out late February 2012 on Stow House Records
  • Leeds, UK & Riga, Latvia based noise-gaze/shoegaze outfit Last Victorian Death Squad ” Taxidermy” from the EP “All That’s Left Is You and Me” on Shore Dive Records
  • Ventura, Ca indie/psych/guitar rock trio THE SPIRES “Everything and Nothing at once” from retrospective album “Look” a collection of lost songs, alternate versions and covers.
  •  Östersund, Sweden space rock/post rock/psychedelic rock band ADAMA “LIght” from the album “Ganga”
  • Oklahoma City‘s dream rock/shoegaze duo Neon Cathedral “Anniversary” debut single
  • Kaliningrad, Russia bedroom pop/shoegaze/noise rock/post-punk band Trash Can Is Under Attack! [Л Е Т Н И Й А Л Ь Б О М Ч И К] “Summer Ended Two Months Ago” title track from the new EP
  • Nashville, TN post punk/dream pop band led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, Palm Ghosts “Sparks Kiss The Water” off new 6-song EP “Wide Awake and Waiting” out now
  • UK indie jangle pop group featuring members of Joanna Gruesome, Snifanny & the Nits, the Snivellers & SUEP, THE TUBS “I Don’t Know how it Works” new 7″ single “I Don’t Know how it Works/Silver Moonon” on Prefect Records
  • Toronto, Canada shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece (former members of the Mean Red Spiders and NECK), AWAY FORWARD “Always” new single
  • Wellington, New Zealand dark psych garage rock six-piece band, TIDAL RAVEL “FOMO” from upcoming debut album “Heart Screams” due 28 February 2020 on Fishrider Records
  • Late ’80s Leicester, UK indie rock band lead by Ruth Miller, PO! “Recoil” from V/A “Somewhere In England – A Sunday Records tribute to They Go Boom!!” on Limited 30th Anniversary Edition CD
  • Boston/L.A./NYC cross-coastal darkwave/electronic/shoegaze/dream pop trio IEVA “No Evidence” new single
  • L.A. synthpop/dream pop solo project Ace Moon “Roses” from the debut EP “Sweet Gum”
  • Athens, GA Southern dream / psych / gothic folk rock multi instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Thayer Sarrano – “First Light” new single
  • UK ambient/kraut/electronic solo project of multi-instrumentalist Allan Martin, Midwich Youth Club “Dusk 1” from the album “Dawn/Dusk”
  • Zürich experimental side project of Carlo Onda, Karl Kave “Lies”                                                                         

Two divers, 1930s, by William M. Rittase