WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – Jan. #4-21

  • Portland, Or bedroom echo fuzz & reverb solo project Mascara Ashes “Around” from the 2-track single “Shade”

New 2-tracker of the year from the bedroom one-man project from Portland melts us into his atmospheric and soothing echo fuzz & reverb-drenched auras, first with the fragile and droning electro-acoustic “Shade”, then “Around” where, enshrouded in floating misty glaring swells of reverberated distortion, dreamy, treated vocals fall narcotically into the magic dazzling intensity of “her eyes.”

  • Lucerne, Switzerland ethereal /shoegaze /dream pop project of musician and composer Andy Jossi along with American vocalist/lyricist Krissy Vanderwoude, THE CHURCHHILL GARDEN “Fade Away” new single

After the dizzying The Primitives-alike ‘bubble pop’ jaunt, back in familiar immersive warm gazey realms, slowing rhythms down, dipping into a nostalgic sparkling flurry of guitar melodies that ebb and flow lifting airy lovelorn female vocals layered in excruciating bliss, to fall helplessly into the fearful tragedy of loves fading twilight.

  • Polish instrumental/post-rock/shoegaze one-man-band project BLARESCAPE “Raindrops” new single

Extremely evocative sparkling atmospheric spacey post-rock with shoegaze vibes weaves poignant guitar strings, light tapping crispy beats, and wistful piano notes with harsh blasts of airy, droning, and soaring reverb-strewn searing lines to build a deep aural melancholy of introspective bliss.

  • Charlotte, North Carolina dark ambient /indie /shoegaze /dream pop 4-piece MOA “Under Your Skin” featured in the new Netflix docuseries, ‘Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer’, short version is part of the just released debut LP “Collider”
  • London, UK noir-pop/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, SPC ECO “For You” from the new single “For You / Helpless”
  • Los Angeles dreampop /psych-pop/ rock band Tashaki Miyaki “Gone” from upcoming album “Castaway” on Metropolis Records
  • Brighton, UK based indie-pop project of former Dolly Mixture‘s member and actually Spelt singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist RACHEL LOVE “Primrose Hill” first solo track from her album of the same name to be released in the summer of 2021 via CowChow Records
  • US experimental electronic /neo-psychedelic /avant-pop project of Heather Rose in collaboration with solo artist Jackson VanHorn, aka KATHERINE “Side by Side” from the upcoming debut cassette EP “Everyday Ennui” on Already Dead Tapes
  • Moscow based, Far East-bred dream-pop duo Mashmellow “We own The Night” new single
  • Liverpool/Clydebank, UK psychedelic folk collaboration between Laura J Martin and Lavinia Blackwall (Trembling Bells), aka WYNDOW “Take My Picture” debut single
  • Wales, UK shoegaze /psych /dream pop duo of Louise Trehy (half of 90s 4AD band Swallow) and Peter Pavli (High Tide, Robert Calvert, Third Ear Band, Annette Peacock), aka Strata Florida “Achilles” new single
  • Brisbane, Australia ambient /shoegaze /dream pop solo project RELAY TAPES “Daylighter” new single
  • Tábor, Czechia bedroom-pop /dreamgaze project of musician Míra (SZMEJ, Lament, DIIST and Learn Or Go Society label head), aka WEATHER “Cells” from the cassette album “KAMI (神)” on Teargarten
  • Cologne, Germany post-harcore /post-rock /shoegaze 4-piece Gifts For The Earth “Pool” off new single “Pool / Gold Warm Glitter”
  • Portland, Or based psychedelic pop solo project Ryan Michael Keller, aka SELF CARE “Tragedy” from the album “Roses” on sweet lodge recordings
  • Stockholm, Sweden indie /psych pop 4-piece MELBY “Old Life” new single on Rama Lama Records
  • Cairo, Egypt psych /synth /dream pop project of Moe Hani, aka Dirty Backseat “Lovesick” 2nd single off the the band’s 4th EP “Pop Heart Aching Songs” on SLOVVDK
  • Seoul, South Korea shoegaze /psych /post-rock trio Desert Flower “Melatonin” new single
  • Ontario, Canada experimental pop project of Caylie Runciman, aka BOYHOOD “Don’t You Dare” new single
  • Boston-based psych /trip-hop /shoegaze /indie rock /experimental-pop musician, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, R.M.Hendrix “Morning Complaints” new single
  • Sheffield, UK post-punk /prog psychedelic rock bilingual Welsh/English four-piece Sister Wives “I Fyny Af / Rise” from AA-side 10″ single “Crags” on Delicious Clam Records                                                                        
  •  Finnish indie pop band featuring Ville Hopponen (Cats on Fire, The New Tigers), Aleksi Peltonen (Puunhalaaja), Aki Pohjankyrö (Black Twig, LOVE SPORT), Kaarlo Stauffer (Black Twig) and Sampo Seppänen (Sofa Pets, Nails), VERANDAN “Hideaway” new single in a joint release by Soliti Music (digital) and Cloudberry Records (vinyl 7″)                                                                                                                                                      
  • Stockholm, Sweden dream pop trio VIVII “One Day” new single on Dumont Dumont                          
  • Totnes, UK kraut/shoegaze/dream pop 3-piece Pale Blue Eyes “Chelsea” off the debut 2-track 7″ vinyl single “Motionless / Chelsea”
  • Portland, Maine dream pop/noise gaze 4-piece Crystal Canyon “Pollyanna” from the new album “Yours with affection and sorrow” out now on Repeating Cloud
  • Austin, TX dream pop/shoegaze duo Wybercron “Duplicity” second single                                                                             
  • Dunedin, New Zealand power pop /indie rock trio led by Richard Ley-Hamilton (also in Asta Rangu), MALES “Clear Lake” off split double A-side single with Asta Rangu
  • Brazilian lo-fi /indie pop /shoegaze /dream pop musician Ricardo Cesar “Ensaio Sobre a Retórica” new single
  • Portland, Or-based shoegaze /dream pop /psych pop project of former Modern Rivals member and multi-instrumentalist, Alex Schiff, aka Blue Canopy “Motovun” from upcoming EP “Sleep While You Can” on Grind Select
  • Chicago, Illinois vaporgaze /shoegaze /dream pop/ synthwave solo project SPILLS “Morning Glow” from the new album “Reflexions”                                                                                                                               
  • Interdimensional synthpop quartet Dayweaver “Bloodman” new single                                                             
  • Bristol, UK alt rock/electronic /psych /trip-hop duo THE ACTIONS – “Leap” from upcoming LP “Flourish” via Niteo Records.
  • New York alternative pop duo THE RUNGS ‘Right Rooms’ new single
  • Milan, Italy psych-pop /dream pop /indietronica solo project of songwriter and musician, former Zivago member, Lorenzo Parisini, aka Bear of Bombay “Night Tree” from upcoming EP “Something Stranger”
  • Ottawa Indie-Electro Rock duo PARAGON CAUSE “Making Up For Lost Time” single from the upcoming new album
  • US mid-1990’s darkwave /psych /shoegaze /dreampop duo made of ex Ultra Vivid Scene and slug guitarist Collin J. Rae and future Clevergirl / Beautiful Engines keyboardist/drummer/singer Karen Sandvoss, Supra-Argo “Die Aphrodite” from limited cassette album “This Island…” (a collection from the one and only album and a long-lost unreleased EP) on Pophihil
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk /post-rock /shoegaze trio SLOMO “Fit Right” from upcoming vinyl 12″ album “L – DOPA”
  • Philadelphia indie rock /shoegaze band led by singer/songwriter Kurt Heasley, LILYS “G. Cobalt Franklin (Previously Unreleased)” from the remastered vinyl 12″ edition of the 1994 10″ mini-album “A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns” out now on Frontier Records
  • Tucson, AZ Dream Gaze /Psych Rock band MUTE SWAN “Sedative Sun” from upcoming debut vinyl LP “Only Ever” via Salty Dog Records (Australia) and PIAPTK (Tucson).
  • Swedish dream pop /shoegaze /psychedelic solo project of Jonatan Westh (formerly of early 2000’s shoegazers Blackstrap), HOLY SHIP “Giant Step, Small Leap” from the upcoming EP “Event Horizon” on Declared Goods Records.                                                                                                                                       
  • Chicago, IL slow-wave /krautrock /post-punk /psychedelic band DIAGONAL “Anticipation” new single from upcoming from the upcoming ‘S/T’ album on Little Cloud Records
  • Portland, Or based alternative rock duo NOXANTES “Limits” from the new EP “Never Seen”
  • Canadian Post-Punk /New Wave band from Vancouver, GIRLFRIENDS AND BOYFRIENDS “Forever By My Side” from the 12″ vinyl album “Fallacy of Fairness” on Oráculo Records
  • Manchester, UK kraut /psychedelic rock band The Watchmakers “Clover” new single
  • Shoegaze band from Freehold, New Jersey, ALL UNDER HEAVEN “Cerulean” off “Promo 2021” single on Sunday Drive Records
  • L.A. psych/post-punk/shoegaze quartet Blackout Transmission “Heavy Circles” off their upcoming debut album “Sparse Illumination” via Etxe Records
  • Dublin, Ireland indie /shoegaze /fuzzy psychedelic collective Sun Mahshene “The Righteous One” new single on Reckless Records IE.
  • UK DIY noise shoegaze outfit from Birmingham, M281 “Raze” new single                                               
  • Cassadaga, FL dream pop /shoegaze band led by Matthew Messore, aka Cathedral Bells “Dayflower” off the new LP “Ether” on Spirit Goth Records.
  • Madrid, Spain shoegaze /noise pop /indie rock solo project of Conrado Álvarez, aka SAN MARINO “Doppelgänger” first track from San Marino´s upcoming EP on Anomic Records
  • Louisville, Kentucky husband (David) and wife (Courtney) dream pop /shoegaze band · COLOR CRUSH “Wishing” new single
  • Toronto grunge /power-pop act led by vocalist/guitarist Sam Bielanski, PONY “Couch” from upcoming “TV Baby” LP on Take This To Heart Records
  • California indie rock /fuzzy pop duo The Spires “Neon” from new LP “Era Was” on Love Shine Records
  • Chester, UK psych /dream pop /indie rock solo project of Seabelts and Hooton Tennis Club member, Ryan Murphy “Where Do I Go From Here?” new single
  • Scottish dreampop solo project from Glasgow, Community Swimming Pool “Number One” new single on Z Tapes
  • New York‘s 80s sophistipop singer, composer Paul Darrah from Brooklyn, aka Tenant From Zero “This Can’t Wait Til Later” from the album “Flight”                                                                                                         
  • Boston, Massachusetts psych-folk /dream pop /jangle pop project of Michael Telles (formerly known as Night Heron), aka 3 A.M. Again “You Should Let Me Love You” (unreleased) from the compilation CD “Come Back From The Sun” on Subjangle
  • San Francisco-based DIY kitchen pop project of of Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Don’t Ever Pray in the Church on My Street” from the upcoming album “Uncommon Weather” Limited edition LP w/ bonus 7″ & photo zine via Tough Love
  • Austin, TX dream pop /indie rock songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dominic Sena, aka Mr Hymn “Magnolia” new single
  • Boston, UK sadcore /dreampop /indie pop duo of Liam James Marsh (Kid Chameleon) and Alice Kat, FINE. “2023” new single
  • Leeds, UK fuzzy grungey pop band BAD IDEA “Winter” new single released in partnership with Rose Coloured Records.
  • UK indie-pop quartet featuring Amelia Fletcher and Hue Williams of the Pooh Sticks, SWANSEA SOUND “Indies Of The World” A-side from the upcoming 7″ vinyl single available directly from Indie Labels of the World
  • California indie-pop duo Former Friend “Scented Misery” from split 7″ single with Sunset Swim via Golly Jane Records
  • Chengdu, China twee/jangle/indie pop duo ALL ROMANTIC DAYS “In Your Court (Original Version)” Special Tracks via Botanic Garden Zine #4
  • Cork, Ireland indie rock project of Liam O’Callaghan (Bulkhead) and Edward Butt (Emperor of IceCream), Arctic Lights “King Of America” off debut EP ‘Tabula Rasa’
  • Leeds, UK punk garage pop trio Nervous Twitch “She’s in a Bad Way” from S/T album on Reckless Yes
  • Milton Keynes, UK lo-fi /alt-country /jangly /slacker pop /indie rock project of Michael Rea, SYMBOL SOUP ‘Oven Gloves’ from the new LP ‘Cattle Grid’.
  • Seattle, Wa alternative rock 3-piece DUSTY “Bugs” off upcoming split 7″ single with Medium Weekend on Den Tapes
  • Istanbul-based instrumental post-rock band Panøpsis “Waiting In The Wings” new single
  • New York based guitarist and composer Mason Lindahl “Outside Laughing” from the album “Kissing Rosy in the Rain” on Tompkins Square

photo by Mark Steinmetzc

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