WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #4



  • Norwegian twee/indie/dream pop/casio pop band Remington Super 60 “The Highway Again” from the new 6 track EP on tape label Z Tapes and Cafe Superstar Recordings

Founder, composer & producer Christoffer Schou, keeps on delivering, over the years, exquisite and delicate pop-sound, refined and subtly nostalgic, in a distinctive concoction of Casio keyboards, twee undercurrents, jangly guitar chords, infused with dreamlike emotional and sweet tones, albeit without neglecting rhythmic palpitations and mesmeric cinematic ambience, all emphasised by an enchanting, both intense and breathy sensual, female vocals.
An EP of an enviable unique timeless pop accuracy with an unmistakable charming appeal, whose warm and enveloping harmonies will make your winter cosier.

  • New York electronic/analogue synth/ space-age pop collaboration Lake Ruth & Listening Center – “How I Hear You” from V/A “The Sunday Experience” digital release of benefit limited 4-track 7″ EP on Polytechnic Youth dedicated to the UK music blogger Mark Barton (marklosingtoday.wordpress.com), who is dealing with some very serious medical issues.

I have always followed and relished small, fully independent, personal blogs spurting passion from every word with the rare quality of bringing to my attention mostly unknown eclectic music. One of these, unfortunately, few but good, is definitely “The Sunday Experience” created by Mark Barton, with his poetic and elliptical English, for me, not my native language, sometimes even difficult to follow, but from which I always had a lot to learn. Unfortunately, Mark has had serious health problems in the last year, even if he seems to have returned to writing. The excellent UK label Polytechnic Youth have just released a benefit Split ltd. 7″ (with Tomorrow Syndicate, Lake Ruth & Listening Center, Polytechnic Sound Archive, Polypores), in Mark support, from which is taken the incredibly sophisticated and shimmering less-than-two-minutes, at the same time retro and futuristic, pop reverie “How I Hear You” from pearless friend musicians Lake Ruth & Listening Center. I’m not sure that also the digital version is in Mark aid, but at least you’ll hopefully have the chance to discover a fantastic blog.

  • Durant, Oklahoma alternative/shoegaze 4-piece HEAVYTRIP “Haunt You” debut single

The debut single from Heavytrip is a shadowy and hypnotic condensation of alternative noise rock and shoegaze, intense and contemplative, repleted with dark, reverb guitar riffs and restrained, abrasive distortion, along achingly epic melodic grafts despondently sung in alternative rock style with distant grunge undertones, walking relentlessly on the thin dividing line between darkness and light.

  • Valencia, Spain Ambient/Kosmische/Kraut/Synth/IDM/Psychedelic duo GÜIRO MEETS RUSSIA “Hypnagogia” from the cassette album “Interlude” on Cintas Chromo
  • Detroit based lo-fi/experimental/psychedelic/shoegaze/ambient project His Name Is Alive – “Return To Never” from upcoming album “Return To Never (Home Recordings 1979 – 1986 Vol 2)” second volume in a trilogy exploring the teenage tape experimentation of Warren Defever aka His Name Is Alive.
  • Ukrainian experimental/electronic/dream pop/folk project of Viktoria Godunko, aka NICK “December” from “Hey, Taylor!” EP on Dácrila Records & Entes Anómicos
  • Toronto-based singer/songwriter Dana Gavanski “Good Instead of Bad” from the upcoming album “Yesterday Is Gone” on Full Time Hobby
  • Queens, NY indie/dream pop/shoegaze/bedroom pop project SPELLBREAKER “Red Day” from debut “Bedroom Demos” EP
  • Norwegian indie pop/folk project of singer/songwriter Sjur Lyseid, aka The Little Hands Of Asphalt “Foreverest” from upcoming 4th album “Half Empty” on Fika Recordings
  • Denver-based drone/ambient/shoegaze/’heaven metal’ solo project of Sister Grotto‘s multi-instrumentalist Madeline Johnston aka MIDWIFE ‘Anyone Can Play Guitar’ off of the forthcoming album “Forever” on The Flenser
  • US father/daughter garage pop 3-piece band, The Exbats “I Was In Yr Video” from compilation vinyl album “E is 4 Exbats” best of first two tapes released on Burger Records
  • Northern California psychedelic band Asteroid No.4’s “Under My Umbrella” new 2-track single on Hypnotic Bridge Records
  • Italian psych/swamp rock/garage punk 5-piece from Turin, Movie Star Junkies “East & Serenade” off of upcoming 5th album “Shadow of a rose” on Teenage Menopause RDS
  • Detroit-based ’60s garage psych girl-group Shadow Show “Charades” from their upcoming debut album “Silhouettes” out February 14 on Burger Records and Stolen Body Records                                                              
  • Melbourne punk/power pop 5-piece ROMERO “Honey” off limited Red Vinyl 7″ single on Cool Death Records.
  • New York experimental pop collective Phantom Posse “It’s All You (feat. Laetitia and GABI)” from upcoming album “Forever Underground” on Orchid Tapes
  • Birmingham, Alabama psych-pop five-piece Witch’s Wall ‘Lady Love’ taken from upcoming new self-titled release ‘Witch’s Wall’ via Cornelius Chapel Records
  • Portland, Oregon electronic synthpop / dream-pop duo of Hollie and Keith Kenniff (aka Helios, Goldmund), Mint Julep “As Far As I Can Get” from the upcoming album “Stray Fantasies” due out January 31, 2020 on Western Vinyl                                                                                                                                                          
  • Japanese indie pop/dream pop band from Tokyo, LUBY SPARKS “Birthday” (The Sugarcubes cover) on Burger Records
  • Montréal, Québec psych/jangly/smooth-pop band TOPS “I Feel Alive” title track from the upcoming LP on House Arrest Distribution
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze/dream pop band fronted by Nicolás Castello, NAX “Celebrar Aniversarios” new single from the forthcoming debut LP
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia Canadian shoegaze outfit Glass Moon Ritual “Death Oracle” from the sophomore LP “Afterglow”                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Columbus, OH emo glitter pop 4-piece SNARLS “Marbles” from upcoming debut album “Burst” on This To Heart Records
  • Chinese Indie Rock Band from Xi’an, Endless White – My Little Perfect World(我不是完美小孩)- from “Diaphanous White” EP
  • Oslo, Norway electronic/indie pop duo Cold Mailman “Relax Relax Relax Relax” from the album “Baby Wake Up We Are Losing The Fire”
  • Costa Rica‘s indie/shoegaze/dream pop solo project COMET RIDER “Overthinking” debut single
  • Brooklyn, NY folksy dream pop trio fronted by singer/songwriter Tamsin Wilson, WILSEN “Feeling fancy” from the upcoming new LP “Ruiner”on Dalliance Recordings
  • Australian psych-pop teen band from Sidney, The Lazy Eyes ‘Cheesy Love Song’ new single                             
  • Champaign, IL power pop 4-piece NECTAR “Blister” new single on Rat King Records
  • San Francisco/Los Angeles desert psych/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums, The Reds, Pinks & Purples, The Telephone Numbers) and Jem Fanvu (Tune Yards collaborator), aka VACANT GARDENS “Open Air” from upcoming album “Under the Bloom” on Burundi Cloud Music and Tall Texan Records.
  • Walthamstow, UK former Hefner, and The French indie pop/folk singer-songwriter and guitarist DARREN HAYMAN “I Tried and I Tried and I Failed” from forthcoming album “Home Time” via Fika Recordings
  • Swindon, UK indie/post-punk/guitar pop band lead by former Baby Train singer/guitarist Rich May, THE KING IN MIRRORS “When In Rome” from the new album “Wasting Precious Time”
  • South London, UK based jangle pop/dream pop 5-piece MARGOT “Man Love” new single from upcoming ‘Margotzeko’ EP out Feb 7th 2020                                                                                                                                                         
  • Berlin, Germany jangle pop/power pop solo project (band member of the Seaside Stars and Man Behind Tree), Hanemoon – “At The Raging Waterfront” from debut album “Mammals” on Jigsaw Records
  • Seattle, WA folk-punk/shoegaze/noise-rock 4-piece FLORAL TATTOO “She” from the new LP “You Can Never Have a Long Enough Head Start”
  • Denton, TX dream pop/shoegaze quartet FLOWERBED “Blame” new single
  • Estonian dream pop/shoegaze collective Pia Fraus – “Paper Flower Projects” from new album “Empty Parks” via Seksound Record Label
  • Brooklyn‘s DIY C86 jangly indie pop band Jeanines “Been In The Dark” from ltd. 4-track 7″ single “Things Change” on wiaiwya
  • San Francisco’s fuzz-pop/janglegaze 4-piece SEABLITE “Skeleton Couch” from the upcoming new 10″ EP “High Rise Mannequins” on Meritorio Records & Emotional Response
  • Nashville, TN post punk/dream pop band led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, Palm Ghosts “Lorelei” new single off upcoming 6-song EP “Wide Awake and Waiting” out on Feb 7th
  • Philadelphia noise rock/shoegaze duo of members of Set and Setting and Woe, TIMELOST “Don’t Remember Me For This (Alternate Version)” off 2-tracker of B Sides from the debut album “Don’t Remember Me For This”
  • Montreal, Quebec punk/postpunk collective Red Mass “Sharp (Feat. Mac DeMarco)” from the new album “A Hopeless Noise” on Label Étiquette
  • Montreal, Quebec sitar-charged cosmic psych-pop group Elephant Stone “We Cry For Harmonia” new single from the upcoming new album “Hollow”
  • Olympia, WA electronic/paisley/avant pop project of performance artists Chris McDonnell (CCFX, TransFX) and David Jaques (CCFX, CC DUST) along with singer Valerie Warren, DAISIES “Everybody’s moving to London” from “Cherries” EP on K Records
  • Baltimore, MD mid-’80s lo-fi/bedroom pop/indie pop cassette artist (member of 80s post-punk band The Woods), Linda Smith ‘I’ll Come Back When I Come Back” (Herman Düne cover) off of V/A “Imaginary Donkeys” tribute cassette compilation to the Shrimper tape label via Italian imprint Almost Halloween Time Records
  • Greek electro-pop/post-punk/shoegaze/indie project of Jimmy Polioudis from Thessaloníki, VAGINA LIPS “Outsider Forever” title track from the new LP out now on Inner Ear
  • Austin-based power pop/indie rock band Bottlecap Mountain “Metamorphosis” new single
  • Australian dream-pop/indie duo from Brisbane, Sunbather ‘Softly Spoken’ debut single                                   
  • Chicago, IL alt/indie rock 6-piece PERFECT BLUE “Guilty” first single off Perfect Blue’s debut LP, out this Spring on Abbey Cat Recordings
  • Danish art pop/synthpop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Copenhagen, MOLINA “Vanilla Shell” title track from the new EP on Tambourhinoceros
  • Phoenix, AZ chill-wave/dream pop /synthwave solo project Secret Attraction “Easier” from V/A “To Australia With Love” cassette/digital compilation to help aid the Australia Bushfires via Stratford Ct.                            artwork=small]
  • Ottawa, Ontario ’90s alt rock/’80s synthpop duo SURRENDER “Keep Running” from S/T album on Aztec Records