WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – January #03-22

  • Barcelona-based dream pop /shoegaze duo SLOW CONNECTION “Echos” new single                                       

Barcelona‘s dreamy Shoegaze duo return with a new single, after last year’s debut EP, covered by a dense and hazy radiant blanket of triumphant ringing guitar reverberations and celestial glows, topped off by an emotional and angsty dazed male vocal vibrancy, backed by euphoric falling female echoes, to carry opposing lyrical forces from the dark shadows of doubt into the bright shining rays of truth. Darker, tense and hypnotic, amid twinkling echoing chiming guitar, ominous basslines and tight rhythms, the flip side sung in Catalan.

  • Allentown, PN noise rock /psych /shoegaze /indie rock 4-piece Catatonic Suns “Tangerine Dayglo” single from upcoming debut album “Saudade”

The Pennsylvania 4-piece drop the first preview from the band’s second LP rife with their emotional blend of Psychedelia and Shoegaze, where noise and melody switch and chase each other unceasingly, intensified by vibrant elements of Grunge and Noise Rock. The gloom-infused atmospheric new single seizes a heart-rending crushing meandering sense of aching sadness from bands like MBV and Radiohead through obsessive, reflective strummed chords that drift into flurrying and shimmering sweeps of restrained distortion laced with slightly discordant dreary bursts of bittersweet sorrow, over the desperate longing of helpless croons stuck in a looming cycle of befuddled distress “She wants no one.”

  • Brighton, UK jangly indie-noise-pop duo Dreamcoaster “Step Outside” from the upcoming “Dreamcoaster” 7″ vinyl EP on Spinout Nugget

Even with the new name, the second youth of the Brighton based Noise-Pop pair keeps on with increasing confidence and rejuvenated freshness, with a timeless alchemy of bittersweet melodies combined with fizzing noisy guitar riffs, strewed with shimmering layers of reverb and lively rhythms, swaying with intense sheer energy between dreamlike melancholy and subtle, albeit no more post-adolescent, restlessness. “Step Outside” unfurls dreamy and nostalgic vibes through a vibrant brew of fizzing riffs and sparkly jangly ripples, paving hopeful paths for the upbeat airy vocal harmonies, freeing soothing and caressing backing into the bright, cheery, and hopeful horizons of burgeoning desires.

  • London based ambient /ethereal /electronic producer and musician from Yokohama, Hinako Omori “A Journey” [single] from upcoming album “a journey…” via Houndstooth
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina experimental /math /post-rock band Losa Radiante “Cruce” single on anomalía ediciones
  • Slupsk, Poland shoegaze /noise /post-rock /psychedelic band Titanic Sea Moon “O mnie się martw //Worry Worry” single from upcoming s/t album on FONORADAR
  • Manchester, UK ethereal shoegaze DIY solo project TTSSFU “Help” (demo)
  • Leicester/Hamburg based psych/drone horror pop outfit, CHILDREN OF LEIR “Broadcast” from the demo album “(canal cover nokeys)”
  • Cambridge, UK drone psych folk singer-songwriter Simon Loynes, aka THE DOOZER “The Garden” from the upcoming 7th album “Convalensce” on Low Company (UK) and Feeding Tube Records (USA)
  • Asheville, NC dream pop /indie folk band led by singer-songwriter Kayla Zuskin, aka Lavender Blue “Slow Down” title track from from “Slow Down” EP on Broken Sound Tapes
  • Brooklyn via-Chicago Bedroom /indie /Baroque /dream pop /shoegaze husband-wife duo Silver Liz “Until Lately” new single
  • Oakland, Ca twee /jangle /indie pop /folk 4-piece led by singer-songwriter Yea-Ming Chen, aka Yea-Ming & The Rumours “Oh, Sweet Mother” from upcoming cassette album “So, Bird…” on Dandy Boy Records
  • French soul /indie folk /psych pop singer-songwriter ROMANO BIANCHI “Sentiment d’Absence” off of the debut album “Fringale” via Le Pop Club Records
  • Cali, Colombia indie /punkpop /power pop band Últimos Nietos “Km 18” from the debut album “Crisis de la Mediana Edad”
  • Grøa, Norway based indie pop band fronted by Hilarie Sidney (co-founder of the musical collective Elephant Six, and one of its three core bands The Apples In Stereo), The High Water Marks “Jenny” new single                     
  • New musical indie-pop endeavour of Northern Portrait baritone and rhythm guitarist Stefan Larsen from Denmark, The Saint Larsen – “Middleman” debut single on Matinée Recordings                                               
  • NYC-based neo-surf jangle indie band COLATURA “Team Sport” (Single)
  • The Hague, Netherlands dream-pop duo MAIDA ROSE “I Remember” new single
  • Austin, TX indie /dream /regret pop 5-piece SUN JUNE “Easy” off of “+3” EP on Run For Cover Records
  • Swedish C86 / shoegaze / dreampop /indie pop quartet from Lund, No Suits In Miami “The Robins Sang” new single                                                  
  • Indonesian shoegaze /new wave /indie-pop band from Yogyakarta, The Bunbury – “Blue Haze” from the EP “Alius Malicious” EP on La Munai Records                                                                                                              
  • Mexico City jangle /dream pop /indie pop 4-piece Useless Youth “Domingo” 2nd single from upcoming LP
  • Galway, Ireland indie rock band NewDad “Say It” new single on Fair Youth
  • Brighton, UK indie rock 4-piece ME REX “Skin, It Itches” off of new EP ‘Pterodactyl’ via Big Scary Monsters
  • Seattle alt /dreamy /indie rock solo project Darksoft “Looking Backward” from the third full-length album “Cryo”
  • Oakland, Ca indie rock band Sob Stories – “I’m The One That You Want” from the upcoming “Fair Shakes” LP on Dandy Boy Records
  • Saint Lazare, Québec fuzzy /garage /psychedelic project of Broken Social Scene guitarist Sam Goldberg Jr., aka SAM JR. “Keep It Buried” from upcoming “(Self Titled)” LP on Arts & Crafts                                                  
  • Nottingham, UK experimental /pastoral folk /psychedelic rock band The Soundcarriers “At The Time” from the new album “Wilds”, the first after almost 7 years.
  • Montreal, Quebec cosmic psych-pop group lead by sitarist/bassist Rishi Dhir, Elephant Stone “La fusée du chagrin” from upcoming EP “Le voyage de M. Lonely dans la lune” on their own label Elephants On Parade
  • French lo-fi post-rock /shoegaze /dreampop solo project Ruined Church “Online” from s/t EP
  • Brasília, Brazil lo-fi dream-pop /shoegaze solo project of Adriano Caiado, MOON PICS “No” off of the album “Memoria” on midsummer madness
  • Belfast-based dreamy pop project of Texas-bred songwriter Kendall Bousquet, aka HEART SHAPED “Version Of You” b-side from the new 2-track 7″ single “No Contact” on Poison Moon Records / Unique Technique Records
  • Richmond, Virginia noise power /jangle-pop 4-piece YOUNG SCUM “Wrong” from V/A “Range Lights: A Relief Map Family & Friends Compilation” via Relief Map Records
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia dreampop /shoegaze band (formerly Сияние), MARTO “Миг непрочен” single           
  • UK indie /jangly /shoegaze /dreampop solo singer-songwriter Oliver Beardmore ‘Not Sinking, Yet Floating’ single from upcoming debut LP                                                                                                                                  
  • UK shoegaze /indie rock solo project of singer, songwriter, musician (former Ride guitarist and Oasis bassist) Andy Bell “Something Like Love” from the upcoming double album “Flicker” on Sonic Cathedral
  • San Francisco based psychedelic shoegaze band Young Prisms “Honeydew” from the upcoming LP “Drifter” on Fire Talk.
  • Stratford Upon Avon, UK shoegaze /indie /dream pop solo project bk bx ft rr [black box flight recorder] “You. Me. Oblivion. Forever.” single
  • Helsinki, Finland post-punk /ethereal wave /shoegaze 4-piece Chamber of Reflection “Blue Well” from the debut EP “Above The Clouds” 
  • Szczecin, Poland noise-pop /slowcore /shoegaze project MOONBLINDED “Delusional nostalgia” single
  • Swedish ambient / post-rock /shoegaze duo Calle Thoor (Öland) and Oskar Karlström (Gothenburg), Bolywool “Bleíkur” new single via VÅRØ
  • Austin, TX indie rock /post-punk /shoegaze /dreampop quartet BLUSHING “The Fires” third single from the forthcoming second LP “Possessions” on Kanine Records.
  • Boston, Massachusetts based psych /shoegaze band led by Connecticut-bred guitarist/vocalist Josiah Webb, Magic Shoppe “I Feel High” (Digital Single) from the upcoming “Mono Lake” full-length album via Little Cloud Records and Cardinal Fuzz Records
  • Charlotte NC fuzzy noise pop 4-piece DOZR “Meteor” from the “Hat Trick” EP on Candlepin Records
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania alt-noise rock /shoegaze band Gloomer “Numb” from debut EP “Feel Nothing”
  • Marseille, France indie rock /grunge trio CANICULE “Trauma Doll” single
  • Toronto noise rock /emo /shoegaze 5-piece BLISS FIELDS “Clementine” from the debut album “Slowly, Forever” on Acrobat Unstable Records
  • Copenhagen, Danish indie rock solo project of multi-instrumentalist Mikkel Holm-Silkjaer (Yung, Brooch, Tears, Urban Achievers collaborator), aka HOLM “The Rope” from upcoming LP” Why Don’t You Dance” on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Copenhagen, Denmark dream pop /shoegaze /electronic musician Trentemøller “No More Kissing In The Rain” title track from the new EP “No More Kissing In The Rain” on hfn music
  • Swedish synthpop artist Molly Nilsson “Fearless Like A Child” from new LP “Extreme” on Night School Records
  • New industrial /dream pop /indie rock /shoegaze /electronic band made of Alex Lifeson (Rush), Andy Curran (Coney Hatch), Alfio Annibalini and singer Maiah Wynne, Envy Of None – “Liar” from the upcoming debut album “Envy Of None” on Kscope
  • Canadian eclectic indie rock project of Vancouver‘s artist Dan Bejar, aka Destroyer “Tintoretto, It’s for You” from upcoming LP “LABYRINTHITIS” on Bella Union and Merge.
  • Late ’70s formed, London‘s Indie Pop /New Wave band The Monochrome Set “Hello, Save Me” from the upcoming LP “Allhallowtide” on Tapete Records
  • English indie pop band fronted by Josephine Bartlett (Blue Train, Christine X, Go! Service, It’s Jo And Danny, Plaza, The Yellow Moon Band), KODIAK ISLAND “Anything, Everything” from upcoming “Play To Your Strengths” 10″ vinyl/CD EP via new label i40 Records
  • Boston based alt/indie rock band MINT GREEN “Body Language” new single on Pure Noise Records
  • South of France noise pop /indie pop /sunshine pop trio MOKASSIN “The seaside” from the cassette album “Mokassin” on Ganache Records
  • Madrid, Spain synthpop /indie rock solo project Shanghai Baby “Congratulations” single
  • Rouen, France dark folk singer-songwriter Yan Lafosse, AKA My North Eye “A flash in the pan” from the album “My North Eye III” [cassette via Equilibre Fragile]