WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – January #01-22

Photo by Esther Bubley

  • South Texas dream pop /shoegaze DIY project of Gilbert Godoy, aka FUN WITH ETHER “Lucent” new single

Texan shoegazing project by multi-instrumentalist and composer Gilbert Godoy teases the forthcoming LP with an atmospheric and erratic mesmeric shoegaze jam with busy, peppy drums driving obsessive tangles of sparkling jangly guitar melodies to weave sadness and pain into suddenly meandering reverb-steeped ethereal tides, swelled by glaring keyboard flows, whilst numb airy vocals drop surreal metaphors for pent-up emotional angst into an uncomfortable blinding and ‘lucent’ ether of distrust and fear.

  • Alternative /shoegaze /noise rock band from Japan, BLOOD PICK ME “Innocence” from 2-track single “W”

New single from the blurry Japanese band reiterates their distinct wholly 90s blend of Shoegaze and Noise Rock, made of ceaselessly vigorous rhythms, and bursting, noisy, and buzzing guitar riffs to cloak the high-strung anxiety of dual male/female heartfelt vocal tension, floating and falling powerless into bombastic explosions, distorted whispers, and frightful pitchy fears of “Innocence.” For the group’s whirling hard-hitting industrialized side dig the flip.

  • Rome, Italy bedroom pop /shoegaze /indie rock singer-songwriter Wallace Welsh “Golden Hair” single

Italian singer/songwriter’s breathy profound voice immediately captivates and entrances into the shimmering, shadowy confessional new single, that echoes Galaxy 500-like druggy melancholy, staring through rain-spattered cloudy windows, as hazy static veils hang slightly agitated over bittersweet twinkling guitar strings and gently distorted riffs, corroborated by sinuous bass pulses and steady drums beats, cutting painful paths of yearning around sad dreamy vocals slowly dripping detached awe and enchantment into an angsty adoration of another’s ‘golden hair.’

  • Scottish musician, songwriter, composer, record producer, audio engineer and legendary Cocteau Twins co-founder, Robin Guthrie “Kino’s Chance” from the instrumental EP “Springtime”
  • Experimental, electro pop project of Glasgow-based musician and producer Finlay Macdonald, AKA wor_kspace “mid_winter” single
  • Japanese dreampop /experimental folk /slowcore band from Tokyo, PERVENCHE “Quite Small Happiness” title track from the new album “Quite Small Happiness” on galaxy train
  • Vallejo, Ca bedroom /twee /indie-pop solo musical project by girlonbus, The No-Yeahs “Song” single
  • Manila, Philippines dream pop /indie pop artist Crushinglove “Sleeping with the enemy” from “Burn me blind” album
  • Tokyo, Japan shoegaze /dream pop project LUNEリューネ “Infinite Intimacy (feat. K Yngw of CAUCUS/BOAR HUNTER)” single
  • Austin, TX indie pop /dreampop duo Daydream Twins “Moonlight Serenade” second single from upcoming debut LP                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Toronto, Ontario dreampop /shoegaze /slowcore project of multi-instrumental musician/artist Charlie Berger (Slowly, Tonemirror, Dormer, Slow Planet), With Hidden Noise “Back to Me” from the upcoming album “Nowhere”
  • South Australia/Salford UK New Wave /Synthpop duo C. Carr (aka English Summer, Idle Communists) & S. A. Messner (Idle Communists), aka The House of Silence “I Will You Dream with Me” Single
  • North East London, UK cosmic rock/drone pop 6-piece The Leaf Library “Tired Ghost” single
  • Moscow based shoegaze /synthpop /new wave project of Russian multi-instrumentalist and composer Dmitry Gruber featuring Diana Gara on vocals, Hjördis-Britt Åström – “Crystal Lands” first single from the upcoming album.
  • Serbian surf /dreampop /indie sentimental pop band VEVER “Tatina košulja” single on više manje zauvijek
  • DIY indie-C86-jangle-sophisti-pop project of Amsterdam-based music-blogger Estella Rosa and Munster-based psychotherapist Sebastian Voss, NAH… “Rainy Days And Wednesdays” from the new 2-track single “The Useless Model/Rainy Days And Wednesdays”
  • Copenhagen, Denmark DIY lo-fi /twee /indie pop trio TAMPOPO “Camera Comrade” from the new album “Magic Noodles”
  • Arkhangelsk, Russia sovietwave /coldwave /new wave /retrowave duo ЭЛЕКТРОЦОЙ [Electrotsoy] “Любовь” from “Absolutely Live At The Lodge Of Eternal Love” EP
  • San Francisco‘s fuzz-pop/jangle gaze 4-piece SEABLITE “Ink Bleeds” from the 7″ vinyl single “Breadcrumbs c/w Ink Bleeds” on Emotional Response
  • Brisbane, Australia shoegaze band Pole Star “Still Here” from the debut LP “Dreams And Other Delusions”
  • Indiana/Maryland indie rock /shoegaze /dream pop collaboration Whirling and Sun Era “Take My Head” single
  • Buenos Aires-based DIY dream-pop /shoegaze solo project started in 2013 by French born Cyril Degilles, URAL MOUNTAINS “Vapour Trail ( Ride cover )”
  • Leeds, UK based dream pop /indie folk singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Donnelly, aka ELKYN “Everything looks darker now” from the upcoming album “Holy Spirit Social Club”
  • Philadelphia shoegaze project Enchantments “How does it feel?” from the debut “Life from the loam” EP on Paper Wings Records
  • Spanish darkwave /post-punk /shoegaze solo project URCO “Iluminados” from “Lamentar” EP                                                                           
  • Thailand Indie Rock /Emo /Dream Pop /Shoegaze band Electra Complex “Freeze” new single on Brand New Me Records
  • Berlin-based new wave /post-punk /shoegaze trio THE MAZE CAB “New Ways” (Single )
  • Halmstad, Sweden indie rock /noise pop /shoegaze project by Alex Johnsson, VIRIDIAN “Mary Chain (& the Jesus)” from the debut Mini-LP “From here on out, you’re on your own”
  • Vancouver, BC husband-and-wife dreampop duo LOVE CAVE “Honey Drips” single
  • Japanese shoegazer band from Osaka, ETHER FEELS “Lazy Summer Days” from “Candle Light in the Dark” EP
  • Vancouver, BC Psych-Pop /Shoegazer band DID YOU DIE “Watermelon Lollipop” from the debut LP “Thirteen Moons”
  • Ukrainian indie post-punk /dreampop /dark pop one-man band from Donetsk, LOSTSLEEP “Skin & Bones” Single
  • Prague, Czechia dream pop/indie rock trio WHYYES “Last One” new single
  • Berlin-based new wave /post-punk /shoegaze trio THE MAZE CAB “New Ways” (Single )
  • Welsh Shoegaze trio from Cardiff, THE VOICES “Twist the knife” from the 6th and penultimate album “We just want to be ourselves”
  • Dallas, TX shoegaze /noise pop 4-piece AUDIOBATON “Nothing to prove” from the single “Nothing to prove // New windows”
  • South Korean emo /dream pop /shoegaze outfit Syupeo Jenjang “You Will Never Hear From Us Again” off of ‘.’ single
  • Enigmatic dream pop /shoegaze outfit Jōetsu Shore “Chinese Robot” from the second LP “Svalbard Calling”
  • Victoria, Australian Experimental /Post-Vaporwave /Shoegaze solo project Kozstandsya “The Sun Is Melting My Eyes (I Can’t Look Away)” from the LP “Show Them Who You Are”
  • French psychedelic /shoegaze /grunge-gaze 4-piece DEAD HORSE ONE “Static King” from the upcoming EP “WHEN LOVE RUNS DRY”
  • Bristol, UK alt /indie rock /grunge /shoegaze band OVERSIZE “Nosedive” from “In Balance” EP
  • Brazilian one-person Emogaze project from Campinas, mawaru. “I Broke My Eyeglasses” single off of the upcoming “Funtime” EP.
  • Melbourne, Australia emo /shoegaze /indie rock outfit PALE SPELLS “Coral Wreath” from the single “Coral Wreath / Interaction”
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico noise rock /shoegaze punk trio (members of Shadow Creeps, Sweet Roll, Timewreckers, Adult Beverage, Ghost Circles.), Miserable Things “Normal Witches” from “2022” EP
  • UK indie pop-disco-punk-rock band from Wales, HELEN LOVE “Billy Liar” single on Alcopop! Records
  • Indiana‘s stoner rock /psychedelic /dream pop /shoegaze band CLOAKROOM “A Lost Meaning” single from the upcoming LP “Dissolution Wave” on Relapse Records
  • Melbourne post-metal /post-rock /shoegazing 6-piece Fourteen Nights At Sea “Artefacts” off of swan song 2-tracker “Artefacts / Black Maps” on Hobbledehoy
  • New York Noise /Indie Rock trio featuring Mike Bones (Soldiers of Fortune), aka WEAK SIGNAL “Best Friend” from the new EP “Best Friend”
  • Denver, Co shoegaze /dream pop 5-piece MOODLIGHTNING “Ahead of myself” single
  • Austin, TX new wave /dream pop duo Eternal Something ”Measure” new single.
  • Brooklyn, NY jangle /indie rock trio CHURCH CRUSH “Dead celebrity” from MLP “Demos ’21”
  • Toronto-based indie rock project, Royal Winter “Waiting To Be Found” from “Hand In Hand With You Into The Fire” (EP)
  • Detroit, Mi indie /art rock /dreampop band Zoos of Berlin “Sleep Like Her” single
  • Kyiv, Ukraine lo-fi /shoegaze /indie rock solo project последнее прошлое. “Starry child”                                         
  • Russian shoegazing /indie rock outfit from Orel, номер скрыт — “самый благополучный штат” single on Sparrow Records                                                                                                                                               
  • Reno, Nevada indie rock /post-punk /power pop band VAGUE CHOIR “Killed The Party” from upcoming “Double Exposure” EP
  • 1985 debut session by London‘s Creation Records stalwart Pete Astor’s post-Loft project, The Weather Prophets “Lighthouse Room (Long session)” from “PRE 008: The Weather Prophets – Janice Long session 10.10.85″ Vinyl 12″ EP on Precious Recordings of London
  • Early 90s formed Australian indie-pop 4-piece based in Melbourne, THE LUCKSMITHS “Self-Preservation” from the 2001 fifth studio album “Why That Doesn’t Surprise Me” 20th anniversary repressing on vinyl LP via Lost And Lonesome and Matinée Recordings
  • Philippines‘ shoegaze /dreampop band from Manila, MEGUMI ACORDA “Cats, Cats and Cats Again” (a Cosmic Child cover)
  • Spanish shoegaze /dream pop /indie-pop duo from Sevilla, The Royal Landscaping Society ”Friends And Lovers” from the 17-track ‘Means of Production’ CD on Matinée Recordings                                                        
  • Barcelona based indie synth-pop duo ELLA ELLA “Grafistas de Huelva” single for the 6th Exhibition “Grafistas onubenses” on Huelva’s Salón Iberoamericano de Casa Colón via Magic Room Records.
  • Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Electronic /Witch House /Synthwave duo Katfëud – “C I † Δ D Σ L” (Single) title track to the upcoming EP “Citadel”
  • Bordeaux, French new wave /synth-pop trio (former members of Lokomotiv Sofia, Watoo Watoo, Photon), VACANCE “A Way To Exist (Le Futur Pompiste)” from V/A “Soleado: a tribute to Siesta Records” on Fadeawayradiate Music
  • L.A. bedroom pop /indie rock /dreampop solo project Yucky Bangs “Fire Season” single
  • L.A. post-punk /jangle pop duo Velvet Cathedral “Rough and Beautiful Place” from the debut EP “Think about it”
  • Tangerang, Indonesia indie pop /dreampop band Toscasoda “Swerved feat. Noni” from the EP “ill at ease”
  • Québec dreamy pop music project of singer-songwriter Margaux Sauvé, aka Ghostly Kisses “Green Book” fourth single from her upcoming debut album “Heaven” on Akira Records                                                            
  • Northern California’s Bay Area indie rock trio Sjowgren “This Year For Christmas” on Long Time Friend Discount                                                                                                                                                                  
  • London UK Ambient /Electronic /Folk /Shoegaze /Slowcore singer-songwriter RAPT “Away In A Manger” [single]
  • Cleveland, OH-based ethereal bedroom pop project of singer-songwriter Jenna Fournier from the shoegaze/alt-rock band NIIGHTS, KID TIGRRR “Steady Hand (demo)” from “Dæmos” EP

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