WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze /Dream pop /Psychedelic /Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze /Dream pop /Psychedelic /Indie Tips #19


Picks Of The Week:

  • Paris new wave/dream pop DIY band FIASCO “Duel” title track from the debut EP on tape/CD via In Silico Records

Debut EP confirms the band’s distinctive knack for a dark-infused blend of hazy dream pop and new wave where melancholy and nostalgia, light and shade, calm and anguish interwine perfectly.

  • Byron Bay, Australia indie/jangly/dream pop quartet SEASIDE “Sycamore” new single.                                                         

Byron Bay four-piece is not new to usher tunes of blissful and infectious power-pop prowess, they do it again this time adding an irresistible jangly flair.

  • Cornwall, UK gazey dream pop 4-piece FLASHES “Folki” new single

Cornwall based dream-pop quartet’s lazy, dreamy and moving new single oozes beautiful melancholic lethargy and deliciously soothing warmth.

  • Seoul kraut rock psychedelic new-age drone project by traveling musical family, made up of Pan-Asian couple, itta and Marqido, aka TENGGER “See” from upcoming album “Spiritual 2” on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records
  • Brisbane, Australia orchestral /ethereal /dream pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist Amber Ramsay, aka CLOUD TANGLE ”Falling Asleep” title track from the sophomore EP on Valley Heat Records.
  • Los Angeles ethereal psych /dream pop duo Magic Wands “Cyan Blue” from upcoming new LP                          
  • Gold Coast, Australia shoegaze /psych-pop band SYRUP, GO ON “I Never Wanted You to Care” second single from the upcoming debut album ‘Don’t Go’ due out late June via Valley Heat Records                                          
  • Houston, TX ‘jangle drone’ 4-piece GLIA “You’re Right” from new 2-track single “You’re Right/Second Thoughts”
  • Granada, Spain dream pop/shoegaze band LEBEND “By Your Side” new single.                                                  
  • L.A. based alt /jangle /indie pop quartet Girl Friday “Decoration/Currency” from upcoming new “Fashion Conman” EP is due out Friday, June 28th via Hardly Art                                                                                        
  • Nashville, TN dream /psych pop duo TWEN “Holy River” second single off Twen’s debut album to be released on Frenchkiss Records
  • London, UK bedroom /dream pop /shoegaze duo WHITELANDS “Paradise Is A Person” new single
  • Shoegaze/Dream Pop-infused Synth-pop project from the Netherlands by Robbert van Rumund, aka Decadesthétique “Dive” from the debut album “Ourselves” on Death Shadow Records
  • Los Angeles dream pop rock quartet Special Lonely “Salt” from “SLEP2”
  • Italian lo-fi/jangle pop/dream pop solo project WAKE IN JUNE “Mega Cartridge” from the upcoming cassette album “Lavender Pink” on Z Tapes
  • Trans-fronted aggressively ethereal/dream pop/shoegaze music project from Louisville, KY., VYVA MELINKOLYA “UGLY IRL” new single
  • Canadian psychedelic/shoegaze project of Peter McNestry from Ottawa, The Pink Elephants feat. Gabriella Cos ”Pretty Little Fool”                                                                                                                                             
  • Minneapolis‘ shoegaze/grunge/noise trio Double Grave “The Kiss” off upcoming 6-track cassette EP “Ego Death Forever” via Forged Artifacts
  • New York‘s alt/indie rock band GLOM “My Red Spine” new single on La Reserve Records                                       
  • Brighton, UK ‘tropical pop’/indie rock band JUMANJI “Aloha” from the new EP “49”                                           
  • Dublin, Ireland indie guitar rock 5-piece SILVERBACKS “Pink Tide” new single
  • Ventnor City, NJ grunge/psych/garage rock solo project LOUD HOUND “Cause a Commotion” new single
  • Toronto, Canada ‘punchy pop’ /indie guitar pop trio THE MOOKS “Let It All Fall Down” new single
  • UK all-girl three piece indie-pop band based in Chester, PEANESS “Breakfast” new single
  • Nashville, TN dream /psych pop duo TWEN “Holy River” second single off Twen’s debut album to be released on Frenchkiss Records
  • Auckland, New Zealand lo-fi shoegaze/dream-pop project of Simeon Kavanagh-Vincent, aka Lucky Boy^ “Turn Off That Light” new single
  • London, UK noise rock trio Crushed Beaks “Honesty Rock” from upcoming album ‘The Other Room’, out August 2019 on Clue Records
  • Copenhagen-based noise rock/shoegaze duo, PINEMOON “Sinister” from their forthcoming debut album “Miracle” due in the Fall 2019.
  • Seattle‘s shoegaze/psych-rock 4-piece fronted by multi-instrumentalist Owen Murphy, New Age Healers “A Message From The Past” from the forthcoming album “Debris”                                                                             
  • California synth pop/synth wave artist Sports Coach “Baja Blast Off” new single “One For Feinberg” from the upcoming new album ”Sports Spirits”, out on June 21 via Spirit Goth
  • Los Angeles-based indie/dream pop/guitar pop singer/multi-instrumentalist Kamtin Mohager, aka The Chain Gang of 1974 “Ordinary Fools (Pt 2)” new single out now via FEVER LTD.
  • Australian alt/dream pop/guitar rock trio from Sydney, MIDDLE KIDS  – ”Real Thing” from new EP “New Songs For Old Problems” on Lucky Number.
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania indie/jangle/dream pop band FLOWER CROWN “Stranger Things” from the sophomore album “Sundries” on Crafted Sounds
  • Bologna-based Italian shoegaze/new wave/synth-pop trio Dade City Days “Old Fashioned” new single
  • Russian post-punk/shoegaze/dream pop band from Saint-Petersburg, Весна Весна “Каждый мой сон / My every dream” from “Перемены настроения”
  • Mexico City shoegaze/psych rock band LSDAYS “Take Your Trips” from 6-track mini-LP “Time Travel”
  • Ukrainian shoegaze/dream pop solo project of Dmitri Vaskovets from Odessa, WHEATNESS “Young Heart Stands Still” from the upcoming debut album “The Soft Backstab”
  • Sacramento, CA dream pop/shoegaze solo project Future Artifact “Reduxer” from the new album “The Hitting Sun”
  • Iceland shoegaze /post-rock quartet VAR “By The Ocean” from the new album “The Never-Ending Year”
  • San Francisco’s fuzz-pop/janglegaze 4-piece SEABLITE “There Were Only Shadows” from upcoming album “Grass Stains and Novocaine” on Emotional Response                                                                                                 
  • Atlanta, Georgia shoegaze/space rock/psychedelic band REVERENDS “That Was Hell” from the upcoming album “The Disappearing Dreams Of Yesterday” on Little Cloud Records
  • Geelong/Melbourne jangle pop/new-wave 4-piece HIEROPHANTS “Pang” from the album “Spitting Out Moonlight” on Anti Fade
  • Chicago, Il dream pop/bedroom pop solo project BOYO TALK “Ghost” from the new EP “ITS A PLEASURE TO BE HERE”
  • Evanston, IL bedroom /indie /dream pop solo project WES PARK “Your Window”                                                  
  • Russian indie/pop punk/dream pop band from Vladivostok, houmskillet bizquit ‘побочные эффекты’ title track from the new EP
  • Toronto, Canada indie/dream pop trio TV SETS “Your Voice On Tape” new single
  • Paris based indie /jangle pop /psych-pop /’post pop’ group (featuring members of Belmont Witch, Bootchy Temple, Os Noctàmbulos, Joujou Jaguar etc…), SEX SUX “Thought’s Crack” B-side from upcoming limited 2-track “Safe Pain” 7″ single on Requiem Pour Un Twister
  • Montreal, Quebec electro-pop artist VISREI “Visible” from upcoming “Kin” EP on Lisbon Lux Records
  • Charlottesville, Virginia indie folk singer/songwriter Kate Bollinger “Untitled” new single