WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – DECEMBER #50-22

  • London/Barcelona coldwave /new wave /post-punk trio BODY LIQUID “Lowlands” off debut 2-track demo

Blending the intensity and frantic energy of 80’s Post-punk and Synth-wave with a subtle Punk edge, from the debut Demo EP from the enigmatic AngloSpanish trio Body Liquid. The lead track brims with the chaotic, windy, and dramatic vibrancy of rugged confessions, underpinned by a throbbing racing bed of steady rhythms, meandering syncopated basslines, aching guitar strains, ethereal glares, and tantalizing vintage eerie keyboard swirls, soaring along airy, sweeping siren-esque cries to inflame restless male/female passions with a striking vocal interplay of unstoppable desires.

  • Indonesian shoegaze /coldwave /post-punk band, Cotswolds “Dysfunction” from the split EP “Tamarind” with Kanekuro on Greedy Dust Records

With pleasure we listen again to brand new stuff from the Indonesian band Cotswolds, who return with two new tracks distinguished by a usual evocative guitar work, albeit more concise, sinewy and sharp, less steeped in reverb, particularly in the dark, high-speed angst of the opening track driven by jittery rolling ‘crazy rhythms’, washed by fluid icy The Sound-like synths over ghostly, haunted vocal broods, racing breathlessly into a relentless stream of chaotic and dysfunctional moods.

  • L.A. based slowcore /dark wave /post-punk solo project xójira “Reflections” single

L.A.’s one-man band, which in the last year usually explores narcoleptic slowcore realms, with one of the two recent forays into Dark Wave / Post-punk sounds. A hypnotic bouncy drum machine, gripping pulsing basslines, and obsessive slicing guitar decorations churn around desperate breathless vocal broods, shedding self-hate and alienation into dark emotional tears of tragic discomfort. While alluding himself to She Past Away suggestions, at times recalling of the alluringly romantic-confidential gloom of fellow citizen Mareux, who was used to hanging out not long ago on Soundcloud as well, time will tell if xójira will show an equally confident and consistent talent.

  • NYC-based dark electronic /synthpop duo of Jasmine Golestaneh & Eddie Cooper aka TEMPERS “Agalma VI (Tempers Rework)” rework of an excerpt from the latest release of legendary ambient drone artist Drew McDowall (Coil, Psychic TV) in celebration of Dais Records‘ 15th anniversary
  • Dutch minimal synth /electronic act (Opel Kadett), Sluik – “Open Window” from V/A “80s Underground Cassette Culture: Volume 2” album on Contort Yourself
  • Darkwave /synthpop /darkjazz project of the Hungarian cult underground musician Tamás Kátai AKA Neolunar “München – Hamburg” from the S/T album (originally released in 2016) cassette edition via Senkrecht Records
  • Vienna‘s synth wave/minimal synth solo project of synthesist/singer Violet Candide (of duos Mitra Mitra and Violetiger), AKA Peppy Pep Pepper – ”Arches” off upcoming debut album “Decline” 12″ vinyl on Modern Tapes
  • German Electronic /Kaldt Disko /Coldwave /Synthpop project of Harry Haller from Essen, FOKKER “Soviet Europa”
  • Northern Ireland‘s synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Landform” title track from the new album “Landform”
  • Italian dark disco /new wave /synth-pop project of Stefano Castelli (from Milan‘s post-punk band Clone Culture), Castelli feat. Luca Urbani – “Festa” from the forthcoming ‘Anni Venti’ album on Bordello A Parigi
  • Asturia, Spain coldwave /synth-pop solo project of Juan Casamayor AKA Octuvre “Frío” off of “Amor Letal” EP via Ferror Records
  • Utrecht, Netherlands electronic /post-punk /synthpop solo project by R.v.R. AKA Decadesthétique “Colliders” from the upcoming 2023 LP “Mannequin” on Death Shadow Records
  • Stockholm electro /new wave /post-punk /electronic musician/DJ Johan Risberg (part of Northern Industrial) AKA a>m “Cut You Up!” off the debut solo album “Stay Tuned – Stay Confused” in conjunction with The Transmission Boutique, Alvaret Tape Rekordings & Giant Dynamo (Stockholm).                                          
  • Lisbon-based darkwave /synthpop act Violence against Man “Disappear” from the new album “Party of None”
  • UK shoegaze / minimal synth /post-punk duo The KVB “World In My Eyes” from V/A “A Tribute To Depeche Mode” compilation album on Cleopatra Records
  • New York-based dark electronic /occult synth-punk artist (Fka Ghotha from the collective project Unboned), RHOYA “Girl In Red” first track of a 3-song release.
  • Breda, the Netherlands ’80s industrial /tribal /experimental /dark electronics one-man project of Marien van Ooers AKA Het Zweet “Voices of Calamity” from the upcoming 2×12″ vinyl compilation “HET ZWEET – ARCHIVES VOL. I (’82-’88)” on Modal Analysis
  • Cochabamba, Bolivia‘s multidisciplinary minimal electronic dark wave duo Retrovisor “Pequeña danza (single version)”
  • Goth /Dark Electronics /Coldwave /Darkwave act from Richmond, VA, Petrified Entity “Outpour of Regret” from S/T album
  • L.A. post-punk /electro-punk solo project of visual artist, songwriter and musician, Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Hedonist’s Lament” from “Hedonist’s Lament / Suicide Fever” new single
  • Barrie, ON new wave /synthpop act The R.I.P.ped Nancy’s – “Nothing” single on Kernkrach
  • French electro-punk /synth-punk act Bracco “Be A Boy” from the LP “Dromonia” on Born Bad Records
  • Los Angeles based EBM /dark electronic /darkwave duo IT SPOKE IN TONGUES “End Of Desire” (Single)
  • Bergen, Norway darkwave /trip-hop /dark pop outfit Melt Motif – “Full Moon” single [Apollon Records]
  • Mid-80s Spanish synthpop act MUZAK “Me Das Vicio” from “Technoacrazia” 2xLP compilation [16 unreleased and 4 bonus tracks by Muzak, TodoTodo, Megadeath Extreme and V Generación] on Frigio Records
  • L.A. based Italo/American goth /darkwave /Italo disco /synthpop trio (members of Terremoto and Crimson Scarlet), NUOVO TESTAMENTO “Heartbeat” from 2023 LP “Love Lines”
  • German EBM /Synthpop collaboration between ZOTH OMMOG Allstars Armageddon Dildos and Orange Sector, AKA Kanka + Bodewell “Believe” single on Infacted Recordings
  • Gothenburg, Sweden electropop duo MAIN “Stay On The Road” single on pbhmedia
  • French shoegaze /post-punk /darkwave project created by Parisian producer ManuH, AKA Distance H “Reason to Rush (feat. Liset Alea)” single
  • Sheffield, UK Darkwave /Electropop duo PROMENADE CINEMA “On Video” single
  • Los Angeles-based synth-wave /darkwave duo MELDAMOR “As The Enemy Dies” single
  • Los Angeles based punk /shoegaze /post-punk solo project of photographer and visual artist Jeff Fribourg (founding member of LA psych-kraut favorites Froth), Numb.er “1107” from the album “incaseineverwake”
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland Post-Punk /Darkwave act Hidden Hand “April’s Attic” title track of the album “April’s Attic” on Sudden Strike Records
  • Miami, FL based, Puertorican dark post-punk /synth-rock duo, LUST ERA “La Piel” single
  • Portuguese Goth /DarkSynth /Darkwave producer and musician David Wolf (She Pleasures Herself), When The Roses Die “LIPS ( LOVE UNTIL DEATH)” single
  • Portland-based Goth Techno /Body Music /Darkwave one-man project by Conor Knowles, aka DANCING PLAGUE “Dreamless”
  • East Bay machine driven dual-bass post-punk duo featuring Mike Cadoo (Gridlock, Bitcrush) and Badger McInnes (Here We Burn, After the Apex), Vague Lanes “We’ll Always Have Never” from the upcoming debut album “Foundation And Divergence” via SwissDarkNights Label
  • US darkwave /coldwave /post-punk duo of Daniel Srungaram & Dante Palomba, NEW TODAY “Cycle of Madness” from the new album “Let Me Forget”
  • Trento, Italy post-punk /synth wave outfit (member of Astio), HUZZAH “Wait” single
  • Paris, France new wave /darkwave /coldwave solo project Under A Dark Light “Creature” single
  • Vienna, Austria based Cold Wave /Dark Wave solo project by Mikhail Shlepin AKA Скубут “Акт самоубийства (Special Version)”
  • Glogow, Poland indie /coldwave /post-punk band Cinema Protests Club “Perception” from the debut EP “Outside”
  • Kazakh indie /post-punk solo project IEGERLER “Kılt” from the EP “Ózgeresıń”
  • Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany wave /post-punk duo Worn Out “The Unknown” from the debut EP “The Unknown Demo”
  • Argentina/England New Wave /Synthpop /Post-Punk duo Pablo Casadey and Sam Young, AKA Night Hexe “In Flames” (LIVE)
  • Melbourne based indie rock /post-punk project of songwriter James Spencer Harrison, AKA Fleeting Persuasion “Etched” single
  • Athens, Greece avant-punk /no wave /noise /post-punk band SCLAVOS “All The Children” from the upcoming debut LP “Heroin Macarena”
  • Ravenna, Italy post-punk /new wave duo The Doormen “Glass Factory” first single from the upcoming 2023 5th album on MiaCameretta Records
  • Reno, NV psych /post-punk /art-punk band SPITTING IMAGE “Full Sun” single from forthcoming “Full Sun” LP on Slovenly Recordings
  • German post-punk Bodanegra feat. Rio Black “Das runde Haus” from “Halt!” (Das geheime zweite Album) unreleased, unmastered second LP
  • Rouen, France post-punk /coldwave solo project NICE COLD NATION “Êtres contraires” from the 2023 new album
  • UK New wave /Post-Punk duo Parramatta “Perspective” from the LP “We still miss JOHN PEEL (an introduction to the delusional world of Parramatta)”
  • Toulouse, France Indie Rock /Garage Pop / Post-punk band Cloud Factory “Downtown” from the second EP “Highs & Lows”
  • Reno, NV indie rock /new wave /post-punk project Uppendix “If You’re Leaving, Believe in The Door” from the cassette album “Bliss is Solipsis” on Discontinuous Innovation Inc.
  • Brooklyn, NY no-wave /post-punk project Naked Objects “Home” from the album “Blue Sunlight Artificial Living”
  • Indianapolis new wave /post-punk /indie rock singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jackson VanHorn “fALLOUT” from V/A “Honk If You’re Already Dead” compilation on Already Dead Tapes and Records
  • Slovakian Dungeon Synth duo Škreter “Pale Warlock (feat Aurel Coven)” from the album “The Shore”

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