photo by Katya Berestova

WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – NOVEMBER #48-22

  • Turin, Italy electro dark synth wave solo project ZOLTAN FREITAG “Frailty” from the EP “Through the Glass”
New EP from Turin-based electronic musician, 4 tracks rife with his distinctive surreal, nostalgic, and contemplative minimal Synth Wave sound, subtly permeated with dystopian, disturbing, and romantic moods. Compiling three previous singles, included also the darker and evocative “The End Of Times” featuring the alluring chanteuse Anomys, the unreleased “Frailty” bounces mechanically through hypnotic spacey nostalgic auras fusing hollow stabs, warbling bass lines, repetitive beats, and sparkling synths swirls, to layer a vibrant expanding anxiety around nervous, sad atmospheric vocals, longing for a simple old school life amid technology’s rapid encroachment.
  • Smolensk, Russia lo-fi /synthpop /new wave /post-punk solo project Gorodki “The perfect girl “(The Cure cover)

After the suggestive, and rather popular, also due to the viral help of Tik Tok, remake of The Cure‘s “The Perfect Girl” by LA-based darkwaver Mareux, able to make his cover more 80’s than the original, moreover one of the more upbeat pieces of Robert Smith’s band, Gorodki, a solo project from Russia has chosen to tackle the same subject for his debut, needlessly without declaring it, to wander, with some Molchat Doma vibes, in icy, bleak and apprehensive realms with an echoing pain-filled twinkling guitar, brimming with unsettled melancholy, and enveloping desolate spatial synth drifts over chilly insecure soft spoken vocal mumblings, releasing fear and desire into a cold gray breeze, waiting to meet his perfect girl. I wouldn’t have recognized it right away if not for the title, always a good sign for a cover.

  • Los Angeles-based synth band consisting of members Sea Fjerstad and Tamara Sky, AKA More Ephemerol “Glamour Victim” single

L.A. Minimal Wave duo is back with a robotic, cool, and edgy yet evocative dancing synthpop number with an Italo flair, that swirls into an alluring nostalgic bouncy vortex of 80s-tinged stuttering bass lines, skipping rhythms, and intoxicating buzzing synth swathes to hypnotize and lure a dual male/female vocal interplay with deceptive visions and subliminal control. 

  • Mexican/US ambient /ethereal /dream pop /darkwave /synth wave project of Victoria C. and Meg Wilhoite (Death of Codes), AKA Fotopsia “Tangled Up (sped up)” from the work-in-progress debut album “Paper Tears”
  • Swedish dark wave /post-punk five-piece led by Dennis Lyxzén (Refused, The (International) Noise Conspiracy), INVSN “Let The Night Love You” single on Clouds Hill
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Gothic /Post-punk /Synthpop /Dark Wave DIY solo project, Slow Danse With The Dead – “Doom and Gloom” single
  • Mexico City Horror /Post-Punk band Mar Violeta – “Bailando con el mal” from the debut “Derecho a la Muerte” EP
  • Peruvian Minimal Dark Cold Wave act from Lima, SCHMERZ “Thanatosis” from upcoming vinyl debut LP “Lamentum” on InfravoX Records
  • Vancouver, BC new wave /post-punk /coldwave outfit Cathedral Scene “Trying to Erase” from the upcoming EP “Scene II” on Strawberry Coffin Records
  • Tijuana-based, Mexican dark wave /post-punk duo, DANCING STRANGERS “Echoes” single
  • L.A. darkwave /techno /electro /EBM solo project of Josh McVety, AKA Mellow Code “Face It” single
  • Mexican dark wave /minimal wave act, Rotten and Broken “Come closer” from the debut album “No future”
  • Minsk, Belarus post-punk /coldwave side project of Nürnberg member Jan Pyatranka, AKA фарфоровые коты [Farforovyekoty] ‘Violence” 2-track single
  • French experimental cold pop /minimal synth-electro wave project by Alaxis Andreas G. since 1996, LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE “Another Body Found” off the new 8-track album of the same name
  • German Synthwave /Darkwave /Minimal Synth side project by Dada Pogrom and Kernkrach, AKA Pertrix Werke – “Monoton” 7″ single on Kernkrach/Nancy Records
  • Montreal, Canada minimal synth /coldwave solo project NO “Dry Cut”
  • Italo/Swedish dark synth-pop duo Nová Síla “Žádná Moc” from the EP “Behavioral Enslavement” tape on Crypto Order // Democide Products
  • Madison, WI experimental /goth /punk /electronic super group with members/collaborators of The Residents, Those Poor Bastards, eX-Girl, Renaldo & The Loaf, Zebras, Sons Of Perdition, AKA Vincent Presley & The Secret Creeps “Someday You’ll Understand (featuring Kirilola and Nolan Cook)” from “Vincent Presley & The Secret Creeps – Vol 1″ vinyl 12” album on Secret Records
  • German analogue synth project founded by Marc Schaffer (aka solitude fx, Endphase, Twins Natalia; and the founder of the Anna Logue Records and Nadanna labels), Shibuya Station “Madness (feat. Kriistal Ann)” from the upcoming vinyl 10″ mini-album “Always Waiting at Shibuya Station” collection of all previously recorded material via Polytechnic Youth label
  • German electro /synth-pop /synth wave /new wave musician Philipp R. Münch, AKA The Rorschach Garden “Walk on my side” title track from the new EP “Walk on my side”
  • Berlin based Electronic Dark Wave duo NNHMN “Unreal” single
  • Paris‘ electro post-punk /synth wave artist Alex Sindrome ‘Relis Cioran (Feat. Dawn Blackbird)’ from the album ‘Eject’.
  • Sidney based new beat /darkwave /coldwave project of Marc Dwyer, AKA Buzz Kull “Man On The Beat” from the new LP “Fascination” on AVANT!Records
  • Zurich, Switzerland techno /electro /new wave /dark electronic producer and Relish label boss, Robi Insinna, a.k.a. Headman “NOT ABOUT (Exterminador Remix 1)” 2nd single from the upcoming Headman album on Relish Label
  • French EBM /cold wave /electro composer, producer, remixer and Black Strobe member, Arnaud Rebotini “I Drive East” from the upcoming “I Drive East” EP on Mannequin Records
  • Brooklyn-based Electro /Darkwave /Anarcho Body Music solo artist Bustié feat. B. West – “More Mirrors” from upcoming V/A “Polygon” compilation on Samo Records
  • Madison, Wisconsin industrial /electro /new beat /EBM project by Caustic’s Matt Fanale and Null Device’s Eric Oehler, KLACK “Beat Unity (Flashlights Mix)” from “Beat Unity” remix EP
  • Veteran industrial dark-electro act from Hungary, Human Vault “What dissolves the one” from upcoming 8th LP “Fragment Existence” on aliensproduction
  • Leipzig, Germany dark electro /industrial /EBM artist Tino Claus, aka TC75 “Sun” from the album “5TH”
  • Madrid, Spain dark electronic/psych/synthpop artist, Raúl Querido “Playa de Madrid” from the first mini-album “Carabanchel” on El Genio Equivocado.
  • Enigmatic Slovenian electronic /darkwave project Vintgår “Mourning Palace” (Dimmu Borgir cover) on ŠOP Records
  • Yuba City, CA doomer /post-punk /synthpop solo project VDM – “Die With You” from the album “Fall into the Walls”
  • Munich based 8bit /electro /wave /synth /punk solo project GrGr “Glowing E-Scooters” from the LP “Kopf”
  • Offenbach, Germany industrial /darkwave /coldwave duo Recht Auf Rausch – “ Ware Arbeitskraft (Kalocain Nachtdienst Mix)”
  • Melbourne based bedroom pop /new wave /electronica duo of Marcus Rechsteiner (UV Race) and Daniel ‘Tubs’ Twomey (Deaf Wish/Lower Plenty), AKA Hot Tubs Time Machine “GigFace” from the sophomore LP ‘Double Tubble’ via Spoilsport Records (AU/NZ) and Trouble in Mind (ROW).
  • Spanish electronic /synthpop act Lifelong Corporation “Lovers” single
  • Manchester, UK Synth /Dark Electro band Mercury Machine “Remember” single
  • Swedish EBM /synthpop duo e:lect “Between Spaces” from the album “Disoriented Illusion”
  • Dublin, Ireland Dark Synth-Pop solo project bloodinwater “Cold Case” from the debut LP “Delicate Remains”
  • Tel Aviv Yafo‘s dark synthpop /post-punk solo project of Dean Klein (Sweatshop Boys, Jarada, Princip, Ghost Spell), aka VACUUM MAN “No Future Forever” single
  • Brighton, UK-based dark wave /post-punk /death pop duo Corlyx “The Echo” from the album “Blood In The Disco” on Out Of Control
  • Swedish electronic /post-punk /coldwave /industrial trio from Stockholm, Agent Side Grinder – “Waiting Room” single on Progress Productions
  • Louisville, Kentucky post-punk /darkwave duo of former members of 9voltRevolt, Stephen Beasey and Brian Cain, AKA Who Saw Her Die? “The Unseen” from the EP “Breaking Through the Cracks”
  • Darkwave music project of Ukrainian musician Ruslan Radionov, AKA Pustota Veschey “pusto” single
  • L.A. post-punk /electro-punk solo project of visual artist, songwriter and musician, Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Uniform” single
  • Slovyansk, Ukraine goth /new wave /post-punk band Delirium “Хiть” single
  • Stockholm based post-punk band Fashion Cult “Gråa Moln” from the debut cassette EP “MSG-49”
  • Cincinnati, Ohio coldwave / post-punk band (members of The Drin and The Serfs), Crime Of Passing “Dancing Prick” from the cassette “2017-2020” compilation of songs from 2017-2020 on Mangel
  • Oslo, Norway deathrock /post-punk 4-piece band BATBONER “Skretch” single
  • New Zealand 5-piece dark post-punk band from Christchurch, The Tacks “Never Leaving” from the vinyl edition of the self-titled album on Rockstar Records
  • Spanish post-punk band from Valencia, Fantastic Explosion “Es por ti” title track from the album “Es por ti” via Flexidiscos
  • Greece based Punk trio comprises Melbourne born siblings, FRENZEE “Sane To Insane” from the upcoming debut vinyl “Frenzee” EP
  • Melbourne, Australia new wave/post-punk/punk band DR SURE’S UNUSUAL PRACTICE “Blood Money (LIVE)” from the live album “Remember The Future? LIVE FROM THE FUTURE” via Marthouse Records
  • New York based new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Real feelings” from the EP “Voices from the Past”
  • Darkwave /EBM /Synthwave female solo project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK “Gomorrah”