WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #48

Natalia Drepina Photography

  • Edgy Electronic Beats 251120 – Odilon’s Grip DJ Set                                                                                           

This week’s Edgy Electronic Beats DJ Set is jammed with new music from Fragrance., Gewalt, Un Hombre Solo, We are ooh people, Rue Oberkampf, T.G.T.B., MIND | MATTER, Justine & Berezin, B1980, great tracks by Void Vision, The Soft Moon, Gudrun Gut, Fotoapparat, Scared to Death, and many others. For the full tracklist check Odilon’s Grip Mixcloud page here.

  • Hamburg, Germany noise rock/post-punk band GRUNDEIS “Bleach” debut single

Hamburg 4-piece deliver an intoxicating brew of post-punk and noise-rock, braced with punk and shoegaze undertones, with a kinetic swarm of guitar sonic fury that weaves stark whirls of abrasiveness and distortion, grounded by steady drumming that pounds and judders along in its vigorous floor-shaking drive along a taut rumbling bassline, to create dangerous, chugging rhythmic shards of noise, both unruly and edgy, as thick and turbulent to cut cold, anguished commanding vocals, unleashing ominous despair into excruciating 6-string dreaded dimensions. This band’s got their mojo workin’!

  • Dalarna, Sweden coldwave /synthwave /synthpop producer Lars-Göran Forsberg aka FOPMUSIC “When Everything Is Blast” new single                                                                                                               

Hopelessly nostalgic and melodic classic synthpop from Central Sweden, steeped in OMD blissfully dazed melancholy, that wraps unexpected warm intimate vibes radiated by dazzling synth swells stretching organically, underpinned by steady hypnotic rhythms, around sensitive, emotional longing’s endearing take on the invigorating nature of belonging.

  • Berlin/Hamburg NDW/minimal wave/synthpop duo of musician Christian Klesz and vocalist Francis Kussatz, Paragraf 201 “Seerosen auf Schlammbergen” from the debut EP “Läufst du mit, läufst du Gefahr”                        

Promising debut 3-tracker filled with dark synthpop deadpan from Northern Germany duo, Paragraf 201, doused in stark sinister throbbing bass threat and crunching tinny beats, stabbed by icy bright winding bleak synth melodies around cool, aloof vocals exuding haunting monochromatic ramblings into the ominous spinning layers of obscurity.

  • Mexican witch house/synthpop/electropunk project of Edwin Hernandez, aka SheUsedToBeHuman – “BloodBath” new single
  • Oakland, Ca lo-fi/bedroom-pop/experimental/post-punk project, Spending every season in hell ”girl with the raven hair (Jody Reynolds cover)” from the EP “Covers”.
  • Northern Spanish darkwave/synthwave/shoegaze/post-punk solo project URCO “Cancion de luna”                            
  • Dark minimal electro wave duo from Belgium, Black Snow In Summer “Julia” from upcoming EP vinyl to be released at the end 2020 – begin 2021
  • Russian indie/shoegaze/post-punk trio from Moscow, Культодиночества [kultodinochestva] “Синие стены” from split EP “Vrazek / культодиночества – Сплит”
  • Karlstads, Sweden synthpop/post-punk trio NEVROSA “Struggle”                                                                            
  • French postwave project lesyeuxsansvisages “t e a r d r o p s ft AIVER”                                                                  
  • Russian EBM/acid/coldwave/electro producer and certified psychiatrist Alexey Bork, aka Rudiment “Darkness In The Mind (feat Vika Paly)” from upcoming cassette EP “L.I.N.E.S” on Phormix
  • Leipzig based EBM/electro/wave duo Milium & Nova – “La Situation” off V/A “Modernation Vol.1” the first of a 4 part cassette compilation serie on Italo Moderni
  • Brest-based electropunk duo from Belarus, HYSTEREMA “Нейролептики (Antipsychotics)” new 2-track single
  • Paris, France electro-punk duo of Deaf Parade’s Volkan and Vitriol’s Mathieu, aka Leroy Se Meurt – “Into The Light” from V/A “ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL – 1980/2020” cassette+ zine album on Industrial Complexx
  • German dark electronic /EBM trio Die Selektion “Herzschlag der Figur” from V/A “We Are Not Alone Pt. 2” on BPitch Berlin
  • The Hague, Netherlands one-woman analog dark synth project Dim Garden – “Prisonniers du grand Nord” from live cassette album “L’Âme Malvenue”
  • Toronto based one-off EBM/minimal wave/electro project from Andreas Gregor and Dave Rout from Techniques Berlin and !Bang Elektronika, DISKO SEKTR “Soviets [Invent Mars]” from “Glasnost” EP
  • New Zealand industrial/acid/electro 3 piece maximalist tech-larpers Grecco Romank “Worm Degenerate” new single
  • Spanish experimental electronics/industrial/minimal synth/synthpop artist Lord Azepam “Mínimo vital” from the EP “Happy 2020” on Contubernio Records
  • Auckland, New Zealand goth/electronic/coldwave/synth-pop producer, performer and singer-songwriter, Ex-Partner “The Weatherboards Are The Skin” from the new EP “Flatmate Coup D’etat”
  • German electro/synthpop project of Harry Haller based in Essen, FOKKER “Under Siege”                                   
  • Bruxelles‘ synthwave/synthpop solo project Cellule Trente Quatre / Cellule 34 – “Defeat Of Will” from V/A “My Precious! – A Waves Radio Show Compilation Vol.3” on Red Maze Records
  • Rochester, UK Electronic Concrete Synth-Pop duo, Brutalist Architecture in the Sun “Through The Trees” off the debut album “The Sadness Between Cities”.
  • German Dark Synthwave solo project from Troisdorf, LAWROW “Dream” from the debut album “Stranger Sign”
  • Boston new darkwave/synthwave/electronic music collaboration between longtime conspirators Reuben Bettsak and Bo Barringer (Future Carnivores, Emerald Comets, Guillermo Sexo), EX-HYENA “Instant Fires” new single
  • Detroit, Michigan dark electronic music project of Justin Horbes (aka Sandstone), JH-X9 “No Paradise” from the collection of old remastered and brand new tracks “A Collision”
  • Californian darkwave/synthpop/electronic group out of San Diego, MATTE BLVCK “Western Fold” off the new debut album “I’m Waving, Not Drowning”                                                                                                             
  • Manchester ‘post-pop-electro-goth’ solo artist Still Forever “Flesh Market” the first single from upcoming third album “Synæsthetic”.
  • Warsaw solo post-industrial project by Polish singer, songwriter and music producer Natalia Gadzina, aka SHAGREEN “Time” new single
  • Israel future pop/synthpop singer/songwriter and composer from Tel-Aviv, LIYA “Faded Memory” from the new EP “Cold Moon”
  • Berlin based synth punk three-piece MEXICAN RADIO “Don’t You Want Me” (Human League Cover)
  • German Synthpop trio from Nordhausen, N-Frequency “Falling” from the new LP “Signs Of Evolution” on Infacted Recordings
  • Vancouver, BC new wave/synthpop duo of singer/songwriter Sarah Wheeler and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Trory, aka Mully & Sculder“Heartbreaking” new single
  • Indianapolis, Indiana goth/industrial/dark wave project of Josh Kreuzman (jfkreuz), aka Twice Dark “BRUT (Studio Version)”
  • Palmira, Colombia EBM/synthwave/minimal wave solo project HUMAN 80 “Sei Vorsichtig Auf Dem Weg”       
  • Antioquia, Colombia darkwave/post-punk duo Insepulto ~ “Intervalo” new single
  • Kuantan, Malaysia darkwave/new wave/post-punk trio QUARTER LIFE – “Fall” from the debut album “Love Pandemic” on District Records
  • Rennes, Britanny Post-Punk one-man-band TABLERAZ “Souvenir” from the debut album “Love”
  • Athens, Greece dark electronic/coldwave duo ENDOSCOPE “Exhausted” new single
  • Reykjavík based solo synthpop project of CanadianIcelandic musician Rex Beckett, aka Rex Pistols “Waterdance” from the album “What Love Is” on Myrkfælni
  • Malaysia electropunk project from George Town, made of Ayu (voices) and Apit (electronics), aka DEKLARASI “Saksi” from the debut EP “mimpi serah saksi”
  • Istanbul, Turkey synth-punk/darkwave/post-punk duo DUCTAPE “Wooden Girl” new single and title track from the upcoming second LP                                                                                                                       
  • Odessa based, Ukrainian experimental/synthwave/post-punk band from Uzhhorod, Dahau Holidays “Франсуаза” from the EP “Шудра” on Nava Records
  • Marburg, Germany darkwave/coldwave band TRICOR “Once Again” new single
  • Saarbrücken, Germany synth/post-punk outfit ANGST4 “In Gefahr” new single
  • Texas goth/coldwave/post-punk/darkwave duo BENEATH US “Pale Blue” from “Hidden World” EP (Demo)
  • German New Wave/Minimal Wave trio from Stuttgart, The Minimal Trees “Jupiter” from the new album “Places”
  • US/Canada/Switzerland Lo-fi New Wave/Synth-Pop/Synthwave act Dead Astronauts “Strangers in a Room” 2nd single from the upcoming album, “Silhouettes” via Cold Transmission Music
  • Seattle electro industrial band REPLICAESSEMBLER “Following You (Pull My Chain Mix)”                                                                                                                                               
  • Huddersfield, UK post-punk/gothic rock 4-piece RHOMBUS “Magnificent (Single Version)”
  • Italian shoegaze/post-punk trio from Bologna, The Black Veils “Hyenas (Geometric Vision Remix)” first single from The Black Veils 3rd studio album, coming in 2021 on Icy Cold Records
  • UK darkwave electronic shoegaze four-piece from Leeds, LAST TOURIST “Public Service” new Double-a side vinyl 7″ single “Public Service / Are We Just Algorithms?”
  • Italian cyberpunk/industrial project of Valerio Rivieccio (The Coventry), aka KURS “Mirrorshades” (Single Version) first single from album “Muter” on SDN Cyberpunk
  • Mexican darkwave/Batcave/deathrock/electro horror rock project Cementerio De Eskeletos “Me Odio (Feat. Ricardo Mogica)” from the debut “Tristeza Y Mierda” E.P.
  • Berlin-based DIY electronic/darkwave/post-punk/shoegaze one-man-project of Alexander Leonard Donat ( Fir Cone Children, Leonard Las Vegas, Feverdreamt…), VLIMMER “Vorwehen” from “XIIIIIIII”, Vlimmer’s final part of the 18-EP series out December 4 on Blackjack Illuminist Records                                                                                                                     
  • US bedroom-dark-pop/post-punk project by illustrator & musician Reuben Sawyer, The Column “Mac Demarco’s Dead” new single on Funeral Party Records
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan coldwave artist Laura Casper “Щит и меч” from the EP “Кто убил Лауру Каспер?”
  • Northampton, UK lo-fi/dream pop/post-punk solo project of alternative songwriter/producer Kailan Price, aka Bloody/Bath “Washed Out” new single
  • Russian psych/shoegaze/post-punk solo project of Moscow-born multi-instrumentalist Vet (Vitalii Zimin), Pivnoy Cowboy ‘Дымка’ from the album “Impossibilism” on Русский пост-панк, Geertruida and Alien Body Music
  • Bielefeld, Germany post-punk/new wave/coldwave duo ROSI “Ordinary Room” from the new third album “Sad Dance Songs” out now on Vinyl 12″/CD
  • Lille, France punk/dark punk band (members of Années Zéro, Gutter, Short Days, Hook, Anxiety Attack), UTOPIE “Trottoir d’en face” from the cassette album “Nouveaux Souvenirs” on DIRTY SLAP Records
  • Chicago, IL goth/post-punk/noise rock/punk trio NONNIE PARRY “Blood or Roses?” from the lathe cut 7″ vinyl “Plexiglass Casket” on Jems label
  • Bryansk/Moscow, Russian post-punk band PREDZNANIE “Меня Никто Не Ждёт” debut single
  • Auckland, New Zealand post-punk/art-rock 3-piece (former Trust Punks members), CHANCES ARE “Peach” debut single
  • Russian electronic/coldwave/minimal/new wave/synth duo from Moscow, EOZDIS “Stranger” from the upcoming debut S/T EP.
  • Italian kraut/post-punk/no wave/new wave brothers duo behind Two Monkeys and Spettro club in Brescia, Michele & Simone Bornati, aka TWOONKY “Palle” off V/A “Diapason Compilation Vol. 1” on Sameheads
  • UK experimental electronic collaboration between Blancmange’s Neil Arthur and solo electronic artist Bernholz (who also performs live as part of Gazelle Twin), aka NEAR FUTURE “Sacrifice” news single
  • Italian cabaret noir act DIVISION S “The End Of The World”

Natalia Drepina Photography