WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – NOVEMBER #47-23

Picture by Anna Bodnar

  • German new wave /post-punk one-man band Another Abyss – “Chasing Ghosts” new single                   

Another “bedroom” project from the post-punk undergrowth, which although harking back to sounds of the past, does so with sincere passion and growing instrumental compositional mastery. a restless moody array of an urgently pulsing rhythm section, shimmering echoing wistful guitar melodies, and swirling icy-clear synth wanders, coalesce with hypnotic and anxious vibrant resonance around sad helpless vocals, struggling to leave another amid a battleground of “Chasing Ghosts.”

  • Russian electronic /darkwave /synthpop duo thewalkingicon “We Are Memory” the second single and title track of the upcoming second album on Negative Gain Productions                                                                         

Glittering, elegant and modern Synth-Pop from Kaliningrad duo, that sounds retro and futuristic at the same time, dances on faded memories strewn over steady thumping beats and rumbling undulating basslines, darkened by rippling murky buzzing low undercurrents and spacey synth swirls, whilst emotional vocals ache and float dreamily through hopeless spirals of dried tears.

  • Kazakhstan post-punk /darkwave solo project Moonvampire “Afterlife” single
  • Kazakhstan post-punk /darkwave solo project Moonvampire “Stay With Me” single

Even two singles this week from the young ‘son of the night’, which hardly leave us unsatisfied. While “Stay With Me” chimes on tinny Depeche Mode leanings, “Afterlife” glares over a hypnotic icy mid-tempo pace of a metronomic drum machine woven with broody meandering post-punk basslines, alienated, cold vocals swathed in dramatic chilly bright synth whirls, swagger with an angry detached vengeance of ‘Afterlife’ suffering.

  • Dark ambient /drone /metal /electronic collaborative project of Portland, OR-based Chip King & Lee Buford (The Body) with Berlin-based DJ and producer Felicia Chen (Dis Fig), aka The Body And Dis Fig “Holy Lance” off the LP “Orchards of a Futile Heaven” via Thrill Jockey Records
  • Lipetsk, Russian dark ambient /piano /spoken word poetry artist MOURNERESS “П​р​е​и​с​п​о​л​н​и​в​ш​и​с​ь п​е​ч​а​л​я​м​и д​о​ж​д​е​й (Feel deeply the sadness of the rains)” off the album “A Rooted Sorrow” [Tragedy Productions]
  • German Post Ambient /Dreamwave /Chillwave side project of A Transition, aka Dividing Spheres “Retrospective” from the EP “Autodidactics II”
  • Moscow-based experimental minimal /dark wave /post-punk duo Сад [sadband] “Одиночество” from “Обрыв” EP
  • Reading, Pennsylvania-based post-punk /darkwave duo Faux Fear “Black Ambrosia” from the debut cassette album “The Trends of Youth”
  • Argentinian via Berlin/Danish Post-punk /Darkwave collaboration Deus Ex Lumina & Antipole “Destroy” single
  • Leipzig, Germany Post-punk /Coldwave /synthpop solo project of Mantarochen singer & guitarist, Karsten27 “Melody of Ice” from the debut EP “Serial Dust”
  • Richmond, Virginia‘s gothic darkwave electronics brainchild of Tony Gloom, aka Petrified Entity “The Beyond” (Single)
  • Montreuil, France synth-pop /dark wave /dark electro artist Adrien V aka VIOT “Langage des Lignes” unreleased track from the EP “Venus Bar”
  • Riverside, CA post-punk /darkwave /coldwave band Perpetual Midnight “Monumental Failures” from the album “Word Nemesis”
  • Sacramento, CA goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project PLEASURE POLICY “Violante”
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas new wave /synthpop /post-punk solo project Damien Hearse “MICKEY MOUSE HOLOCAUST” from “SONGS IN THE KEY OF MEAT” EP
  • Montreal, Québec dark electro-pop /synthpop band Déception “I Can’t Feel” from “The Hunt (Lost Demo EP)” selected demos and unfinished tracks from a never-released debut LP as a duo
  • Athens-based Greek Electro Dark Wave band led by frontman Manos K., The Man & His Failures “Lethe” [Single]
  • Argentina post-punk /darkwave /coldwave project of [S] (of Kazeria), AKA Zudpöl “Grey Squares” from the new EP “Last Nights” [No Me Escucho Records]
  • Veteran Belgian Dark Electro Wave visual artist and musician Eric Vandamme, aka Enzo Kreft “Woke Up This Morning” (2021) from “XL” 40 years of Enzo Kreft anniversary compilation 12″ vinyl LP
  • Montreal, Quebec minimal synth /cold wave solo project NO “Crowd”
  • Mexico City Industrial /Dark Electronics /EBM solo project PURE ANIMA “(D)ssociation” from the debut EP “STALKER”
  • Hull, Quebec Post-punk /Synth Wave /New Wave /Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult aka MENTHüLL “Centuries later” from the 2-track single “Centuries Later”
  • São Paulo, Brazil dark wave /occult techno /EBM project of  DJ Balrog, Obscure Nexus “Midnight Sun” off “Your Decay” EP
  • Montreal, Quebec minimal synth /cold wave solo project NO “Crowd”
  • L.A.-based goth /darkwave /synth-pop solo project of songstress Tara Jane, aka CARESS “Our Afterlife” from the debut LP “Night Call” via Negative Gain Productions                                                                                     
  • Southern Poland darkwave /dark electro /synth-wave duo STRIDULUM “Wasteland” from the album “Paradigm” via Manic Depression Records
  • Paris-based FrenchItalian synth-pop /darkwave /coldwave duo Echoberyl “Into the Beyond (ZXSpectro version)” from the expanded CD version reissue of the 2020 album “The Awakening of a Mutant Girl : Expanded” [Mother Solitude Records]
  • UK-based EBM /Italo /indie dance /synth-pop /dark pop project of synth diva Valeria Valuyskaya, aka Velvet Velour “Blood Moon (Skelesys Remix)” from “Rococo EP Remixes” LP [Jardin de Bliss]
  • L.A.-based psych synth-pop solo project of Spencer Draeger, aka DRÄGER “The Passenger” single
  • Danish EBM /synthpop musical project founded in 1988 by Claus Larsen, Leaether Strip “Dear God (XTC Cover)” single
  • Tönisvorst, German industrial /dark electronic /electro-wave project of Markus Ott (of ’90s electro wave act Agora Phobia), Teraphin “Sehnsucht (Pyrroline Remix)”
  • Berlin-based hard techno /electronic punk wave duo Kalte Liebe ”NO FEEL (WITHOUT YOU VERSION)”
  • London-based EBM / industrial /techno /rave /acid house/ electronic band of Gerardo Delgado and Quinn Whalley, aka Paranoid London “Love One Self with Joe Love (Album)” from the 2024 LP “Arseholes, Liars, and Electronic Pioneers” [Paranoid London Records]
  • Californian industrial /darkwave /synthpop /dark synth /electronic group out of San Diego, MATTE BLVCK “PROXY (So Much Blood Remix)”
  • German industrial /EBM /dark electronics duo of Predrag „Gonzo“ Vulin aka Rêverend Gonz (Love Like Blood, Mike York Projects) and Hauke Harms aka DerHarms (Girls Under Glass, Trauma), aka Insect Skin “Stargazer” from the single “Yield”
  • Russian industrial /EBM /dark electro project of Art B. from Yekaterinburg, Noise Resistance “Love Is Gonna Save Us (Benny Benassi Cover)” single
  • US Disco /Electronic /New Wave /Post-Punk solo project Dream Days “Leave Me Alone” off “Escape the Rat Race” EP
  • Hull, Quebec Post-punk /Synth Wave /New Wave /Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult aka MENTHüLL “Centuries later” from the 2-track single “Centuries Later”
  • Coldwave /Post-punk /Darkwave project of French artist, songwriter, performer, and engineer frelu, aka NLIGHT “Directed Madness” single
  • Minsk, Belarus new wave /post-punk music artist Долина Шума (Dolina Shuma) “Небо, прости / Heaven, forgive me” off debut EP “Ментальный шум / Mental Noise”
  • London-based Space /Goth /Post-punk /New Wave home-recording duo Mancha Zaar & Suteki Hegg, aka Volfodemo “Dire Days” single
  • Montenegro electro-goth /darkwave /gothic rock act Suns Of Eve “Wayward Soul” from the upcoming EP “Solar Woe” via Black Kingdom Records
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazilian post-punk trio THE LAUTREAMONTS “Photophobic Sunflower” single via Paranoia Musique
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Peruvian Dark Wave /Post-Punk band led by Mauricio Málaga along Luis Miguel Peña, JOAO “Someone’s Daughter” single
  • Panama gothic rock /darkwave /post-punk band Neptunian Phoenix “Sargazos” title track of the debut EP “Sargazos”
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia goth /darkwave /post-punk band Blind Dreams “Уснуть Навсегда” single
  • Brisbane, Australia Gothy /Shoegazey /Post-Punk band led by Steven Schnorrer, Locust Revival “Dyying Colours” single
  • South Carolina goth /darkwave /post-punk solo project of multi-instrumentalist Bruce Nullify, aka ORCUS NULLIFY ”Thoughts and Prayers” from the LP “Creatures of the Wheel”
  • Belgian post-punk/indie/goth rockers A Slice Of Life – “What Doesn’t Kill Me (Ashley Dayour Remix)”
  • Nancy, France indie rock /post-punk band JOY/DISASTER – “Nowhere” from the LP “HYPNAGOGIA”
  • Melbourne, Australia shoegaze /new wave /post-punk foursome, Close In “We Were Here” from the debut album “Wellbeing” via Honeyglider Records
  • Petaling Jaya, Malaysia post-punk solo project mrizalmustbedestroyed “Like Death” single
  • New York-based no wave /punk /post-punk solo project of Kenny Mattucci, aka Hand Helds “Pressure” from EP “3”
  • Buffalo, NY freaked out psych /new wave /post-punk project of John Toohill (Science Man) and Bran Schlia (Clump), aka Ismatic Guru “A Nice Men” from “III” EP cassette via Swimming Faith Records
  • Cologne, Germany ’80s infused brutal post-punk band TV Cult “Teenage Nightmare” from the LP “Colony”
  • Birmingham, UK post-punk /noise rock band Mutes “Mere Slaughter” single from the upcoming studio album
  • French industrial /shoegaze /psychedelic /post-punk /noise-rock band from Rouen, SERVO “Day and Night Monsters” from the upcoming cassette third album “Monsters” on SOZA
  • Wellington, New Zealand four-piece punk band FOG “Empty Lots” from the cassette debut LP “A Black Cloud That Swallowed The Dove”
  • Belfast, UK industrial /noise rock /post-punk trio CHALK “The Gate” single
  • Chicago, IL post-punk /punk band Cel Ray “Bike Fight” off 4-track 7″ EP “Piss Park” [Six Tonnes De Chair Records]
  • Berlin-based Turkish-rock /psychedelic /krautrock /post-punk band Kara Delik “Keep It Business” from the upcoming 7″ vinyl EP “Singularities IV”
  • Enigmatic Cincinnati, Ohio indie rock /folk /post-punk /psychedelic garage /jangly power group (possibly members of The Serfs, The Drin, Crime of Passing and Motorbike), THE ABDO MEN “Coward of the State” from the cassette album “ULCER ANTHOLOGY: LAFF YOUR WAY TO TOTAL DESTRUCTION” via Mangel
  • Rosario, Argentina punk /post-punk group Tensión “Erosión” from “Proyección inversa” EP
  • Sant Andreu, Barcelona coldwave /post-punk band Perifèria Nord “Extinción” from the debut EP “Perifèria Nord”
  • Hong Kong-based coldwave /post-punk band The Crush “Possession” single from the upcoming LP
  • Łódź, Poland cold wave /post-punk solo project Laz Flores “Getting over it” single
  • US dark ambient /dungeon synth act Woolly Rhinoceros “Winters of yore” from the CD/tape compilation album Hunter Gatherer Ambient” [Coniferous Myst]
  • Switzerland dark ambient /drone /fantasy /dungeon synth act Windspell “A Healing Call Master” from the cassette debut album “Wilderness Sanctuary” [COSMIC OCEAN]
  • Dark ambient /medieval fantasy /old school dungeon synth act Erythrite Throne “Summoning Phantom’s from Beyond the Veil of Lamentation” from 2-long track demo EP “Caressed by A Forlorn Hand from the Velvet Crypt” [Serpent’s Sword]
  • San Diego, CA ambient /old school dungeon synth act Vandalorum “The Impregnable Fortress of Pegor” Recorded Live 11.19.2023

picture by Michal Mozolewski



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