WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – NOVEMBER #47-22

  • Kyiv, Ukraine darkwave /coldwave /post-punk solo project (formerly Night Voyager), DRKLV “Let me down tonight” single

New moniker, DRKLV, for the Ukrainian solo act, yet always able to deliver compelling slices of Coldwave sound set in ominous dramatic auras, finished by moody icy bright synth swathes, meandering bleak post-punk-like basslines and mechanical rhythms, haunted by his forlorn sobbing vocal style, in this case dropping mercurial lovelorn moods into an urgent rolling tide of frigid, dark fantasy.

  • Los Angeles-based dark electro modular synth wave one-man band A Million Machines “Ambitious From The Start” single

Switched to a one-man band, the almost a decade old Californian act, with the use of mostly analog modular synth systems, has gradually moved away from the Depeche-sque Synth-pop leanings for a darker ‘Wave’ sound based on sinister cinematic swirling synth strains, uncanny stinging guitar riffs, driving buzzing, rumbling basslines, and, at times clattering industrial, urgent and pulsing electro-dance rhythms, that in “Ambitious from the Start” is imbued with daunting restless moods that sway, and disrupt with a dire frenzied intensity around a compelling hopeless vocal brood, delivering a heartfelt surrender to the powers that be.

  • UK Darkwave/80s fuelled Synth Pop 4-piece band Magnetic Skies “Darker Night” from the forthcoming album, “Empire Falling”

Sleek and glittering, broadly tinged 80s synth-pop with a spatial sheen from the UK foursome dragged by vibrant and magnetic layers of solemnly bombastic swarming synth sweeps, thumping rhythms, meandering low ends and piercing scorching guitar slivers, into a dazzling tight-knit chaos around a heartfelt vocal urgency, haloed by whispery, breathless cries, soaring fearful and blind “Into the Darker Night.”

  • Greek Experimental /Industrial /Noise /Dark Ambient /Neo-classical act ASTRAL DARKNESS DEVOURED – “A Sweet Rose Is Death” from the “Pain, Suffering, Despair” EP via the Rhodes-based netlabel Underground Industrial Records [a subdivision of Werkstatt Recordings]
  • Vienna, Austria coldwave /synthpop /synthwave producer BLANK PICTURE “Sometimes” from the EP “Das Haus” on A-Dur Records
  • Essen, Germany ambient /dark wave /electronic artist Diar Storm “You” off “Something To Hide” EP
  • German Darkwave /Post-Punk duo urbandoned. “Hearts Decay” new single
  • Boulazac, France post-punk / coldwave solo project, Without Emotion “Peur (EUDINE remix)”
  • French post-industrial/cold /synth wave project of Geoffroy D, aka Derniere Volonte – “Cristal” title track from the forthcoming album “Cristal” on Silences et Grésillements/Tesco Germany
  • Greek synth pop/ dark synth wave solo project based in Thessaloniki, Misfortunes “Android” from the new album “Brilliant Endings” on TONN Recordings
  • Rennes-based Darkwave /Synthpop /Electronic musician and composer Gwladys Orbs, aka CARRIEGOSS “Gus” from the upcoming 6-track cassette EP “La force dense du vent” via Spleencore Records
  • Vienna based electronic /goth house artist SUNDL – “Diving To The Depths feat. Lina Gärtner” off forthcoming LP “3” via Cut Surface
  • French dark wave /post-punk /coldwave duo My Hanging Gardens “Délavée” from V/A “ZEITGEIST+” CD compilation via COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Mexico City‘s Minimal Synth /Post-punk /Cold Wave project of Angel Ackermann, AKA Stockhaussen “Entre el bien y el mal (ft. Victoria C. Hazemaze)” from the work in progress EP “Sonoro Modulamine”
  • Detroit, Mi electronic /darkwave /deathgaze duo of Zach Pliska (vocals /guitar /drums) and Emily Sturm (vocals /bass) AKA VAZUM “Skooge” from “The Precious Ones” EP
  • France-based shoegaze /gothic /darkwave solo project of Ex Glass House Museum bassist Harry Dagger, Terminal Kiss “Confetti (Secret Place Mix)” from “I’m Happy” single
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas new wave /synthpop /post-punk solo project Damien Hearse “Birth is a War Crime” from “Pro Life Death Camp” EP
  • Leipzig, Germany coldwave /synthwave /synthpop solo project of Gregor Heisterkamp, AKA Schluss Licht “Nicht Heute” single
  • St-Petersburg, Russia post-punk /kraut /new wave /electro trio Семь Ножей / Seven Knives “Some Igra” single from upcoming album «BO3»                                                                                                                
  • Montreal, Quebec post-punk /darkwave act SEXSOMNIA “Morphine” single
  • Chisinau, Moldova retro wave /synthwave trio Denorm “Post” from the EP “Nostalgia”
  • US darkwave /synthpop project of Seattle-bred Scott-David Allen, aka A Covenant of Thorns “Heaven” from V/A “Heartbreak Beat (A Tribute to The Psychedelic Furs)” album via Coitus Interruptus Productions
  • Madison, Wisconsin disco noir /synth-pop singer-songwriter, Carrellee “Heaven Or” from the debut album “Scale Of Dreams” on Negative Gain Productions
  • Hildesheim, German goth /futurepop /synthpop duo Beyond Border “Struggling (feat. Zoodrake)” from “Sinner” EP
  • Hamburg, German New Wave /Synth-Pop band Sea of Sin “Shine a Light (The New Division Remix)”
  • Philadelphia‘s synthpop /synth-wave duo Korine – “Train to Harlem” the third single from the upcoming LP “Tear” on Born Losers Records (US) and Avant! Records (EU)
  • Moscow, Russia darkwave /coldwave /synthpop artist and DJ, VELVET VELOUR “Hydrophobia” single
  • Texas industrial /new beat /grave wave act Venom Vampires “Into The Light” from “ACCEDED BODY VIOLENCE” EP
  • Italian synth wave duo from Udine, Sun’s Spectrum “All I Want” single on Mold Records
  • Dark Wave /Coldwave /Electronic music duo from Stockholm, Hidden Lines “Heat” single on Unterschall
  • Italian gothic rockers Dead Inside “Broken” from the forthcoming new album “Invisible Witness To The Holy Crime” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • California‘s retro /synth-wave /darkwave solo project Accumortis “Existential Dysfunction” from V/A “Nowhere Now Volume 4” compilation on Nowhere Now Records
  • Argentina‘s electro /post-punk duo VIENTONEGRO “Romper” from upcoming second EP “Aullidos contra la máquina” on Postales Discos & Fuego Amigo Discos.
  • Athens, Greece-based post-punk /electronic /darkwave band The Man & His Failures “Collapsing Youth” single from the upcoming full album “Survival Kit”.
  • Washington, D.C. darkwave /post-punk band Social Station “The Wake” from the album “In the Fallout”
  • Swedish post-punk /dark wave group from Stockholm, A PROJECTION “Regenerate” from the new album “In A Different Light” on Metropolis Records
  • Jacksonville, FL shoegaze /post-punk band Glass Chapel “Blister” single
  • San Diego, CA post-punk /darkwave project TWIN ION ENGINE “Stigmata” from the EP “Paux La Dépree”
  • Russian New Wave /Post-Punk duo based in Saint Petersburg, MА́ITSA “В тумане невнятных обещаний” single
  • New York based new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Tainted Heart” single.
  • Melbourne based ‘bratwave’ punk duo (formerly Heat Wave) Kalindy Williams and Kurt Eckardt, AKA Hearts and Rockets “Clown Town” from the ltd. split 7″ single “Clown Town / Aries Season” with Skink Tank via their own Psychic Hysteria
  • Sweden punk /synth-punk outfit Crime Waves “You Can’t Take Away My Brain” from the debut album “crime_waves”
  • German post-punk /noise /punk band from Hamburg, OMA OKLAHOMA “Monument” single on Kidnap Music
  • Hamburg, Germany Post-punk /Noise Rock band Billy Zach “No Progression” first single from the album “A Momentary Bliss”
  • London-based, Yorkshire‘s indie rock /post-punk outfit DEADLETTER – “The Kingdom” from the debut vinyl 12″ “Heat!” EP
  • Illinois lo-fi /emo /indie rock /synthpop solo project of John Contreras, AKA Knife Ties “Guilt” from “Guilt” EP
  • Australian Post-Punk /Surf-Goth solo project of D.Calleja from Melbourne, AKA Desmond Doom “Love Is Quite Nice” single