WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #46

Nadia Maria photography

Picks Of The Week:

  • New Mexico goth/darkwave/post-punk project LOSS OF BREATH “The Acknowledgement of Time Without You” new single

Hailing from the remote, New Mexico, LOSS OF BREATH return with their atmospheric moody and melancholic post-punk made of ethereal guitar chords and icy synth over a vibrating baritone of dismal emotional resonance, recalling somehow Sad Lovers & Giants, inhabiting bleak soundscape that’s at once familiar and distinctive, yet damnably moving.

  • L.A.-based goth/darkwave/synth-pop solo project of songstress Tara Jane (from shoegazers Blood Candy), aka CARESS “Love” new single on Manimal Vinyl Records

Although at first, after a quick listen, a bit cold, fatal was the second attempt and the entrancing dark synthpop new single from the L.A. based chanteuse stuck in my head all Sunday. Tara Jane‘s haunting ethereal vocals, beautifully recalling Kate Bush, slither around hypnotic beats, pulsating bassline, trancey glassy synth loops, and evocative sparkling guitar melodies, exuding an eerie yet mesmerizing and seductive flair impossible to resist.

  • Isle of Man, UK gothic rock / post-punk duo of Mark Sayle (Slow Decay) and Phil Reynolds (Phil Reynolds and the Dearly Departed), Mark E Moon “Out In The Dark” from the debut LP “Refer” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC

Mark E Moon‘s debut album exemplifies the passion, dedication, and craftsmanship of two musicians in the reinvention of the goth-rock/darkwave sound of the ’80s through their own distinctive sensibility with fresh and intriguing results. Let your dark imagination run wild through the obscure, powerfully immersive, somehow seductive and romantic, 10 tracks, sure enough, you will be hauntingly and chillingly rewarded. 

  • Minsk, Belarus electronic/minimal synth/synth-pop side cover-project of the guitarist from Molchat Doma, Aktivität “Letit Seraphim” (Utro Cover) debut single
  • Berlin-based dark ambient/coldwave/darkwave/post-punk project of Anna Nin (aka None), aka Glaring “Horsetail Fall”                                                                                                                                                            
  • Texan darkwave/post-punk/minimal synth/coldwave solo project of Houston-based drummer Bruce Courtney, THE STAVE CHURCH “Blind Redux” from upcoming EP “This Dark Place”
  • Miami-based experimental/ambient/kosmische/coldwave/electronic project of Richard Vergez, aka Night Foundation – “Way Of Life” title track from the new cassette album via Noir Age
  • Rennes, France dark electronic/post-punk project REPTILE “The darkness is mine” new single
  • Mysterious German underground NDW/new beat/new wave/coldwave outfit from Dresden, AGB – “Brecht hat er” from V/A “BLUE” compilation on Uncanny Valley
  • Nantes, France based coldwave/new wave/synth-pop solo project, PRINZESSIN “Disconnection” from ”Exit Wounds” EP out now via TONN Recordings.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina DIY minimal synth/post-punk/synthwave/synthpop trio LAS ERAS “Nadie Lo Conoce” off new second EP “Austral”
  • Croatia‘s electro darkwave ice queen Popsimonova ‘Drive (Remastered by Rude 66)’ from ‘After The Fall’ EP to celebrate Electronic Emergencies label’s fifth anniversary
  • German electronic / kaldt disko / synthpop project of Harry Haller from Essen, FOKKER “The Reference Library”                                                                                                                                                                             
  • German analog minimal synth wave project founded by Aaron Angebot, TRISTESSE LOYAL “Radiation” from the upcoming limited cassette tape on DEATH DISCO Music & Zines
  • Novosibirsk, Russia new wave /synth wave /synth-pop project NEON HELL “Timelessness” title track from the debut EP
  • Santa Ana, CA female-fronted goth-rock band Frozen Charlottes “Lost Cause” from the new debut album “Wax Venus”
  • Costa Rica post-punk/new wave 5-piece DYSTT “Bacillus” from the debut s/t EP
  • Brazilian psych-post-punk 4-piece from São Paulo, DUPLO “Dance” from 7″ EP “Dor Dor Dor, BB.” via Nada Nada Discos label
  • Puertorican dark new wave/ post-punk duo from San Josè, LUST ERA “Dile” new single
  • Italian shoegaze/post-industrial/noisy post-punk trio from Mantua, SUBMEET “Terminal” title track from the new album out on January 24th 2020 via Lady Sometimes Records.
  • Italian industrial/post-punk/darkwave/black shoegaze band from Treviso, Kill Your Boyfriend “Elizabeth” new single 7″ out now on Depths Records
  • Spanish cold wave/post-punk trio (former Cromosoma 3) from Alicante, Sindicato Vertical “Sweet Riot”
  • Fresno, CA post-punk/coldwave band Alone In My Room “Rain Man” new single                                                 
  • French experimental/post-punk/coldwave project of Yannick Rault (Triple Sun), Closed Mouth – “You don’t need a god” from the new album [ L A S T ]
  • Austin, Texas post-punk/darkwave/coldwave solo project, This Cold Night “Black Cherry” title track from the new EP
  • Melbourne, Australia goth punk 4-piece feat. members of Lakes and Rule of Thirds, GRANE “Golden Son” from S/T album
  • Saratov, Russia no wave/post-punk band Femme De Luxe ‘Свитерок’ from the debut album ‘Faun House’
  • St. Petersburg, Russian indie/darkwave/post-punk 4-piece Condensate [Конденсат] ‘Дерева Кольца’ new single
  • Swedish goth/darkwave/post-punk 4-piece from Uppsala, Diskoteket “Gyllene drömmar” from the new third album “Lust och tomhet”                                                                                                                                   
  • Boulazac, France post-punk/coldwave solo project, Without Emotion “Sombre Royaume” (Lyrics by Lory Fayer)                                                                                                                                                               
  • Moscow-based electronic synth-pop/dream pop/new wave project of Dmitry Gruber (aka Hjördis-Britt Åström), Galatée “Cle Étoile” title track from the new EP
  • Berlin-based electro-pop duo EASTER “Schlechte Laune” from the new “She is Warm” EP
  • Augsburg, Germany based Belarus‘ synthpop/new wave duo The Violent Youth “Through The Night (80´s Mix)” new single on Young And Cold Records
  • German post-punk/coldwave/postwave solo project, A Transition “Dark White Lies”                            
  • Wakefield, UK dark post-punk solo project, Remote Control Animals “Echo” from the debut EP “Reclusing”
  • Norfolk, Virginia Post Punk/Darkwave/Goth music project created by Thomas Duerig, aka THE PURGE “Snow”.
  • German elektro/post-punk band from Düsseldorf, 100BLUMEN “Auf Null” from the new EP “Das Ende”
  • London, Ontario new wave/punk/synth-punk trio MONONEGATIVES “Lower Animals” from “Cheap Heat Tour Tape” EP
  • Recently disbanded Santiago, Chile goth rock/darkwave/post-punk 5-piece CAUSA DE MUERTE “Gelosia” from the new album “Esfinge” on Bat-Cave Productions
  • Catalan darkwave/post-punk solo project MY SANTIS “The song of wandering Aengus”                                     
  • German dark synth-pop project of DJ Tom Niebuhr, aka MONOSAPIEN “Erinnerungen (feat. Shy)” from the debut LP “In eigener Sache”
  • German dark electro/synth-pop trio of Ex-reAdjust Markus (Programming & Keys), Jens of Chainreactor (Programming) and Sascha (Vocals), FRACTAL AGE “Red” from the album “Modern World” on Scanner/Dark Dimensions Label Group
  • German EBM/electro-pop/synth-pop duo Defiant Machines “Paradise” from the album “Ominous Beauty”
  • Tilburg-based, Netherlands post-punk/new wave/new beat/techno/synth-pop/electro solo project of DJ/producer and one half of Tunnelvisions, Emiel de Groot, aka COLORAY “Real Life Cinema” title track from the upcoming EP on Atomnation.                                                                                                 
  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave/electro/post-punk/goth disco project The Ghost Of Bela Lugosi “Dizko Blood Bath (Instrumental)” new single                                                                                                                                      
  • Los Angeles-based goth dark electro duo of Cassandra Vincent and Philip Peters, Light Shadows “Bloody Sticky Stuff”
  • MoscowSaratov, Russia synth-pop project of Кирилл Коперник [Kirill Kopernik] – “Страшно” (Shortparis cover)                                                                                                                                     
  • Australian post-punk /no-wave band from Melbourne, EXEK – “Lottery of Inheritance” from upcoming split 7″ single with N0V3L
  • Edinburgh, UK indie/post-punk band lead by Perry O’Bray, BUFFET LUNCH “Smell The Fruit” off of “Snap!” EP on Permanent Slump
  • German Darkwave/Post-Punk band ON THE FLOOR “Better Man” from the LP “Breaking Away” on Alice In…         
  • Conwy, UK DIY post-punk/synthpop solo project BLEACHED HEAT “Bodies decompose” from upcoming album “Bleakism”
  • Mexican new wave/coldwave/post-punk/synth-pop project of Hoffen Dali Lantzeta from Mexico City, HOFFEN “You Will Fall With Me” from the sophomore album “Blinded”
  • Italian indie/new wave/post-punk/alternative rock band (formerly Japan Suicide), VARANASI “Mishima” from the S/T debut EP
  • Brazilian surf/gothic rock//post-punk 4-piece SIGNO 13 “Liberdade clandestina” fourth single from the upcoming “Serpentario” album
  • Los Angeles based rockabilly pop/death rock/post-punk trio PEG LEG LOVE “Dark Matter” from the new vinyl album “The Funeral Empyre”
  • Los Angeles goth/deathrock/post-punk 4-piece THE WRAITH “Of The Earth” off of new debut LP “Gloom Ballet”
  • Galesburg, Illinois, gothic-post-punk solo project ANEW “Idle Hands” from the new album “Entombed In A Garden White”
  • Seattle, Washington noise/post-punk band NOVOPAIN “Tunnel” from the S/T debut EP
  • Indonesian 4-pieces shoegaze/post-punk band from Surabaya, Cotswolds “Star and Moonlight” from “Tho Absent, Ever Dear” 2-track single in beloved memory of singer Ted via HÉMA
  • Pittsburgh‘s post-punk/goth/darkwave solo project of film composer Josh Loughrey, Doors In The Labyrinth “To Drive The Cold Winter Away” from “Cold Winter” 2-track holiday single to celebrate Moving Shadows: A Dark Solstice Celebration
  • San Francisco‘s dark folk solo project of former front-woman of 90’s Goth band Sunshine Blind, Caroline Blind “God Damn The Sun” new single
  • Kent, Ohio Northern pagan folk project of Sean Kratz, OSI AND THE JUPITER “The White Elk” from the deluxe CD album edition “Nordlige Rúnaskog” via Eisenwald label.

Nadia Maria photography