WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #44

Picks Of The Week:
  • Colombian dark/experimental/analog/electronic side project of Diana Lives (aka Abstract Deity), Secrecy Release “Time Spent In The attic” from the EP “Secrecy Release”                                                                       

The new obscure raw analog experimental electro project Secrecy Release by the Colombian musician known as Abstract Deity delves deeper into both viscerally disturbing and seductive obscure dread realms through obsessive acidic bassline, hissing synth and tribal ritualistic percussive patterns darkened by cavernous voices make you slip into a trance-inducing dance while shivers go down your spine.

  • Ciudad de Mexico EBM/synth-punk/electro/minimal wave project E N T R E M E N T I R A S “Ultima Noche” 

E N T R E M E N T I R A S is a very promising new dark synth project from Mexico City to keep an eye on, sitting between darkwave/synth-punk/electro/minimal wave and beyond, with hard-hitting beats and rumbling bass that throb, push forward over evocative synth lines and haunting deep vocals. Powerful ominous sound, impelling rhythms, dark emotions, I dare you to stay still!

  • Portland, OR goth deathrock/post-punk 4-piece BLACK FEATHERS “Big Shiny Bomb (Demo Version)” from the debut EP “The Black Feathers Demo”

A thrilling and crackling goth-filled deathrock sound with dark post-punk leanings from Portland‘s 4-piece BLACK FEATHERS, made of steady driving and pulsing rhythms, vibrant reverbed guitar riffs, meandering, penetrating keys and beautifully emotionally epic commanding female vocals that’ll stick in your head and make your blood run cold. And to think this should be just a demo…

  • Kyiv, Ukraine experimental/dark ambient/ritual drone/neo-folk project of Arthur Mogilevski, ВОЛОК ‘Кровит’ from the album ‘намение’ on VOLOKRecords
  • London, UK post-punk/krautrock/psychedelic five-piece TOY “Fun City” (Soft Cell, 1982) from the cover album “Songs of Consumption” on Tough Love
  • Seminal early 80s Bern, Swiss experimental/post-punk/new wave/synth-pop/electronic band of Martin and his brother Stephan Eicher, Marco Repetto, Christian “GT” Trüssel, and Claudine Chirac, GRAUZONE “Raum” off upcoming WRWTFWW Records‘ first ever vinyl EP 12″ release for 1980 hit “Raum” plus remixes/extended version
  • Early ’80s Italian new wave/coldwave duo based in Milan, Der Blaue Reiter “Thick walls” from the vinyl album “Epitaph Revisited”, the re-recorded version by band’s leader Stefano Tirone of “Epitaph 1980 – 1983” on Dead Wax Records
  • Belgian post-punk/coldwave duo of brothers Jean-Marc and Pierre Pauly from Brussels, Parade Ground – “The Light’s Gone” from V/A – “Tens Across the Board” to celebrate a decade of Dark Entries Records.
  • Spanish electronic/synthwave/dark synth project from Barcelona, INTERSIGNO “Awake In Darkness”               
  • Richland, WA orchestral/synthpop/darkwave solo project The Official Syyn “Run”
  • French new wave/post-punk duo from Lyon, BALLADUR “Islero” from the new album “La Vallée Etroite” on Le Turc Mecanique
  • Chicago, IL dream pop /post-punk outfit FRENCH POLICE “Je Te Veux” from V/A “ZEITGEIST VOL. 11 – A COLD TRANSMISSION compilation” on COLD TRANSMISSION Music.
  • French experimental/post-punk/coldwave project of Yannick Rault (Triple Sun), Closed Mouth – “Staying Alone” new single
  • Italian-born, London-based dream pop/synthwave/synth-pop/coldwave project of Jack Milwaukee, aka M!R!M – “Survive” from upcoming LP ‘The Visionary,’ out January 31 on Avant!Records                                      
  • Los Angeles goth-pop/synthwave duo ROSY CHEEKS “You never knew” from cassette EP “DEMO 2019”
  • L.A. post-punk/deathrock/dark punks Gypsy Priest “Baby Teeth” from debut “Mother Tongue” EP
  • Geelong, Australia post-punk/punk rock band featuring members of Jarrow, Vintage Crop, The Floaties & House Deposit, DRAGNET “Man About Town” from upcoming cassette album “All Rise For Dragnet” on Spoilsport Records
  • Barcelona, Spain punk/post-punk band PLATAFORMA “Azul” from the cassette album “La Equitativa” on humo internacional
  • London, UK noise post-punk four-piece ITALIA 90 “An Episode” from cassette EP “Italia 90 III”
  • UK two-piece punk/post-punk band from Leeds, INSTANT BIN “I’m Important!” from the debut cassette album “There’s Something Poisonous in the Water” via The Dubious Goals Committee
  • Italian new wave/post-punk/spleen-wave trio from Milan/Brianza, Starcontrol “First Love Is Dead” from V/A “Dark Entries R.S. Vol.02” Radio Sessions Compilation on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Manchester, UK lo-fi/post-punk outfit THREADS “Sequels” from 2-track tape “CASSETTE”
  • London, UK alt glam post-punks HMLTD “The West Is Dead” off of West of Eden” debut album due on 7th February 2020 via Lucky Number
  • Mexican synth electronic/post-punk/deathwave solo project from Monterrey, Vestron Vulture “Winter Fire” (unreleased) from the archive compilation “Miseria Cantare – Cold Transmission Edition” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Vermont‘s cold wave/minimal wave/synthpop solo project Triumphant Race “Let It Burn”                                          
  • Marseille, France EBM/synth-punk project of Simple Music Experience co-founder and member of Violent Quand on Aime, Théo Delaunay (also Panoptique and half of Succhiamo), aka Constance Chlore “Barbelés” from the S/T cassette album on Simple Music Experience, Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu? and Kess Kill
  • Greek dark electronics /analogue synth project of Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), METAL DISCO “Pulverfass (feat. Chroma Carbon)” from the forthcoming “Banger” EP                 
  • Swedish minimal synth/synthwave artist from Malmö, Katjusja – “Ge mig en anledning” from the cassette “The Bomb” via Detriti Records
  • L.A.-based dark Synth-Pop outfit commandeered by the mysterious Niff Nawor, RIKI “Napoleon” from upcoming S/T debut album out on Valentine’s Day 2020 via Dais Records,
  • Swedish synthpop trio Daybehavior “Driving in My Car” from 4th full-length album, “Based On A True Story”
  • Dublin-based synth-pop/synthwave/electronic artist (Empire State Human, KuBO, Ferrochrome, Glass Dancer), Aidan Casserly ‘World Will Kill’ [feat. Kriistal Ann] from the new album ”Ballads Of Sorrow”                                   
  • Kemerovo, Russia minimal wave/post-punk /darkwave/synth-punk solo project DIVIZION “Non-Visible Light” new single                                                                                                                                                 
  • Belgian mid-’80s synth-pop/minimal synth act Tangible Joy – “Synchronize” from V/A “Underground Wave Vol. 6” on Walhalla Records
  • East-Los Angeles 2-piece Post-Punk band, Freedom Curse “Laughter”                                                                 
  • Brest, France electronic/post-punk/coldwave project (Expérience Similaire), Cyril Hanoukka “Touches Pas Mon Sexe”                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Italian dark electronic/synthwave/new wave/minimal disco composer ZERO CALL “Zero call [AUTOREMIX 2019]” from “Fears & Dreams of Living Machines – REMIX EP” on Italo Italians Records
  • Electro/minimal/techno/nuwave trio of Italian Luca Franceschini, Barcelona-based Juanjo Obon, and Argentinian Nico Monsta, aka LoveTheMachine “Fredde Machine” from LoveTheMachine’s forthcoming new 2020 album on TONN Recordings                                                                                                                         
  • FrancoRussian synthpop alliance OTCHIM – “Danser” from upcoming cassette “James Dean” via Detriti Records
  • Richmond, Virginia-based Electronic/Darkwave/Post-Punk/synth-pop project nosuchname ‘Judas (’19 mix)’ new single
  • Sofia, Bulgaria minimal wave/ electro/ post-punk trio Les Animaux Sauvages “Et vous m`aimez ?” from the upcoming EP “Alchemya”
  • Vancouver‘s dark techno/industrial/minimal wave project of former Koban duo Brittany West and Samuel Lloyd, SIGSALY “2. W.O” from the forthcoming tape album “Lasting Effects” coming out soon via Dream Recordings                                                                                                                                                               
  • Sidney-based industrial/electronic/experimental pop artist Phoebe Twigg, aka Ptwiggs “Worth it” from her upcoming second EP ‘Darkening of Light’ on Opal Tapes.
  • Brooklyn, New York goth/darkwave/Industrial project featuring vocalist Athan Maroulis of L.A.’s Spahn Ranch, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, & Fahrenheit 451, NØIR “A Pleasure” title track from new EP on Metropolis
  • Danish EBM/dark synthpop project of John R. Mirland (known as the composer and producer of Am Tierpark, Negant, Mirland), aka M73 “Dirty God” from upcoming LP “Tainted” on LÆBEL
  • Los Angeles industrial/electronic outfit features members Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb), plus Cyrusrex and Ken ‘hiwatt’ Marshall (Skinny Puppy), aka BLACK LINE “Layers (Annie Hall Remix)” from “Layers” EP
  • England, UK synthwave/synth-pop solo project Fused “Body Moves” new single on Fusion Records</li>
  • Bogotà, Colombia EBM/techno/new wave/dark electro percussionist/DJ/producer SPÆCIALISTA “The Ruin [feat. Stan the Stain] (Original Mix)” from “R3TR0M4CH1N3” EP (Machine Series 002) on Bogotà’s Analogue Texture Records
  • Peruvian lo-fi/EBM/industrial/dark synth/coldwave/darkwave project TRIUMVIRS “A Hundred Years”                            
  • Italian goth/synthpop/darkwave/minimal wave duo from Naples, DARK DOOR “Ammazzati mentre mi pensi.”
  • Moscow‘s synthpop/post-punk band Sierpien ‘Не Исправить / Can’t Fix’ from the 5th LP ‘Игры / Games’
  • French coldwave/post-punk band NOIRSET “We All Turn Round” debut single
  • Vancouver, BC darkwave/coldwave/synthwave project RINGFINGER “Undercroft” from the new EP “One of Bones”
  • Adelaide, Australia new wave/post-punk 4-piece featuring members of Rule Of Thirds and Wireheads, NYLEX “Temptation” from the debut vinyl LP “Plastic For People”
  • Saarbrücken, Germany synth/post-punk outfit ANGST4 “Niemals”
  • Tulle, France post-punk duo HININ “Dernière sommation” from upcoming cassette album “Hors-Jeu” on Hidden Bay Records and Et Mon Cul c’est du tofu? (vinyl)
  • St. Petersburg, Russian indie/psych/post-punk 4-piece Condensate ‘Malo’                                                     
  • French post-punk duo from Cobonne, Delacave “Before the moon falls” (The Fall cover) off of upcoming V/A “THE FALL – A FRENCH TRIBUTE” on Teenage Hate records
  • Vienna/Graz synth-punk/post-punk trio FALLE – “Expectation” from upcoming cassette album “Expectations” on Cut Surface                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Berlin-based punk/post-punk band (members from Benzin), LIIEK – “Waterfall” taken from the upcoming early 2020 debut 12″ on ADAGIO830                                                                                                                             
  • Belgian dark post-punk trio from Antwerp, Disorientations “Close to Disappearing” new single                       
  • Vancouver, Canada new wave/post-punk band SPECTRES “Provincial Wake” new 2-track 7“ single on Deranged (USA) and Sabotage Records (EU)
  • Russian lo-fi/post-punk solo project желание понравиться [Soul Tablet] ‘где мой разум?’ new single
  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave/electro/post-punk/goth disco project The Ghost Of Bela Lugosi ”Ivar The Boneless” new single
  • Paris, France punk hardcore/post-punk quartet ( former members of Frustration, Cavaliers, Fix-it, Master Master Wait, M-sixteen), LAST NIGHT “Opposition” from upcoming album “Negative 384 400” on their label Viro Major.
  • Warsaw, Poland deathrock/postpunk/hardcore/noise/rock’n’roll band, Nameless Creations “Upon God’s Call” title track from the new album
  • Polish dream pop/new wave/art-pop/’ghost-rock’ duo of singer Rafal Tomaszczuk (Agonised By Love) and instrumentalist Andrzej Turaj (God’s Own Medicine), Hidden By Ivy “Pozwól zapomnieć” from the new album “Inner”
  • Moscow, Russia garage/post-punk band, Близость – ‘Подход к жизни’ new single
  • Philipstown, New York black metal inspired lo-fi/post-punk/dungeon synth outfit GORSEDD FM “Harvest Moon” from the cassette EP “Nos Wyl” through Clan Destine Records
  • Portland, OR krautrock/psychedelic/post-punk 4-piece MURDERBAIT “When the Sun Goes Down, It Goes Down Forever” new 2-track single
  • Brooklyn/Berlin experimental artist, composer, and choreographer Colin Self “Once More” from “Orphans” EP on RVNGIntl.

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