WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – OCTOBER #43-23

Photo by Isa Marcelli

  • Moncton, Canada-based Doom Metal /Gothic Rock solo project of Jason Schatsle (aka  Wardruid), Gothnetic – “Under A Spell” single

Canadian solo musician forges a poignant and rousing combination of Doom, Metal, and Gothic, more of the latter on this single in its most refined, obsessive and ominously dramatic intensity, ignites unrelenting thumping drum beats and murky basslines simmering and rippling underneath sharp-edged dire guitar riffs, punctuated by subliminal spectral keyboard glows, to forcefully drag along an urgent, commanding baritone brood, confessing macabre and sinister fascinations, into a bleeding heartache of alienation and pain.

  • Veteran French goth /coldwave /post-punk trio TROUBLE FAIT’ “A.I song” single

Heartfelt emotive and tortured ’80s inflected Cold Post-punk from the experienced French threesome, provokes sad disconnected moods carved by an abrasive tangle of disorienting obsessive guitar riffs and wailing forlorn strains, underpinned by rattling plodding drums, bleak murmuring basslines and echoing twinkly keys, whilst intense haunted vocals brood in a hopeless sea of despair for using A I to create art.

  • London, UK cinematic /electro /minimal synth /darkwave experimentalist, Nisa Mishap “Why Ask” single

We know very little about the enigmatic solo project of the London-based, Turkey-native Nisa Mishap, committed, since last year, to composing minimal synth-laden investigations into cinematic, introspective and monochromatic lyrical dark wave sound territories to dance alone. Smooth hypnotic and restless drum programming, resonant stretchy menacing bass pulses, and layers of subtly dissonant and droning swirling eerie frequencies build a ghostly melancholic and rippling ambiance, fluttering and wavering along with soft blurry spirals of distant spoken word observations and ritual cries, distorted by oppressive shadows of sentient danger and doom.

  • Coquimbo, Chile psychedelic /dream pop /shoegaze /dark wave /post-punk band SEATEMPLES “Wine and Rockets” [album version] from the soon-to-be-released EP
  • Bakersfield, CA-based ethereal wave /shoegaze /post-punk /dream pop married duo, Fawns of Love “Poison Sweat Nightshade” from the vinyl 12″ album “Fear The Softest Gaze” [Kingfisher Bluez]
  • Gold Coast, Australia post-punk /minimal wave music project of musician and producer Jed A. Walters, Chiffon Magnifique “Witches Falls” single
  • French solo Gothic Rock /Darkwave project of songwriter, performer, and engineer frelu, aka NLIGHT “Face Your Fear” single
  • Gothic rock band from Finland, Distant Stares “Ты Меня Понимаешь” single
  • Montreal, Quebec Goth /Batcave /Darkwave /DeathRock band Dead Born Babies “You Live Inside Me” from “MACONDO” EP
  • Stockholm, Sweden alternative rock /dream pop /shoegaze /post-punk solo art project Darkplace – “The End” from the upcoming full-length debut album “About The End Of The World” via Icons Creating Evil Art
  • Spanish coldwave /darkwave solo project, Ingreso Cadáver “La orilla” from 2-track single “Mala Sangre”
  • Russian post-punk /experimental pop /cold wave band formed by Vladislav Parshin (Motorama), Утро “Два солнца светят в небесах” single [I’m Home Records]
  • Paris based post-punk /coldwave project of Leonid Diaghilev, aka Tout Debord “Regles de jeu“ off the debut cassette LP “Pensées Noires” via his own label Salle d’attente
  • Italian goth /post-punk /synth wave /darkwave trio The Coventry “Fear State” from the new album “Atlas : The Weight of the World” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • UK Gothic Rock /Post-Punk /Darkwave musician, composer and producer Casket Cassette “Lust” from “Lust / Crying in the Club” single
  • Los Angeles dark post-punk trio DECEITS “Drowning In An Empty Sea” from the upcoming debut LP “If There’s No Heaven”
  • Budapest, Hungary goth /cold wave /darkwave band Cold Contrast “Funeral Mist” single
  • Essen, Germany indie rock /gothic rock /darkwave artist (Aeon Sable, Melanculia, Deied, hgmr), Nino Sable “Viva la muerte (ft. Ariel Maniki)” from forthcoming LP “THORNS II”
  • Riverside, CA goth /synth-pop /darkwave solo project VOID LUST “To Walk The Night” single
  • Suffolk, Virginia new wave /post-punk /synth wave project of James Wagner, PAIN IN THE YEAHS “You Can’t Scare Me” new single
  • Italian cold-dark-synth wave solo project of Daniele Giustra, aka SELFISHADOWS ”Every Hour” off the LP ”Everything Changes” on Manic Depression Records
  • Barcelona synth-wave /darkwave solo project Darkways “A Forest” (The Cure cover)
  • UK Electronica /Post-punk /Darkwave solo project KILL SHELTER “In Decay [V] ft. Antipole & Delphine Coma” from upcoming LP “Damage [ V ]” (5th Anniversary reissue features new versions and remastered tracks) via Unknown Pleasures Records
  • Los Angeles goth /synthwave /dark synth-pop solo project of Tyler “Fournames” Fortney, aka Cuffed “Visitors” third single on Dune Altar
  • Californian dark wave electronic artist Fornicata “Beautiful Thing” single
  • Richmond, Virginia post-punk /dark wave band, Shadow Age “Ours” title track of the upcoming EP “Ours”
  • Italian goth /post-punk /darkwave duo Polina Suffer – Splatter (Demo)” from V/A “Goths for Sanctuaries – The Album!!!” 179-track mega fundraising compilation [Goths for Sanctuaries]
  • Rouen, France coldwave /post-punk band Love In Cage “Avoid The Sun” from the third LP “Trans-Reality” via Meidosem Records
  • Mexico City based coldwave /minimal synth /darkwave solo project PURE ANIMA “Darkest Sewer” from the debut single “STALKER”
  • Italian gothic /witch /electro-dark wave duo Ohne Nomen “Sweet sadness” single via Cold Transmission Music
  • Sheffield, UK Darkwave /Electropop duo Promenade Cinema “Alone At Parties” Halloween single
  • Paris-based Dark Electronic duo Adriano Iacoangeli and Cecilia Dassonneville, aka Echoberyl “The White Lady” single
  • Enigmatic darkwave trio from South of Sweden, ABU NEIN “Lock On Target (Emmon Remix)” via Progress Productions
  • Providence-based EBM /industrial /techno /dark electronics solo project of Robert Galbraith, (Component Recordings founder and one half of Snowbeasts), aka Obscure Formats “Blood Moon (Years of Denial Remix)” from “Agitations” EP [Venaeform Records]
  • Southern Poland darkwave /dark electro /synthwave duo STRIDULUM “Flesh” single
  • Udine, Italy electronic /industrial/synth wave duo Sun’s Spectrum “Pain Is Just a Noise” from the upcoming debut LP “The Silence After The Fall” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Dark Electronics project from Colombia of Alex Cortés and Leonardo Jaime (Antiflvx), Umbrall – “Nomada” single
  • Crete, Greece EBM /industrial /dark electro act, PreEmptive Strike 0.1 “Beyond Reality (Feat. Cleopatra Caido)” from the album “Defence Readiness : Condition 1” on Infacted Recordings
  • Lyon, France goth /cold wave /industrial rock band Divine Shade – “Oublier (feat. Steve Fox-Harris)” single part a forthcoming EP Trilogy called “Fragments”
  • UK dark synthpop project of Jay Taylor (Tactical Sekt, Tyske Ludder and Harmjoy), aka J:dead “Surrendering” from “ROOTS” CD EP
  • German new romantic /wave /synthpop duo Beyond Obsession “Kings Of Ashes” first single from the end of the year’s new album
  • Köping, Sweden synthpop solo project of half of the duo Daily Planet, Johan Baeckström “Forever In Here” from “Here” EP on Progress Productions
  • New York dark synthpop act Teledeath “Love On Fire” single
  • Sweden future pop /synthpop duo Train To Spain “My Spirit Is Free” single [pbhmedia]
  • Philadelphia‘s solo electronic synth-pop project of Angel Jefferson, aka Catherine Moan “Undo Undo” single on Born Losers Records
  • Spanish electronic /synthpop solo project Lifelong Corporation “Dance With Me” single
  • Swiss analog dark synth wave /synthpop duo CØLDSTAR “Sleepless” single
  • SwissDutch new wave /synthpop duo BLACKBOOK “Haunted Love” single on darkTunes
  • L.A.-based psych synth-pop mastermind of Spencer Draeger, aka DRÄGER “Succubus” single
  • Los Angeles-based one-man Post-Punk /Gothic /Dark Wave project of Canadian artist Pete Mills, THE SWEET KILL “Undead” single
  • Oakland, CA goth /post-punk /synth wave duo 55CASTLES “BOUND (ft. STUNNY)” single
  • Glasgow’s outsider electronic /post-post-post punks Junto Club “Golden Apple” from “Golden Apple” EP 12″ [Optimo Music]                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Seattle, WA new-wave pop /synth-punk band Telehealth “Mindtrap” single on Sub Pop Records
  • Los Angeles‘ noise /darkwave /electro /synth-punk act Secret Mutilator “All Panix” single
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia industrial /electronic /shoegaze /synth-punk duo, DRIVEOVER “Meds Patch” single
  • Los Angeles-based dark wave /new wave /post-punk band Total Pleasure “Motives” single
  • Polish Goth Post-punk solo project from Kraków, MEKONG “Going Numb” first single of Mekong’s upcoming album “Danse Danse”
  • Riverside, CA post-punk /darkwave /dreamgoth trio Perpetual Midnight “El Dominion” from the EP “Sorrows Space”
  • El Paso, TX synthpop /new wave /post-punk solo act AerophoneGhost “Unbind” from “Eólico” EP
  • Adelaide, Australian post-punk /wave/romantic pop duo New Labour “Waiting Grounds” from “Hour” EP                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Sydney, Australia lo-fi post-punk band (members of Orion, Diat, Itchy Bugger and Rapid Dye), The Lewers “O Karina” from the upcoming debut album “518A” via LULUS SONIC DISC CLUB and Feel It Records
  • Chicago-based new wave /coldwave /post-punk band French Police “Dance To Play” single
  • Virginia wave /post-punk /synthpop trio Widow Rings “Wound” from the EP “Bleed Eternal”
  • Kansas City‘s goth /shoegaze /post-punk band Emmaline Twist ”STRANGE PURSUIT” single
  • Denver, CO alternative rock /goth /darkwave /post-punk /emo trash solo project Dead On A Sunday “Pray” single
  • Polish 4-piece shoegaze /post-punk /noise rock band from Wrocław, GIVE UP TO FAILURE “All House Drowns In My Pain” (Single)
  • Turku, Finland dark noise rock band Throat “Tiny Golden Murder” from the album “We Must Leave You” via Svart Records
  • Early 1980s Athens, Georgia no wave /post-punk band Limbo District “Rhythm Forward” (1981) off 3-track 7″ EP [Chunklet Industries]
  • Dark ambient /comfy dungeon synth act Pottsfield “Where Timeless Spirits Meet” from the cassette album “Don Your Vegetables”
  • US dark ambient /medieval dungeon synth act Boughs Enshrouded “The Gathering garden” from the cassette album “Oldgrowth” [Ithildin Tape Production]
  • Ontario-based dark ambient /ethereal /acoustic folk singer-songwriter Mystikana “Your an Elven Witch Lost in a Castle Ruin Singing for Eternity – Her Haunting Vocals in the Rain”