WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – OCTOBER #42-23

photo by Kalliope Amorphous

  • Baltimore, Maryland-based cold synth project of veteran electronic musician and sound artist Jason Sloan, aka L’Avenir – “Windows” from V/A “Goths for Sanctuaries – The Album!!!” 179-track mega fundraising compilation [Goths for Sanctuaries]

Mega-huge 179-track compilation waiting to be discovered, comprised, somewhat unusual, of brand new songs, remixes and reimaginings, rarities and live recordings, to raise funds for animal sanctuaries & rescues around the world. Personally, I jumped straight to the brand new track from synth professor Jason Sloan with his somewhat ‘symphonic’ and cinematic, meticulously built synth sound, equally emotional, powerful, and crystalline as it is minimal, shadowy and atmospheric. What about the new song, ceaselessly frenzy crisp drum patterns and mumbling basslines underpinning haunted vocals, aching, amid female whispers, with a nostalgic longing for lost love, swept by a mesmerizing compelling synth-infused melancholia, transporting us to another soul-stirring dimension.

  • L.A.-based goth /darkwave /synth-pop solo project of songstress Tara Jane, aka CARESS “Temporary Lover” from upcoming debut LP “Night Call” on Negative Gain Productions

We had already loved L.A.-based Tara Jane as an independent, now affiliated with the Negative Gain Productions label, like lots of fine artists lately, she keeps on the same bewitching path, while announcing her long-anticipated debut LP, with an urgent, obsessive Darkwave Romance fueled by a snapping drum programming, murky bassline undulations, melancholic enveloping synth swells and a mesmerizing web of flickering prickly guitar glimmers, over aching restless vocals, yearning for a “Temporary Lover”, whilst eerily engulfed by the cold dark night.

  • Mexican darkwave /post-punk duo Disociados “Noche Blanca” the second single from the debut EP

Dangerous, edgy, and eerie second offer from Mexican Post-punk duo Disociados, “Noche Blanca” fuses steady pounding rhythms, and broody basslines with dark swirling cinematics, amid apocalyptic voice clips, whilst relentless sinister whispers, angsty fears, and numb listless spoken words, alternate despair and salvation from a macabre tunnel of ancestral redemption.

  • Danish dark wave /post-punk /coldwave solo project Reconverb – “Shadows, Come and Fight” from the EP “Thoughts Are Digital”
  • Berlin-based Belgrade‘s coldwave /dark wave /cold noir duo SIXTH JUNE “Collapse” single
  • New York wave/electronic /dream pop /synthpop solo project R. Missing “Nitelike” single
  • Grenoble, France experimental /EBM /new beat /dark disco /synth-pop /wave electronic producer Leonard Lampion (half of Hardlab and Peep Night), aka Impair Pierre – “Sirène” from the upcoming cassette album “Promenades De Jour” [Meta Moto]
  • Italian minimal electro /dark wave /synth solo project from Turin, ZOLTAN FREITAG “Hologram” single
  • Olympia, WA-based minimal groovy Synth Pop duo Odor Eater “Fairytale” from the cassette EP “Fairytale” on Rotten Apple
  • German minimal wave /coldwave act Psychedelic Headshot “Herzen sind nur Elektronen” from “Ignorier die Welt” EP
  • Alicante, Spanish post-punk /minimal synth wave /coldwave solo project of Víctor Ávila (Disciplina Limitar, Morenas), ESCAIRE “as columnas fundidas” from “Escaire” EP on Flexidiscos
  • Swiss no wave /psych rock /synth-pop band Hirsute “Palézieux” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ debut album “Problème technique” [CAF?]
  • Geneva, Swiss industrial /synth-punk /electro body wave duo Kleio Thomaïdes and Shlomo Balexert, aka Bound by Endogamy – “Cogs” from the upcoming self-titled album [Les Disques Bongo Joe]
  • Melbourne, Australia darkwave /synthwave solo project Spiritual Slum “Disconnected” from cassette album “LIFE AFTER SOMETHING” [Clan Destine Records]
  • Melbourne-based new wave /synth-punk five-piece Screensaver “No Vacation” from the second LP “Decent Shapes” via Poison City (AU) // Upset The Rhythm (UK)
  • Los Angeles darkwave /synthwave /new wave band FEVR “Blacked Out” single
  • Melbourne, Australian dark wave /synth-pop band led by George Pappas (former member of 80s wave act Real Life), ALIEN SKIN – “Escape from Myself” from “Transparent In Black” EP
  • Los Angeles, CA shoegaze /darkwave/ post-punk /synthpop band (members of The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, Wax Idols, and Light FM), Bizou “Ursula” single
  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan-based post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project Dionnysuss “Fangs” single
  • Dark Electronics project from Colombia of Alex Cortés and Leonardo Jaime (Antiflvx), Umbrall – “Desilusion” third single
  • Colombian post-punk /electronic /darkwave project of Juan Manuel a.k.a Mel Zb. based in Bogotà, Noromakina “Fragmental” single on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Vancouver, BC goth /darkwave act Ringfinger “Chamber of Roses” from the LP “In A Black Frame”
  • Colorado Springs-based solo darkwave artist SeLeV “Fate of the Universe” from the debut EP “Cosmic Despair”
  • Sofia, Bulgaria goth /synth /darkwave /post-punk band Lunatic Theatre “Reversed” from the debut LP “The Dead Triangle”
  • Quito, Ecuador goth /post-punk /coldwave /darkwave act PROLEPSIS – “Near the Abyss” single
  • Goth /New Wave /Dark Wave band from North East of England, The Desire “Drown” from “The Violator” EP
  • Phoenix, AZ Dark Wave project of Manuel Perez aka, Corbeau Hangs “Bloodlust” from the cassette album “OPTOGRAMS” via MODEL WORKERS RECORDS
  • San Antonio, TX Goth Rock/Post-punk trio In a Darkened Room “Mission” single
  • California-based industrial /electronic /darkwave project of musician Justin Chamberlain, AKA Soft Vein “Perfect Teeth” off the debut LP “PRESSED IN GLASS” on Artoffact Records
  • Wenatchee, WA new wave /darkwave /post-punk solo project of Datura frontman David Betancourt, aka SHANX FM “Black Lipstick” (single)
  • Darkwave project of French songwriter, performer, and engineer frelu, NLIGHT “A Tale Of Resilience Forevermore” single.
  • German Darkwave /Post-Punk band urbandoned. “Hell Isn’t That Bad, I Guess” [Demo]
  • Italian cold-dark-synth wave solo project of Daniele Giustra, SELFISHADOWS ”Everything Changes” title track of upcoming LP ”Everything Changes”
  • San Francisco-based darkwave / post-punk trio steilacoom “Theater of light” from the album “Teatro Luminoso” on Vibraphone Records
  • Manchester, UK dark wave /trip-hop /industrial folk /avant pop duo Red Painted Red “Silence” from the 4th studio LP ” That Was The Reason Why” first in 8 years on Zoharum Records
  • Bergen, Norway darkwave /trip-hop /dark pop outfit Melt Motif – “Fever – Processor Remix”
  • Ottawa, Ontario darkwave /synthpop duo Violentene “Break The Silence” from “Human Drama” EP
  • Berlin-based electronic /post-punk /dark wave duo of Curses & Skelesys, aka Silver Tears – “Always Shine (Wait For The Rain)” from V/A “Curses presents Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX” compilation series [Eskimo Recordings]
  • Industrial/Darkwave solo artist from the Pacific Northwest, Arkham Sunset “Revenge (ft. Carl Wayne of Lies We Were Told)” single (Ministry cover)
  • Los Angeles-based EBM /Synthpop /Dark Electronic duo Sleek Teeth “Gone” debut single
  • Kansas City, Missouri sci-fi electro industrial duo Moon 17 “Mirror Side” single
  • Bassano Del Grappa, Italian darkwave /electro industrial project of Luigi Pianezzola, aka TORBA “Papers” from the upcoming first S/T LP
  • New York experimental /EBM /dark electro industrial project of Michael Renfield (aka Soilodge and Noise Process), aka R010R – “Night Was Red” off the forthcoming album “Total Disinformation Awareness” on Electro Aggression Records
  • Ukrainian industrial /techno /synth wave /EBM solo project Zirkular Dion “Вітання” from “Shpalera” EP
  • Melbourne, Australia synth doom solo act False Fate – “The Face of God” from the EP “Beyond Existance”
  • German dark synth-pop project of DJ Tom Niebuhr, aka MONOSAPIEN “Aufbruch” single
  • West Palm Beach, FL neuromantic synthpop trio Violet Silhouette “Set In Stone” from “FEVERBLUE” EP
  • Texas-based goth /witch house /dark electronic /darkwave audio and visual experiment COMITI “Touch” single
  • Spanish punk /power pop /post-punk trio Futuro Terror “La Miseria” from the 5th and last album “Presente” via humo internacional
  • Philadelphia / NJ Post-punk band The Silence Kit “Blood” off the upcoming new album “It’s Not Too Late”
  • Alsace-Lorraine based post-punk /coldwave /synth-punk duo Hugo Latzer & Lucas Wendling, aka Überspannung “Balzer Herrgott” from the cassette album “Holzwege” on Mangel
  • Toronto, Ontario goth /deathrock /industrial /post-punk duo Dermabrasion “Halberdier” from upcoming first LP “Pain Behaviour” via Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Bordeaux, France garage /noise rock /post-punk duo DRUNK MEAT – “Belle personne” from “Diagonale du vide” album on A Tant Rêver Du Roi Records (vinyl) and Model Workers Records (tape)
  • San Antonio, TX punk/power pop /synth-driven new wave band Sex Mex – “Pills” off “We’re a Happy Family” EP 7″ on Goodbye Boozy
  • St. Louis, Missouri post-punk /punk band Genre “Whupdidu” from debut cassette EP “Demo” [Rotten Apple]
  • Paris-based post-punk /cold wave project founded by Leonid Diaghilev, aka Tout Debord “Depuis un moment” from upcoming debut cassette album “Pensées Noires” via Salle d’attente
  • Quito Canton, Ecuador dark wave /post-punk band Merlina So Sad – “Vampiro” single on Edmoon Records
  • German Post-punk /Darkwave project from Nürnberg, THAL “Devil” single
  • Kazakhstan post-punk /darkwave solo project moonvampire “The Veil” single
  • Baltimore, Maryland coldwave /darkwave solo project, 4dversary “Forever”
  • US dark fantasy ambient /dungeon synth project Earthen Shield “a cold wind beckons” from the cassette album “Silent Offerings” [Esoteric Obfuscation Productions]
  • Bilbao, Spain dark fantasy ambient /dungeon synth act Lord Bakartia “Dancing With The Moonlight Butterfly” from the album “For When The Night Comes”
  • Sweden dark ambient /dungeon synth project Thorvroht “Frozen Tears of Remembrance” from the album “Frostbound Reveries”

photo by Kristamas Klousch