WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – October #41-21

Сильвии Грав/Silvia Grav Photography

  • Louisville, Kentucky goth /darkwave /post-punk solo project of Albie Mason, aka SCARY BLACK “American Gothic” new single

At last, the first single after a long hiatus from Louisville based darkwaver unbridles sinister syncopated rhythmic overtones of lingering darkness that entangle eerie and dramatic dazzling synth sweeps and low ominous rumbling throbs bursting in vibrant ringing guitar leads to shed oppressive impending doom around breathy and scruffy haunted male vocals, growls, and moans releasing unabashed self-proclamations of nightly love, “This is my home, This is my heart, This is my American Gothic!”

  • Leipzig, Germany electronic /minimal /coldwave /darkwave /synth project RINA PAVAR “Vivid Night” title track off upcoming album “Vivid Night”                                                                                                 

Leipzig based cold synth artist teases her debut LP in the best compelling way, triggering chilly shivers of icy, hypnotic and vivid night’s fascination inebriated by a lashing drum machine and an undulating menacing bassline seething with alluring darkness, stabbed by swirling blazing synth swathes of enigmatic restlessness and excitement around entrancing detached female vocals floating magnetically through a tumultuous morbid immersion of intoxicating fear.

  • Nantes, France goth /cold wave /post-punk /darkwave trio SANG FROID “Death Came To Me” new single

Nantes cold wavers flirt with death in the epic, brooding and evocative new single imbued of dismal melancholia and moving regretful nostalgia over a hypnotic meandering twist of heart-achingly sparkling jangly guitar melodies and wistful winding synth washes to create a deep sense of quivering gloom around haunted, disheartened male vocals haloed by emotional female echoes struggling within deep heartfelt cries of alienated pain and devastation.

  • Brussels, Belgian post-industrial /neofolk duo LA MERDE “Trompeter” from the upcoming debut album “La Vie en Noir” on Signal Rex
  • Munich, Germany dark cinematic soundtrack-focused band formed by Manfred Thomaser (!distain, Arsine Tibe, The Independent Seasons) and James Knights (KNIGHT$, Scarlet Soho, Boytronic), aka DEMOKRATIE “Ice Fall” debut single
  • Mid-’80s founded German avantgarde dark wave duo Deine Lakaien “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” [Pink Floyd Cover] on Prophecy Productions
  • Orlando, FL dark ambient /ethereal wave /darkwave project Delusions of Madness “Whispers In The Dark” single
  • Marquette, Michigan darkwave /gothic rock singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (Lycia collaborator), DAVID GALAS “Under A Sheltering Sky” from “HISTORY OF THE PLAGUE (The White EP)” EP
  • Metz, France indie pop /new wave /post-punk /cold wave band, Animaux Surround “(K)now” from “Till Death Dries” EP
  • French experimental /post-punk /coldwave project of Yannick Rault, Closed Mouth – “Happiness” (Single)
  • Tirana, Albanian darkwave /coldwave /dark electronic duo I Tpame I Tvrame “As It Comes” from the second vinyl 12″ LP “II” [Periphylla | Diffuse Reality Records]
  • Iceland Cold-Wave // Post-Punk // Dark Pop // Poetry Punk all-girl trio from Reykjavík, Kælan Mikla “Örlögin” from the LP “Undir Köldum Norðurljósum” on Artoffact
  • German experimental/dark ambient/coldwave/darkwave/post-punk project of Anna Nin (aka None), aka Glaring “Vanth” from the new album ”Nebula” via Wave Tension Records (tape) and Peripheral Minimal Records (vinyl)
  • Vienna-based, Mexican born, Texas-raised kosmische dark-wave/cold-rave musician & DJ Alyssa Auvinen Barrera aka LDY OSC. “Bad Connection” from the EP Electric-Earthy-Esoteric” on Squirrels on Film
  • Buenos Aires-based, French-born electro /coldwave artist Douce Angoisse “New Vape City” from V/A EP 12″ on Lost Soul Enterprises
  • London, UK minimal analogue synth primitive-electronic DIY music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “My Brutal World” title track from the album “My Brutal World” a collaborative release by TONN Recordings & Objetrouvé.
  • Schenectady, NY bedroom electronic /coldwave /darkwave /synth wave solo project, TSTI “Always” (Single)
  • French/Slovakian minimal wave /electronic duo of Makina Girgir and ImiAFan, aka KePESLAP “HyteParade” from the album “HyteParade” on 4mg Records
  • Guatemala City based Darkwave // Minimal Wave Dúo Obsolencia Programada “Repulsion” debut single
  • Toronto‘s EBM/industrial/darkwave/dark electronic project by ex-Crystal Castles drummer and producer Cam Findlay, aka KONTRAVOID “Maskerade (feat. S.L.U.T.)” from “Faceless” EP
  • Canadian EBM /industrial /post-punk /electro-punk trio from Toronto, Odonis Odonis ”Shadow Play” from the new “Spectrums” LP on Felte
  • Lo-fi /minimal synth/coldwave /darkwave DIY project of Hong Kong-born composer Shawn T. Hui., aka Wicked Crafts “Body Of Youth” from “(Self) Hatred Is __________ ” cassette album on Raptor Crew
  • Portugal‘s dark electronic side project of Pedro Code (IAMTHESHADOW), The Ending Nights “Reaching New Ways” second single on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Belgian new wave /dark rock /post-punk band, A Slice Of Life ”Coraline (The Foreign Resort Remix)”
  • Swedish synthpop artist Molly Nilsson “Absolute Power” from upcoming LP “Extreme” on Night School Records
  • L.A. based Mexican goth /coldwave /darkwave solo project of producer and composer Gómez Palacio Dgo, Killmoure “Falling” from the EP “Livid” on Desdoble Records
  • Russian Post-punk solo project from Bryansk, FLUENT PANIC “Враг” (Single)                                                     
  • Hamilton, UK-based goth /darkwave project of Lea Torn, AKA The Secret Experiment “No More Goodbyes” from the new EP “Cold Light”
  • Saarbrücken, Germany darkwave /synth /post-punk outfit ANGST4 “Überall” new single.
  • Leipzig‘s psych /darkwave duo Mater Sunday – “Deus Ex Machina” (Single)
  • Kendal, UK post-punk/darkwave solo project of Klaus Devore, aka Claustraphobia “Crimson” (Single)
  • Orlando, FL coldwave /synth post-punk project of Darren Robert Earl Crittenden, aka Alien Witch “Miami” from “Witch Hunt” album
  • Riverside, Ca post-punk /coldwave /darkwave solo project BITTERBONES “Die Tonight” from upcoming “Don’t Look Within” EP on Blank Publishing
  • Lyon, France experimental /industrial funk /dub /no-wave /post-punk solo project of Maïssa D., aka Theoreme “Les Artisans” from the upcoming S/T album on Maple Death Records
  • Dutch electronic wave duo based in The Hague, STERK WATER “hypomanie” from the “We praten morgen verder” EP
  • New York-based, Spanish post-punk /shoegaze /darkwave /synthpop solo project OSCURIDAD ROMÁNTICO “Always Blue”                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • UK analog retro /new wave /synthwave /electro-pop outfit Analogue Electronic Whatever ”All Apply” first single from the album “Fuzzy Pop & Mardy Moods”.
  • Dutch electro /synth-wave /’Neue-Niederländische-Welle’ duo from Utrecht, STAATSEINDE “Vos Con Vado (feat. Aantrekkelijk Zwaktebod)” from the upcoming album “Crazy Earthlings Collab Tape – Episode II”
  • Helsingborg, Sweden synthpop duo Cold Connection “Trocadero” from the album “Seconds of Solitude” on Town And Towers Records
  • Huntington Beach, Ca dream pop /synthwave /synth-pop project of Brian Hazard, aka COLOR THEORY “The Limit” new single
  • Oppenheimer Analysis “The Devil’s Dancers” (Mufti Edit) from “Edit 4” EP by Méxican electronic/dark disco producer Bernardo Barrera, aka MUFTI
  • Carolina electronic /darkwave /synth-wave side-project of Secret Shame bassist/synth player, XOR “Hands Full of Electricity (Cold Choir remix)” from “Xor / Cold Choir – re.mixes” EP
  • Austin, TX synth-wave /electro synth-pop solo project JJS “Waiting” (Single)
  • Oakland, Ca electro-pop /synth-pop solo project FAVORS “Gemini Phantom” (single)
  • Barcelona-based lo-fi synthpop solo project Dos Serpientes “Sacrificio”                                                                   
  • East London based Italo /post-punk /new wave /techno /electronic DJ and producer Katie Wilkinson, aka BIRDS “New Age Nights (Feed the Void)” from the EP ‘Time’ on Nein Records                                                                          
  • German coldwave /postpunk /new wave /electronic duo Blaues Einhorn “Labyrinth (Radio Edit)” new single off of upcoming debut EP ”Nicht Essenziel” on Her Majesty’s Ship                                                                                      
  • Mexican synth electronic /post-punk /deathwave solo project from Monterrey, Vestron Vulture “Rendezvous in Rotterdam” from a new and upcoming EP
  • Rome-based Post-Punk /Coldwave /Darkwave solo project of Italian musician Marco Cattani (Halo Effect and The Mark), Chemical Waves “White Wall (feat. Iris Capricorn)” from “White Wall” (EP)
  • Italian electronic /darkwave act founded by ghost producer, drummer and singer Francesco Kay, FALL SHOCK “Synthetica (Black Asteroid remix)” from upcoming “Interior – Remixed” EP on Manic Depression Records
  • Bogotà, Colombia Electro /Dark Techno /EBM /Dark Electronic atist Kat Yusti – “Culto” from V/A “Alduna” compilation on NÓTT
  • Palmira, Colombia synthwave /minimal synth solo project HUMAN 80 Feat Allienmi – “Individuo” on Navel Records                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Athens, Greece one-man instrumental experimental/cold electronics project BLAKAUT – “Στερεμένη Ψυχή” from the album “Ξοδεμένα Χρόνια”
  • German industrial /EBM /dark electro solo effort of Marc Tater, aka Synaptic Defect – “The Pollution Generation (rough version)”, taken from the upcoming Synaptic Defect album “Initializing Insanity”, to be released soon on Electro Aggression Records
  • Polish egg post-punk, weird-wave, looser-wave, prank punk & kraut pain wave project from Szczecin, BZDET “NIC WIĘCEJ” from “WITAM” cassette EP on Syf Records
  • London-based post-punk trio DEEP TAN – “Tamu’s yiffing refuge” 2-track 7” single on Speedy Wunderground                                                                                                                                                       
  • US post-punk /darkwave /coldwave duo of Daniel Srungaram & Dante Palomba, NEW TODAY “Let Go” from upcoming LP “Cradle”
  • Columbia, Missouri post-punk 5-piece band BLIGHTS “Barricades” from upcoming debut LP “Years of Bad News” on Phratry Records
  • Norman, Oklahoma alt-post-punk 5-piece THE LOST END “In Decay” from the new 3rd album “Denied Existence”
  • Brest-based indie rock /new wave /noise /post-punk five-piece band from Britanny, BANTAM LYONS “Wilhelmine” from the sophomore LP “Mardell” on Music From The Masses (FR) & Gezellig Records (USA)
  • Berlin-based Mexican cosmic /krautrock /post-punk /psychedelic band SEI STILL ‘Me Persigue’ from Sei Still’s new album ‘El Refugio’, due out November 26th on Fuzz Club.
  • Seattle, Wa electronic /darkwave DIY solo project Festering Wound “Grasping at Straws” from “Dead Precedence” Demo EP
  • Mexican deathrock /horror /post-punk trio Skeletal Bats “Quiero Ser Santa” (Cover Parálisis Permanente)
  • Kansas City, Missouri darkwave /garage /gothic rock project of Grave Roberts, aka Witch Jail – “This House is Burning” off of the work-in-progress EP “Here Lies”
  • L.A. based shoegaze /post-punk solo project INFINITY MIRRORS “SMILE NEVER CRY FOREVER” single off upcoming LP
  • London, UK post-punk 4-piece TV Priest “All Thing” off new 2-track 7″ single “Lifesize b/w All Things” on Sub Pop Records.
  • Brighton, UK goth /new wave /post-punk solo project by O Williams (from The Tubs, Ex-Void and Sniffany & The Nits), aka Cotton Crown “Wretched Lie” 2-track single on Gob Nation
  • Kirov/Saint Peterburg, Russia DIY post-punk trio Черная Речка [Chernaya Rechka] feat. Nürnberg “Сэрца / Hearts” new single
  • Seattle‘s dreamy post-punk outfit FOTOFORM “Digging Trenches” from the sophomore “Horizons” album.
  • Ocala, Florida post-punk /new wave duo COLD EYES “Need Your Love” second single
  • Los Angeles‘ new wave /post-punk duo CRUEL REFLECTIONS “Leche Pudrida” new 2-track single on Cold Transmission Music
  • Warsaw-based coldwave /post-punk /new wave duo Mental Fatigue – “Form” first single on Dreamland Syndicate
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project BLAZH | БЛАЖЬ – “Под контролем” (телеверсия) from the first collection “аут-сайды” of the RPP label remixes and remasters from the Televolny [телеверсия] project on Русский пост-панк
  • Washington State darkwave /post-punk band The Bookhouse Dolls “Post Punk Daydream” off upcoming 2-track single
  • Russian gothic /post-punk trio from Moscow, Войлок [Voilok] – “Нож в кармане старой куртки” from the EP “Узилище ненависти”
  • Melbourne, Australia new wave /post-punk /indie rock solo project of Rory Maxwell, aka SERF ‘Coma’ third single from the upcoming 12″ vinyl debut album “The Dunes You Wander In” via Honeyglider Records.
  • Norwich, UK post-punk solo project by the singer of The Raudive, Marc Atkinson, aka KEENING “Erase” the first EP from the upcoming album “The Yellow Portal” to be released in late 2021 on Icy Cold Records
  • Russian post-punk band (formerly The Steering Wheel) from Yekaterinburg, Enemy Of Soviets “Cold Box” new single
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk | Indie rock project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “Another War To Claim”   
  • Olympia, WA based dark country /neofolk /punk /industrial noise artist Harsh R., aka Dark Tymes – “Queen of Trash” from cassette compilation of his recent EPs as Indulgence & Dark Tymes on Reclusion Records

Сильвии Грав/Silvia Grav Photography