WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – OCTOBER #40-23

  • Melbourne-based new wave /synth-punk five-piece Screensaver “Future Trash” third single off the sophomore album “Decent Shapes” via Poison City Records // Upset The Rhythm

Screensaver’s precede their sophomore LP in the better way with their third and final single that pulls into the emotional realms of 80s New-Wave melodrama, through loose-limbed drums, warm doomy resonant basslines, pulsating whirring and sinister spacey synth sweeps, insistent agonizing, at times bitterly jagged, guitar bleeds, and sad powerful vocals, brooding relentlessly into an ongoing dystopic prophecy of “Future Trash.”

  • Georgia-based dark post-punk solo project By Thy Hand “Innocence or Naïvety” from 2-track single “Opaque Forest”

Solo project from Georgia, imbued with desolate and anguished monochromatic post-punk shadows ala Joy Division, driven by a clearly familiar deeply resonant bassline along steady skeletal drum beats, swept by chilly spooky liquid synth shivers and wailing guitar distortions, to inject frozenly bleak nightly winds over cold ominous baritone vocals, drawing disenchantment and pain from shifting frequencies of angsty obsessive dread.

  • Udine, Italy synth wave duo Sun’s Spectrum “God Is a Machine” from the upcoming debut LP “The Silence After The Fall” on Cold Transmission Music

With an electrifying and high-energy reverb-cloaked combination of moody Darkwave and propelling Electronica,  the first single via the band’s new label Cold Transmission begets a dark and dramatic barrage of hard-hitting drum programming, urgent galloping murky basslines, sad prickly guitar echoes, and immersive cinematic synth distortions, swirling and vibrating, with flourishes of acidic trance, around anxious desperate vocals, left soaring into a sweeping droning dance of hypnotic grooves.

  • Horror Surf solo side project of Zac Campbell from The Waning Moon, and The Kentucky Vampires, aka Los Vampiros Del Mar “The Full Moon Lagoon” from the first album “Songs of Blood, Death, and Romance”
  • Swiss no wave /psych rock /synth-pop band Hirsute “Vacances” from the upcoming debut album “Problème technique” [CAF?]
  • Chicago-based psych /dark wave /dark dream pop /goth pop solo artist Born Days “How To Disappear” off of the debut LP “My Little Dark”
  • German dark ambient /coldwave /darkwave/post-punk project of Anna Nin (aka None), aka Glaring “Loveless dm” from the cassette/vinyl 12″ album ”Void” on Young & Cold Records
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico goth /coldwave /synth wave /darkwave solo act Slow Dance With The Dead (SDWTD) “Tortured” single
  • Darkwave project of French songwriter, performer, and engineer frelu, NLIGHT “Freitag Nacht Augen” single                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • German Synth-Pop /Darkwave /Post-Punk duo URBANDONED. “Life Rules” single
  • New York goth /dark wave /coldwave solo project October Front “The Wine Flows” from cassette “s/t” Demo EP
  • Rome-based Post Punk /Coldwave /Darkwave solo collaborative project of Italian musician Marco Cattani (Halo Effect), Chemical Waves “Embracing the darkness (feat ENDLESS ME)” from the album “The End of Everything – part one”
  • Russian synth-punk band based in Saint Petersburg, SUPERNOVA 1006 “Before I’ll Make You Cry” from the album “Chains” via Negative Gain Productions
  • Turkish Post-Punk /Dark Wave duo based in IstanbulDuctape “Red Scar” first single from the upcoming album “Echo Drama” on Swiss Dark Nights                                                                                                        
  • Italian coldwave /darkwave /synthpop /electronic duo Luca Bandini & Alessandra Gismondi (aka Schonwald), SHAD SHADOWS “Assault” title track of the new vinyl 12″ LP “Assault”
  • Munich, Germany-based new wave /post-punk /minimal cold wave duo Yakima Jera – “Kara” debut single.                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk /darkwave /new wave act Scimitar – “Vacíos” single
  • Berlin-based dark synth wave project Paura Diamante “Abigail” from the second album “The Descent”
  • London, UK dark ambient /neo-classical /drone /coldwave /darkwave /minimal synth /post-punk  artist Bram Droulers “Petra” from the new album “Problème De Normalité”
  • Boston, MA post-punk /new wave /synth-wave outfit HOUSE OF HARM “Roseglass” from the upcoming album “Playground” via Maison du Mal / Avant!Records
  • Andy Oppenheimer and Crystalline Stricture “Forever Fire” from the upcoming collaborative album “Songs From A Constellation” soon on TONN Recordings
  • Old school industrial/synth music from Danish synthesists Niels Rønne (Of The Wand & The Moon) and Flemming Kaspersen (Delayscape), aka Heinz Beauvaix “Channel No. 5” from the LP “Special Defects”
  • Mexican minimal synth act El Ojo y la Navaja “Agoraphobia” from vinyl 12″ edition of the debut LP “Extimidad” (recorded between 2020 and 2021) via Infravox Records
  • Northern Ireland synth wave /electronic musician, Crystalline Stricture “Brighter” single
  •  Portland, OR industrial /EBM /cold wave /minimal synth electronics project ORTROTASCE “Ignite Me” single                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Malmö, Sweden dark wave /minimal wave /dark synthpop duo Dennis Lood (Abu Nein) & ANGST (Den Sorte Død, ANGST Sessions), aka ATEMLOS “Things we do” single from the upcoming debut LP “A pending doom” on Kernkrach Records (vinyl)
  • Swiss lo-fi /psychedelic pop /NDW /coldwave /synthpop /synthpunk project of Carlo Onda, aka KARL KAVE “Mitternacht (Dark Castle Edit)” edit of the original track from the upcoming vinyl 12″ LP “Traurig schauen die Berge”
  • German goth coldwave /EBM producer Johannes Stabel, aka XTR Human – “I Want More (Abby Knives Remix)” from the upcoming EP “I Want More” [WIE EIN GOTT]
  • Lyon, France emotional body music /darkwave /electro act led by Timothée Gainet, aka  Poison Point – “Altered Beats” off upcoming V/A “Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX” 3xCD and 2xLP, compiled and curated by Luca Venezia (aka Curses) [Eskimo Recordings]
  • Malmö-based, Swedish enigmatic darkwave trio ABU NEIN “Under Mercury (Xenturion Prime Remix)” [Progress Productions]
  • South London based AngloAustralian EBM /Synth-Punk band PC WORLD “DoubleVision” from “Infinite Dream Weapon” EP on DKA Records (tape)                                                                                         
  • German Industrial /Dark Electro act ABSURD MINDS – “Gravitas” single on SCANNER / Dark Dimensions Label Group
  • Charlotte, NC Dark Synthpop duo IIOIOIOII “Last King” off the LP “Dreaming” on Distortion Productions.
  • Tallinn, Estonia coldwave/darkwave/noir synth electronic project of Kadri Sammel aka Bedless Bones ”Dead Woman” from the upcoming LP “Mire of Mercury” [Metropolis Records]
  • Hamburg-based Russian synth-pop /indie dance /electronic DJ, producer and vocalist Xenia Beliayeva “Ever Since!” single
  • Miami, FL darkwave /synthwave /dark electronic music project Deep Down Wise “Invoke” single
  • Vancouver, BC post-industrial /electronic /darkwave duo WIRE SPINE “Safe” single on Negative Gain Productions
  • Athens, Georgia based goth-pop duo Vision Video “Normalized” single
  • Canadian post-punk /synth-punk duo from Vancouver, Sektion Tyrants “Love & Suffer” single
  • Russian Post-punk solo project, FLUENT PANIC “Сон” (Single)
  • Louisville, Kentucky post-punk /darkwave duo of former members of 9voltRevolt, Stephen Beasey & Brian Cain, AKA Who Saw Her Die? “Almost Night” from “Burn It All” EP
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project Чайки улетают с моря [smorya] “Тянет туда…” from the EP “У меня есть выход…”
  • US post-punk /darkwave act Jet Black Heart – “Bloodied” single on Dark Entry Records
  • Saint Petersburg shoegaze /post-punk /cold wave solo project, Пожар “Надежда” single
  • Grenoble-based, French Dark Post-punk duo Varsovie “Pression A Froid” title track of the new LP “Pression A Froid” on Icy Cold Records
  • Kocaeli, Turkey Post-Punk duo Rain To Dust “Letterfrack Penal Colony” from the upcoming concept LP “Martyrdom: Eight Exercises” on Swiss Dark Nights
  • Nantes, France Gothic Rock band SANG FROID “Eternal Light” the second single from the upcoming album “All-Nighter”
  • London, UK post-punk /gothic rock/post-punk band led by Matt Vowles, BLACK ANGEL “BLACK VELVET AMPHETAMINE” from the 5th studio album “LASCIVIOUS”
  • Vancouver, BC goth /cold wave /post-punk solo project The Ruments “Void” single
  • Athens, GA deathrock /post-punk project Tears for ʇhe Dying “Heterochromia” (single)
  • Washington D.C. darkwave /gothic rock band The Neuro Farm “Panic” single
  • Los ángeles, Chile minimal post-punk solo project Tele Off “La Anciana” off debut LP “Tele Off”
  • Phoenix, AZ goth /new wave /dream-pop /post-punk act Secret Attraction “Drifting” from the “LP3”
  • Los Angeles-based indie rock /new wave /coldwave /post-punk solo project, The Sea At Midnight “Orbiting Heaven” new charity single
  • Brunswick, Australia noise pop /post-punk 5-piece Hooper Crescent “Late Night TV” first single from Hooper Crescent’s 2024 second album ‘’Essential Tremors” via Spoilsport Records & Earth Libraries (US)                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Richmond, Virginia art-rock /motorik /post-punk outfit Hard Copy “Chew” from upcoming LP “12 Shots of Nature” via Feel It Records
  • Portland, OR synth-punk outfit CHERRY CHEEKS “What Went Wrong” off the LP “CCLPII” via Total Punk Records
  • Salt Lake City, UT orchestral gothic rock /dark folk solo project of Rebecca Vernon (ex-SubRosa), aka THE KEENING “Little Bird” title track of the debut album “Little Bird” [Relapse Records]

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