WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER #40-22

photo by Igor Yelukov

  • Post Punk/Goth band based out of Sacramento, CA. IN RETROGRADE “Italian Disco” single

Californian gothic-post-punker miserabilists go seemingly Italian Disco, as in a gothic version of The Gun Club’s groovy alienated twang, through dark romantic longings, syncopated rhythms, remote swirling synth melancholy and crunchy poignant guitar riffs echoing desperately around deep monochromatic baritone broods, fearfully waiting in eternity for a last dance.

  • Melbourne’s five-piece dance no-wave /art-pop/post-punk act Gut Health “Inner Norm” from the forthcoming “Electric Party Chrome Girl” 7″ EP on Marthouse Records

Deemed as one of the most compelling 2022’s underground acts from Down Under, Gut Health defy all circumscribed codes combining the dragging rhythmic intensity, serpentine groovy bass-propulsion, scratchy edgy guitar abrasion and swelling icy synth alienation of the off-kilter neurotic ebullience from the past no-wave-dance-punk era, whilst restless vocal delivery, meandering manically, amid pleasure and pain, with relentless caustic shouts and taunts, evoke a whacky out-of-control party mood from the sullen daydreams of everyday despair.

  • Brazilian synthpop /new wave /synthwave trio Misfortune Deep “Êxtase” third single on Systemica

The third single from the Brazilian duo explores the erotic mystery and danger looming in an 80s-tinged dimly lit Synth-pop fantasy cast in punchy beats, rumbling mechanical low ends, and sad twinkling synth stabs around bewitching female vocals, invoking sensuality, lust and pleasure from the swirling whispers and hypnotic wishes of incubus and succubus desires.

  • Brighton, UK based ethereal /indie folk /darkwave singer-songwriter|u:n| “Siren” from |u:n|album
  • BelgianIraqi percussive /Arabic /experimental modular electronic music trio of Stef Heeren, Kwinten Mordijck and Saif Al-Qaissy AKA Use Knife “Coupe d’état” from the debut vinyl album “The Shedding of Skin” on VIERNULVIER Records.
  • Copenhagen based post-punk /wave /minimal synth project of Berlin‘s producer Roger Semsroth (AKA Skanfrom, Sleeparchive), a.k.a. Television Set “06” from the album “01-08” [recorded between 20082014] on Winter Is At Hand
  • Swedish electronic /post-punk /dark wave duo from Stockholm, White Birches “Lethe’s Bramble” from 2-track single “Lethe’s Bramble / Burning Autumn Skies” on Progress Productions
  • German electronic /darkwave duo In Mitra Medusa Inri “Home” single                                               
  • Barcelona, Spain avant folk /synthpop /post-punk band PLATAFORMA “El Arco” from the cassette EP “Espacio De Dolor ” on humo internacional
  • Italian occult /coldwave /darkwave duo, iamnoone “Empty Hours” new 2-track single on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC.
  • San Diego based coldwave /synthpop /dark synth wave one-man project EM_LEN “Stars” (Single)
  • Stockholm, Sweden new wave / dark synth-pop duo Hatif “In War” from the debut album “Everything Is Repetition” on Town And Towers Records
  • Rochester, UK minimal synth /coldwave /synth-pop music project Brutalist Architecture in the Sun “Walls” single
  • Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An – “Plava pjesma” from the CDr album “Razmišljajmo o nečem drugom”
  • Finnish punk-funk /psych-funk-new wave guitarist-producer Thomas Azier featuring photographer-video artist, Isotta Acquati, AKA Obi Blanche “watwc” from “KRY4M3/WATWC” single on D’Oro UNLMTD
  • Toronto, Ontario dark ambient /synth alt pop singer-songwriter Lowell Sostomi, aka CIVIC TV “Anatomy of Boredom [Odonis Odonis Remix]” from “BLACKMOON REMIXES” mini-LP on Flemish Eye
  • L.A. lo-fi /wave /post-punk /electro-punk solo project of visual artist, songwriter and musician, Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Poison I.V.” single
  • Berlin-based post-punk /synth wave project DAS KINN “Weitsprung” from “First Tape/die Knochen” cassette compilation of the first two EPs on Mangel
  • Lithuanian/Ukrainian industrial /post-punk /dark electronics collaboration EGZOTIKKA & GAEL – “LIES” from upcoming V/A ” VA COULER SUR LE VISAGE VOL. I” tape compilation [Comme Des Larmes]
  • Berlin-based new wave /synthpop act fronted by Irish singer-songwriter Mark Cummins, AKA Marco Van Basten and The Castles “The Castles” title track from the debut EP “The Castles” on She Lost Kontrol
  • Berlin-based EBM-Italo-electro-techno collaboration of Pablo Bozzi & Phase Fatale, AKA Soft Crash “Your Last Everything feat. Marie Davidson (Soft Crash Angel)” from the debut album “Your Last Everything” on BITE
  • Dresden-bred, Berlin-based post-punk /dark synth /electro-wave artist Jennifer Touch “Summerchild” from second LP “Midnight Proposals” upcoming on FatCat Records
  • Copenhagen-based Electronic /Darkwave artist, St. Digue “Countess Of The Night” single
  • Reutlingen, Germany EBM /Electro /Wave duo Plastikstrom feat. DIAF “Atmen” single
  • Mexico City‘s minimal synth wave /dark electronics music project of Angel Kauff, a.k.a. Stockhaussen “Ciudad Violenta” from the single “Sonoro Modulamine”
  • French Dark Electronic /Post-punk /Coldwave band THE MIDNIGHT COMPUTERS – “Violence” from “Romantic Disaster” album on Manic Depression Records
  • Glasgow, Scotland-based beat-driven Cold Wave /Dark Wave artist Propter Hoc “Pyrocene” from the new sophomore album “Surviving Civilisation”
  • Los Angeles synth wave /synthpop /new wave duo C. Fjerstad & Tamara Sky AKA More Ephemerol “Fertile Energy” from the 12″ vinyl edition of the “Fertile Energy” EP via Oráculo Records                                       
  • Atlanta, Georgia dark synthwave female artist Chloé Roberson “By Design” from the EP “Evocative”
  • Berlin-based post-punk /synth minimal wave duo Her Absence Fill The World “Another Day (Original Mix)” from the mini-album “Dead Hands”
  • Canada/California retro dark /synthwave /synthpop collaboration between Vancouver‘s Shawn Ward & Santa Cruz‘s Blake Voss, AKA FM Attack & Vandal Moon “Cry Cry Cry (Makeup And Vanity Set Remix)” single on Starfield Music
  • Inca, Spain based EBM /trance /techno /dark electro new moniker of German DJ-musician-producer Daniel Holc, also known as Ascii.Disko, THE LEFT HAND PATH “Falling” from “FALLING” E.P.
  • Berlin-based Argentinian Goth /Synthpop /Darkwave solo project Deus Ex Lumina “My Church is Black” (Me And That Man cover)
  • Russian darkwave /synth-goth project of Dmitry Nordman, aka ELEZORIA “Temporary” from upcoming LP “Apart” on skyQode
  • German/Danish Synthpop /Electronic act T. Schmidt & J. Machons, AKA Lights Of Euphoria “The Sound Of Thunder” from the upcoming “Suicidal” first part of two mini-album releases on Infacted Records
  • German industrial /future-pop /dark electro solo project Penetrate the Facade “Ice Cold World” from Self-Titled debut album
  • Dark electro/experimental project from Moscow, ElektroTerapi “Lieber Allein (feat. Dshingizz)” single
  • Spanish electronic /synthpop act Lifelong Corporation “The House” from the album “TWO”
  • Dalarna, Sweden coldwave /synthwave /synthpop producer Lars-Göran Forsberg aka FOPMUSIC “How is our future” new single
  • Spain-based German EBM /dark electronic music project of veteran DJ-producer Daniel Holc, aka ASCII.DISKO “Choke Chain” title track from upcoming EP
  • Chicago based synthpop /post-punk sibling duo Dramatic Shapes “Moans” (Parade Ground cover)
  • Hungarian synthpop act Post Analog Disorder “Élet Küszöbén” single.
  • Liverpool, UK electronic /darkwave solo project K Ve Calma “Curse This Enemy” from the album “Prodrome”
  • Berlin based synth-pop /new wave /post punk solo project Carlo Karacho “Leben In Lücken” single
  • East London-based krautrock /post-punk /psych foursome Snapped Ankle “The Fish Needs A Bike” (Blurt cover, 1981)
  • Melbourne 6-piece psych /post-punk band Phil & The Tiles “Nun’s Dream” off the debut S/T 7” EP upcoming on Anti Fade Records.
  • Mexican Post-Punk /Electro-Rock duo of Badalt & Levantine, aka Red Eyes & Tears “In Control” new single
  • South London post-punk 4-piece The Pyke Circuit “Attractive” off the debut Self-Titled EP
  • German new wave /synth pop /post-punk a one-man project from Buxtehude, Coloured Tears “I Think Of You” from the album “I Just Want You To Know”
  • New York based indie rock/post-punk /new wave solo project Sleeping With Socks “At The Center” from the debut “A Guide for Haunting” EP
  • Four-piece post-punk /cold wave band from Eastern Europe, (68)LETO “Winter” new single
  • Santa Ana, CA female-fronted goth-rock band Frozen Charlottes “Pauper’s Grave” single
  • French shoegaze /post-punk /darkwave project created by Parisian producer ManuH, AKA Distance H “Waters of woe (feat. Marita Volodina)” single
  • Montpellier, France metal /gothic rock band SILT “Mutiny” from the album “The Hazmat Game”
  • French Gothic-Rock /ColdWave band Lyncelia “Lenses” from the album “Through The Venus Garden”
  • Louisville, Kentucky post-punk /darkwave duo of former members of 9voltRevolt, Stephen Beasey and Brian Cain, aka Who Saw Her Die? “30 Days” 2-track single
  • New Orleans, Louisiana post-punk /gothic rock 5-piece Missing “Victorian Funeral” from “Omenbringer” EP
  • St. Petersburg based post-punk /darkwave trio, Blind Dreams “Холод feat. Sob Violently” single
  • Italian post-punk band Other Voices “After Midnight” single from upcoming “Under Control” LP via SwissDarkNights Label
  • Tokyo-based DIY post-punk /darkwave band They Might Drown “Laid To Rest” new single
  • Manchester, UK industrial /darkwave solo project Grieving States “DEGLOVED” (demo)
  • Portuguese coldwave /post-punk project MB “Hyenas” from the single “Réptil Vol.5” on Réptil Ibérico Emissões.
  • Australian new wave /post-punk four-piece from Melbourne, CLOSE IN “Night Vision” from the cassette 7-track album “Everything I Remember” (Extended Edition of the 2021 5-track EP) via Honeyglider Records
  • US five-piece cold wave /dream goth /post-punk /darkwave band formed by SEVIT frontman, musician & singer/songwriter Jackie Legos, Happy Phantom “The Body Protects The Soul” from the album “Requiem” on Dark Entry Records
  • Austin, TX Post-punk /Darkwave /Alternative /New wave band HAUNT ME “Don’t Close Your Eyes” from Don’t Fall Asleep” EP
  • Toulouse, French coldwave /post-punk solo project [trait d’union] “Attraction radicale” from debut single ‘1’
  • Yekaterinburg, Russian sovietwave /indie rock /post-punk 4-piece Перемотка [Grupa Peremotka] ‘Во Сне’ from the new album ‘Улица Мира’
  • Gijón, Spain post-punk 4-piece VIUDA “Costumbrismo” single on Humo International
  • Norwegian New Wave | Post-punk project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “It was a sin” from “It was 1975” album
  • Northampton UK indie rock /post-punk led by songwriter-producer Kailan Price AKA Bloody/Bath “Sunder” off upcoming 2-track 7″ single “Idle Hands / Sunder”
  • Brooklyn, NY EBM /darkwave /synthpunk duo Ces Cadáveres “Observas los sentimientos de tu fin” off “La union perfecta entre el baile y placer” 2-track single

photo by Igor Yelukov