WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER #39-23

Eric Antoine photographie

  • MANASYt | Miseria Podcast 004                                                                                                                                             

China-based, Bulgarian dark mastermind Petar Tassev, aka MANASYt not only is on fire with his usual leftfield Electro subject matter, but is equally no exception with a terrific set of Dark-Industrial-Minimal-Cold-Wave Synthy stuff.

  • Székesfehérvár, Hungary goth /post-punk /darkwave duo Crow Black Dream “Miért sírsz?” single

To confirm the recent remarkable state of art of the Hungarian Post-punk revival, Crow Black Dream is back with a chilling doomy and dangerous slice of Gothic Rock that dances desperately on the heavy, cold, and relentless rhythms of a prominent punchy drum programming and thick droning sinister basslines, pierced by spiraling ache-filled glistening guitar strains, sprawling with tense emotional misery around frigid, ominous baritone vocals, trying to help a loved one, amid relentless swells of doom-laden pain.

  • Melbourne, Australia 3-piece alternative /post-punk band The Unbelievable Truth “(I Want To) Punch The World Tonight” single

Often used as a term of comparison lately, sometimes even inappropriately, never as in the case of the Melbourne based trio The Unbelievable Truth‘s latest single does the evocative epicness, and romantic melodic allure of ’80s Liverpool’s iconic band Echo & The Bunnymen come to mind. An urgent steady rhythmic section races with anxious restless obsession through fuzzy, droning mists of guitar distortions, and poignant piano notes, enveloped by mercurial swirling keyboard melodies that sparkle with lysergic visions over magnetic atmospheric vocals, heartfeltly crooning about tearing down our sad modern existence, with an impassioned outflow of blood and hope.

  • Darkwave /Gothic Rock band from Finland, Distant Stares – “Palace” single

The Finnish band keeps on crafting melancholic, powerfully evocative and visionary Gothic Tock, this time through a mythological quest for a “Palace” sparked by trotting drum beats along with murky droning and throbbing basslines, surrounded by icy bright forlorn swirling synth melodies, and chilly emotive guitar chimes into an intoxicating yet fearful stirring ride, haunted by powerful heartfelt broods, delivering assurance and comfort to a loved one, whilst looking forward to a majestic horizon of adoration of beauty.

  • Finnish ritual ambient /pagan folk act Virrentakoja “Uinutkohot uupunehet” from the LP “Kirouksia ja kuolinlauluja” [Savo-Karelian Productions]
  • Perth, Australia post-punk /neo-folk solo project (aka arphaxad84), John Jewel “Indian Yellow” from the single “Deux Chansons”
  • Denver, CO gothic folk singer-songwriter (Wovenhand and 16 Horsepower), David Eugene Edwards “Apparition” from the album “Hyacinth” on Sargent House
  • French electronic /synthpop /minimal synth project by Waving Hands label founder Laurène Exposito aka EYE – ”Luscinia” from vinyl 12″ album “Honolulu / Saigon” [Knekelhuis]
  • Bern, Switzerland Minimal Synth / Cold Wave duo Sadie La Chèvre & Nora Düster, aka Extra Bleu Ciel “Down By The Water”
  • Thessaloniki-based post-punk /dark wave /Greek poetry duo Kama Muta “δε ζητάνε κανέναν” single
  • US coldwave /minimal wave solo project Photo Gauche “Cut the Ties”
  • Nice-born, Brussels-based industrial /wave /noise /post-punk /dark electronics producer and Unknown Precept label co-founder AIR LQD – “Our Lengthened Shadows” from “Off Leash” EP 12″/cassette [Unrealistic Expectations]
  • London-based early 80s coldwave /minimal synth-pop band founded by Gary Ramos (Sun Dial), The Modern Art – “Protect & Survive” (unreleased) from the remastered reissue (plus 3 bonus tracks) of the very first 1982 cassette album “Underwater Kites”
  • Pittsburgh-based post-punk /darkwave /coldwave band MY MANIFESTO “Cure My Faith” from the cassette album “Hopeless” [MODEL WORKERS RECORDS]
  • Baltimore, Maryland Post-punk /Coldwave /Darkwave solo project 4dversary – “Eyes Closed”
  • UK darkwave /coldwave /post-punk solo project Bone Pixie “Nail in the Coffin” from the new album “Midnight Sillage”
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Goth /Coldwave /Dark Wave DIY solo project, Slow Danse With The Dead (SDWTD) “Trend Killer” single
  • Mexican darkwave /deathrock band Sadcave “Suicidio” (Single) via Dark Grave
  • Darkwave project of French songwriter, performer, and engineer frelu, NLIGHT “Lonesome Path” single
  • Madrid-based coldwave /darkwave /post-punk /new wave project led by Marco Torremocha, aka DUNKELWALD – “La Tempestad” from S/T” EP                                                                                                 
  • Gold Coast, Australia goth /darkwave/electronic /new wave solo project of multi-media artist Sam Haven aka KAARST “Soft Skin” from the new single “Soft Skin/Rains” on his own label Crucible Art
  • Italian dadaist industrial /lo-fi /post-punk /dark wave music project from Venice, KARBOKROMA “Oniric Planet” from the cassette album “Grey Tears” on IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS
  • Rennes, France Post-Punk one-man-band Tableraz “Lake” single
  • Montreal, Quebec-based Synth-Electro Punk duo AN_NA “So far” from the future album “More Pills”
  • Lithuanian raw electro /cold wave /post-punk collaborative project, Shaknis & Egzotikka “Zombiai Uz Sienos” off the cassette EP “Siena” [META MOTO]
  • California dark wave /new wave /synthpop duo MALE TEARS “Delete this conversation” (Single)
  • Berlin-based electropop /dark synth wave solo project, Paura Diamante – “Ghosts (feat. Carlos GrabStein)” single
  • Grenoble, France experimental /EBM /new beat /dark disco /synth-pop /wave electronic producer (half of Hardlab and Peep Night), Leonard Lampion “Half Revolution” from V/A “Nebula Aranea #3” cassette compilation [Bella Ursa Recordings]
  • Paris, French disco /electro /electroclash /indie dance DJ-producer Captain Mustache “I Love Watching U (feat. Arnaud Rebotini)” from “The Super Album” LP [Kompakt]
  • UK-based new beat /electro /rave /industrial /post-punk project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial “It Sucks” off upcoming V/A “Curses presents Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX” compilation series [Eskimo Recordings]
  • French dark electronics /industrial project of Marie Lando, aka GRABYOURFACE “Guillotine” from the single “Haine X Guillotine”
  • L.A. electro /synthpop /dark pop artist Miss Trezz “Confrontational” single co-written and produced by Kanga [Re:Mission Entertainment]
  • French synthpop /darkwave duo POLARLICHT “Claustrophobie” single
  • Los Angeles‘ darkwave /synth-wave project Amor de Paris “Don’t Let Me Go” single
  • Los Angeles synth wave /darkwave project of Damian Daviid, aka Cellar Doves “Trial & Error” from the cassette double album “YGHTSY” (a remastered collection of CD’s 2013 and 2014 second and third releases “Your Golden Heart / Tø Sølve Yøu” plus b-sides) [love death disco]                                                                              
  • Chicago, IL post-punk /synthpop /goth-pop duo WINGTIPS “Innocent Blood (Twin Tribes Remix)” from “REMIXES” LP on Artoffact Records
  • Spanish Darkwave music project from Alicante led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Ares Negrete Poveda, Nueve Desconocidos “Siervo” single
  • Helsinki/Leipzig-based Synth-pop /Electro /Wave trio LSSNS “Finish In Silence” third single from the upcoming debut album “Transit” on sinnbus
  • Hungarian EBM /dark electro /synthpop project Post Analog Disorder “River Of Time” single
  • Swedish synthpop duo Cold Connection “Ashes” (Page cover) single on Town And Towers Records
  • Melbourne-based industrial /cold wave /synthpop solo project, Ontic “Roma” new 2-track single
  • Gainesville, FL industrial /EBM /synthwave /post-punk /dark wave /synthpunk project Error Mortal “Double Eclipse” from “Disjected Shedding” album
  • Vancouver-based solo EBM /synthpop /minimal synth artist Robert Katerwol (Weird Candle, Wire Spine), aka Total Chroma – “Red State f​eat.​ Devours” off upcoming LP “Lapland”
  • Dutch EBM /wave /techno /electropop /cosmic explorers Staatseinde “La Haya” from upcoming LP “De Nieuwe Golf” [Wave Tension Records]
  • New York-based industrial /darkwave /dark electro solo project Mind Wired Shut – “Darling Abyss Feat. Skylar Death” new 2-track single
  • Bialystok, Poland goth /dark wave /electronic music producer Air Midnight “Neon Lights” single
  • London-based darkwave /synthpop project of Alessio Croe (fka My Hysteria and lead vocalist of Italian post-punk band In Loving Memory), CROEL “Method” debut single
  • New York darkwave /coldwave /post-punk band Bootblacks ”Forbidden Flames” new single on Artoffact Records
  • Zürich, Switzerland goth /sci-fi post-punk trio Mono Void “Passive Aggressive” single via Swiss Dark Nights
  • Mexican post-punk /goth rock band Winter Svn “Cronos” single
  • São Paulo, Brazilian gothic /darkwave solo project of Sânian, aka BELLS OF SOUL “ The sleepwalker” (remastered version)
  • Mexican darkwave /post-punk duo Disociados “Abismo” first single
  • Denton, TX post-punk /deathrock band Blood Bells “Wrong Side” single from the upcoming album of the same name.
  • Paris based post-punk /coldwave project of Leonid Diaghilev, aka TOUT DEBORD “Pensées Noires” title track of the upcoming debut LP “Pensées Noires” via his own label, Salle d’attente
  • Los Angeles, CA Dark Post-Punk trio DECEITS “A Burial Of Dreams” single
  • Budapest, Hungary goth /cold wave /darkwave band Cold Contrast “Silent Souls” single
  • Barcelona based post-punk band Low Blows “Misleading Blind” new single
  • Frankfurt, Germany electro-punk /synth-wave /post-punk band der GANG 350 “Kopie” from “Geisenheim” EP
  • Italian  goth /post-punk DIY solo project of Giulio Ruzzo, aka SPZkr “Piediperterra” from V/A – “Northern Nightmares III” (UNR012) cassette compilation [Up North Records]
  • Vienna, Austria electro post-punk project of Maren Rahmann and Didi Disko, aka LAUT FRAGEN “Alle auf der Jagd” single on Numavi Records
  • Melbourne-based indie rock /post-punk band Equal Parts “I Can’t Forget About It” off upcoming debut “Equal Parts” EP 12″ on Tiny Town Records
  • German Post-punk /Darkwave project from Nürnberg, THAL “Bright Nights” single
  • Chicago‘s Indie Pop/new wave /post-punk band led by Brian Flores, French Police “Stress Test” single
  • New York-based new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Blurred Visions” single
  • Philadelphia/NJ-based new wave /indie rock /post-punk band The Silence Kit “Blood” off the new album “It’s Not Too Late”
  • Edinburgh, Scotland ambient /post-rock /post-punk /shoegaze band Sun Shines Cold – “Figurehead” from “CURE – GAZE” EP [1991 Recordings]
  • Independent Post-Punk solo project from Chile, 8i8 “Niebla” from the album “Daga”
  • Spanish punk /power pop /post-punk trio Futuro Terror “Leoncio Badía” from the upcoming 5th and last album “Presente” via humo internacional
  • Bordeaux, France garage /noise rock /post-punk duo DRUNK MEAT – “Diagonale du vide” from “Diagonale du vide” LP on A Tant Rêver Du Roi Records (vinyl) and Model Workers Records (tape)
  • Turkish Gothic /Dark Wave one-woman band Bewitched as Dark “Mabon” single
  • France‘s dark ambient /old school dungeon synth act Dreamy Knight “Dark Shadow Through the Trails” from the cassette album “Ruins of the Old Kingdom” [Ancient King Records]
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan dark ambient /dungeon synth project Nokturnuus “A Sabbath In Darkness” (Full Demo) [Ithildin Tape Production]