WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – SEPTEMBER #38-23

  • KARASSIMEON‘s Dark Dreams                                                                                                                                   

“This is the soundtrack of my darkest dreams, those which inspired the very essence of the Karassimeon project.”

  • Fayetteville, Arkansas post-punk /synthpop /darkwave /gothwave solo project Damien Hearse “Crime” single

Deftly combining the introspective moodiness of Post-punk with the gloom and doom of Darkwave and the primitive scuzziness of Rock’n’Roll into a relentless wicked spiral of obscure buzzing and raw emotions, is no less the new single imbued in a subversive edgy drama punctuated by the urgent ticking of the seconds in sync with relentless droning throbbing basslines along with rapid stumbling beats and eerie penetrating synth frequencies, to enhance sinister distorted vocals, seducing with alluring, criminal suggestions, with a menacing backdrop of danger and grit.

  • Queens, NY indie rock /post-punk solo project Sea Shapes “Fate” single

New single for a solo project from NY which leaves aside previous indie rock suggestions to embrace fully 80s-tinged moody Post-punk realms, to weave a dire ominous tapestry of urgent gloomily resonant vibrant basslines, piercing wistful guitar melodies, and steady tight beats, flowing and bleeding around haunted aching vocals, with heartbroken pain.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana industrial /minimal synth /synthpop duo of Sara Storm (NAIL CLUB) and D Haddon (High Marks), aka Joan Spinell “2 AM Devotional” from the debut single “2 AM Devotional / A Lonely Persona”

Debut single from two longstanding stalwarts of the Cold Wave / Minimal Synth sound with two tracks, the third one is a sharp and wicked bass groove-fueled danceable mix, that seeds detached heady cinematic visions driven by ominous mechanical rhythmic patterns, trembling spraying mists, sharp terse synth stabs, and buzzing bass lines to transform murky layers of drowsy inebriated male/female vocals, with a hopeless, subconscious imprint of dire 2AM Devotions.

  • Lithuanian experimental /synth wave /synth-pop /electronic producer Viktoras Urbaitis, aka TEATRE “Alone” from “2 Songs” 7″ single [Ferry Lane Records]
  • Florida based dream pop /ethereal wave duo of vocalist Erin Welton and multi-instrumentalist Scott Ferrell, Autumn’s Grey Solace “Illusions Meant To Harm You” from the album “Cease To Exist”
  • Norwegian goth /post-punk /darkwave project of Hide Tepes (FKA Brides In The Floodlights), BRIDES “Private Apocalypse” 5th single [Produkt 42]
  • Goth /New Wave /Darkwave band from North East of England, The Desire “Tonight” third single from the upcoming debut album “Violator”
  • Chicago, IL dark wave /post-punk project Parasite Baby “Wasting Your Time” from the EP “10”
  • Linz, Austria coldwave /synthpop solo project Concorde “The Games We Play” from the EP “Current Fashion” [Hidden Music]
  • Stockholm, Sweden electronic /dream pop /trip-hop /shoegaze /darkwave duo Isoberlinia “Persona” off the debut album “Silhouette Bound” [Black Hair Records]                                                                                              
  • Stockholm-based ambient /krautrock /psych /new wave /electropop duo LOW-RES “Helga” from the LP “Därför” on Adrian Recordings
  • Melbourne-based, Australian darkwave /electropop project of veteran musician and composer (former member of 80s wave band Real Life), George Pappas, aka ALIEN SKIN – “The Darkside of the Moon” new single
  • Vancouver, WA post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project, This Cold Night “Manifestation” single
  • Tennessee experimental /goth /post-punk /dark electronics /cold wave project of Daniel Lewis (aka Daniel Holt, The Recluse or Death Posture), AKA Human Figures “Breaking Free” from upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Tabula Rasa” (originally released in 2022 on ltd. cassette via Dead Channel Records) [Frigio Records]
  • Italian gothic rock /post-punk /darkwave band NOKTVA “Icarus” single
  • US post-punk /synth solo project TWIN TEARS “Lost In Translation” single
  • Stockholm, Sweden EBM /industrial /minimal synth duo Svaj. “Rebound” from “Until We Fall” EP 12″
  • Berlin-based post-punk /synth wave act DAS KINN “1​/​2 Eisberg” from upcoming vinyl 12″/cassette EP “Die Kanten” on Mangel Records and ichi ichi
  • Lithuanian raw electro /cold wave /post-punk collaborative project, Shaknis & Egzotikka “Is Naujo” off upcoming cassette EP “Siena” [META MOTO]
  • Gothenburg, Sweden noise /post-punk /electronica trio KROM “Stupid” from the forthcoming debut album
  • Berlin-based hard techno /electronic punk wave duo Kalte Liebe
”Rosen Sind Rot” from “Schall & Schweiss” EP
[Voxnox Record]
  • New York industrial /post-punk /darkwave /synth wave project of AD Sheikh, AKA Old Lions ‘Montana’ from the upcoming EP ‘Tones’
  • Chicago, IL EBM /synthpop /goth-pop trio Pixel Grip “Bet You Do.” single
  • Brooklyn, NY industrial /EBM /dark synth wave/ electronic duo Augustine Backer & Eric Shans, aka FERMION “Crossing the Lines” from upcoming 3rd LP “Infinity Terminal”
  • ’80s Belgian industrial /techno-pop /new beat /EBM /minimal electronics solo project of Rudi Huybrechts aka, Schicksal – “Body Beat” from the retrospective vinyl 12″ LP collection ” Perpetuum Cycle I” (recorded between 19831987) [mecanica]                                                                                                                                             
  • Colombian industrial /EBM project of Anthony Said, aka EIN SIR – “Verletztes Blut” single [Nevel Records]
  • Portland, OR industrial /EBM /cold wave /minimal synth electronics solo project ORTROTASCE “Mock Stranger” from “War” EP 12″ [MEGABREAKZ 02/Oráculo Records]
  • Bern, Switzerland industrial /post-punk /synth wave collective PLAGUE PITS “Beasts of the Field” from the cassette/vinyl 12″ album “Creatures” on TRANSNECROPOLITAN
  • Boston, Massachusetts-based dystopian electronic dance pop duo Reuben Bettsak & Bo Barringer, AKA Ex-Hyena “In Slow Motion” new single via Re:Mission Entertainment
  • Stockholm based, Swedish darkwave /synthpop /electronic duo, HATIF “Heredity” single on Town And Towers Records
  • Gainesville, FL goth /post-punk /synthpop act Draining Kiss “Fade into the Dark” first single from the forthcoming second EP
  • Poland‘s dark electro /technoid darkwave duo Uncarnate “Dead Dancers” single
  • San Francisco, CA industrial /EBM /synthpop trio Of What Remains “Torn Apart” single
  • Gävle, Sweden alternative synthpop band Ember Twin “Never Felt Like This Before” single
  • Los Angeles‘ post-punk /electro-synth punk band led by former Cinema Strange and The Wraith member Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Rorschach of Despair” from the LP “11:11”
  • Hungarian synthpop duo Post Analog Disorder “A New Start” single
  • Geelong, Australia power pop/new wave/garage punk/synth-punk /rock ’n’ roll solo project of Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants/ School Damage etc.), Alien Nosejob “Act Different” from the upcoming album “The Derivative Sounds of… Or… A Dog Always Returns to its Vomit” via Goner and Anti Fade Records
  • New Mexico-based goth /coldwave /darkwave duo Vacío Eterno “Creature” from the upcoming cassette mix tape “Future Dreams” via Summer Darling Tapes
  • L.A. synthy post-punk quartet Agender “Damaged Girls” new single
  • Buffalo, NY post-punk /new wave band (members of Oi! and hardcore bands Violent Way, Bad Blood and Exhibition), Deluxxe “Queen of Hearts” off the upcoming debut album “If You Were Me” on AVANT! Records
  • Paris-based electro /new wave /post-punk band ORDER89 “Parfum Douleur” single on Icy Cold Records
  • Russian post-punk /new wave band (aka Karluv Tyn), Giant Waves “Deceivers” single [skyQode]
  • Montpellier, France new wave /post-punk band UNSPKBLE “The Path” from the debut album “Reconstruction” on Icy Cold Records
  • Rouen, France cold wave band NICE COLD NATION “Autre Part” from the EP “Êtres contraires”
  • New York-based new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Glasshouse” from the LP “Forget Me Not”
  • João Pessoa, Brazil post-punk solo project Man With One Bullet “Black” debut single
  • French Post-Punk band from Paris, HEX MIDNIGHT “The Call” from the second LP “Obsessions”
  • Minneapolis-based goth /new wave /post-punk band of Peruvian musicians Mauricio Málaga and Luis Miguel Peña, JOAO “Ghosted” off “Weight Of Silence” EP
  • Los Angeles based darkwave/ post-punk solo project Shadows Hold – “Your Chain // Your Shadow” single 
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil post-punk band Griza Nokto “Setembro/Caminho” from V/A “Fragmentos” EP on Paranoia Musique
  • Mexico City darkwave /post-punk solo project Shadows from Tape “Oblivion” single
  • Berlin-based indie /gothic rock /post-punk band BARON SAMDI “Étrange” single
  • Georgian post-punk one-man band Guram Tsagareishvili “Aura” single
  • Adelaide, Australia post-punk /noise-rock band Placement “It’s Over” single
  • Melbourne, Australia no wave /dance art-punk collective Gut Health “Uh oh” off the upcoming 7″ single “Singles ‘23” via Marthouse Records.
  • Cincinnati, OH industrial /post-punk /dance synth wave act led by Dylan McCartney, aka The Serfs “Electric Like An Eel” from the upcoming LP “Half Eaten By Dogs” on Trouble In Mind Records
  • Melbourne-based new-wave /art-punks Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice “Escalator Man” single on Marthouse Records
  • Oakland, CA garage /post-punk /punk band STRANGELIGHT “Power, Rent, Control” from the 7″ single “Power, Rent, Control b/w A Three Day Weekend”
  • London, UK based psych /post-punk /noise /dance-punk racket Test Plan “So Bored At Your Squat Rave” debut single
  • Portland‘s lo-fi /no wave / minimal post-punk trio COLLATE “Static Object” from 12″ vinyl album “Generative Systems”
  • Dublin, Ireland noise rock /post-punk collective Gurriers “Nausea” single
  • Melbourne-based new wave /post-punk /outsider pop /art-rock solo project of Tali Harding-Hone (Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, Dog Door et al), Tali & The Arms “Black Snake” from upcoming “Tali & The Arms” EP 7″ via Marthouse Records
  • German solo project of lead singer and mastermind of the Goth/Dark Wave band ALSO, Alexander Dust “The Inevitable” from the 8th LP “German Angst I-IV” on Painful Scream Records 
  • Ontario dark ambient /ethereal /dark folk singer-songwriter Mystikana “Luna Light” single
  • One-woman dungeon synth band based in Greece, Mørke Og Lys “Tulostoma Brumale (Winter Stalkball)” from the album “Orcus Animus”
  • Medieval Fantasy Dungeon Synth project from Sweden, Treasure Seeker “Scripture” from 2nd album “Secret of Aiun”
  • US dark doom dungeon synth act Ghoëst “Demo XVII – A Somber Sculpture” off cassette “Demos XVII & XVIII”  final volume of the Demo trilogy  [High Mage Productions]
  • Gironès, Spain J.R.R Tolkien’s inspired Dungeon Synth project, Frostgard “The Icy Gaze of Gostir” from the album “Urulókë”


  1. High Mage 2nd October 2023
  2. Hell Raisin 2nd October 2023