WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #38

  • Rochester, UK Electronic Concrete Synth-Pop duo, Brutalist Architecture in the Sun “My Poison” title track from upcoming new EP “My Poison”

UK Brutalist synth duo approaches the new EP with a killer slice of bouncing and high-energy synthpop with 80s vibes through menacing bassline that drones and pulses, fueled by steady mechanical beats, with dancefloor magnetism, igniting twinkling, brisk synth chords, fluttering around distorted robotic baritone male vocals, with charismatic back-ups, elicit dark and quirky vibes.

  • Calgary no-wave/darkwave/post-punk band DA’AT “Death In Rome” from ‘Demo’ EP

Debut demo from DA’AT, an enigmatic dark post-punk band with deathrock leanings from Calgary in which shine the both alluringly sax-infused “Communication” and “Death in Rome”, the latter, urgent and rousing, unleashes from the outset a blistering barrage of razor-sharp guitar lines that sorrowfully ebb and flow, sustained by steadily lashing and pulsing rhythms, over hostile male shouts falling dangerously into the chaotic realm of menace and tension.

  • Rosario, Argentina punk/post-punk 4-piece Tensión “Fuego contra fuego” from the new 2-track single “Autolesión”

Intense and achingly emotional post-punk moods from Rosario band Tensión, the first from a series of upcoming EP’s, propelled by a deep sinuously throbbing bassline that carries the subdued dreary and bleak seething melodies pierced along by from the twine of bleeding, sparkling guitar lines and abrasive reverberated riffs, while cold, distant male vocals release haunting monochromatic plaintive sorrow into the heartfelt flow of numb pain, emphasised further by the pathos instilled by the Spanish lyrics.

  • Bogotà, Colombia goth/dark wave/experimental/avant-garde/dark cabaret artist, AmaNRouge “El sueño profundo”
  • L.A. based electronic/post-punk/gothic wave project lead by Shelley Brien (Singrid Lund) and husband Mark Lanegan (Dark Mark), BLACK PHOEBE “Saturn Rising” from S/T EP on Ecstatic
  • Californian darkwave/goth rock project based out of Los Angeles, QYBURN “Bridget” new single
  • Hamilton, UK goth/darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “Unto the Grey” off the new EP “Eden”                                                                                                                                                                       
  • French rock/new wave/dark wave band from Nice, LUNE ROUGE “Our Souls” from the new single “Our Souls / Nos Âmes”
  • Belgian ambient/psych/dark indie music project Euphemia Rise “Farewell to Greatness” debut single
  • Los Angeles industrial synth electronic noise-rock band HEALTH “CYBERPUNK” from the upcoming album “DISCO4 :: PART I” on Loma Vista Recordings
  • New York-based Italo Disco/Synthwave duo BUNNY X feat. Marvel83′ “NYC Sunrise” new single on Aztec Records
  • Barcelona darksynth/synthwave electronic solo project Nightcrawler “Enfer (Feat. Celine) Old Coroner Remix” from “Enfer” EP
  • US cosmic/synthwave/synthpop project from Detroit based artist/producer Klayton (aka Celldweller, FreqGen,Circle of Dust), Scandroid “Awakening” new single on Fixt Neon
  • Münster, Germany dark electro/synthpop duo X MARKS THE PEDWALK “Voodoo Love” from the 10th LP “Transformation”
  • Turkish dark electronic project from Istanbul, DAHAKARA “Apple Pie” new single
  • Leipzig based synthpop/coldwave solo project of Gregor Heisterkamp, aka Schluss Licht – “Leere” from the upcoming EP “Spät Dran” that will be released on åtåmåtån on October 1st.
  • Spanish darkwave/synthpop/synth wave/dark electronics producer Carlos Martín aka MYNATIONSHIT “Blunder” off of the new album “The Tycoon″ on his co-founded label Waste Editions
  • Philadelphia‘s coldwave/dark synthpop/minimal electronics project of multi-instrumentalist Lira Marie Landes aka PLASTIC IVY “Today, 9 May” from the debut album “Spots of Time” on Kraftjerkz
  • Vienna based DIY minimal synth duo of Violet Candide (aka Peppy Pep Pepper and one half of Mitra Mitra) and Tigerlilly, VIOLETIGER “Silver Plums” from upcoming debut EP “Transformation” 12″ vinyl on Modern Tapes
  • Vienna, Austria new wave/synthpop/synthwave solo project of Theresa Adamski (Crystal Soda Cream and Lady Lynch), The Damski “Past becomes Reality” taken from Klangfestival #Remote (Various Artists, 2020)
  • Australian coldwave/minimal synth act Perth, CHURCH GROUP “Neutralized” from debut S/T EP
  • New Orleans-based synthwave/synthpop/minimal synth duo of vocalist Nannen Gatchell (Smiler) and instrumentalist Kelby Clark (Smiler, Divorce Ring and Material Body), aka BALLOON BOY “Rebirth” from S/T album on DKA Records
  • Cleveland-based synthpop/coldwave/dark pop project of Noah Anthony, aka Profligate – “No Clear Way” from upcoming LP “Too Numb to Know” on Wharf Cat Records
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico post-punk/coldwave/synthwave trio (formerly Loss Of Breath), STILL YEARS “Foco Pop” new single                                                                                                                                              
  • Kyoto, Japan electronic body punk band PUBLICS. – 誘惑の残像 – from upcoming “Illusion Zone” EP on Terminal Explosion
  • Zurich, Switzerland post-punk/wave artist and producer BLANCHE BIAU “Versinken”
  • L.A. relocated to Berlin darkwave/post-punk band Night Nail “Brno” from the upcoming album “March To Autumn” on Cold Transmission Music
  • American mid-80s/90s gothic rock band from Columbus, THE WAKE “Hammer Hall” from the upcoming new album “Perfumes and Fripperies” on Blaylox Records
  • Los Angeles based synthpop/post-punk duo PEEL “Rom-Com” new single from upcoming debut s/t EP on Innovative Leasure
  • Indianapolis post-punk /darkwave solo project ANGEL-MAKER “Dream Drifter” from “A-M 4 b” debut album on Periphylla Records/Diffuse Reality Records
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia coldwave/post-punk 5-piece LA BISE “So Long” from the cassette single “So Long + Stagnant Motion” on Abattoir
  • German solo project of the mastermind of the Goth/Dark Wave Band ALSO, Alexander Dust “Gods Are Silent” from the LP “To What Is Left” on Painful Scream Records
  • Northern Ireland Synthwave/Noise/Post Punk band from Belfast, HIDDEN HAND “Cold Inside” from “Songs Without Choice” on Sudden Strike Records
  • Italian electronic/darkwave/synthpop music project founded by ghost producer, drummer and singer Francesco Kay in 2017 with the addition of death metal guitarist Markus O, aka FALL SHOCK “Feels Eternal” from upcoming debut LP “Interior” on Manic Depression Records
  • Washington, D.C. darkwave/new wave/post-punk duo Social Station “Ready To Rewind” from the new S/T album on Young & Cold Records
  • Minsk, Belarus post-punk/new-wave/synth-pop band MOLCHAT DOMA ‘Не Смешно / Ne Smeshno’ from upcoming LP ‘Monument’ on Sacred Bones
  • Geelong, Australia power pop/new wave/garage punk/synth-punk solo project of Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants/ School Damage etc), Alien Nosejob “Once More 1984” from the upcoming album “Once Again The Present Becomes The Past” on Anti Fade
  • Rhode Island indie/garage/punk/post-punk project of Justin Hubbard, aka GERM HOUSE “Loss Leader” from the cassette album “Spoiled Legacy” on Detriti
  • Mid 80s French coldwave solo project of Laurent Bergot from Rouen, Premières Données “Ordre” from the vinyl reissue edition of the 1987 tape “Premières Données” on Dead Wax Records                                                                   
  • Boulazac, France post-punk / coldwave solo project, Without Emotion “Triomphe de la Mort” (Lyrics: Lory Fayer)                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Northern Spanish dark synth/guitar rock/shoegaze/post-punk solo project URCO “No existo cuando miento”      
  • Tampa, FL goth/post-punk solo project BETA UNIT ‘{Protocol}’ debut single
  • Portland, OR goth rock/coldwave/post-punk trio Lizard Skin “Sweat in the Saddle” off of the upcoming second cassette EP “Roadside”.
  • Sidney‘s goth/noise/post-punk 5-piece (members of COLD/HEAT, Black Drum, City Rose and Lorelei.), ENCLAVE “Crossfire” new single
  • L.A. based darkwave/gothic rock/post-punk project of Eduardo Mora, aka EDO “Unidos” from the new single “Regrets // Unidos”
  • Northampton, UK bedroom/dream pop/post-punk solo project bloody/bath “I Stood Bleeding” new single
  • Seattle, Wa lo-fi/synthpunk/new wave/synthpop duo ODOR EATER “New Odor” from S/T EP
  • Portland, Or death disco/post-punk/synthpop project of former Ritual Veil synthesist/multi-instrumentalist Tim Iserman, aka SALO “Mask” from the new single “Mercy”
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk/new wave/coldwave solo project, The Sea At Midnight “Afterglow” new single
  • Early/mid-’80s UK mutant-psycho-punk-blues band FOLK DEVILS “My Slum Soul” from the new “Forever” EP
  • Wrocław, Poland noise-rock/shoegaze/darkgaze band GIVE UP TO FAILURE “Holy Drug” from the debut album “Burden”
  • Russian indie/post-punk band from Ufa, Где Фантом? ‘Рельсы’ from cassette compilation S/T album on HИИ
  • Brooklyn, NY synthwave/new wave/post-punk solo project Sequentia Sequentia “Consolation Prize” from the debut “Cost/Value/Refusal” EP
  • Russian goth rock/post-punk trio GIANT WAVES “Dust” (2013 single)
  • Bielefeld, Germany Alt/Gothic Rock/Darkwave band CHRONIQUE “When My Thoughts Go To A Dark Place” new single
  • Southern California alt/gothic rock band from the mid to late 80s, Incomplete Monday “I Am” unreleased and re-recorded track not included on the original 1985 vinyl album “I Am”
  • Bay Area-based indie-synthwave-pop project THE COWLS “Don’t Get Me Started” from the upcoming third LP “Blank Romantic” on AnalogueTrash
  • Moscow, Russia coldwave/synthpop/synthwave duo яблоня [yablonya] ‘Антонина’ new single
  • Ontario, Canada indie/dream pop solo project JAGUAR SUN “Next Year (Korine Remix)”
  • Toronto, Ontario funk/art-rock/post-punk project of former Hooded Fang and Phèdre, LEE PARADISE “Message To The Past” from the upcoming second LP “The Fink” on Telephone Explosion
  • Perth, Australia experimental pop/bedroom-disco/no wave/post-punk project of musician and Methyl Ethel live member, Lyndon Blue “Weird Horizon” from the new album “Wet Paint” on Cudighi Records
  • Los Angeles synth-punk/post-punk all-girl trio AUTOMATIC “Suicide in Texas (Panther Modern Remix)” on Stones Throw
  • UK darkwave/electropop/synthwave artist Anieshi Pearl “the reckoning” from the debut album “Vantablk”

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