WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – SEPTEMBER #37-23

  • St. Louis, Missouri Post-Punk /Goth duo Gloom Affair “Hit The Floor” single

The third single for St. Louis-based Post-Punk revival Goth duo ignites relentless agonizing echoes of wailing excruciating guitar leads, fueled by tight hard-crashing drum beats along with thick menacing meandering bass line throbs, to encapsulate ominous baritone broods in heartbreaking drama of fear, anxiety, and pain.

  • Torino-based Italian EBM /electroclash /dark electronic artist and producer Paolo Virdis “Desert Tears” single

Turin-based Dark Electronic artist fuses elements of Industrial, Electroclash, EBM to implement an oppressive hallucinatory barren circle of eternal tears, dropped by metronomic crackling and crushing beats, stabbed wickedly by eerie lancinating strobing synth frequencies and droning undulating bassline loops, to coalesce in sinister alchemies with dark-energy injected vocal prophecy, breathing harsh reality of pain into relentless flows of hellish doom.

  • Montreal, Quebec post-punk /dark folk /coldwave duo (former members of Noyade), Oiseau de Proie “L’enfer” (Single)

Montreal‘s duo returns with a lo-fi dark folk song laced with gothic romance, rich in poetry and melancholy, wandering through a vigorous grey-toned acoustic strumming, to lead tragic intimate dances, pierced by weeping poignant guitar flourishes, swaying with passion and pain, to carry beautiful haunting vocals of emotional ethereal cries and baritone echoes through an agony and ecstasy of longing and fear.

  • Buxtehude, Germany new wave /synthpop /dark wave one-man project Coloured Tears – “Dark thoughts” from the LP “Let It End”
  • Zürich, Switzerland folk /dub /post-darkwave collective Sin/Zona “Alone” (Demo)
  • Swiss wave artist and producer from Zürich, Blanche Biau “Anybody Else But Me” (Fur Cover)
  • Leipzig, Germany-based dark ambient /psych /kraut /coldwave band led by Jonas Wehner, aka Warm Graves “Neon” from the upcoming double album “Ease” on Fuzz Club Records
  • London-based 5-piece experimental /chamber pop /dub /jazz /Balearic /post-punk band led by ’80s underground heavyweight musician Charles Hayward (This Heat, Camberwell Now), Abstract Concrete “This Echo” debut single from upcoming S/T EP on The state51 Conspiracy                                                       
  • Slovakia post-punk /darkwave solo project Moonvampire “Children of the night” single
  • Dortmund, Germany minimal wave /cold electronics /vintage-analogue synth project, Silent Signals “Robots Dans La Foret” from the album “Hope & Despair” vinyl 12″ via Eins:Zwei:Acht label
  • Düsseldorf based darkwave /electro duo Fort Nimmermehr “Liebe für alle (Fort Nimmermehr Remix)”
  • Montreal, Canada post-punk /minimal synth/darkwave /coldwave solo project NO “CALL” ( Demo )
  • London, UK minimal analog synth primitive-electronic DIY music project This Is The Bridge “Astra” from the album “Glass”
  • Tallahassee, FL goth /darkwave / new wave /synthpop solo project Candle Wishes “Never Understanding You” from the EP “Strangers”
  • Tampa, FL Post-punk /Cold Wave /Synthwave solo project The Night Office “Into the Void” single
  • Woodstock, New York occult horror soundtrack /goth /black metal /dark synth electronic solo project of Scott Harris, aka Hororhaus “Next door neighbor” first single from the forthcoming album “DEMISE…AND RISE!”                                                                                                                                             
  • Lithuanian raw electro /cold wave /post-punk collaborative project, Shaknis & Egzotikka “Zombiai Uz Sienos” off upcoming EP “Siena” [META MOTO]
  • Rennes-based dark electronic /new wave /post-punk solo project of Gwladys Orbs, aka Carriegoss “Secret – remix”
  • Berlin‘s goth /electronic /darkwave / post-punk /synth-pop artist VLIMMER ” Luftmangel” taken from the “Zerschöpfung Outtakes” EP included in the CD Box set of the latest album “Zerschöpfung” on his own  Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • Italian electronic /darkwave act founded by ghost producer, drummer and singer Francesco Kay, FALL SHOCK “Hiding In A Glass” from the debut LP “Universal Unit Crime” on Manic Depression Records
  • French post-punk /new wave /pop sanguine duo Venin Carmin – “H2D” off upcoming vinyl/CD album “TOXIC LEGENDS”
  • Bogotá, Colombia darkwave /electro solo project by Mel Zb, Noromakina “Creep” from the ne single “Creep-Solo” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Malmö-based, Swedish enigmatic darkwave trio ABU NEIN “I Am Emptiness (Tobias Bernstrup Remix)” via Progress Productions
  • Montréal coldwave /electro /minimal synth /darkwave band, Police Des Moeurs – “Repli” from “Sauvetage” EP 12″ [Electronic Emergencies]
  • Los Angeles‘ dark electro /dance-punk rave trio Sextile “Lost Myself Again” from the LP “Push” [Sacred Bones Records]
  • Melbourne-based EBM /Italo body music /erotic thriller /techno /electro /synth wave producer Brixx “Out of the Fog Into the Fire” first single from the conceptual soundtrack album “Erotomania” [SYNTHICIDE]
  • Barcelona-based industrial /noise /rave /punk /EBM act led by Teo Cid González, aka FOTOCOPIA “Parking Tanatorio” from the s/t EP 12″, a co-release between Màgia Roja, Flexidiscos and Interruptor
  • German industrial electro /new beat /dark synth /EBM solo project Urban Matrix “Be My Ally” from “Reality is a Dangerous Concept” EP
  • Texas-native electro-industrial /synthpop project of Eric Kristoffer, aka unitcode:machine “Keep Above The Water” from upcoming LP “Critical Fault” [COP International]
  • Ottawa, Canada-based Dream Pop /Dar Wave /Synth Pop duo Violentene “Thin Lines” single
  • Manchester, UK shoegaze /synthwave solo project TVAM ‘Costasol’ single off forthcoming EP on Invada Records
  • Seattle/Toronto new wave /synthwave /synthpop duo Dead Astronauts “These Bones” from 2x LP album “Constellations” on Midnight Mannequin Records
  • L.A. based new wave /synthpop band, PROVOKER “It’s In My Head” single via YEAR0001 
  • Barcelona-based new wave /technopop act Comando Suzie “Marea negra” from the mini-LP “Los Últimos Golpes” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Asheville, NC goth /electronic /synthpop /darkwave artist ANDERS MANGA “Adrift” off “Blood from Roses” EP
  • French solo Darkwave project of songwriter, performer, and engineer frelu, aka NLIGHT “Life For Sale” single
  • Asheville, North Carolina post-punk /gothic rock band COFFIN MOTH – “The Last Alarm” title track of “The Last Alarm” EP
  • Louisville, Kentucky dark folk /new wave /gothic rock music project Motuvius Rex “Of Sand and Saturn” from the vinyl album “The Vigilant Sower” via InClub Records
  • Rochester, New York one-man post-punk /gothic /new wave project Rose Bone “Miasma” debut single
  • Baltimore, Maryland Post-punk /Coldwave /Darkwave solo project 4dversary – ‘Dead Again’
  • Los Angeles/Berlin goth /dark wave /post-punk band Night Nail “Narcoleptic Dream Catcher” from upcoming third LP “Fates Explained” via Metropolis Records
  • Turkish Post-Punk band led by Mert Yıldız from İstanbul, RAIN TO RUST “Tonight I Will Meet My Friends Who Died Untimely” first single (dedicated to Adrian Borland) off forthcoming LP “Martyrdom: Eight Exercises” via SwissDarkNights Label
  • Ukrainian doomer /post-punk band ДК Енергетик “Шлях Ч.1” single [PLAN]                                                   
  • Hungary darkwave /post-punk band kékmandarin “Nélkületek” single
  • Brazilian post-punk quartet from São Paulo, Inês é Morta ”Serpentes em taças” from “Ilha” EP
  • Phoenix, AZ goth /new wave /dream-pop /post-punk act Secret Attraction “Melancholy” from the upcoming “LP3”
  • Atlanta, Georgia disco /new wave /psychedelic /post-punk solo project of David Mansfield, aka Stranded “Vacant Spirits” third single from the album “Velvet Trace” on Grey Market Records
  • Barcelona-based goth / darkwave / post-punk artist Darkways – “Inexistence” single on RetroReverbRecords
  • Russian indie pop /post-punk band from Moscow, Культодиночества [kultodinochestva] “лонгслив с блек метал принтом” single
  • Austin, TX-based new wave /electro-pop band led by Brooklyn‘s singer-songwriter Alain Paradis aka Holy Wire “Worse For Wear” single via Naturally Records (7″ vinyl) and Pink Noise Tapes (cassette)
  • Californian darkwave /new wave /post-punk solo project of Eddie a.k.a. LovelyEddie “faces (2022)”
  • Mexico Experimental /Shoegaze /Dark Wave /Psychedelic /Post-punk trio Neolin “Nada” single
  • Monterrey, Mexico‘s experimental /fuzz /psych /post-punk band Los Llamarada “I’m Not You” off the new album “Space And Time” via C/Site Recordings
  • Greek dream pop /darkwave /postpunk solo project Urban Space “It Won’t Be Like This Forever” single
  • London-based alternative rock /new wave /post-punk band The Holy Hour “Pay Me Attention” debut single
  • Melbourne, Australia shoegaze /new wave duo Human Intrusion “Into The Sky” from the self-titled debut EP
  • Bremen, Germany garage /punk /post-punk trio FRUSTWUT “Absturz”
    from the EP “Deutschpunk muss sterben, damit wir reden können.” on FETTHERZ RECORDS
  • Ukrainian dark ambient /dungeon synth act Rhosgobel “Homeland” off the cassette album “The Harvest” [WereGnome Records]
  • Dark ambient /funeral synth /dungeon synth act Sophia “Mourning the Loss of A Childhood Friend” from the album “Melancholy As I Unlock A Chest of Nostalgia Using the Greater Key” [Serpent’s Sword]
  • Ambient /victorian synth /comfy synth /dungeon synth /modern classical act Victorian Specter “The Sower” tittle track from the new album “the Sower”
  • Finland ambient dungeon synth act Spirit of Sorrow “Sorrows of the Moon” from the album “Mournful Romanticism”