WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – SEPTEMBER #37-22

Photo by Daido Moriyama

  • San Francisco‘s Shoegaze /Post-Punk solo project The Sun Has Wept Rose “Drops of Perfume” from debut EP “Bygones be Bygones”

I knew San Francisco-based artist Johnny Quan mainly as a gifted illustrator and Post-punk aficionado since the mighty Johan Sebastian Bot’s Post-punk affiliated playlist on Soundcloud. A fair surprise comes through his first venture into music creation through a 4-tracker of exquisite dark and dreamy atmospheric New Wave/Post-punk laced with introverted moods of sadness and melancholy interspersed with glimpses of hope and euphoria, where he shows deft to combine, with meticulous craft, consolidated 80s style elements with hints of hazy shoegaze textures, shimmering Indie Rock and the most classic emotional singer-songwriting. The standout track, “Drops of Perfume”, triggers a steady drum machine, bleakly meandering bassline pulses, carpets of airy keyboards and radiant webs of effect-laden glistening guitar chords to seep nostalgia and dread into fragile heartfelt vocals, travelling back in time to a romantic encounter with fate. It may be the Bay’s breeze, but at times it vibrates with the same aching pensive melancholy and lingering lyrical malaise of fellow musician Glenn Donaldson (The Reds, Pinks & Purples), just blanketed in gloomier instrumentation.

  • Portuguese coldwave /post-punk project MB “Hyenas” from the single “Réptil Vol.4” on Réptil Ibérico Emissões

Now in its fourth EP, the fully enigmatic Portuguese Post-punk project with the minimal name of MB, about which we continue to know absolutely nothing, record label included, which plays an atmospheric and moody 80s UK-tinged post-punk, rippled with suffering moods and crepuscular tones, built on a hypnotic drum machine, ceaselessly chugging basslines, and heavily treated guitar strains that slowly shimmer and flicker, to create an intricate pain-filled reverberant searing aura around emotional brooding croons imbued with a shadowy romanticism and morose melancholia rooted in the primal and lonesome instincts of a wild animal kind.

  • Dresden based, German EBM /darkwave /synthbass /synth wave artist Oliver Decrow “I Touch You” single on G50 Records

New analog synth-driven Dark Wave single for German artist driven by clanking, metallic and pounding rhythmic patterns, along with undulating droning basslines, and icy dramatic synth flashes, to build mechanical foreboding menace around minimal lost male/female vocal interplay, casting fearful emotional desires with elongated robotic echoes, expanding friskily into a stark cold domain of disassociative bliss.

  • California lo-fi ambient /post-rock /shoegaze /dream-pop /darkwave solo project NEKOMI “Hell is a lonely place” title track from the new EP
  • Michigan goth /darkwave /post-punk project Opal Vessel / カセットで自殺 – “私のナイフを奪う” from the album “Lovely Wounds”
  • Flint, Michigan dark ambient /deathrock /darkwave /black metal act Wraithlord – “Pray” (Lycia cover) from the new EP “Summer Graves”
  • California synth-wave /darkwave /coldwave solo female project THE NEW ARCTIC “Silence So Cold (feat. Pedro Code)” from the debut LP “Vault” on SwissDarkNights
  • 1979 founded, London-based dark post-punk /new wave band, And Also The Trees “Another town another face” from the album “The Bone Carver”
  • Lisbon-based coldwave /darkwave band led by singer, composer and musician Pedro Code (The Dream Collision and Rainy Days Factory), IAMTHESHADOW “The Wide Starlight” new single and title track from the upcoming album due later this year on vinyl, CD and digital via Cold Transmission.
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil electronic /dream pop /darkwave /post-punk duo The Lautreamonts – “Hello Skinny” (The Residents cover)
  • Turin-based, Italian electronic /post-punk /darkwave new project from duo Loris Brunello & Lorenzo Albera (FKA Ginevra), Death By Strobe “Hardcore” single
  • Brussels based Techno /EBM /Cold Wave duo FIGURE SECTION “Cease and Decease” from 2-track single “Trompe la mort” on their own Antibody label
  • Scottish/Indian electronic /darkwave duo based in Berlin, Permanent Daylight “Chisel Me Unknown” from the debut LP “Temptress”.
  • London/Paris based downtempo /acid /trip-hop /dark electronic duo Zam Ram “Time Killing Killing Time” from the album “Domino” upcoming on Super Utu
  • Stockholm, Sweden‘s EBM /electro /synth /electro clash queen EMMON “Machines” second single from the upcoming first full-length album since 2014 via Icons Creating Evil Art
  • Manchester, UK techno /house /electro-pop producer and Factory Floor co-founder and drummer GABE GURNSEY “You Remind Me” from the second album “Diablo” on Phantasy Sound                               
  • Californian goth darkwave /synth wave solo project based out of Los Angeles, QYBURN “Mythic Dawn” second single from the upcoming 5th album
  • Late 70s founded, Kiel, Germany dark electronica /synth pop /post-punk duo Tina Sanudakura and Andy Schwarz aka NO MORE “Paris Blue” from the single “Paris Blue / It’s So Easy To Get Lost”
  • Colombian Industrial /Techno /Synth Dark Wave DJ-producer-performer Ana Gartner – “My Perfect Kind Of Line” from upcoming cassette EP “Electric Shocks” [Pildoras Tapes]
  • Barcelona-based EBM /post-industrial /tribal /post-punk /minimal synth duo DAME AREA “Innamorata Del Tuo Controllo” from the upcoming vinyl album “Toda La mentira Sobre Dame Area” on Màgia Roja label and  Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  • Palmira, Colombia EBM /synthwave /minimal synth solo project HUMAN 80 “Einsame Straße” from “Die Methode” album on Navel Records.
  • St. Louis, Missouri EBM /synth-punk duo Mark Plant and Spencer Bible, aka THE MALL “Nostalgia” from the upcoming debut LP “Time Vehicle Earth”
  • Mexican synthwave /darkwave /post-punk /EBM project of Helder Camberos, AKA Red Industrie “They Dominate By Law (Velax Remix)” from upcoming V/A “BodyWorkSelections Vol. 2” compilation tape on Miseria
  • US EBM /industrial /dark electronic /darkwave project Davey Partains aka AEON RINGS “Fully Operational” single on Negative Gain Productions
  • Rome based new wave /darkwave /rock side project of Les Longs Adieux‘s duo Federica Garenna and Frank Marrelli, AKA Il Lungo Addio “Turandot” from the debut mini-album “Veleni Dalla Corte Del Re”.
  • Mexican EBM /Darkwave project of Rodo Marin AKA Monzanto – “Killed from Birth” single
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico lo-fi /goth /post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project (Fka The Endless), Slow Danse With The Dead “Say Goodbye” off the new EP “Strangers in the Dark”
  • Vienna based electronic /goth /darkwave artist tiredpurple “du 6 ich”
  • UK eclectic goth synth wave /darkwave solo project from Kendal, Claustraphobia “To Lose” single.
  • Ireland based Goth Post-Punk /Cold Wave /Darkwave one-man music project Devoted Sinners “Torn” single from the upcoming “Dangerous Obsession” EP
  • Barcelona goth /synth wave /darkwave band Headless Mannequins – “Wax” from the debut album “Shadowland”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina experimental /shoegaze /dream pop band lead by Nicolás Castello, aka NAX “Todo se hizo negro (People Theatre -Happy to be sad- Remix)” from “Sintiendo como todo se termina” remix EP
  • UK new wave /synth-pop duo THE DISTANT MINDS “Silenced – Single Mix” from “Silenced” EP
  • Los Angeles‘ darkwave /synth-wave project Amor de Paris “Hey There, Gorgeous.” single
  • Kansas City, Missouri new wave /synth-pop duo Adored ” Adored” from “Songs For Film” album
  • Spanish Dream-Pop /Synth-Pop /Synth Wave duo Stereoskop “Under” (Single Version) on Reptile Music
  • Berlin-based dream pop /synthpop Argentinian brother-sister duo Minimal Schlager “Rush” from the debut album “Love, Sex & Dreams” on Duchess Box.                                                                                                                     
  • UK electronic /funk-post-punk multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and producer from Manchester, LoneLady “(There Is) No Logic (The Other Two Remix)” from “Former Things >> Re-Formed” 4-track remix EP on Warp Records
  • UK Darkwave/ Synth Pop trio MAGNETIC SKIES “The Last Time (The KVB Remix)”
  • Chilean post-punk /synth-pop /electronic duo from Santiago, 3V3C3S3 “Tren Al Sur” new single
  • Shanghai, China based Post-Punk /Gothic Rock /Darkwave /Blackgaze solo project founded by Kai, Withering Night “Melancholy Lotus/忧莲” single
  • Parisian shoegaze /coldwave /new wave /post-punk solo project of multi-instrumentalist composer Anton Guillou, aka GARDEN DYNAMICS “Volshebnik” from the forthcoming album “Volna”
  • London, UK post-punk /new wave solo project Vincent Christ “Heart Of The Spider” single.
  • Italian Electronic /Coldwave /Post-Punk moniker of musician, Cristian HC Usai, aka LOVE OF CONSOLATION “White Knives” from the cassette EP “Sado” on Dark Passage
  • Quetzaltenango, Guatemala new wave /post-punk outfit GUERRA FRIA “En La Oscuridad” single
  • US goth /synth /post-punk solo project TWIN TEARS “Turnover” single.
  • Lyon, France coldwave /post-punk trio The Midnight Computers “Violence” title track from the upcoming new album “Romantic Disaster” on Manic Depression records
  • Portland, OR goth dream pop /post-punk /electronic /shoegaze 3-piece, DARKSWOON “Bloom Decay” title track from the upcoming album “Bloom Decay”
  • Spanish Dream Post-Punk 4-piece from Valencia, Santa Companha “Dafne” from the album “Lance de Honor” on Humo Internacional
  • Calgary, Alberta Metal /Shoegaze /Post-Punk /Goth trio Poltergeist “Cold In September” single
  • Sidney, Australia new wave /post-punk trio The Dark Shadows “Sour Candy” single
  • Valencia, Spain-based devotional Post-Punk trio Mausoleo “Epifanía” from the vinyl 12″ EP “Refugio Transitorio” via Humo Internacional
  • German Post-Punk /Dark Wave band from Cologne, ROPES OF NIGHT “Crawling In Your Sacred Skin” from the EP “Further Than Guns Will Go”
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project Чайки улетают с моря [smorya] “Это сделал не анархизм” from 2-track single “Анархизм”
  • London, UK Post-Punk /Goth Rock band BLACK ANGEL ‘Alive’ – Vvmpyre Remix, from ‘One’ Album
  • Detroit, Mi electronic /darkwave /deathgaze duo VAZUM “Double Stellium” (Single)
  • Anaheim, Ca post-punk /gothic rock /deathrock band Vision of the Void “In the Shadows” from the sophomore “Unshroud Our Eyes” EP
  • Chelyabinsk, Russia goth rock /deathrock duo Cracky Tights “The Deer” from the debut single “Little Paranoia Things / The Deer”
  • Bucharest, Romania new wave /post-punk band Stația Nouă “Rugăciunea Noastră” from the album “Stația Nouă”
  • Oakland, Ca experimental /dub /post-punk /new wave duo Andy Human and Sam Lefebvre AKA Non Plus Temps “Continuous Hinge” from the upcoming “Desire Choir” on Post Present Medium
  • Victoria, Australia lo-fi /nowave /synth-punk one-man band LONG HOURS “IT’LL BE MY PRACTICE GIRL” from the album “WAYWARD SERENADES”
  • Wien, Austria Indie /New Wave /Post-punk duo Ein Gespenst “Kaffee” from the upcoming LP “Bei Tageslicht” on Wiener Label Strizzico                                                                                                                                             
  • Birmingham, UK post-hardcore /post-punk /noise rock trio Total Luck “Ramble” single
  • Glasgow, UK psych /post-punk /indie rock DIY solo project of Vital Idle and ex-Golden Grrrl, Ruari MacLean, aka ESSEN “All Too Much” from cassette debut album “Tape 1”
  • Croydon based, UK industrial /new wave /post-punk /experimental music group Neu Electrikk “Practically Isolate” [1981] from upcoming V/A “Prophecy + Progress: UK Electronics 1978 – 1990 Volumes I + II” CD on Peripheral Minimal Records

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