WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – SEPTEMBER #36-23

  • Richmond, Virginia‘s gothic darkwave electronics brainchild of Tony Gloom, aka Petrified Entity “Faith” off the upcoming LP “Vortex”

Virginia‘s musician teases again the forthcoming LP with a dystopic and sinister slab of danceable Electro-fueled Darkwave that pulses its way through frenzied slashing beats, throbbing syncopated rumbling bass line grooves, obsessive echoing doomy keys and forsaken icy synth swathes, to fluctuate with hypnotic murky danger around numb distorted spoken vocal anger, lost in a bleak inebriated headspace of uncertainty and helpless doom.

  • London, UK goth /post-punk /darkwave solo act Stay Sleeping “Stray (ft. vedawave)” single on Ezi Deth Rekords

London-based solo project Stay Sleeping, is used to exploring ethereal Shoegaze and murky Darkwave sound shades, floating on a tightrope between shadows and lights, features fellow Gothic Metal Rocker label mate Vedawave for the eerie and surreal new single “Stray”, built on an emotionally intense and poignant male-female vocal interplay, pierced by wandering wistful effect-laden guitar melodies, to oscillate in and out from a mechanical dizzying dystopia laced with fearful dread and wicked alienation.

  • Italian new wave /shoegaze /post-punk band Vasa Kumora “Drowning in Nightmares” single

The enigmatic Italian Dark Wave act gives us another haunting and soul-wrenching single, framed in the usual evocative blood-red splattered artwork, to urge sparkling wistful arpeggios fatefully fading into relentless pain-fueled, twinkling spindling guitar melodies, abrasive doomy riffs, and enveloping dramatic keyboard strings, underpinned by sonorous throbbing basslines and steady stumbling drums, to surround a tragically beautiful vocal layering of tormented heartfelt cries, ghostly echoes, and whispered haloes, with a swarm of terrifying memories trapped in the hidden recesses of a troubled mind.

  • New York-based ambient /modular synth instrumental project of electronic composer & musician (member of Yazoo, Depeche Mode, and The Assembly), Vince Clarke “The Lamentations of Jeremiah” off the upcoming album “Songs of Silence” [Mute]                                                                                                                                        
  • Liverpool, UK industrial /witch house /electronic producer Monomorte “Waiting for you..”
  • Melbourne, Australia ethereal /goth /psych /horror dark synth duo The Night Terrors “Trance Encounters” from the upcoming vinyl album “HYPNOTICA – Composition for Theremin and Electronic Music Synthesizer” (first new material in almost 10 years) via Disdain Records
  • French cold wave /techno /synth-punk project of Bordeaux-based musician Gaston Larrouy, aka La Rouille “Content” second single from the upcoming second album
  • Canadian retro dark /space disco /synthwave /synthpop project of  Vancouver‘s producer Shawn Ward, aka FM Attack “Cosmic” title track of the new LP “Cosmic” [Starfield Music]
  • Stockholm, Sweden electronic /darkwave /dream pop /trip-hop /shoegaze duo Isoberlinia “Otherlife” third single off the upcoming album “Silhouette Bound” on Black Hair Records
  • New York wave /electronic /dream pop /synthpop solo project R. Missing “How to Slow a Dream” single
  • El Salvador experimental /synthwave project of Diego Chopin, aka Devilenz – “Lost Voyager” single [Dac Music]
  • London, UK new wave /post-punk project led by James Burgess, STATIC PALM “Shimmer and Shade” single
  • Northern Spain‘s darkwave /post-punk /coldwave /synth wave solo project URCO “Promesas Oscuras” single
  • Austin, TX goth /doomwave /darkwave solo project Fantasy Trantham, aka Painstate “No Tomorrows” single
  • UK eclectic post-punk /darkwave solo project from Kendal, Claustraphobia “Anastasia” single
  • Spanish dark wave /synth-pop trio Sex Code “Babylon” from the album “Pleasure”
  • Spanish Wave /Darkwave solo project from Alicante, Nueve Desconocidos “Humo Negro” new single on Casa Maracas
  • João Pessoa, Brazil goth /dark electro/darkwave project by Victor L., aka Posthuman Age “Resist” debut single
  • Los Angeles coldwave /darkwave /synth wave solo project Good Riddance “Thrills” single
  • Barcelona-based darksynth /synthwave electronic solo project Nightcrawler “My Worst Enemy Is Myself (Feat Deus Ex Lumina)” single
  • Russian industrial /synth-punk duo based in Saint Petersburg, SUPERNOVA 1006 “Tell Your Name” from the upcoming album “Chains” on Negative Gain Productions
  • Italian no wave /free jazz /new beat /krautrock /new wave /disco /experimental /electronic collaborative project of Andrea Renzini & Stefano Passini, aka Ping Pong “Zilch” from upcoming S/T LP 12″ co-produced by ’80s wave activist Oderso Rubini (Italian Records)  [Raw Culture]
  • Memphis, Tennessee synth /post-punk project of Natalie Hoffmann (NOTS), Ben Bauermeister, and Keith Cooper, aka Optic Sink “Nowhere Home” from the second album “Glass Blocks” on Feel It Records
  • Lithuanian raw electro /cold wave /post-punk collaborative project, Shaknis & Egzotikka “Preke” off upcoming EP “Siena” [META MOTO]
  • French goth /darkwave /witch-house /synth project of Parisian artist Remi Lauvergne, aka Sad Madona “Witch Coast” single
  • Italian synth-pop /Italo disco new project of electronic producer Alessio Di Mezza (Religius Order, Strangers For Love), aka The Declare “Notte Profana” primo singolo
  • Moscow‘s EBM /dark synth electronic producer and singer-songwriter, DRIADA “Très Criminel (Yansyet remix)” from “Omut (Remixes)” album [Routine Records]
  • Portland, OR Experimental-Pop’ing Analogue-Synthesized Post-PostPunk-Poetry duo XIBLING “Bulletproof” single
  • Portland, OR industrial /EBM /cold wave /minimal synth electronics project ORTROTASCE “Collapsing New People” (Fad Gadget cover)
  • South London based AngloAustralian EBM /Synth-Punk band PC WORLD “At Heaven’s Gate” from “Infinite Dream Weapon” EP on DKA Records (tape) and ALTER
  • Spanish EBM /post-industrial /electronic producer from Madrid (SUERO, Godafoss), Carlos Suero “One of these days feat. Beckman” from “Anachronismus” EP [contubernio records]
  • New York EBM /techno /synthpop /darkwave /dark electronic project of Reza Seirafi, aka Vexillary “My Vertigo” single first single from Vexillary’s album “Horror in Dub”
  • Los Angeles-based EBM /dark electro /post-punk /darkwave trio Digital Drvgs – “Bruja (Kontravoid Remix)” single
  • German Electro /Industrial /Noise /EBM project from HamburgSTAHLSCHLAG – “Apocalypsis” from the EP “Assortment”                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Hungarian Dark Electro /Industrial /EBM duo Istvan Gazdag (First Aid 4 Souls, Vacuum) and Tamás Bank (Worker/Munkás), aka Stahlgeist – “Stahlgeist (Club Version)” off V/A ” New Horizon: A Hungarian Electro-Industrial Compilation” CD album [NEW HORIZON]
  • German synthpop /new beat /electro project of Schwärz, aka This Guy Called Tom “Procrastination (Re-Mix)” from “Procrastination” single [appartement 3 / apt.3023]
  • Charlotte, NC Dark Synthpop duo IIOIOIOII “Legacy” new single on Distortion Productions
  • Russian coldwave /dark disco DJ and Producer Sonya Black – “Et De Fièvres” off V/A “OBERWAVE VOL. 6” compilation [Oberwave Records]
  • Lund, Sweden Italo-Disco /Synthpop duo Sally Shapiro “Rent” (Pet Shop Boys cover)
  • Calgary, Alberta wave /synth-pop act WANTS “Divine Promises” from S/T EP
  • Binghamton, NY electronic /post-punk /dark wave /coldwave act Prosthetic Amygdala “Streets” from the debut S/T EP
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk /darkwave /new wave trio NO STATUES “Keep it Quiet” from the EP “CAUGHT IN THE WEB” ltd. 7″ EP via Honeyglider Records
  • Swedish synthpop /dark wave project of Lars Voith aka VOITH ”On The Night Of Halloween” from the EP “A Dreamers Kiss by”
  • Brussels, Belgium dark wave /post-punk duo Partikul “Take your hands off me” from the sophomore LP “Having Gone” via Exit does not exist Records
  • Athens, Greek experimental minimal darkwave solo project of Nick D., DAS NOIR “A Whisper (feat. Leo Skiadas)” single
  • Gothic Rock band from Finland, Distant Stares “Love Disappears” single
  • Nantes, France post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock trio SANG FROID “Grace & Doom” new single
  • Reno, Nevada post-punk /gothic rock band MEPHISTO WALZ “Sixth Sense (featuring Marselle & Brian Hodges aka Blue Hour)” off new 3-track EP
  • Kuantan, Malaysia darkwave /new wave /post-punk band QUARTER LIFE – “Falling” from the EP “Pt.2”
  • Saint-Petersburg-based minimalistic post-punk band LIVINROOM “Fall” from the new album “Should avoid”
  • Malaysia goth /punk /post-punk band URAL “Closer to death” from the 6-track “Systematic Head” debut cassette EP (plus “Demo 2021” on the B-side) via Pissed Off! Recs
  • Northampton UK shoegaze /gothic rock /indie rock /post-punk band led by songwriter-producer Kailan Price, aka Bloody/Bath “Heather” from the EP “ALL LOVE UNFELT”
  • Buffalo, NY post-punk /new wave band Deluxxe “Waiting For a Sign” off the upcoming debut album “If You Were Me” on Avant!Records
  • Bern, Switzerland electronic /post-punk band Mistress “I Dont Hate” single
  • NSW, Australian garage /post-punk /punk band led by Buz Clatworthy, R.M.F.C. “The Trap” from “Club Hits” on Anti Fade Records
  • Manchester, UK noise /post-punk duo SLAP RASH “Griefcase” from the upcoming “Catherine Special” EP on Fire Talk imprint Open Tab
  • Minneapolis-based new wave /post-punk made of Peruvian musicians Mauricio Málaga (vocals and guitars) and Luis Miguel Peña (bass guitar), JOAO “State Of Nature” single
  • Australian Post-Punk /Surf-Goth solo project of D.Calleja from Melbourne, AKA Desmond Doom “The Big Boys” single                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Mexico City new wave /post-punk /dark pop duo Glia feat. Johnny va a morir “Ritual” single
  • Madrid, Spain post-punk /dark wave /coldwave act, NOTDAH “alma y fuego / soul and fire” (Sebadoh cover, 1993)
  • Indonesia Comfy Synth /Dungeon Synth project Silent Garden “Old Cabin Surrounded by Fireflies” from “Silent Garden/Leaking Crypt” split album
  • East Anglia, UK fantasy /comfy /dungeon synth project Wulfgaldar “Princess in the Tower Part I” off 2-track EP “Princess in the Tower”
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana dark ambient /fantasy /old school dungeon synth act Lone Sentinel “Awaken the Power Within” from the cassette “Forest Passage” [Hammer & Flail Recordings]
  • Washington dark ambient /fantasy /medieval /dungeon synth act WYNDCRAWLER “Views From The Crystal Parapet / Goodbye, Seraphine” from the cassette album “Poetsblood” [Stench Ov Death Prod.]

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