WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – SEPTEMBER #36-22

Photo by Julia Margaret Cameron

  • Indianapolis, Indiana coldwave /synthpop /darkwave /minimal synth act SQUARE HOLLOW “Your True Self” single.

Mechanical and spacey minimal wave single from Indianapolis‘ elusive project, albeit active since 2018, carved in sinister bass vibrations and stark slashing beats, whilst flashy synth swathes expand reflective tolling isolation around cold, angsty vocals dropping eerie shadow self lyrics into swirling realms of enslaved deception.

  • US goth /synth /post-punk solo project TWIN TEARS “Movement” single.

80s-tinged guitar-driven dark post-punk from the enigmatic act Twin Tears, coated in sinister and brooding auras, where syncopated clicking beats punctuate obsessive sinister jagged guitar riffs alternately with wailing lines, along with obstinate bleak pin-point bass throbs, painfully swept by icy wintry synth swathes over petrified haunted vocals releasing eerie dark poetry into the burning depths of a shattered soul.

  • California goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project PLEASURE POLICY “Past Lives” new 2-track single

Californian darkwave artist returns with an immersive, hauntingly atmospheric, cinematic instrumental new single that inexorably expands into a coolly stark hypnotic state built by sinister undulating, swelling bass drones, clanking and obsessive beats, minimal tinkling guitar echoes, and sprawling arcane synth spirals to transfigure time and space into a psychic journey, fascinating and disturbing at once, steered by dim moonlit glimmers into the cosmic unknown.

  • 1979 established Sidney based, Australian experimental /psych /electronic /post-industrialists Scattered Order “Third Rail” from the upcoming album “Where is the windy gun?”
  • Belgian industrial dark electro solo project of Vomito Negro mastermind, Gin Devo “Dark Frequencies (Album version)” from upcoming “The Garden of Evil” album on Scanner/Dark Dimensions
  • L.A. based industrial techno post-punk project of Bay Area bred artist Luis Vasquez, aka THE SOFT MOON “Monster” from the upcoming LP “Exister” on Sacred Bones
  • Spanish dark electro project of Valencian musician Javier Andreu, LA FIESTA TRISTE (Fête Triste) “Herida abierta” single
  • New York DIY dark wave /synthpop solo project LIKE WHAT “Burn” single
  • 80s UK experimental /post-punk /industrial /electronic group Bourbonese Qualk – “Skin Deep” from the Mannequin Records‘ vinyl 12″ reissue of Bourbonese Qualk’s Self-Titled 5th album originally released by New International label in 1987.
  • French minimal synth /synth wave artist Makina Girgir “Полусвет / Twilight” from V/A “Wave Earplug No.6” compilation vinyl album upcoming on 4mg Records
  • Greek electronic /coldwave /dark wave /synth wave act Ο θάνατος της αμαρτίας “ΜΙΣΟΣ” single
  • Disco synth wave band from Berlin, SHE LIES “Everything” title track from the new EP “Everything” on exlove records
  • Londonderry, UK retro electropop duo Adam Leonard (words, top lines, vocals) & David Ansara AKA Echoes In Rows “Tsunami” from the mini-album ‘Click Click Drone’
  • Québec City, Canada post-wave band Handful of Snowdrops “To Serve In Heaven (Hopelessly)” from “Hope™” (Single) from the upcoming album ‘Tu me crois la marée et je suis le déluge’
  • Minimal Synth Pop /Darkwave project from Moscow, MINIMAL UNIT feat. Кирилл Коперник “Inviolacy” single
  • Melbourne Synth-pop duo SYZYGY “Anchor and Adjust” 2nd single and title track from the upcoming debut album on It Records
  • Canada/California retro dark /synthwave /synthpop collaboration between Vancouver‘s Shawn Ward & Santa Cruz‘s Blake Voss, FM Attack & Vandal Moon “Candlelight” single
  • German dark electro /synthpop project MORPHOSE feat. Sascha Klein – “Surrender” single on Infacted Recordings
  • Moscow-based dark electro /synthpop one-woman-project of synth diva Valeria Valuyskaya aka VELVET VELOUR “Blue Moon” single on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Scotland beat-driven Dark Wave artist Propter Hoc “Daemonologie” (Single)
  • San Diego based coldwave /synthpop / dark synth wave one-man project EM_LEN “Renew” (Single)
  • UK analog retro /new wave /synthwave /electro-pop outfit Analogue Electronic Whatever ”Crazyheads – Not What it Seems Mix” from “Crazyheads – 2022 Remixes” EP
  • Hannover, Germany Italo disco /synthpop /techno /electronic body music DJ-producer Björn Bahlmann, aka FLOOD “Romeo” from “Romeo” EP [KROF03] on Kein Rauch Ohne Feuer
  • Norwegian synth-pop artist, producer, keyboard player and vocalist Egil Thomas Hansen (former member of Supercraft), aka ETH “Game Of Fools” single on Town And Towers Records
  • Lowell, Massachusetts dark synthpop artist FATIGUE “Saudade (The Way Of Love)” single
  • Providence, Rhode Island dark synth-pop solo project of Cristian Carver, aka CARV.R “Hvrt (Feat. Casey Desmond)”                                                                                                                                                   
  • German/Danish Synthpop /Electronic act T. Schmidt & J. Machons, AKA Lights Of Euphoria “Here Comes The Rain” single on Infacted Recordings
  • Danish experienced electronic composer and producer John R. Mirland (of Am Tierpark, Mirland, Gusten), aka M73 “Inside You” from the sophomore album “Motor Romantik”
  • US/France industrial /EBM /dark electro-punk collaboration between Matt Fanale and Marie Lando, AKA  Caustic x Grabyourface “Not Your Body” single
  • Grenoble, France experimental /industrial /new beat /dark electronic producer (half of Hardlab and Peep Night), Leonard Lampion “Le Vide Et Le Froid” from the upcoming CDr album “Vallée Étroite”
  • Berlin-based electronic /post-punk outfit Plattenbau “Crime / Scène (Data Animal Remix)” on DeadStrange
  • Paris, France EBM /electro-punk duo Deaf Parade’s Volkan and Vitriol’s Mathieu, aka Leroy Se Meurt – “Angoisse” from the upcoming V/A “Modernation Vol.4” compilation on ITALO MODERNI
  • Portland, OR-based synth wave /post-punk duo Perimeters “Totál” single
  • Swedish dark synth /synth wave /hauntwave artist from Stockholm, AUX ANIMAUX “Devil inside (Tobias Bernstrup remix)” off 2-track single “Devil inside”
  • L.A. based Wesley Eisold and Amy Lee‘s synthwave /synthpop project COŁD CAVE “Godstar (Psychic TV Cover)”
  • Parisian EBM /techno /dark electro /cold wave duo Minuit Machine “So Hard” the first single from the upcoming mini-LP “24” on Synth Religion
  • Australian darkwave /coldwave project of Marc Dwyer based in Sydney, Buzz Kull “Rise From Your Grave” from upcoming LP “Fascination” via Avant! Records
  • Cult mid-80s Argentinian darkwave act Euroshima “Matando Sueños” from the debut album “Gala” (originally released in 1987 on Polygram) vinyl 12″ reissue on Dark Entries and Twilight Records.
  • Dutch/Croatian electronic /minimal synth /dark wave /post-punk duo of Ingmar Pauli (Novamen, Sumerian Fleet, The Martians) and Saša Rajković (aka Zarkoff and part of Lab Personnel, Sumerian Fleet), aka NeuGrau – “Traveling Somewhere” from the upcoming 2-track single “Traveling Somewhere” via She Lost Kontrol
  • Louisville, Kentucky Darkwave project by synth musician, singer and songwriter Kim Bell, AKA Broken Nails “Never Let Go (2022 Single Version)” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Los Angeles-based dark synth-driven darkwave band, AURAT “¿Can You Hear Me?” from the 7-track 12″ vinyl “Khaar” on Detriti Records
  • Russian post-punk /synthwave duo of Svetlana Zombierella and Alexander Moralez, AKA The Bleak Engineers “A Message To The Future”
  • Los Angeles, Ca darkwave /synthwave /new wave band FEVR “Ghost” single.
  • L.A.‘s lo-fi /wave /post-punk /electro-punk solo project of visual artist, songwriter and musician, Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Rorschach of Despair” single
  • Mexican goth-pop /post-punk band Simbiotycs “Tace” single on We are one Records
  • Pizzo, Italy post-punk /new wave /darkwave band ALONE IN THE RAIN “Il tumulto del cuore” from the EP “Luna Calante”
  • Melbourne, Australia lo-fi darkwave /synth wave act Spiritual Slum “Close Your Eyes” from the EP “Wasting Time”
  • Asheville, NC goth /darkwave /post-punk 4-piece SECRET SHAME “Luxury Bitch” from the forthcoming album “Autonomy”
  • Aussie five-piece femme synth-punk outfit based in Perth, Body Horrors “Crickets” single
  • Louisville, Kentucky post-punk /darkwave duo of former members of 9voltRevolt, Stephen Beasey and Brian Cain, aka Who Saw Her Die? “Dead Inside” from the album “Gray Gardens”
  • Moscow Gothic-rock band founded in 2002, The Guests “Chaser” from “Chaser” EP
  • Florida‘s gothic rock /darkwave / post-punk band led by Matthew DeFeis AKA Last Grasp “Goblin Romance” from upcoming EP “Entwined”
  • Connecticut-based shoegaze /new wave /synthpop band The Last Years “Cycles” single
  • Russian goth /post-punk /darkwave trio based in St. Petersburg, Blind Dreams “Something In The Way”  (Nirvana cover) 
  • AngloArgentinian, Europa-based New wave /Synthpop /Post-Punk duo Night Hexe “New Dawn” single
  • Bogotá, Colombia New Wave /Post Punk band Dimensión Nocturna – “Ruinas” 4th single from the debut EP “Ansia”                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Austin, TX Post-punk /Darkwave band HAUNT ME “I’ve Lost You” single
  • Marseille, France shoegaze /cold wave /post-punk band Sandcastle – “Anxiety” from the debut EP “Home”
  • Lübeck, Germany Post-Punk /Dark Wave band Solitary Units – “The Rhythm Of Insanity” off of “from “I – Broken And Inopportune” debut single
  • Gilbert, Arizona goth /surf /post-punk /new wave band Rare Kreature “Nowhere Seen” single
  • Perth, Australia new wave /post-punk 4-piece The Drowners “Evening World” from the first “The Evening World Comes Out to Meet You” EP
  • L.A. Synth Wave /Post-Punk solo project Nass Zuruck “My pain is temporary” single.
  • San Jose, CA post-punk /experimental rock band Hacienda Gardeners “All Alone” from the third album “Alone In The Garden”
  • London, UK noise rock /post-punk band ITALIA 90 “Magdalene” single
  • Phoenix, AZ lo-fi /art-punk /post-punk solo act The Sheaves “Lariat Slung” from the cassette album “Excess Death Cult Time” on Moone Records
  • Australian Post-Punk /Surf-Goth solo project of D.Calleja from Melbourne, AKA Desmond Doom “It’s All Falling Down” from “Surf-Goth” EP
  • Tucson, AZ electronic /gothic rock /post-punk solo artist Auspex “Tomb” from the debut album “’20s”.
  • Yekaterinburg, Russian indie/ synth wave /post-punk 4-piece Перемотка [Peremotka] “Прочь/Protch” single
  • Swedish darkwave /post-punk band The Secret French Postcards “Sides” the second single off the upcoming album “Life Got Claws” on Cold Transmission.
  • Munchen, German “electro-medieval” duo QNTAL – “Winterly Waves” new single on Drakkar Entertainment   

Julia Margaret Cameron, Une Sainte Famille 1872