WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – AUGUST/SEPTEMBER #35-23

photo by Maria Tudela Bermudez

  • Panaiotis Fitsoros (PiNk DoT) – // You Climbed To Daylight mixtape //                                                                            
  • Bern, Switzerland industrial /post-punk /synth wave band PLAGUE PITS “The Dignity of Serfdom” from upcoming cassette/vinyl 12″ album “Creatures” via TRANSNECROPOLITAN

The first preview, “The Dignity of Serfdom”, aptly represents the Swiss band’s distinctive crackling vibrant mishmash of Electro-Wave, Industrial and Post-punk, The Neon Judgement and Fad Gadget come to mind, with a clattering and bouncy interaction of crashing beats, jarring throbbing low ends, sprawling glaring synth drifts along with tinkling swirling chords, to create a buzzing and flickering desolate cacophony over a resigned emotional looping vocal interplay, left depressed under a murky hollowing heavy rhythmic weight, dense of relentless oppressive pain.

  • Warsaw, Poland gothic /indie rock /deathrock /post-punk band, Nameless Creations “Shadow Hour” first single off the upcoming second album “Plague Party” on Antena Krzyku label

We did appreciate the Warsaw-based outfit at the time of their debut LP, Nameless Creations is back with a renewed lineup and an adrenaline-filled goth-punk-a-billy new single, brimming with frenzy rhythms, groovy smoldering guitars, and an evocative and magnetic spine-tingling voice ala Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Rolling and rattling urgent rhythms rush through the doomed darkness, enlit by twangy searing guitar reverberations, to engrave spell-like dire incantations over harsh angsty vocals, delivering ‘end times’ omens with sinister whispers and backup cries into relentless blazes of impending damnation.

  • Victoria, BC cold wave /darkwave solo project (FKA Bleached Heat), Constant Joy “Penetrate Me” new single on Hush Ltd.

New moniker for the heavily 80s-influenced Canadian nomadic darkwave act, with a new 2-tracker that churns nostalgic emotional spirals of syncopated rhythms, murky loping basslines, icy liquid synth washes, and weeping guitar melodies, penetrating, as the title suggests, haunted vocals, achingly longing in lovelorn obsession; whilst the flip side percolates through dancing, mechanical Synth-Pop wistfulness, scattering a pervasive toxic flow of hate-filled roses; for a single rife with decadent and romantic dark Post-punk dystopia, pulling familiar strings in the depths of our soul.

  • New York shoegaze /post-punk /pop noir Annika Holland “Running on the Rose”
  • Darkwave project of French songwriter, performer, and engineer frelu, NLIGHT “Dark Is Dead” single
  • Experimental /no wave /dub /electronic project of Ted Milton (Blurt), E.Graham Lewis (Wire, He Said) and Sam Britton (Icarus), aka Elegiac “Meet My Stalker” title track of upcoming “Meet My Stalker” EP 12″ [Upp]
  • Lithuanian experimental /synth wave /synth-pop /electronic producer Viktoras Urbaitis, aka TEATRE “Low” from “2 Songs” 7″ single [Ferry Lane Records]
  • French electronic /synthpop /minimal synth project by Waving Hands label founder Laurène Exposito aka EYE – ”Mata el meta” from upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Honolulu / Saigon” (a collection of unreleased and previously cassette released material) [Knekelhuis]
  • Long Beach, CA post-punk /minimal synth /cold wave /synth-punk act Nights Templar “Claustrophobia” from cassette/vinyl 12″ compilation album “Year Two”
  • Swedish post-punk /minimal synth trio Monoton tid “Repetition” from 4-track cassette demo EP
  • Northern England‘s cold wave /synthpop musicians Bianca Scout and Martyn Reid, aka Marina Zispin “Flowers In The Sea” from the debut “Life And Death: The Five Chandeliers Of The Funereal Exorcisms” EP 12″ on Night School
  • Vancouver-based synth wave duo formed by Nic Emm and Aja Emma in 2008, Cosmetics “Tell Me” from upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Baby” [Cititrax / Minimal Wave]
  • Italo/Spanish/German dark synth electronic collaborative project, LoveTheMachine & Fokker “Tempest” from the self-titled vinyl 12″ LP on TONN RECORDINGS
  • Bordeaux-based dark synth /coldwave /electronic musician Volcan “Le palais” from the multiple ltd vinyl edition album “Chanson pour le néant” [Objet Trouvé]
  • Belgrade-based electro-pop /new wave /darkwave solo project of Russian artist Kirill Ovchinnikov, Заговор [Zagovor] ‘Надоело быть приятным (Tired of being nice)” from upcoming vinyl 12″ LP “Формула 1”
  • Oslo, Norway /Tampa, FL goth /dream pop /shoegaze /dark wave post-punk collaboration, Mirror Of Haze & Violent Vickie “Brighten Up My Life” single
  • Italian coldwave /darkwave /synthpop /electronic duo Luca Bandini & Alessandra Gismondi (aka Schonwald), aka SHAD SHADOWS “Assault” title track of the upcoming album “Assault” on Wave Tension Records
  • Melbourne-based electronic /darkwave solo project V “THE DEVIL U KNOW” third single from the upcoming visual album “BEST LIFE” 
  • Berlin-based/Australia-born ethereal /synthpop /darkwave /electronic art-pop project of DJ, vocalist, producer, and performer (former Linea Aspera and Keluar) Alison Lewis, a.k.a. ZANIAS “Simulation (Forces Remix)” first of a series of remixes from “Chrysalis” LP [Fleisch Records]
  • Belgian electro /noise /cold wave /dark wave collaboration between top model and singer Kim Peers and Amenra’s guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove, aka SKEMER “Overgave” from upcoming LP “TOASTS & SENTIMENTS”
  • Berlin-based Electro /House /Wave /Synth-Pop /Dark Disco producer Kalipo “Seeking Angels” from upcoming “WUT” EP 12″ [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Bay Area EBM /coldwave /dark electro /minimal synth /mutant body music project of John Anton Malinowskj, aka EX-HEIR “Discordia’s Dance” from the album “Crushed” (live improvised 4 track cassette session)
  • New Orleans-based EBM /Techno /coldwave /synth solo project of Joshua Strachan (Blacklist, Religious to Damn, Vaura, Azar Swan, Vain Warr, Meridiane), aka Desolation Colony “Burn My Hands In Slow Fire” from “Desolation Colony” EP 12″ on Mannequin Records
  • Leipzig / Essen, Germany industrial /post-punk /cold wave act, Ion Love “Raketen, Planeten” single [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
  • Berlin-based Synth-Wave solo project of  founding member and co-composer of bands UFO Shadow and Velvet Condom, Oberst Panizza “Gdansk” from V/A “Miseria + Oraculo Records Precious Decay Selections” limited Edition Deluxe 2X12″ Vinyl.
  • Melbourne, Australia electronic /post-punk /synthpop project of George Pappas (former keyboardist from 80s band ‘Real Life‘), aka ALIEN SKIN “Crepe Goth Goddess” extra to 3x‘DARK DAYS EP SERIES’
  • Philadelphia, PA goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project Tragic Age – “Last Wishes” from the cassette album “Finality”
  • L.A. based new wave /post-punk /synthpop /darkwave solo project of Julian Sharwarko, aka Harsh Symmetry “Scalpel” from the second album “Imitation” via Fabrika Records
  • Berlin-based Italian darkwave /gothic rock /dark post-punk act Words and Actions – “Echoes of Us” from the vinyl 12″ album “Some Gods Just Want to Watch the World Burn” via Detriti Records
  • Florida darkwave /post-punk /gothic rock duo Last Grasp “Cloves & Wine” single
  • Russian deathrock /goth punk duo Cracky Tights “Total Passion” from “One of Deformity” single
  • Paris-based post-punk /coldwave duo Total Resistance – “Crash” from the Split cassette EP with I.Woke.Up.Chinese [MODEL WORKERS RECORDS]
  • Mexico City post-punk /gothic rock band Inovercy “Ánimas” single
  • Los Angeles dark post-punk trio DECEITS “Drowning In An Empty Sea” single
  • Athens-based Greek dark post-punk 4-piece cold i “Γράμμα στη Βενετία” from V/A “Είσοδος Κινδύνου” compilation via Είσοδος Κινδύνου Records
  • California-based darkwave /gothic rock /post-punk project of Eduardo Mora, aka EDO – “Bailar Con La Luna” single
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk /darkwave duo conceived in Minneapolis/St Paul, HALLOWS “Things That hurt” from the upcoming sophomore album “A Quieter Life”
  • Italian Post-Punk /Darkwave band The Coventry “Atropine” (single) on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Louisville, Kentucky post-punk /darkwave duo of former members of 9voltRevolt, Stephen Beasey & Brian Cain, AKA Who Saw Her Die? “Marie (Gifts of the Night)” from “All This Poison” album
  • Knoxville, TN Post-Punk / Dark Wave band Attic Eyes “First Class” from the debut S/T EP
  • California-based industrial /electronic /darkwave project of musician Justin Chamberlain, AKA Soft Vein “Leash” off upcoming debut LP “PRESSED IN GLASS” on Artoffact Records
  • Berlin-based darkwave /post-punk band MoKim “End of our days” second single
  • Bay Area shoegaze /post-punk /synthpop outfit TOPOGRAPHIES “Illusion of Control” charity single (as part of the upcoming Summer Darling Tapes’s mixtape)
  • Columbus/Pittsburgh/Brooklyn based experimental electronic /post-punk act Child of Night (C.O.N.) “The Fool” 2-track cassette single
  • Rennes, France Techno /New Wave /Post-Punk one-man-band Tableraz “Speech” single
  • Bogotà, Colombia coldwave /darkwave duo ANTIFLVX “Señal” off the third album “Dval Canvas” via SkyQode
  • Italian goth /post-punk /darkwave trio Ash Code “Tear You Down” single
  • Italian electronic /cold wave /darkwave act founded by ghost producer, drummer and singer Francesco Kay, aka FALL SHOCK “Protect” from upcoming LP “Universal Unit Crime” on Manic Depression Records
  • Milan, Italian nu-Italo /dark electronic /synthpop producers Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti aka ITALOCONNECTION “Better Place″ off new EP “Better Place”
  • Copenhagen-based, Danish synthpop band Disrupted Being “So Much Love” single
  • US one-man synthpop project, Missing In Stars “Fight” from the album “Perfusing The Circuit” on Infacted Recordings
  • Edmonton, Alberta dark electro-industrial-synth duo Capsules of Energy “Midnight Baby” off “The Hive Mind” EP
  • Greek coldwave /synth wave /minimal synth duo Kriistal Ann & Toxic Razor aka PARADOX OBSCUR “Escape” from V/A “Electronic Bodies – Session 1” charity compilation [Side-Line Magazine]
  • US Industrial /Darkwave /New Wave /Synthpop solo act from the Pacific Northwest, Arkham Sunset “Blood In Four Colors” single
  • Mexico/Perú post-punk /death rock /electro-horror collaboration Skeletal Bats & Multiples Laceraciones “En tus labios” single on Dark Grave
  • Montpellier, France new wave / post-punk band UNSPKBLE “Sacrifice” off debut album “Reconstruction”
  • Nancy, France Cold Oi! trio RANCŒUR “Lame En Peine” title track of the second vinyl EP “Lame En Peine”
  • Copenhagen, Danish punk /post-punk outfit Missvnaries ov Charity – “Honeypot” single
  • London, Ontario punk /synth-punk trio MONONEGATIVES “Anatomical Warmth / Lost Traffic / Advisement” from cassette “Digital Movement” [Wet Cassettes]
  • Peruvian industrial /punk project WYVERN ALTAR “Tears Of Neptune”
  • Sheffield, UK indie /post-punk trio Good News “Tikho” from the 7″ EP “Same As That” on Bingo Records
  • Europe-based AngloArgentinian New Wave /Post-Punk duo Night Hexe “Take My Heart” from the debut LP “Heresy” CD via Bat-Cave Productions
  • Baltimore, Maryland based synthpop /post-punk /darkwave artist/producer Samuel Morgan, aka Vacant Windows “Real Life” single                                                                                                                                       
  • Los Angeles darkwave /synth wave /new wave band FEVR “Lost” single
  • Los ángeles, Chile spacial punk /post-punk solo project Tele Off “Vomitar” single
  • New England-based dream pop /shoegaze /post-punk /dark wave collective, Hevvy Serve “Self Checkout” from the album “Something Weirder”
  • UK indie /dark rock duo AUGER “Before It Began” single on The Big Chair
  • US dark doom dungeon synth project Tormentomb “Ghost of Past Despondence” from the cassette EP “Apparations Eternal” [Kyvon Tape Co.]
  • Sweden dark ambient /dark fantasy /dungeon synth act Raathgard “Beneath the Winterskies” from the album “Enchanted Whispers of the Unseen”
  • Sweden‘s dark ambient /Medieval /fantasy /dungeon synth project Mournbound “With Memories of Battles Past” from the cassette album “Legends of the Dragon Forge” [Dungeons Deep Records]

photo by Gasho Yamamura