WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – AUGUST #35-22

Daisuke Yokota photography

  • XOGN “Poésie sombre et luminance de l’ombre” [11-08-2022 @ Kiosk Radio]                                                     

Brussels-based DJ-selector /party organizer /record dealer XOGN churns out a 100% vinyl mix of Belgian waves from the ’80s to today. Enjoy!

  • Chelyabinsk, Russia darkwave /deathrock trio Tourmaline Bats “The witch will say” first single from the upcoming debut album                                                                                                                             

South Ural goths return with a more mature and confident, glumly penetrating Darkwave sound with hints to the blazing, grim riffage of bygone Batcave tropes, Alien Sex Fiend and March Violets, releasing the first single, “The Witch Will Say”, from the announced debut album, to weld frantic and sharp shredding guitar riffs with cold dark, and murky keyboard swells, carved by warm, organic doleful violin strings to arouse evocative, bewitching female vocal layerings of arcane tenebrous wisdom, bitter whispers, and chaotic emotions, invoking moody, witchy, and folksy suggestions from a thunderous landscape of power and doom.

  • L.A. goth coldwave /post-punk project DEATHFAUNA “When It All Comes Crashing Down” title track from the new EP “When It All Comes Crashing Down”

Once again a solid, stark and eerie 4-track EP of absorbing and dancing instrumental Darkwave furrowed by dire, hypnotic, merciless emotions made of dark, sharp and deep beats, sulking bass line obsessions, and icy bright gloomy swirling synth alienation, to instil cold, deathly atmospheres of relentless doom.

  • Essen, Germany post-punk /darkwave act Teenage Wasteland – “Allein” debut single

Dark and enigmatic new Darkwave outfit of which we know absolutely nothing, apart from the German nationality, debuts with the murky and morose track “Allein/Alone”, where, enshrouded in a menacing dank mist, lost haunted baritone vocals meander hopelessly through steady slashing beats, bleak pulsing bassline danger, icy alarming synth obsessions, and wiring skeletal guitar strains, to build depth defying layers of shadowy pain and shameful secrets, left falling alone into an alienated chasm of despair.

  • Mysterious ambient /industrial /darkwave /instrumental project Secret Act “Dark Corridors” from 2-track debut single
  • Berlin-based acoustic /no-age /krautrock /no wave ensemble KULKU “Das Lied Der Einsamkeit” from the upcoming 5-track vinyl 12″ EP “Fahren” on Glasgow label Phase Group                                                                   
  • Mexico City-based analog synth project of Rogelio Serrano, aka Equinoxious “Farewell” from the single “Celukaos”
  • Antigua, Guatemala analog minimal synth /wave project Nublo Roboten y Zara “Dulces y Violentos” from 2-track s/t single
  • Tampa, Florida electro bass solo project of  Juan Espinosa, AKA Cellmod “Control Nothing” from “Humans” EP
  • Switzerland/Germany ambient /psych /wave /minimal electronic project After After After – “It’s All In Your Head” from V/A “Side By Side” double cassette compilation on Noir Age
  • German EBM /synth pop /electronic music project from Hamburg, M/A/T “Das Fundament” from the EP “Jupiter”
  • Scotland‘s Goth /Dark Experimental Techno /Darkwave project, Elektric Surgery “The Sculptor (Fornicata remix)”
  • Latvian EBM /wave /synthwave /electronic versatile producer Dmitry Distant ft. Valeria Simonova “Into the Night (John Fryer Remix)” from the upcoming 7″ EP on his own label Garden of Dystopia
  • Paris-based, French body music /techno /minimal wave /post-punk act led by Timothée Gainet, POISON POINT “The Lost Wind” from the upcoming album “Poisoned Gloves” on Scars Into Silence
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina electronic /dark wave producer B4DE & CÓSIMA “REC” (Single).
  • Swiss coldwave /minimal wave /synthpop duo Karl Kave & Durian “Gurkensalat” from the upcoming album “Total Liquidation”
  • London-based post-punk /synth wave collective SLAXXX “Cross” debut single.
  • Bristol, UK darkwave /synthpop project of Alastair Power & Alice Sheridan, STRANGE FUTURES “Strange Futures” new single from the upcoming debut album.
  • Besançon, France independent militant post-industrial synthpop solo act Other-ed “No Gods No Masters But Glitter” single
  • Hamburg, Germany synthpop /death pop one man act Night Terrors “Dead Moon” from the EP “Death Pop from The Black Lodge” on ISOLATION REC.
  • Novalukomĺ, Belarus post-punk /synthwave /electronic project by Georgy Ambartsumyan, aka PERMSKY KRAY “Ночь / Night” from the single “Вечер и Ночь / Evening and Night”
  • Los Angeles, Ca darkwave /synthwave /new wave band FEVR “Did It Fall Away?” single
  • Manchester UK-based Goth /Darkwave /Post-punk band SPIRE CIRCLE “Gone Away” single.
  • German Darkwave /Post-punk collaboration Funkstill & German Bot – “Grenze (ft. German Bot)” from the album “Weit Weg”
  • Kyiv, Ukraine lo-fi coldwave /minimal synth /post-punk solo project, Night Voyager “Dissociation” single.
  • Hamilton, UK-based darkwave project of Lea Torn, AKA The Secret Experiment “Old Moon” from the EP “The Mourning”
  • Mexico darkwave /post-punk duo Ecmenesia “Desaparecer” from debut 2-track single “Fragmentos”
  • Berlin-based post-punk / wavepunk trio Fotokiller “Jaded” single
  • Pirmasens, Germany shoegaze /new wave /post-punk outfit PUYYOL “Byrds Are Real” from the Split EP “Couple Goals Two: You Never Know What You Gonna Get” with KrizNicks
  • Vancouver, BC indie rock /punk /post-punk band DUMB “Pull Me Up” from the upcoming album “Pray 4 Tomorrow” on Mint Records
  • Melbourne Post-Punk 5-piece band HEIR TRAFFIC “Figures” off of the debut album “No Hearth” on Marthouse Records
  • Polish solo looser-wave-post-punk act BZDE “Matka Ziemia” from the cassette album “KŁAMCA” on Syf Records
  • Los Angeles, Ca hardcore /noise /post-punk /punk Arrêt “Pandemonium” from debut 2-track live cassette Demo via 1753 Recordings
  • Mason City, Iowa garage /synth /punk /post-punk 4-piece Why Bother? “Cut to Pieces” from the upcoming album “Lacerated Nights” on Feel It Records
  • L.A. Synth Wave /Post-Punk solo project Nass Zuruck “Tensions” single<
  • 3-piece Post-punk /Synth-Pop band from Canada, CYGNETS “Dissolver” from “Remnants” CD album (originally a fans-only collection of outtakes, demos, live songs and acoustic versions)
  • Kyiv, Ukrainian gothrock /darkgaze band Gentle Ropes “OČI (Nürnberg Remix)”
  • German Darkwave /Post-Punk duo URBANDONED. “Existence” new single.
  • Finnish goth rock /post-punk band from Helsinki, THE FLATFIELD “Absinthe Muse” from the album “The Shadow Self” on Bat-Cave Productions
  • Pittsburgh‘s darkwave /’sorrow wave’ duo BRING HER “While You Rise” from the sophomore album “Comfort In The Shame” on Knife Hits
  • Boulder, Co deathrock /progressive /goth rock act Cyrus Dark and the Symbols of Reverence “Judas” single
  • Georgia‘s gothic punk / post-punk solo project TATIL 22 “Patara Upskruli” single
  • Liverpool, UK two-piece industrial /electronic outfit consisting of Johanna Connolly & Jezebel Halewood-Leagas, AKA Polexia! “Machine” from the EP “A Burial, A Resurrection”
  • Florence-based electro /kraut /minimal /techno /nuwave project of Barcelona bred DJ-synth musician Juanjo Obon AKA LoveTheMachine “Tempo Di Muoversi” from s/t album soon on Banshees Records
  • Longstanding early 90s Chicago-based electro punk composer and musician (member of avant rock bands Couch and Lake Of Dracula and Bulb Records co-founder), James Marlon Magas – “I Can’t Find It On My Own” from the upcoming LP “Confusion Is My Name” on Midwich Productions
  • Hamburg, German New Wave /Synth-Pop band SEA OF SIN “High & Low (Ashbury Heights Remix)”
  • Danish EBM /dark electro project of composer and producer John R. Mirland (of Am Tierpark, Mirland, Gusten…), aka M73 “Wrong” from the upcoming second album Motor Romantik” on LÆBEL
  • Russian synthpop /darkwave duo Pegasus Asteroid “Dark Blue Ice” new single on skyQode
  • Australian coldwave /synthpop / dark electronic producer Andrew Dun, aka ONTIC “In The Moment” from the 2-track single “Reflex”
  • Norway‘s pioneer industrial /synthpop /dark electronic act, Apoptygma Berzerk “Black Pawn” from the compilation “Black Pawn (B-Sides & Rarities)” on Pitch Black Drive Productions
  • San Antonio, TX based EBM /Rhythmic Industrial Electronics /Synth Dystopia solo project MODEBIONICS “FOLD VICE (single edit)”.
  • Atlanta, Georgia EBM /electro industrial act Archon Of The Fairlight “Obscenity (Adam Erebus Remix)”
  • French coldwave /post-punk /gloomwave solo project of Matthieu Bonnécuelle from Toulouse, PARKING DANCE “Down The Road” from the upcoming LP “Gloom Parasite” on Icy Cold Records
  • South African alt /dreamy shoegaze /post-punk band from Cape Town, Dangerfields “Demons” new single via The Good Times Co.
  • Ukraine post-punk /shoegaze /new wave /dark pop one-man band, LOSTSLEEP “Skin & Bones” from the album “III”.
  • San Jose, Ca post-punk /experimental rock band Hacienda Gardeners “Trapped” from “Hacienda Gardeners” album
  • Swedish indie /new wave /shoegaze /post-punk band Principe Valiente “I Am You” new single on Metropolis
  • Copenhagen‘s art-pop /dark folk act fronted by Magnus Westergaard, aka DUNE MESSIAH “In Front of Others” single.
  • Brescia, Italy dark ambient /atmospheric metal /darkwave solo project Manstra “The flames (after the burial)” from the debut s/t EP

Daisuke Yokota photography