WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #35

  • French wave/minimal synth artist Ruzé “Realize” new single on TONN Recordings

Tonn Recordings break the Summer pause with a breezily fresh and deliciously enveloping wavey minimal synth glimmer from Paris, through steady off-beat rhythms and fluttering hypnotic synth oscillations to propel airy atmospheric vocals longing in uncertainty, through the calming ebb and flow of melodiously tinkling hooks. Absolutely addictive!

  • Ukrainian goth/darkwave/post-punk band from Slavyansk, DELIRIUM “Диссонанс и консонанс” from the album “Post Factum”

Seven tense, rumbling and pitch dark songs, cloaked in direly oppressive moods of extreme alienation and dismal oppression, replete with dense and sharp, goth-tinged, post-punk sound, cruising through the leaden and threatening repetition of obsessive and hard-hitting rhythms, blistering, wailing guitar melodies, ominously gurgling bassline over desolate baritone male vocals drowning in harsh melancholic despair.
A debut of striking poignancy, with a disturbing and gripping impact.

  • Los Angeles based dark synthpop electro-pop side project of Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) and Adam Collier (Crush333, MDA and Full Frontal Disco), BlakLight “Isolation” 2-track debut single

The new duo, BlakLight, made up of two stalwarts from the L.A. electronic pop scene could only be synonymous with classic timeless dark synthpop passion and proficiency, through urgent steadily punching beats that relentlessly push along rippling bass oscillations and buzzing, zipping synth melodies, while emotionally charged vocals beg and plea for an intimate human connection.

  • Canadian dark synthpop band from Montréal, Déception “J’Ai Vu Ton Fantôme Hier (Bonus Track)” from the debut LP “Retour De La Nuit” on Red Panther Records
  • Oakland, Ca cold wave/minimal wave/ analogue synth instrumental project Taraval – “Runaway” from 2nd EP “Legion”
  • Parisian coldwave/new wave/minimal synth solo project of Dasz (aka Daniel Kowalski, one half of Dolina), aka Ame De Boue “Night Piece” from upcoming cassette album “In Hortum” on Noir Age
  • Irish Post Punk/Darkwave solo project from Belfast, HIDDEN HAND “Numbed Bodies” from the upcoming album “Songs Without Choice”
  • Russian darkwave/synth-project from Moscow, IX Reflections “Sleeping Beauty (Meliafaro Remix)” from remixes album “Dreamlike Ailment”
  • Berlin-based dark electronic/darkwave/nu-goth project LITHIX “Rain”                                                                 
  • Peruvian gothic dark wave/post-punk project WARWICK “Cruces Rotas (Demo Version)” on Dark Grave
  • Portland-based Goth Techno/Darkwave/Post-Punk project by Conor Knowles, aka DANCING PLAGUE “The Misery” from the new EP “The Mirror” on Dead Age Records
  • Washington, DC darkwave /post-punk duo Social Station “Echo Chamber” from upcoming S/T album
  • Novosibirsk, Russia new wave/synthwave/synth-pop/post-punk act NEON HELL “Sacrament”
  • Austin, TX darkwave/coldwave/new wave/post-punk project of Juandiego Schubnell, aka DIE TRAURIGEN “Grey World” new single
  • Melbourne, Australia experimental post-punk one-man project CYANIDE “Disposable Love” new single
  • Mexican post-punk/gothic rock band out of Monterrey, SEVERANCE “Into His Head” new single
  • Indianapolis‘ goth post punk/darkwave trio ANGEL-MAKER “Rental” from upcoming debut album “A-M 4”
  • Late ’70s English dark folk/post-punk band And Also The Trees “Impulse of man (demo)” from upcoming digitally re-mastered 1984’s debut album ‘and also the trees’ (produced by The Cure’s Laurence Tolhurst).
  • Mexican post-punk/new wave/coldwave duo Procesamiento Digital de Señales “No Título” from “Memorias” EP
  • Pomona, Ca 2-piece post-punk/darkwave duo, DISMAL THOUGHTS “Return To Nothing” title track from the debut EP “Return To Nothing”
  • German new wave/postpunk/synthpop band InDecision “Fire” from upcoming “Ghost” EP on Wave Records
  • Colombian experimental/post-punk/dark electronic/darkwave duo BAVL “Todo Queda Vacio” from upcoming V/A “Estratagemas I” cassette compilation on Pildoras Tapes
  • Perm, Russia punk-punk/coldwave/darkwave one-man-band Kondratie [Кондратий] “Mgla” new single
  • Netherlands goth/industrial/dark electronic duo of Ellenor Vora and Benjamin Sch (Noire Antidote), aka VONDER “Forlorn” debut 2-track single
  • La Crosse, Wi industrial/techno/EBM solo project Choke Chain “Grave (Sweat Boys Mix)”
  • London-based industrial/dark hard electronic/EBM/post-punk Lithuanian producer and Meta Moto label boss, EGZOTIKKA “Kartais Pasikart” off upcoming V/A “RAW CULTURE’S PUSHERS 04” via Raw Culture                   
  • French coldwave/post-punk/dark electronic duo from Toulouse, BLIND.DELON “Outrage” from upcoming album “Chimères” on Manic Depression / Icy Cold Records
  • London, UK electronic/darkwave duo DEAD LIGHTS “Death Pop” title track from the debut EP “Death Pop” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina darkwave/post-punk band Depresion Radikal “Sombras” from S/T debut EP
  • Melbourne, Australia darkwave/post-punk/gothic rock band formed in 1991 by Chris McCarter (vocals, guitar, programming) and Dino Molinaro (bass), IKON “The Shattered Mirror ( 2020 single remix)”
  • Rennes, France post-punk solo project TABLERAZ “Distortions”
  • Glaswegian electronic post-punk group Junto Club “Alone” off the upcoming “The Alameda” EP on Snap, Crackle & Pop                                                                                                                                                  
  • French leftfield/post-punk/downtempo/electronic solo project (formerly known as Beige), Jon Beige – “Palo Alto” from the EP “Friendly Surveillance” on Global Warming Records
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts electronic/synthpop musician André Obin “Bridging the Void” title track from the new album “Bridging the Void” on Cleopatra Records
  • Baltimore, Maryland dark electronic/synth-pop/darkwave project of artist/producer Samuel Morgan, aka VACANT WINDOWS “Turning On” from the album “Gray Matter”
  • Santa Cruz, Ca dark electronic/new wave/post-punk/synthpop project VANDAL MOON “We Are Electric (Betamaxx Remix)” on Starfield Music
  • Hamburg, Germany New Beat/Dark Wave/Electro Industrial group formed by lead singer Tim Paal and composer Harry Luehr in 1988, Abortive Gasp “Psychgod” from the album “Trashy Lady With A Raw Scent”
  • Norwegian electronic synth band from Oslo, f r e c v e n s “Just hide” from the album “Prepare yourself in the lounge”
  • Oakland-based post-punk-funk dance quartet Naked Roommate “Repeat” off the album “Do The Duvet” on Trouble In Mind Records and Upset The Rhythm
  • NRW, Germany synth-punk duo I Am The Fly “axolotl” from S/T debut EP
  • UK alternative rock/post-punk veterans from Leeds, I Like Trains “Dig In” from the new LP “Kompromat” on Atlantic Curve
  • L.A. based minimal electronic/synthpop/darkwave/post-punk project of musician Gerren Reach, aka Blood Handsome “Pleasures Glow” from the debut album “Rituals” on Cleopatra Records
  • Indianapolis, Indiana coldwave/darkwave/minimal synth act SQUARE HOLLOW “Elusive” new single
  • Dark synth-punk solo project from Portland, OR. CRONE CALL “Heart On Fire”
  • Long Beach, CA goth/industrial/electroclash/electro-pop/darkwave artist Violent Vickie “Serotonin” from upcoming album “Division”
  • UK based international electropop duo of Gene Serene (S’Express and Traumschmeire) and Lloyd Price (Massive Ego and Sigue Sigue Sputnik producer), THE FRIXION “Cry, Cry, Cry (feat. Roi)” from “Cry, Cry, Cry” new single on Analogue Trash
  • German Synthpop trio from Nordhausen, N-Frequency “Perfect World (Rob Dust Remix)” off the upcoming “Perfect World” maxi-single on Infacted Recordings
  • UK/Danish synthpop duo of Ian Harling & Martin Nyrup, PERPACITY “These special times” from the upcoming LP out 28th of August 2020 on physical and 1st of October 2020 on digital through ScentAir Records
  • Swedish darkwave/electro-wave solo project THE WIDE EYE ”Bite (Paradox Obscur remix)” from the album “Forever” on Lake Spirit Records.
  • Canadian ambient post-punk duo FREAK HEAT WAVES “Busted” from the upcoming 4th album “Zap The Planet” via Telephone Explosion
  • Melbourne based Perth’s garage psych-punk/post-punk trio Hideous Sun Demon “Distractions” new single
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina post-punk duo LUTOS “Amanereces Morbosos” from the compilation “2017-2019” EP on DARQ DISTRO
  • Bellport, New York goth/darkwave/post-punk solo project AUSTERE MOON ‘Marian (Sisters of Mercy cover)’
  • Los Angeles industrial/post-punk/goth project Factory of Angst “I Weep For The Gothic Children” title track from the debut album “I Weep For The Gothic Children”
  • Nashville, Tn goth/shoegaze/slowcore/post-punk solo project Demon Country “Null” from the album “Lament”
  • Orlando, FL coldwave/post-punk project of Darren Robert Earl Crittenden, aka Alien Witch “Burning” from the album “Manic Hits And Other Freak Hymns”
  • West Yorkshire, UK experimental post-punk band Gad Whip “Desk Gate” from the upcoming album “Fanimal Arms”
  • French electro industrial darkwave duo from Paris, Les Bruits Noirs “My World.” from debut “EP #1 – Sens”.”
  • Saratov, Russia goth/post-punk trio FEMME DE LUXE “Принц / Prince” new single
  • Italian post-punk/darkwave band from Foggia, THE NINE TEARS “Psychiatry third floor” new single
  • New York‘s post-punk/synth-pop solo project of Shas Michelé, STEREO JULIA “The Angel in the White Gown” from “The Angel in the White Gown & Second Night” new single
  • US electronic/darkwave/postwave collaboaration between The North District’s Mike Freitag (Music) & Closing Cell’s Andrew Freeman (Vocals/Lyrics/Production), The North District / Closing Cell – “The Beginning”
  • Electro Gothic -Musical project from France created by Ludovic Dhenry, ZAUBER “Sechs Krähen” from the forthcoming debut album.
  • Bristol, UK goth/darkwave/post-punk duo CHAOS FRIDAY “Disappear featuring NØN” debut single
  • Danish Post-punk/Darkwave act hailing from Copenhagen, PULSATIONS “Bedwarfing Virtues”from 2-track S/T debut single on Crunch Pod
  • Lutzelbourg, France indie/post-punk/new wave/synthwave duo of Vincent Fallacara (Torso, Lüderitz) and Antoine Villard (L.I.P.S, Secretive), aka LO-BAU “L’hiver (chant d’exil)” from the S/T debut album
  • Melbourne, Australia synth-goth duo of Daphne Camf (of NO ZU) on vocals and synth with Simona Castricum on guitar and programming, SaD “Sign From Above” from the upcoming album “Saturn Rules The Material World” out September 25th via Trans-Brunswick Express
  • French synth wave/dark synthpop solo project from Paris, After L’Amour “Syracuse” from the new EP “MELOCHOLIA”
  • New York dark ambient/drone/electronic/post-industrial collaborative project between Xander Hing (Möthersky) and Stuart Argabright (Ike Yard, Dominatrix, Black Rain), aka Culture Decay “Anathema” from upcoming cassette album “Micro-Colony” on Noir Age

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