WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #33


Peaks Of The Week:

  • Tallinn, Estonia coldwave/darkwave/noir synth electronic project of Kadri Sammel aka Bedless Bones ”Limbs Entwined” from the forthcoming debut album “Sublime Malaise” via COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC

We’ve been stoked at first listen with the distinctive artistic personality of the Estonian dark songstress, the new single  LP meshes obscure, hypnotic electro-industrial rhythms with murky and ethereal early 4-AD pop sensibility, a compelling way to introduce her debut full-length.

  • Amsterdam dark synth/coldwave/darkwave producer Pascal Pinkert (Dollkraut) with bassist Timothy Francis under the moniker De Ambassade ”Duistre Kamers” from the upcoming debut album “Duistre Kamers” on Knekelhuis                                                                                                                                                                 

After the brilliant Le Chocolat Noir cassette a few weeks ago, is the turn of Dutch analog synth wizard Pascal Pinkert (aka Dollkraut) under his gloomier and darker guise De Ambassade to trigger the hunger of all the dark synth aficionados. The first number is a dark and uncanny minimal synth/synthpop gem peppered with a pregnant lure and damaged raw beauty.

  • Metz, France electro/new wave/coldwave/darkwave duo Hanging Gardens “Mysterium Tremendum” from “Materia Prima 3.0” EP

The long-awaited 5-track EP is finally among us in all its dour emotional intensity and dark brilliance, with 3 unreleased songs and a new and improved version of “La Folie”, now just “Folie”, deftly blends the bleak, lush noir elegance of coldwave aesthetic with the melancholic and forlorn atmospherics of darkwave embellished by the alluring and poignant Nadia’s spoken-word poetry.

  • Rouen, France dark post-punk/coldwave solo project NICE COLD NATION “Memories” from the instrumental ambient album “Spleen”
  • Orlando, FL experimental/dark synth/coldwave project of Darren Robert Earl Crittenden, aka Alien Witch “Daydreams” from the new EP “5150”
  • Brownsville, TX new wave/coldwave/post-punk duo TWIN TRIBES “Fantasmas” the second single off of the sophomore album titled “Ceremony”.                                                                                                                     
  • Warsaw, Poland coldwave/post-punk/’zimna fala’ four-piece DEHET SINN “Blizna” from the new album “Mira”
  • Asheville, North Carolina goth/darkwave/post-punk 5-piece SECRET SHAME “Gift” from the upcoming debut album “Dark Synthetics” on Portrayal of Guilt Records
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi post-punk 5-piece DUMSPELL “Wilt” from upcoming S/T debut album on Erste Theke Tontraeger
  • Melbourne, Australia 5-piece post-punk/’judy punk’ band comprises members of Culte, Pting, Spike Vincent and Eye Seaweed, LVIV “Dogs” off of upcoming debut s/t cassette EP via Roolette Records
  • Glasgow‘s DIY post-punk 4-piece VITAL IDLES “To The Point” off of V/A “Music for Extinction Rebellion” fundraiser compilation
  • Russian new wave/post-punk/goth-punk band from Novosibirsk, ВЕДЬМА [Vedma] ‘тело улицы’ from 3-track EP ‘ведьма’19’
  • Mexican grunge/post-punk/punk duo Dataísmo – “De la cárcel.” from the debut single “Uno”
  • Bremen, Germany wave/post-punk band Die Absage “Zeitlupentage” title-track from the debut EP
  • Zamora, Spain goth rock/post-punk trio Dopamine Lover “Knocked Out” from the EP “Dark Demos”
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin synthpop/post-punk 4-piece NO/NO – “Divination” from the sophomore cassette album “Diagnostic” on Gloss Records
  • US synthwave/dark electro/synthpop project of Atlanta-based producer Matt Weiner, TWINS “Lie Awake” from the forthcoming album “New Cold Dream” due October 25, 2019 on 2MR
  • L.A. based darkwave/gothic rock/post-punk project of Eduardo Mora, aka EDO – “Etztli”
  • Orland, CA dreamy gothic/ethereal wave project of Ean Martin, Mercury’s Butterfly “Factory of Lies” preview from the upcoming ‘Material Defense’ release.                                                                                                        
  • Los Angeles‘ noise/darkwave/electro/synth-punk duo SECRET MUTILATOR “Why Am I The One You Want To Be?” last track for Secret Mutilator’s new 2019 album                                                                                                              
  • St.Petersburg, Russia ritual-pop/techno/dark-pop duo ГЛАВА II ‘Раненый / Wounded’ first single from upcoming album.                                                                                                                                                       
  • San Diego, California goth/shoegaze/dark pop/darkwave quartet fronted by Carrie Gillespie Feller (ILYA, Lunar Maps), HEXA “Walking Wounded” from the new EP “
  • Brooklyn-by-way-of-California dream-pop/synthpop/post-punk duo of Monica Salazar and Jared Olmstead, aka Courtship Ritual “Uncle Incision” from V/A “Greys” benefit compilation on Anachronisme
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk/coldwave/synth-pop project by Chris Stewart, Black Marble “Feels” from the forthcoming third album “Bigger Than Life” on Sacred Bones                                                                                       
  • Danish synth-pop duo from Copenhagen, GENTS “Human Connection Pt. 2” new single                                   
  • Dark electronic/synthpop collaboration between Lucia Ponticas (Chile) and Rob Bryant (Australia), Unknown Land “Siren” from the new album “Dark Seasons”
  • Swedish synth-pop trio (Niklas Kärreskog, aka Person:A), JOY SERENE “Keep Me Forever”                                       
  • London-based synthpop duo, Empathy Test “Just Got Home” available exclusively on the ”Just Got Home: Best of 2014-19” CD compilation (exclusively on sale at the merch table on Empathy Test’s first Sept./Oct. tour of North America)                                                                                                                                                         
  • Dublin-based electro/synthpop project of Peter Fitzpatrick, CIRCUIT3 “Safe To Sleep” new single from the upcoming new album ”The Price Of Nothing & The Value Of Everything”
  • Russian electronic/synthpop duo from Saint-Petersburg, Электрофорез [Electroforez] “Вежливый Отказ” new single                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Italian alt/post-punk/synth-pop duo of Thomas Koppen and Alessandro Baronciani, TANTE ANNA “Dimmi No – Freddy the power Remix” (‘Chi sei’ – Remix)
  • Melbourne, Australia electronic/new wave/dark synthpop duo PREMIUM FANTASY “In The Grass” from the new second album “PREMIUM FANTASY 2”
  • New York goth/post-punk/coldwave/darkwave/synthpop solo project Dance Off Your Demons “Faith” new single                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Los Angeles‘ electronic/coldwave/new wave duo THE PRESENT MOMENT “Some People” from forthcoming V/A “OMBRA FESTIVAL Unusual Sounds Gathering Volume 1” via Oráculo Records
  • Houston, TX dark electronic/darkwave/synth-pop duo of Melodywhore and Sapphira Vee, aka Venus McVee & Notorious Erich Von P “Under Your Spell”
  • German electro/synthpop project of Harry Haller from Essen, FOKKER “Citizen Not Citizen” preview from the new FOKKER album, ”Citizen” out Monday 9th September on TONN Recordings Bandcamp                                  
  • Budapest‘s post-punk / darkwave duo Cold Walls “A Distorted Mind” from “Demo II” EP
  • Mexican synth electronic/post-punk/deathwave solo project from Monterrey, Vestron Vulture “Should Have”      
  • Philadelphia post-punk/darkwave/synthpop/gothic project of Kyle Kimball, Night Sins “Lonely In the Mirror” from the upcoming 4th album “Portrait in Silver” on Funeral Party                                                                       
  • Tokyo, Japan new wave/post-punk band MARBH “Shame” new single
  • Portland-based Goth Techno/Darkwave/Post-Punk project by Conor Knowles, aka DANCING PLAGUE “Crisis Apparition” from the album “Too Still” out now on Dead Age Records/Wave Records
  • Macedonian experimental/electronic/agit-prop/post-punk/dance punk quartet, BERNAYS PROPAGANDA – ”Retki bilki” new single from BERNAYS PROPAGANDA’s new album ”Vtora mladost, treta svetska vojna/2nd Youth, 3rd World War’ due out September 4th on Moonlee Records
  • Los Angeles based kraut/psych/synth-noise duo of Britt e Alex Brown, aka ROBEDOOR “Execution Myth” from the upcoming EP “Negative Legacy” via Deathbomb Arc
  • Detroit, MI industrial/EBM/Darkwave/Synthpop project of Dennis Hudson (also White Christian Male, Polyvision and Eisenwelle), OLMS “Shakeup” from the new album “All The Hungry Need”
  • Sidney, Australia post-punk/new wave/dark minimal electronics/experimental pop, long-running yet casually intermittent, collaboration between Anna John (Holy Balm) and Lucy Phelan (Lucy Cliche, Half High, Naked On The Vague), aka Knitted Abyss ”Bird Boogie” off their debut album “Bad Lassies” out now on Paradise Daily Records
  • London, UK coldwave/synth-pop solo project SILENT STAR “Britannia Sq (4-track demo)” from debut ” 4-track demos” EP
  • Florida‘s experimental electronic/new wave/minimal wave/synth-pop/darkwave solo project of half of PASS/AGES and ex-member of Ars Phoenix, Jonn Gauntletier “Ambiguity Always” from “Demo 1.0 (Ambiguity Always)” [demos/rough mixes]
  • Armenia, Colombia experimental post-punk 4-piece OLD PROVIDENCE “La ilusión del ser” new single             
  • Middletown, Connecticut blackgaze/doomgaze/post-punk duo of Dan Barret and Tim Macuga, HAVE A NICE LIFE “Sea of Worry” title-track from the forthcoming album on The Flenser
  • Lyon, France gothic rock/darkwave duo DEAD SOULS RISING “Isadora” title-track of the new EP
  • Interpol – ‘Evil’ (Accumortis Remix)                                                                                                                         
  • Los Angeles-based goth/darkwave/synthpop duo SIIAMESE “Left Me Behind” from the EP “Requiem For A Ghoul” on Triangle Wave Records
  • Los Angeles native ethereal/psych/goth rock singer-songwriter and poet Claire Roddy, aka DOL IKARA “Black Flower” from the debut EP “Obsidian Ritual”
  • London-based experimental electronic post-punk 4-piece, Sebastian Melmoth “The Engineering of Consent” from the upcoming EP “The Dynamics Of Vanity” on Artificial Dance