WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #43

Robert Hutinski photgraphy from the series The Mirror

  • Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, UZS and I/II) from Zagreb, Iv/An ‘Undercover Version (Pre-mix)” from the retrospective collection “A STOPG P ND A BRE THING SP CE 2015-2020” on ltd. CD edition.

A retrospective collection celebrating 5 years of pristine synth artistry. We wish him many more years to remember and celebrate. Congratulations!

  • Northern Irish synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Cursory Glance” from the new album “Petrol” out now on TONN Recordings

Belfast based analogue machines’ freak musician delivers, this time enhanced by the vocal support of fellow label head Mary McIntyre, eight expertly crafted, gripping and bouncing tracks of off-kilter, minimal retrofuturistic icy synthetic sound to ignite dark twisted ominous hues of flashing and swirling glowing synth chords, amidst pulsing bass oscillations and dance-inducing beats, whilst the cold aloof female voice, laced with melancholic moods, long for a connection in the isolated wastelands of time.

  • Barcelona-based Ukrainian cold synth electronic music artist, singer, songwriter, JULIA BONDAR “Fleurs Du Mal (Fragrance remix)”

Fresh from a more than satisfying, once again proudly fully DIY, 3rd album, Barcelona based modular synth artist gets returned the favour she did a while ago with an eerily atmospheric and dazzling signature electro-pop reinterpretation of last year’s single “Fleurs Du Mal”, from Parisian musician Matthieu Roche. Amidst wiggly bass vibrations that crawl and rumble dangerously under icy asymmetrical synth stabs and hypnotic lashing snares, sensual female longings tense and release with angry passions lit by mysterious male whispers into a tantalizing emotional abyss.

  • England, UK experimental/neo-folk/industrial/post-punk/death-pop group Vukovar “Vukovar (The Double Cross)” 2nd single from the upcoming LP “The Colossalist” on Other Voices

A poignant slice of romantic ‘death-pop” miserabilism from North Of England act that trigger rolling and pounding rhythms along deep, crawling bassline to fuel cinematic wistful synth melodies and weeping violin-like evocative deep stretches that envelop the senses into a deceptive warm embrace, whilst sad, emotional male vocals, tormented by guilt and shame, wail helplessly amid beautiful female cries and blinding, increasingly discordant, keyboard stabs.

  • Paris‘ ethereal/neo-classical/dark ambient project of French pianist and composer Philippe M. Blache, DAY BEFORE US “Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum” from the EP “Embalming thy melodious tears” (collection of previously unreleased and rare pieces from “lost sessions” 2011-2020) on Triple Moon Records
  • Darkwave/EBM/Synthwave female solo project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK “The Sirens Of Your Dead” off the new album “Long Time Dead”                                                                                                         
  • Germany based coldwave/new wave/darkwave duo Swiss musician Larissa Georgiou, aka Larissa Iceglass and British artist William Maybelline, LEBANON HANOVER “Hard Drug” from the new album “Sci-Fi Sky” on fabrikarecords 
  • Cold Wave /Post-punk /Dark Wave duo from Ukraine, THE GLASS BEADS “Beat It” from the debut LP “Therapy” on Fabrika Records
  • Croatian dark experimental electronic one-woman project from Zagreb, SHAITA “Earth, salt, fire”                     
  • French coldwave/synthwave/minimal synth project from Brittany of IRENE de Milo (bass, guitar and voice) & Boris Völt (drums, synth and guitars), Irène de Milo “Synth-Glass” from debut EP “Toujours à l’ouest” part 1 of 2 EPs series.
  • Los Angeles‘ goth/darkwave/coldwave project of Aryan Ashtiani aka MAREUX “Dance Floor Dolor”                              
  • Brooklyn, NY dark electro/wave project of Chloe Swopshire, aka Rose Sister “Troi Kilometers” (unmastered)          
  • Turkish dark electronic project from Istanbul, DAHAKARA “Aileen (feat. Bewitched As Dark)” 4th single from the upcoming album “Hell is in Hello”
  • Coldwave/minimal wave project of Berlin-based, Italian-born producer, DJ and Mannequin Records label owner Alessandro Adriani, NEWCLEAR WAVES “Ricky (Instrumental Version)” from upcoming vinyl album “Archive Tracks 2005-2009” on Electronic Emergencies
  • French synth electronic coldwave/minimal wave project of Frédérick Barbe from Bordeaux, Cold Colors – “Mon Ame Perdue” from the 12″ vinyl EP “La part de L´ ombre” (a collection on early demos) on Femur Records
  • UK eclectic darkwave project by Klaus Devore from Nottingham, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA “The Ghost” new single
  • Greek coldwave/minimal wave/darkwave duo from Athens, SELOFAN “Zusammen” from the album ”Partners in Hell” on fabrikarecords
  • Reykjavík‘s electronic solo project of Kælan Mikla‘s Sólveig Matthildur “Venus” new single on Artoffact Records
  • Berlin-based ethereal/gothic/minimal-drone/noir/cold wave/dark wave project lead by Melbourne‘s Valentina Veil, VV & The Void “Replicant” off the upcoming album “Elevator To The Unknown” on Cleopatra Records
  • Baltimore based post-punk/darkwave/synthwave solo project KISS OF THE WHIP “Left Behind” from the new album “We’re Not Here” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Paris, France new wave/darkwave/coldwave solo project Under A Dark Light “Gloria” new single
  • Russian lo-fi/new wave/post punk outfit from Moscow, Около Полудня [Okolo Poludnya] – “Pena Morskaya” from “Gulyat” (EP)
  • Early 2000s Melbourne-based country-shoegaze-Americana–Arabian-surf-lounge-noisepop-synthwave-synthpop 5-piece Lacto-Ovo “City Lights” (Unreleased, 2003) on Lost And Lonesome
  • Russian ‘sad synth’ /electro-pop /darkwave solo project of Moscow‘s Kirill Ovchinnikov, Заговор [Zagovor] “Деньги/Money’ from the upcoming ‘Диалог’ (EP)
  • Los Angeles goth/new wave/synthwave project EM_LEN “Samantha in the Garden” new single
  • Amsterdam based post-punk/new wave/coldwave ‘Goth-Wave’ Dutch one-man-band Grimdeluxe “Time” new single
  • Portland, OR new wave/post-punk/synthpop band Heaven and Earth Association “Material/Ethereal” from the “Material/Ethereal” EP
  • Rochester, UK Electronic Concrete Synth-Pop duo, Brutalist Architecture in the Sun “Goodbye” new single
  • Los Angeles darkwave/synth-punk project of Darrack Death of Secret Mutilator, Walls Of Poland “Deine Kontrolle” new single
  • Adelaide, Australia EBM/darkwave/electro/post-punk gothic disco project THE GHOST OF BELA LUGOSI ”Charlie Brown China White” new single                                                                                                   
  • FrancoRussian new wave/synthpop alliance of Anton Berezin (Wolfstream, Seven Knives) and Jordi Sorder (Order89), OTCHIM “Photo” from “Asphalte” EP on Diffuse Reality Records                                                     
  • Chicago noise/electro/post-industrial duo HIDE “Man’s Best Friend” new single
  • German dark electro/industrial/EBM project of Marc Tater, Synaptic Defect – “Sniper” from the upcoming album “Initializing Insanity” due out sometime in 2021
  • Paris, France EBM/electro-punk duo of Deaf Parade’s Volkan and Vitriol’s Mathieu, aka Leroy Se Meurt “Dernière Heure” from the upcoming “Makine Kültürü” EP 12″ on LUX Rec
  • US Futurepop/Synthpop band, RUINED CONFLICT “The Silent Ones (feat. Henrik Iversen)” from upcoming “The Silent Ones” EP on Infacted Recordings
  • San Diego, Ca retro/dark electro/synthwave collaboration STREET CLEANER / BY AN ION “Like a Light”
  • Norwegian synthpop duo of Jonas Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk) and Truls Sønsterud, aka Piston Damp “Something In Me” new single via Sub Culture Records
  • Moscow darkwave/synthwave/darksynth project Acryl Madness “Salem” new single
  • Pittsburgh Dark Wave/Synth Pop duo SOME FAITH “Liminal” new single
  • Synth Coldwave/Darkwave/Post-Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer “Nach Dem Schmerz” on Nevel Records                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Mexican psych/darkwave/post-punk project of Javi Maldonado, aka NACROMATIC “When The Feelings Intertwine”                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Brazilian dark ambient/post-punk project Filippovnyka “To Know My Fears” new single
  • Swiss new wave/synthpop band Silently Down “Mary’s Suicide” off the debut album “Out Of Nowhere”
  • French coldwave/grunge/post-punk/gloomwave solo project of Matthieu Bonnécuelle from Toulouse, PARKING DANCE “Get Off” from the new LP “Can’t Explain” on Icy Cold Records
  • Bordeaux, French new wave/synth-pop trio (former members of Lokomotiv Sofia, Watoo Watoo, Photon), VACANCE “Cristallisation” from the debut album “Nos Futurs” on Melotron Recordings
  • Kyiv, Ukraine lo-fi synth-punk solo project Олексій Дьячков – ‘Я заведу собі гуся’ new single                          
  • Riga, Latvia electronic/darkwave/post-punk solo project, Marstra1337 ‘Putekļi’                                                             
  • Paris, France new wave/darkwave/coldwave solo project Under A Dark Light “Crimes” off upcoming V/A “My Precious! – A Waves Radio Show Compilation Vol.3″ on Red Maze Records
  • England goth pop/post-punk trio MEZZOTINT “The Dark Hours” title track from the new EP “The Dark Hours”
  • Tallahassee, Fl darkwave/new wave/synthpop solo project Candle Wishes “South Bell” from the debut album “Window People”
  • Russian goth/coldwave/post-punk band from Smolensk, горемыка [Goremyka] “страшные звуки на русском” title track from “страшные звуки на русском” EP
  • Kurgan, Russia lo-fi/new wave/postpunk duo КАСТРЫЧНИК “Platskartom do Urana” from the mini-album “VZORY”
  • Mexican post-punk/new wave project Vacíos Cuerpos “Reflejos” from the debut EP “Doble Mente”
  • Italian post-punk/darkwave solo project from Rome, Monoplastic Shape “Pulling Inward”                                 
  • Spanish devotional post-trio punk from Valencia (members of Acapvlco, La Bière Ganchosa and Bikini Girls), MAUSOLEO “En el final” from the upcoming debut album “Absolución” on Desorden Sonoro and Flexidiscos
  • Sevastopol, Russia ghost wave/post-punk 4-piece Розовый Призрак [Rozovy Prizrak] “Мир Полон Отверженных / World Is Full Of Rejected’ from the CD mini-album “Комната Страха” on Sierpien Records
  • Brooklyn, NY lo-fi/dreampop/shoegaze/jangle/post-punk 4-piece Hypoluxo “Nimbus” from the upcoming “LP3” album on Terrible Records
  • Gomel, Belarus post-punk/indie rock 5-piece Худший Друг [Worst Friend] “Перед сном” new 2-track single
  • Liverpool, UK deathrock/post-punk/punk 4-piece Coughin’ Vicars “Mass Morbidity” from the cassette EP “Art Damage”.
  • Bristol, UK experimental punk/prog/post-industrial band LICE “Conveyor” from the forthcoming album “WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear” on Settled Law Records.
  • Sheffield, UK glam rock/new wave/proto punk band The Voltz – “English Rain” debut single on kafadan kontak Records
  • Omaha, NE punk/noise rock/post-punk outfit POTPOURRI “Angels Dead End” from upcoming S/T cassette EP on Wasted Tapes
  • Hackney, London-based experimental pop/post-punk trio DEEP TAN “Deepfake” new single on Practise Music
  • Russian post-punk solo project Атмосферное давление – “Поезда”                                                                           
  • German cold wave/indie/new wave duo from Düsseldorf, Flingern Attic “Mond Song”                                                    
  • Long Beach, Ca industrial/shoegaze post-punk duo DÜLLHAUS “Let Me Go” from new single “Let Me Go// T7”
  • Athens, Georgia goth/death rock/post-punk act ENTERTAINMENT “Maggot Church” new single
  • Washington D.C. synthwave/synthpop/dark pop duo Technophobia “Silent sailor” new single from forthcoming album “Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars” on their own Working Order Records
  • Warsaw, Poland minimal electropop duo of singer Joanna Oleś and multi-instrumentalist Maciej Pliszka (founder of The Planet Formerly Known As Pluto), WHALEHEAD CODA “Temple” new single
  • Legendary early ’80s UK post-punk/new wave band from Mansfield, B-MOVIE “Promenade” new single on Loki Records
  • South Belgium post-punk/darkwave/coldwave solo project FAUST PROJECT “Mantra miracles ( Thibault Mestre remix )” from “remix #1” EP                                                                                                           
  • Czech, Prague darkwave/post-punk/doom pop PRIS “Tisíce očí” from upcoming sophomore LP on Divnosti
  • Hungarian new wave/post-punk/dark folk band Cawatana – “In Deep Timelessness” from Split 7″ vinyl Single with Larrnakh on Senkrecht Records
  • German dark electronic project of film composer Jan Weber and Nadine Stelzer (aka Nadja Delajura), Art Noir “Thorns and Lilies” off forthcoming album “Poems of An Extinct Species” on Aenaos Records
  • Norwegian Nordic Folk solo project of Jorn Nord, aka NORDEIN “Alvedans” from the upcoming album “Nordariket” on Eisenwald
  • Finland dark folk solo project of guitarist M.Lehto, aka OCTOBER FALLS “IV” from the album “Syys”

Robert Hutinski photgraphy