WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – August #31-21

Robert De Mitri Photography

  • Bristol, UK darkwave /synthpop project of Alastair Power & Alice Sheridan, STRANGE FUTURES “Another Time” debut single

Aptly self-described ‘somewhere between euphoric darkwave and melancholic synthpop’, the new dark electronic duo straight out from Bristol, drop their chilly yet emotional-ridden retro-futuristic debut single, where Alice’s powerful solemn and nostalgic vocals long in desperate hope for heartfelt strength and unrelenting sorrow atop of invigorating twinkling synergic backdrop of tight hypnotic rhythms and synthetic dazzling glimmers, Gary Numan style, rising dramatically along a shadowy horizon. For now, they have brilliantly succeeded to deeply excite us, we can’t wait for them to make us dance to some slice of their anticipated bleak goth disco.

  • Polish ethereal /post-punk /darkwave duo of Klaudia K. & Philip Pace, ANCIENT LIGHT “Mundus Patet” new single

New single from the Polish duo is a cold, gripping and mysterious darkwave ride through nocturnal unsettled moods ignited by dramatic organic synth glow, hypnotic slashing dance beats, galloping bleak low ends, jittery strummed guitar shimmers and arresting searing leads, to arouse strong detached female vocals from epic fluttering waves of insight, whilst opening arcane forbidden dimensions of “Mundus Patet.” Check the Official Video here.

  • Philadelphia no-wave /krautrock /post-punk band TOE RING “Repeller” from the second single “II”

Sophomore single for the enigmatic act from Philly blends kraut-reiteration, subdued no-wave strains and unhinged, post-punk moodiness, with a bouncing off-kilter hectic mesh-up, both bleak and hollow, of repetitive tense, rattling rhythms entwined with raw tight buzzing throbbing bass lines, shiny, edgy eruptions of guitar slivers and wandering hallucinated eerie synths, around uncanny monotone chanting female vocals’ lukewarm build-up of repressed fear.

  • Swedish solo industrial/dark ambient project of Peter Andersson alias Lina Der Baby Doll General (ex-Njurmännen), Deutsch Nepal “Dystopian Disko” from “Dystopian Partycollection III” compilation of orphan tracks, re-recordings, alternative versions and remixes.
  • Greek pagan /neo-folk /folkwave music artist Tragoe Damon “Roots” (Single)
  • Basildon, Essex late 80s/early 90s experimental synthpop DIY twin duo, From Nursery To Misery “Aeroplanes” (unreleased) from the upcoming “Tree Spirits” compilation LP on Dark Entries Records
  • Greek occult gothic rock project Angel’s Arcana “You Reap what you Sow” off the upcoming album “The Reveries of Solitude” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • California synthwave /darkwave /coldwave solo female project THE NEW ARCTIC “Suicide Ducks” new single
  • Detroit-based post-punk/deathgaze band VAZUM “Votive” (Single)
  • Italian darkwave/sadwave one-man project of electronic producer Alessio Di Mezza (known as Religius Order), STRANGERS FOR LOVE “One More Night” (Single)
  • Brooklyn, NY psych /new wave /post-punk duo Möthersky “Let Go” off ltd. 2-track 7″ Vinyl Single “Remain in Memory” on Noir Age.
  • Long Beach, Ca lo-fi /darkwave /coldwave solo project, Nights Templar “Mutilation” from the single “Mutilation/Heretic Garden”
  • Italian darkwave /coldwave project KRUR “Skin” (Single)
  • Oakland, Ca coldwave /minimal wave /synth project Arctic Domain “The Fall” from the album “Pathways Crossed”
  • Baltimore, Maryland cold synth project of veteran electronic musician and sound artist Jason Sloan from Baltimore, L’AVENIR “Moribund” from the EP “Souvenir”
  • Australian synth-punk /new wave /post-punk band from Melbourne, SCREENSAVER “No Movement” from the upcoming debut LP “Expressions Of Interest” on Heavy Machinery (AU) and Upset the Rhythm (UK) Records.
  • London, UK minimal analogue synth primitive-electronic DIY music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “New Scientist” (demo)                                                                                                                                                       
  • Belgium based cold analogue synth project CRYPTOCHROMA “Unconditional”
  • Vienna, Austria new wave /synthpop /synthwave solo project of Theresa Adamski (Crystal Soda Cream and Lady Lynch), The Damski “No Eggs left” from V/A “Just Friends and Covers” tape compilation to celebrate a decade of Just Friends and Lovers band activity via Wilhelm show me the Major Label                                   
  • Colombian EBM /synth wave /techno /electroclash electronic musician, music producer and DJ from Medellin, Stalker Ego – “Etherea Feat. Ambivalencia ‘Tape Version'” from “Mal De Ojo” album on Pildoras Tapes                             
  • Scotland, UK goth /synthpop /darkwave solo project Propter Hoc “Drink Me” (Single)
  • Rosario, Argentina post-punk /minimal wave act La Restauración “El brazo del universo” from debut s/t album
  • Mexico City-based minimal synth /synth-pop duo formed by Egle Naujokaityte (Muk) and Rogelio Serrano (Equinoxious), GRIS FUTURO “Paukščių pienas” debut single from upcoming EP
  • Brooklyn, NY Post-Punk /New Wave /Synthpop 3-piece NATION OF LANGUAGE “This Fractured Mind” new single
  • Vancouver post-punk /new-wave quartet ACTORS “Strangers” from the upcoming LP “Acts of Worship” on Artoffact Records
  • Noir synth-pop project of Swedish musician Johan Hansson, We The North “Exil” new single
  • Leeds, UK post-punk /new wave /synthpop duo of S. Whitfield & F. Nau, aka SCENIUS “Escalation” from V/A “Generation Blitz” compilation on State of Bass UK
  • Los Angeles based synthpop duo since 1989, Mind Machine “Living In Oblivion (Anything Box cover) from “Do You Hear Me Anymore” fundraising two-track single
  • Rochester, UK Electronic Concrete Synth-Pop duo, Brutalist Architecture in the Sun “Battlements (feat. Neon)” from the unreleased 2018 album “Post Democracy”
  • Istanbul synth-wave vanguards Jakuzi “Hiç Işık Yok” from “Açık Bir Yara” EP on City Slang.
  • Polish Cold Wave /Post-Punk /New Romantic 4-piece KĀVE “Horyzonty feat. Jan Borysewicz” from upcoming LP “Jaskinie”
  • Karlstads, Sweden synthpop /post-punk trio NEVROSA “Screaming” (Single)                                                       
  • Riga, Latvia electronic/darkwave/post-punk solo project, Marstra1337 ‘1337’                                                                                  
  • Russian Coldwave /Minimal Synth project of Konstantine Ostrovski from Perm, Kondratie “Точкой (feat. Скубут)” new single
  • Californian experimental EBM /electronic /Industrial /post-punk brother duo from Los Angeles, DüllHaus “Tension” b-side from the upcoming new single “Control // Tension” on hush club ltd. 
  • Los Angeles, Ca synthpop /new wave duo SECOND SKIN “Far Away” new single.
  • Vienna, Austria avant-garde /electro /new wave /synth trio fronted by Diana Barbosa Gil, Taurus – “Spielen (Live at Sameheads)” from the Split 10″ EP “KRUMM” with Schulverweis a co-release by Amsterdam’s Osàre! Editions and Berlin’s Sameheads
  • Mexico‘s EBM /new wave /rock&roll solo project, Maicol Mayers – “Das rote Licht [Rockets]”
  • French EBM /new wave /electroclash duo CAPORAL “Respire” from upcoming 12″ vinyl EP “Là et Maintenant” on CrowHunt Records
  • Swedish one-man shoegaze /darkwave /electro project of Göteborg‘s musician Andreas Lindh, D4RKSTAR “Something Wicked” (covid bonus track)
  • Russian post-punk band from Saint-Petersburg, Playlist Venkova [Плейлист Венкова] “Так не хочется революции” new single
  • Spanish new wave /post-punk solo project from Cuenca, Domingo Sobrio – “Nueva Normalidad” from the new EP “Domingo Sobrio” on ATHENAS Records
  • Russian post-punk band from Moscow, вещивкартоннойкоробке [korobka] – “вещи” from the EP “вещь первая” on Русский пост-панк
  • Leeds, UK gothic rock project of Joel Heyes, aka Byronic Sex & Exile “Hercules” from the EP “Lessons From The Mountain” on Goth City Records
  • Californian Post-punk /deathrock band unearthed in Chico, DESPERATE HELL “Bauhaus Poster” (Single)
  • Montreal, Canada Goth /Batcave /DeathRock /Post-Punk band DEAD BORN BABIES “Crow Skull” new single
  • Monterrey, Mexico industrial /darkwave /gothic rock trio DELIVERANCE “Tears In Rain” from the new LP “Astral”.
  • Argentinian post-punk/darkwave/goth rock trio from Buenos Aires, SOL OSCURO “Caveman” from the new EP “Into The Cave”
  • Montreal based new wave /post-punk /synth-pop band PERESTROIKA “Gasp of Breath” from “Monolith” (album sampler) Selected track from upcoming album “Monolith”
  • Toronto, On shoegaze /new wave /post-punk duo StillWaves “Lost the Plot” (Single).
  • Melbourne, Australia new wave /post-punk solo project of Rory Maxwell, aka SERF ‘Everything Is Great’ first single from the upcoming album ‘The Dunes You Wander In’ due in late 2021
  • Atlanta-based funk/synth-pop/post-punk/new wave solo project STRANDED “Back Country” from the upcoming LP “Midnight Sun” on Double Phantom Records
  • New York-based, Spanish shoegaze /darkwave /post-punk solo project OSCURIDAD ROMÁNTICO “I Slipped Away”                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk | Indie rock solo project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “The Sound” (Single)                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Mexico City synthpop /post-punk /new wave/ ‘post wave’ band, THE ETERNAL NOW “Perfume” from the EP “B-Sides”
  • Russian darkwave /synth-goth project of Dmitry Nordman, ELEZORIA “Desolation” new single on skyQode.
  • Galicia, Spain-based American darkwave /synthpop /electronic /dark pop artist CZARINA “Wonderland” (Single) on darkTunes
  • Helsinki based, Finnish coldwave /darkwave musician, composer, lyricist and singer Suzi Nyberg, a.k.a. SUZI SABOTAGE “Nazi Goths, Fuck Off” (Single)
  • Polish darkwave /electronic /dark synthwave /electro-industrial solo project of Grzegorz Kovalewski, aka Caffeine Mit Cocaine “How Dare You” from “How Dare You” [Single]
  • Liverpool, UK coldwave /post-punk /synthwave duo Nul Telexes “A Play – (Sydney Valette remix)” from upcoming remix album “Dolmen” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Wisconsin based EBM /industrial /synthpop /techno /electro project of Matt Fanale (aka Caustic, half of Klack), aka daddybear “Science Fiction (feat. grabyourface)” from “Science Fiction” EP
  • Legendary late 80s Netherlands based EBM /Darkwave act THE FORCE DIMENSION “On The Floor” from the upcoming album “Mortal Cable” on Sonic Groove
  • Hamburg, Germany new wave /synth /new beat /electro duo Levente Pavelka & Johannes Haas (L.F.T.), Schulverweis – “Blut” from the Split 10″ EP “KRUMM” with Taurus a co-release by Amsterdam’s Osàre! Editions and Berlin’s Sameheads
  • French darkwave /synthwave solo project NAM’S “Cecile”                                                                                                                  
  • Los Angeles-based synthpop /synthwave project of Carved Souls singer/songwriter, Suede Flores, aka Wandering Poets “Taste (Carved Souls Cover Ft. Katelyn Bailey)”                                                                               
  • Oakland-based industrial/darkwave project VIO\ATOR “Your Victim” from the upcoming LP “Solitude”
  • California goth rock /punk /post-punk quartet SLAUGHTERHOUSE – “Reflection” from the LP Fun Factory” on Water Under The Bridge Records
  • Portland, Or punk /post-punk outfit PYREX “Touch” from 7″ single “Touch/Conditioner” on Filth Pot Records
  • Melbourne based noise rock /post-punk 4-piece If So Why “Shoestring Lobotomy” off their debut EP “World Eater”
  • US egg punk /synth-punk outfit from Portland, Or, SYNTEX “Blood Club” off s/t EP on Spared Flesh Records
  • Adelaide, Australia post-punk /noise-rock 5-piece PLACEMENT “Lost Sun” 2nd single from Placements upcoming EP via Endless Recordings
  • Chicago, IL garage punk /post-punk duo The Lipschitz “Baby Sherri” from the LP “Chevron”
  • Melbourne, Australia new wave/art-punk/post-punk band Worker & Parasite “Manifest Destiny” new single.
  • Portland, Or indie rock /post-punk band KOALRA “Your Secret’s Safe With Me” from forthcoming LP “Love Songs to Remind Us That We Can’t Stand Each Other”
  • Berlin-based noise /post-punk trio Clear History ‘Solar Death Ray’ from the band’s debut EP ‘Bad Advice Good People’ out November 5th on Upset The Rhythm.                                                                                                                                                           
  • Melbourne’s synthpop/post-punk duo (former members of Ciggie Witch and Pregnancy), Skydeck “Guilty Of” from upcoming LP “Coupon” on via Dinosaur City Records, Osborne Again and Kingfisher Bluez.
  • San Diego, Ca based coldwave /synthpop /post-punk solo one-man project ??????? “Strange & Unusual”                   
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia new wave /post-punk solo project BLAZH | БЛАЖЬ – “По уши в дерьме” (Свидетельство О Смерти cover)                                                                                                                           
  • Loulé, Portugal post-punk /neo-folk project BROTHER FAINT “The World Is Fallen” (Single)
  • Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk /darkwave /gothic project of Stan Przhegodsky, aka Black Light District “Sandy Beach” “from the LP “Black Light District II”
  • Canadian experimental /ethereal /minimal /electronic solo project from Fredericton, DenMother “New Brunswick” from upcoming “Slightly Drones” EP

Robert De Mitri Photography