WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JULY #30-23

photo by Mirjana Grasser

  • Los Angeles-based lo-fi /punk /post-punk solo project MYSTIK CHAMBERZ “Evasion” single

The second single of the year, of the three in total, and certainly the most convincing, for the solo venture of the bassist of a young local band called Zaat, if I’m not mistaken, a cold, arid and alienated lo-fi post-punk sound made of meandering bleak basslines, glimmers of weeping guitar strains and soft distant distorted vocals wrapped in a gloomy grey-clad chasmic mist of angsty doom.

  • Chicago-based goth /post-punk solo project Heatphase – “Without you” debut single

Another fresh, seemingly solo project from Chicago, to explore moody Post-Punk territories, with certainly a cleaner and more dynamic sound than the one above, albeit the same urgent, restless and haunted approach, triggered by relentless clicking beats along with doomy rumbling bass wanders, and looping pain-fueled guitar melodies, to disintegrate angsty vocals and helpless cries into bleeding tides of obsessive aching longing.

  • Spanish dark wave /synth-pop trio Sex Code “Beneath” single

Fresh from their debut EP the now disclosed Iberian trio Sex Code delivers once again a definitely retro Dark Synth-Pop, replete with heartfelt feelings and bittersweet melodies, heightened by a compelling vocal delivery that spreads over a vibrant interplay of organic/synthetic throbbing and buzzing basslines, punchy stacking beats, somber icy bright synth sweeps, around romantic heartfelt confessions and angsty backup echoes, longing for something deeper, “Beneath” the pain and dread.

  • Berlin-based, 1977-founded Australian art-punk /post-punk band including core members Simon Bonney and Bronwyn Adams, Crime & the City Solution “Peace in my Time” from the forthcoming LP “the killer” on Mute
  • Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock project of Stan Przhegodsky, aka Black Light District “Sandy Beach”
  • Berlin-based Cold Wave /Post Punk /Mutant Techno /Edgy Electronica multidisciplinary artist Alexey Volkov, aka Perfect Tension “Raumfaltung III” from debut “Raumfaltung” EP
  • Minsk, Belarus post-punk/coldwave /synthpop side project of Nürnberg member Jan Pyatranka, фарфоровые коты [Farforovyekoty] “Atmosphere” from the album “Distraction”
  • Australian art-rock /post-punk duo Xanthe Waite (Terry, Primo) and Raven Mahon (Grass Widow, Green Child), aka ROCKY “Plastic Bottle” from S/T album via Lulu’s Sonic Disc Club.
  • Montara, CA analog minimal synth project No Passage “The Snake That Dances (feat. Tony Williams/Kline Coma Xero)” from the album “Austere Quality of Life”
  • Mexican minimal synth wave project of Erick Arevalo, El Ojo Y La Navaja – “Errante” from V/A “Waves Of Resistance” compilation [L/N/E Rec.]
  • Louisville-based EBM /industrial /minimal synth /darkwave solo project of Kim Bell, Broken Nails “Scorn” title track of the new album “Scorn” [SwissDarkNights Label]
  • Bergen, Norway /São Paulo, Brazil darkwave /drum&bass /trip-hop duo Melt Motif – “Broken Floor – Thief Remix”
  • Besançon, France Post-Industrial Synth-Pop DIY solo project of Laur (one half of Vague Scare), aka Other-ed “It’s All Around” single
  • Cochabamba, Bolivia minimal dark wave duo Retrovisor – “Lágrimas del tiempo” from the debut album “Choledark”
  • Future darkwave duo from Melbourne, FULL FLESHED “Haus of Flesh” debut single
  • Australian new beat /darkwave /coldwave project of Marc Dwyer based in Sydney, Buzz Kull ‘”Fascination (M!R!M Remix)”
  • Los Angeles‘ dark electro /dance-punk rave trio Sextile “New York” from upcoming LP “Push” [Sacred Bones Records]
  • Californian dark electro collaboration Digital Drvgs & Male Tears “Switchblade” single
  • Veteran Vancouver-born, Glasgow-based synth-pop artist JJD [Jack Duckworth], aka SOFT RIOT “Linked Between Two Minds (Oberst Panizza Remix)” single from upcoming tenth LP “No.” via Glasgow UK-based label Possession Records
  • Californian goth /techno /dark electro /industrial /dark synth group out of San Diego, MATTE BLVCK “Proxy”single
  • Italian witch/electro-wave duo Ohne Nomen “Cold Sadness” from the new album “The S-Witch” via Cold Transmission Music
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk /darkwave duo conceived in Minneapolis/St Paul, HALLOWS “I Am Destroyed” from the upcoming sophomore album “A Quieter Life”
  • Columbus, OH dark synth-pop duo SUMMORE – “Dust” from upcoming sophomore 2×12″ LP “New Pain”
  • Mexico City darkwave /Italo /synthpop duo Dark Visions “Blame” (Single) on We are one Records
  • Barcelona synth-wave /darkwave solo project Darkways “Madness” single
  • Dresden, Germany dream pop /synth-pop solo project Strange Rainn “Throned” from the debut LP “Face Arms Speech Time”
  • Belgium/US dark electro /wave /synthpop duo Weekend Fixers “Purple Blossoms” from the debut LP “Euphonious Fete”
  • Spanish electronic /synthpop act Lifelong Corporation “The Muse” from “The Muse” maxi single
  • AngloFrench electro-pop project from Glen Johnson and Cédric Pin (both former members of “ghostrock” group Piano Magic), AKA Future Conditional “Retainer (feat. Bobby Wratten & Pam Berry)” single on Second Language Music
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk /synth-punk 5-piece, Screensaver “The Guilt” from the upcoming second LP “Decent Shapes” via Poison City // Upset The Rhythm (UK)
  • Melbourne-based jangly /post-punk band Life Strike “Phantom Vibrations” off the sophomore cassette album “Peak Dystopia” via Stable Label
  • Augsburg gloomy Post-D-Punk outfit Kalte Hand “5000” from s/t EP
  • Hamilton, UK-based goth /darkwave project of Lea Torn, aka The Secret Experiment “Less For Sorrow” from “Wither” EP
  • Richmond, Virginia‘s gothic darkwave electronics brainchild of Tony Gloom, AKA Petrified Entity “Vortex” third single and title track from forthcoming LP
  • Synth-Pop /Gothic rock band from Finland, Distant Stares “Wait You There” single
  • Italian Goth /Dark Synth-Pop /Post-Punk /Darkwave four-piece based in Rome, This Eternal Decay – “The Fan And The Bellows” from V/A “Script of the 40th Bridge – The Chameleons Italian Tribute” compilation via Darkitalia
  • Bologna, Italy psych /shoegaze /new wave /post-punk solo project of former Be Strass singer and guitarist Leonardo Cannatella, aka LEVA “Zero Etica l” from the album “Zero”
  • Berlin-based goth /darkwave solo project of Argentina-native music producer Gonzalo Schwindt, AKA Deus Ex Lumina “I’m Ready To Go” new single                                                                                                       
  • Philadelphia, PN goth rock /post-punk project of Fredrick Dotchel, aka TRAGIC AGE “Paradise Lost” single
  • Sin City‘s SadWave /NuGoth band (FKA Luxury Furniture Store), Past Self “Little Death” from “Die Cry Hate” EP
  • California shoegaze /dark post-punk band Fearing “I Was So Alive” from the upcoming LP “Destroyer” [Profound Lore Records]
  • New York goth /post-punk project of Shas Michelé (Stereo Julia), Cemetery Dolls “a Promise of Paradise, an End to Paradise” new single
  • Kazakhstan post-punk /darkwave solo project moonvampire “A Heaven” single
  • Russian darkwave/coldwave /post-punk trio from Moscow, Около Полудня [Okolo Poludnya] – “Злой” single
  • New York-based new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Signals” from the new album “Melancholia”
  • Indonesian Indie Rock /New Wave /Post-Punk band based in Bogor, West Java. Andepp “Paranoia” from the new EP “Sasar”                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Bogotá, Colombia-based Dark Wave /Post-punk band Dimensión Nocturna “Desechos” from the upcoming EP “Melanosis”
  • Tokyo, Japan goth /darkwave /post-punk new solo project (Sex Virgin Killer), Lilii Mar “Angel” debut single
  • Norwegian goth /post-punk /darkwave act (Brides In The Floodlights), Brides “Crystalline” single on Produkt 42
  • Polish gothic rock act ZEE VAN OVITZ “Lokis” from the album “Po Nocy Cień” on Alchera Visions
  • NYC’s synthwave /gothic rock /post-punk band Black Rose Burning “Night Terrors” second single from the forthcoming 3rd Black Rose Burning album “AD ASTRA”
  • German gothic rock band from Regensburg founded in 1991, The Timeless Valley – “Hard Rain” from the album “live die live”
  • San Diego, CA darkwave /synth wave /post-punk solo project of James Ivey, The Dirty Sun “Play Dead” single on Split Banana Records
  • South London‘s noise /art rock /post-punk duo Scrounge “Corner Cutting Boredom” single included in the Limited Edition Zine & Flexi Disc (a snapshot of the South London scene) via The state51 Conspiracy
  • Early ’80s New England synth-punk /KBD two-piece band THE STEVES “Break Your Control” (unreleased) from the 3-track 7″ EP “Jerk!” (LUNGS-241) via Iron Lung Records
  • Belgian garage /punk /post-punk band Pedigree – “Run Away” first single off the second LP “Run Away” via Rockerill Records, Crapoulet Records, Don’t Trust the Hype, L’Ouïe Pleure Records, Pang Pang Recs, and Emergence
  • Berlin-based NDW /noise /wave /synthpunk new side project led by musician Schwhund (Das Das, Maske) with drummer Macke, LOHN DER ANGST “Bogen raus” from debut cassette s/t EP on NACHSCHLAG
  • Minneapolis one-person Dungeon Synth act Desolation Plains “Shrine Maidens of Blight Hallows” from the album “The Pillars of Ruination” [Old Stories]
  • New Jersey dark ambient /neo-classical /dungeon synth project, Bronze Patina “My Veins With Stinging Wine” from the second album “Lost Ages Of Strife And Barbarism”
  • Rochester, NY neo-classical /comfy synth /dungeon synth /emotional fantasy synth project, Hermit Knight “An offering of three pendants” from the collection album “Short Stories II”

photo by Mirjana Grasser