WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #30

Laura Makabresku photography

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Russian experimental/coldwave/post-punk band from Ufa, TRIØXIN ''Холод Идет'' new single                         

Favorite Russian band from the foothills of the Ural mountains, TRIØXIN, actually fully lead by Grigory Kornilayev, the other co-founder Ilya Tikhonov debuted early in the year with his new project Vorsicht Vorsicht , is back, after a long hiatus, retaining their distictive profound and dark surf guitar tones that will twang your eardrums with a reverb-drenched tidal wave of dangerously addictive and supremely intriguing post-punk goodness. An impressive return and preview from the forthcoming new album.

  • Asheville, NC based, Swedish electronic/coldwave/darkwave artist (aka Bloody Hammers), ANDERS MANGA "Breathless" from the upcoming new album.

Sweden-born artist unleashes a thundering and anthemic dance-inducing darkwave epic brimming with bone-chilling brooding dark intensity.

  • Fort Worth, TX coldwave/darkwave/post-punk outfit Three Rose Charm "Ode à Hier" from new EP "Austral Rites"

Elusive Texan band's debut EP, channelling Siouxsie, early Altered Images and 4AD, is stacked with thick gurgling bass line, tight tribal drumming, blistering reverbed chiming guitar melodies, deeply haunting and harrowing vocals, that beautifully come together in a beautiful dark and dramatic whirlwind of thrillingly menacing albeit spellbinding brilliance.

  • Glasgow-born punk provocateur (formerly Strawberry Switchblade member) and underground neo-folk legend and Canadian electroacoustic music composer, Rose McDowall & Shawn Pinchbeck “Gem” from the forthcoming “FAR FROM THE APPLE TREE: Original Music Soundtrack from the film by Grant McPhee”. A Psychedelic Pop-Art Fairytale on Glass Modern
  • New Orleans, Louisiana industrial/glam/no wave/punk 4-piece SPECIAL INTERESTS “Artwalk” from the debut album “Spiraling” via Anxious Music
  • Calgary, Canada DIY art punk/new wave 4-piece PURLICUE “Velvet” from debut cassette EP “Dip ‘n Dot”
  • Adelaide, Australia darkwave/electro/post-punk gothic disco project The Ghost Of Bela Lugosi ”Nefarious Beings” new single
  • Russian veteran gothic rock/post-punk band from Moscow, DoppelgängeR “Garden of Poisonous Plants” from the 25th years anniversary compilation “Gathering of Old Things” on Nightingale Moon Records
  • Seattle, WA coldwave/darkwave solo project NiGHTofAL “Obsession” from the debut album “Escape from modern world”
  • Chicago, IL post-punk/synthpop/goth-pop duo Wingtips “Here And Now” from the upcoming debut album “Exposure Therapy” on Artoffact Records
  • Offenbach, Germany Coldwave/New Wave project of designer and artist Abdelkader Ouchène, aka VELVET COAT ”#2903”                                                                                                                                         
  • Swiss coldwave/darkwave/synthpop project from the 80/90, SILENTLY DOWN “Ne reste pas près de moi” new single
  • Brighton, UK new wave/darkwave/post-punk solo project of Oliver Mavilio, aka Fear & Order “Ruin” from the 10″ vinyl EP “Decay”
  • Phoenix, AZ dreampop/darkwave band BELLA LUNE “Stardust” title-track from the upcoming album
  • Danish indie/new wave/dream pop/post-punk 4-piece out of CopenhagenFELINES “Close To You” new single on Crunchy Frog                                                                                                                                                               
  • Mysterious Chicago‘s synth wave/minimal synth act The Cell ~ ”Glory” from V/A “CR015” compilation on Chicago Research
  • Russian coldwave/darkwave/minimal synth solo project from Crimea, Nova Guardia – ”New Routine” from “Subconscious” EP
  • US synthwave/dark electronic project of Atlanta-based producer Matt Weiner, TWINS “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak cover)
  • Southern California disco-punk / synthpop trio, GLASS SPELLS “Don’t Save Me” new single                            
  • London/Liverpool, UK dark minimal synth/coldwave/primitive electronic music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “The Fatal Blow” from the new album “The Absence Of Sensation” on TONN Recordings                                   
  • Santiago, Chile synthwave/coldwave/minimal wave solo project CENCELLADA “Insípido” from debut demo album “Gelifracción Personal”
  • London, UK minimalistic post-punk quartet DRY CLEANING “Goodnight” from upcoming cassette ”Sweet Princess” EP
  • Chicago‘s indie/post-punk trio DEEPER “Run” off upcoming new 7″ single ‘Run b/w Bennington’ out in October via Fire Talk
  • Salt Lake City, Utah byker rock/punk rock 5-piece lead by Choir Boy members Jeff Kleinman & Michael Paulsen, aka GAMMA WORLD “Detergent Suicide” from “Demo 2019” 
  • Australia experimental/electronic/dark industrial rock one-girl-band ISSERLEY “Sweet Pool” from the album “Insides”
  • Australian noise rock/post-punk quartet from Melbourne, NO SISTER – ”Burning News” from No Sister’s upcoming EP ”Influence”, set to be released 23 August 2019                                                                               
  • Czech post-punk/noise rock band based in Brno, GUILTY ECHOES “City Rains” first single for upcoming album release due Autumn 2019
  • Spanish analog dark synth/post-punk solo project URCO “Broken Flower”                                                         
  • Short lived minimal synth/new wave/post-punk project from Clacton on Sea, UK created by the very young Paul Bramhall and Glen Redgen in 1982, Standing Ovation “What meaning” from 2-track 7″ single “What Meaning / Time Of Fun” (originally released on cassette in 1983) via Dead Wax Records
  • Post-punk 4-piece from Tabor, Czech Republic, D I I S T “Calm” new single                                                         
  • UK six-piece psych/post-punk group from South East London, BLUE BENDY “Suspension” upcoming 2-track 7″ single on Too Old For This Records
  • Bogotá, Colombia new wave/post-punk 4-piece NINA DE KIEV “Momento” from the new 3-track EP “Tempestad”
  • Vancouver, BC darkwave/coldwave/synthwave solo project RINGFINGER “Burning” from the upcoming EP “Pressure”
  • Synthpop/electronica solo project from Liverpool via Asturias, Exposed Brick “Talking’s Over-Rated” title-track from the new EP
  • Dallas, TX post-punk band fronted by Leah Lane, Rosegarden Funeral Party – ‘Martyr’ new single
  • Norwegian coldwave/post-punk project from Trondheim, ANTIPOLE “Part Deux ft Eirene” from forthcoming sophomore album “Radial Glare” on Young & Cold Records
  • Philadelphia post-punk/darkwave/synthpop/gothic duo Night Sins “Two Headed Dream” from the upcoming 4th album “Portrait in Silver” on Funeral Party
  • Brazilian electronic/coldwave/darkwave solo project from Rio De Janeiro, The Colours of Silence “Lost Souls” from forthcoming album “Between the Darkness And The Light” on Wave Records
  • North Texas-based Post-Punk Power trio AZTEC DEATH “Loretta” from the new EP “Consequence”
  • Los Angeles shoegaze/post-punk 4-piece CEMENTO “3” from debut s/t Tape
  • Norfolk, Virginia Post Punk/Darkwave/Goth music project created by Thomas Duerig, aka THE PURGE “Self Repair (Alethea’s Song)” from the new album “Honesty”.
  • Turkish one man Post-Punk project of Mert Yıldız from İstanbul, RAIN TO RUST “Drinking The Ghosts” from the forthcoming “Flowers Of Doubt” album.
  • Industrial synth dance duo based in Bristol, UK, Returning VHS “LLORONA (Ft. BOY HARSHER)” from new “LLORONA” EP                                                                                                                                                       
  • Vancouver‘s lo-fi/minimal industrial/synth-punk trio WEIRD CANDLE “The Alchemist” from upcoming debut album.
  • Boise, Idaho deathrock/post-punk outfit EVILS “Vessel” from new 3-track “Eros” EP
  • US dark electronic post-punk project from the founding member of Coliseum, R. Patterson, FOTOCRIME “Head On” (The Jesus And Mary Chain cover 1989)
  • Monterrey, Mexico synthwave/post-punk/darkwave 4-piece ACID FADER “Sarajevo” from the debut album “1998”
  • Vienna, Austria electronic/new wave/electro/’post-dramatic techno’ duo VETTER_HUBER – “Dance Slowly” new single on Seayou Records
  • London-based dark Eastern esoteric electronics/synthpop duo of former Visage keyboardist Logan Sky and vocalist Steven Jones, Steven Jones & Logan Sky “Dark Projections” from the album “Rotating Angels” on Etrangers Musique
  • Northern Irish experimental/dark electronic/avant-garde solo project of Belfast-based, former Girls Names guitarist, Philip Quinn, aka GROSS NET “Of Late Capitalism” from the upcoming album “Gross Net Means Gross Net” on Felte
  • Brooklyn, NY/Montreal synth-pop/minimal synth duo of Xeno & Oaklander‘s Liz Wendelbo and Automelodi‘s László Arnoldi, aka Liz & László – “Rien à Paris (Tony Cops remix)”
  • Madison‘s synthpop quartet Null Device “Heartbeat In The Noise” from the upcoming album “Line Of Sight” on Distortion Productions
  • Los Angeles based industrial supergroup, PRIMITIVE RACE “Nothing To Behold (Ego Likeness Mix)” from the remix album “Cranial Matter” (to honor front man Chuck Mosley, who tragically died six days after the album came out) on Metropolis.
  • Brooklyn, NY minimal synth one-man-band Pleasure Motel – “Long Hot Summer” from the S/T debut album
  • Seattle, WA dream pop/new wave/post-punk act WISTERIA “a r t s c h o o l” collaboration with L.A.‘s Closed Tear
  • Israel‘s drone/doom/dark-folk singer/songwriter (half of the duo Cruel Wonders), ZERESH “The Harvest Moon” from the new album “Farewell”

Laura Makabresku photography